When Rinkal Kumari was slapped in the lodge “Autaq” of Chief Justice Courts..!!!

Report by Veengas

Indigenous people of Sindhi Hindu and Baloch Hindu are facing trouble for long time and government does not pay attention at their problems. Why is being ignored? This question has been asking by Hindus that we are citizen of this country but we are not allowed to access of rights, nor able to live freely. With fears we live at our homes, many of families have flet to India. Who wants to leave his/her land, because of protect our lives we are leaving our land.
Such kinds of views are not only one or two Hindus whenever you meet any Hindu person he/she shares painful complain.
In Balochistan, Hindus have troubles and more families left Balochistan at other side in Sindh same problems have with Hindus, majority of Hindus live in upper Sindh and many cases have been reported from upper Sindh. Why Hindus are being targeted?
Hindus people are kidnapped, killed and now girls are also being kidnapped but State machinery seems helpless front of criminals who kill and kidnap.
On 24th February 2012, a teenage Hindu girl named Rinkle was kidnapped from her home by Naveed Shah and his gunmen allies from Mirpur Mathelo.
She was allegedly taken to Bharchoondi Shareef immediately after kidnapping by the involvement of PPP MNA Mian Abdul Haq (alias Mian Mitho) for harassment, forcible conversion of religion and marriage.

Next day on 25th Feb: 2012, a case was filed and initial hearing was held in civil court Ghotki for the statement by the kidnapped girl Rinkle.

In the court room the kidnapped girl Rinkle, told while crying about threats and harassment by gunmen to accept Islam and to marry Naveed Shah otherwise she would be killed along with her whole family.

However, the Girl gave statement in favor of her parents and requested the respectable judge that she wanted to live with her parents, but instead of obliging to the girl’s request, the judge Mr. Hassan Ali Kalwar postponed the hearing till next working day due to pressure of the local MNA Mian Mitho in the presence of his gunmen in the court, though this action seems to be taken in pressure of gunmen and against law, as the girl should have been handed over back to her parents as she wished judge placed her judicial custody instead of Darul Aman .

Next hearing was held on 27th Feb: 2012, till then victim girl Rinkle remained in judicial remand/police custody, where she was allegedly tortured, harassed, threatened to convert into Islam and to marry Naveed Shah. In next hearing, no one from family members of the victim girl or from Hindu community was allowed to enter the court jurisdictions by local police along with gunmen of MNA Mian Mitho. The Hindus protested against this injustice, but they were beaten up by policemen tear gas shelling outside the court.

The hearing was scheduled at 11:00 am, but under the influence of MNA and his gunmen, the court hearing took place at 8:15 am without presence of victim girl Rinkle’s family and any Hindu community member then immediately the respected judge Mr. Sami Ullah Qureshi gave verdict in favor of Naveed Shah. It is allegedly claimed that no statement was taken from victim girl & straight
away the decision was put forward in favor of Naveed Shah and MNA Mian Mitho at 8.45am while electronic media telecasted this news at 9 am.
It seemed strange that Chief Justice Iftkhar Ahmed Chodhoury who always takes quickly Suo Moto, in case of Rinkal Kumari where whole Sindh is burning and asking for Justice for Rinkal Kumari’s family. Chief Justice Mr. Chodhoury took notice on her case and called her on 26 March 2012 on the application of All Hindu Council of Pakistan, besides Rinkal’s kidnapping case along with more girls also Pooja and Lata kidnapped.
Rinkal Kumari case was noticed also in Sindh High Court on 12 March 2012 at 1:00am On Monday Sindh High Court has announced to send Rinkal Kumari to Daar-ul-Amaan till the 26 March when she will be appeared before the Supreme Court.
Though final verdict of Sindh High Court will be made
on 13 March, 2012. Rinkal Kumari’s Uncle’s Lawyer Amar Lal demanded the court that she needed an independent environment before 26 March as she had been detained by the Mian
Metho. During hearing of the case, court room was replete with Politicians, Civil Society, Scholars, Journalists and her parents. As RinKal Kumari was presented and surrounded by with a group of gun men of Mian Metho.
Iqbal Haider gave his remarks that Rinkal Kumari’s case of kidnapping rather than conversion to Islam. He said that I would request to the court that if she is presented an independent environment as she has been under the trouble influence of Mian Metho and she did not look relaxed to give her freely statement, because the press conference on 11 March is completely against the her previous statements at local Court of Mirpur Mathelo.
While the hearing Iqbal Hair asked how he would believe the girl standing in veil as actual Rinkal Kumari. Judge ordered to Rinkal Kumari to remove her veil and let the court to recognize her and Rinkal Kumari Uncle’s Lawyer demanded that she must put off Bluetooth from her ear and she did as court had ordered her.
Iqbal Hiader and Noor Naaz Agha said “if she had been married to Naveed Shah than where was marriage certificate that was signed by witness and who were the witness. It showed this case of kidnapping and forcibly conversions to religion and I would request to the court to prevent the involvement of religious elements in this case.

Rinkle Kumari’s Mother Sulchhani said that she only wanted her daughter back except anything.
Rinkal Kumari sent to Panah Shelter in Karachi City where she is not allowed to meet any family member and Naveed Shah or Mian Metho. IG Sindh knows instruction of Sindh High Court and
he by passed all instructions than called Ghotki Police with office Abdul Qadir Chachar who is already swayed of Mian Metho. According to source, IG Sindh has borrowed money from Naveed Shah and is following instructions of Mian Metho.

26th March 2012 will be held hearing of Rinkal Kumari’s case, due to presence of Ghotki police at Panah Shelter for Rinkal Kumari it would be remained shadow of Mian Metho and is totally violation of Sindh High Court, said Rinkal Kumari’s Uncle Raj Kumari.

A US lawmaker has written to Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari asking him to look into the matter of the ”forcible conversion” of a Hindu girl and ensure her safe return to her family, reported.
Though, Mian Shafique who is member of Mian Metho has opposed kidnapping of Rinkal Kumari and while talking us, said Islam does not allow forcibly conversion to Islam and she is innocent as she is being kidnapped and then by forced conversion to Islam it is unacceptable for us.

Kidnapping of Rinkal Kumari.
Analysis by Veengas
In Sindh and Balochistan Hindus are facing problems but unfortunate in Sindh they have troubles like killing, kidnapping and leaving their land. Many families of Hindus have left from Sindh.
According to report in four months 47 Hindus Girls have been kidnapped. In November 2011 Chak incident happened where three Hindus brutally had been killed.
Why Sindh Hindus are being threaten and killed? Mostly people responded that this is preplanned by establishment that does not want see majority of Sindhis and Sufism in Sindh, they would plan to settle non-Sindhis than could be easily converted Sindhis in minority if this is wrong approach then why Pakistan Government allowed right of I.D Cards and right of vote only Sindh. This rule is not applied another provinces.
Pakistan National Media even does not coverage issues of Hindus, where was media camera when many families where leaving and Chak incident happened.
Pakistan Federal Parties also are not interested in problems of Hindus, it is being seen that on case of Chak and Rinkal Kumari all parties got silence but when United States Law maker Brad Sherman wrote letter to Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari after than Political parties looked at Rinkal Kumari’s case besides Nationalist parties have been raising voice for her.
In the name of religion, it becomes easy to kill and blame at anyone. Especially in Pakistan no rule that how to recognize real guilty here always non-Muslims get punish. In Rinkal Kumari and Chak incident both happened in the name of religion and girl matter made, by these matters Girl & Islam common people would be angered.
Main sources tell, this all incidents happened only to be damaged Sindh’s Sufism imagine and vote bank of Peoples Party.
Common people of Sindh donot feel difference among them whether are Muslims are Hindu Sindhis. It’s hard to give harm Sufism, but now PPP turns how it manage at least its vote bank it. PPP did not pay attention on problems of Hindus as humanitarian bases.
Benazir Bhutto once Thanked Mian Metho when he left PPP.
What will happen with Rinkal Kumari and others girls?

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  1. yeh to had ho gaye jab larkee kahe rahe hei mein parentz ke pass jaoon ge supreme court mein to use shelter home bhejne ke kiya zarorat hei is ka matlab chief justice khud he dar rahe hein fesla sunane se to band kar den ese insaaf ke adalteeein
    tabhe pooore duniya mein pakistan badnam hei

  2. han bulkul sahe ..peheley to kha rahe the larki jo bayan de gee hum wo he karengey ab jub larki ne bayan diya to …us man bap k bujaey shelter home bej diya..

  3. Riyazlaghari welcome ofrankalkumari

  4. Bhai yeh saare mile hue hain, K

  5. cheif justice will take action & president also

  6. case ko smoothly solve kiya jaega ye baat religion pe agai hai

  7. all hindus should quit pakistan simontenously

  8. Religion conversion is a sensitive issue. It should be BANNED to be practiced by JIRGA like way (As JIRGA is banned already). Person atleast 18 year of age (Ideally 25 years) should be allowed though applying in the higher court of law after ensuring WILLIGNESS without any pressure in a fair and free environment after providing access to his/ her parents to him.

  9. In KPK there are almost 5 hunderd thousands Hindus and a single incident of conversion has not taken place, then why its happening in Sind. This shows the very multi religious and cultural atmosphere of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. CJ needs to be very brave in this case and he should not do things only for cheap popularity, of which he is very fond of. By the way where is the Sind Govt?

  10. jo galat kiya hai uske bahut bura haoga

    • there is nothing wrong. she has converted religion from Hinduism to Islam with her wishes and sh is happy to go with her husband so why people are criticizing without any reasons.
      (Engineer ADNAN)

      • if she was your sister?than you told these words

      • mthr f***R ur Sister Wld Be raped by grp ho sikhs or hindus…. and at the time of ejacuation when she will be asked that do u want to become hindu…. and she will be saying OOOHHH YEAAASSHHHH …. So it will be taken as acceptance.

  11. Where was Hindu community when Nrinder Moodi and Sheoseena( Indian terrorist party) both were oppressing to Muslims in Indian territory Gujrat with out any reason.

    • Eng.adnan sahab tohum pakistani hain wo indian hain usme hamara kiya agar ye baat hai to jake larhke dikhao na shiv seena walun se tere taangen uper karenge wo.

  12. Mian mitho hamare musliman ko badnaam kar rahe hain . Actually wo khud aisi larhkiyun ko sex karta hai , aur is kism ke cases mai kisi dusre ka naam deke uski dalali karta hai jaise is case mai usne naveed ki kee hai , mitho tum hamare muslim nahin ho tum to iblees ho.

  13. Simply Barbaric.
    kidnap a girl, rape her keep her as sex slave, blackmail her to marry and then an arrogant procession of brute force and crude power takes her to court. Her parents/family are not allowed to meet her and they stand intimidated.
    The Judge and Police fully connive with the kidnappers and ignore the crying appeals of the girls. No investigation is allowed. Obvious facts are swept under carpet. All in name of religion.
    Finally, girls resign to their fate and out of absolute helplessness accept to go with their captors.
    A black day for humanity.

  14. It is the hidden system of islam agenda, many cases are being hidden like this with the support of islam fanatics and politicians.. if a muslim guy is harrazed in police station all human rights activists sickular politicians raise their voices, but when so many hindu people are kidnapped harrazed and kidnapped no one speaks.. its not only the story of rinkel kumari according to a survey by a media of united nations nearly 25 hindu girls are gone missing( which mainly includes kidnapping and murders) in the sindh region and baluch..

  15. ye na insafi hoe hai renkal ap ne acha nahe kia hai kuch bhe hojai to wapis aajana apny ma bap ke pass

  16. en haramjado kai dharam mai yahi likha hai kya ? janwaro ki tarah bartab likha hai … yeh sale kutte … manav jati par kalank hai …………….

  17. plz hindus should leave pak other wise ready to face such type off incidents in routine.

  18. Engr: Ramesh Kumar

    pakistan ek acha mulk he magar jab tak ya se wadera/zamidar system khatam nahi hoga tab tak hum hindu ya mehfooz nahi hain

  19. I am shattered after reading this story. A 17years old girl’s life changes within a day and next day she has to live as a Muslim with her forced husband. We should keep ourself in her place and realise the pain of hers and her mothers. donot these people have daughters? If something happens same with them than? Being human beings comes first and religion comes later. Finally what goes around comes around. I will always pray for rinkal to get back to her parents.

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