Balochistan Flood; National Question and Class difference.

By Ahmed Khan

In human history whenever calamity or disasters took place, these have become cause of innovation for human species and human learnt much more for disasters to overcome on nature and get more benefit from these. From process of evolution human has established system for better living a life. After the rehabilitation from these disasters they found much relieve and systemized society. Human conscious have ever converted destructions for innovation and renovation of life.

Here in Pakistan rulers and common people never thought to consider these disasters as part of evolution, but consider these as reward of deeds. It is irrational that happening of something unusual is scourge of deeds. For instance to evacuate entire populace of Sindh or Balochistan but even there flood and disaster will take like happened past, or totally evacuate Kashmir but there earthquake had to occur, because these are part of nature, whether human inhabitant anywhere or not but these disasters occurs with passage of time. In different part of planet human have through political conscious and by scientific expertise controlled disasters even utilizing these for human prosperity.

Now this flood has brought a message for confederation that here powerful has right to sunk the powerless and downtrodden the national question. Balochistan was always protesting from Sindh for cut in the share of his water. But never federal government or Sindh government had given concentration to Balochistan protest; they merely followed their national and personal interests. Same thing now practiced during the flood. Balochistan’s areas of Kohlu and Sibi were affected by rains but lower areas like Jaffarabad, Jhal Magsi have sunk by Sindh’s authorities. Sindh government and influential persons for saving their lands and fields they made breach in canals and gave to water toward the Balochistan’s areas and destroyed cities and fields of Balochs but saved the Shehbaz airport where American aircrafts are parking. They valued nonliving things but devalued livings. In this way they perpetrated violation of national values. Those who are rising voice for National Question Baloch this act much strengthened their stance and Nation Question issue will grave further.

When flood entered in Balochistan and swallowing the human lives then elite class has only one thing in mind that how to save their land and fields, because they don’t have any sympathy with poor peoples. And as well they did precisely to expectations that they gave way the flood water toward cities instead of their fields and deserted areas. This thing is obvious that bourgeoisie class has only love with their feuds and wealth. Ruthlessly they punished poor peoples by flood water. Million of people with their innocent child living terrible life in different part of Balochistan and on those area’s highlands, many of them died because of hunger, fatal diseases and biting of snake and scorpions. Oppressed class always has status of fuel for elites but they their lives and bodies also valueless for them.

This time both things being observed that National Question and Class difference are problem of Balochistan people. They must realize this and eradicate these hampers through a revolution in their lives. This is genuine and an ideal time for a revolution to get dispose off from feudalism, capitalism and march for socialist revolution which provides human equal living system and can cure calamities and disaster on practicing codes of science and rational basis.

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