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A ghost University

By Haq Nawaz Baloch

Teacher is considered as  an integral part of education who gives his service for the improvement of future’s 362293-protest-1334002663-164-640x480generation without any lust for financial gains. Teacher is a social instrument through which students can achieve their destiny. Also education can play an important role in political stability, economic prosperity and social change. And it can open the horizons of minds to perceive things in different dimensions.

According to Professor Martin Dwavkin, “education is most favorable tool for survival which guards man in every sphere of life,”

But the situation is quite different in Balochistan University. The all sphere of university of Balochistan [UOB] is showing a bad picture, especially for its survival.

The UOB is considered the University where the poor students come for acquiring higher education. But, unfortunately, the purpose of higher education has become a joke due to continuous boycotting of academic staff and student organizations. Couple of years the condition of maximum class rooms are manifesting ghost class rooms. Majority of lecturers and professor are indulge in politics rather than building up the mind of the new generation. I don’t mean all lecturers are absence in their duties, and a few of them are sincere and want to teaching. On the other hand, the pressure groups are lazy, untalented and dull. They cannot convey their ideas to students. Many time they scold students that why intelligent students ask many questions?

Generally talking, there are manifest evidence of the existence of political interest among the lectures and university employees through their unions. Lectures and employees are going to become a strong element of political system and have increasing involment in political activities like taking part in strikes, especially for higher salaries, job securities and legislative amendments and development under the flag of academic staff and legislative amendments and development under the flag of academic staff and labor union. For fulfilling their demand, they do illegal demands. The self-development lobby is strong enough to protect them from any management action. In this way the political strength among lectures and professors vin academic staff Labors unions and pressure groups play an effective role for their well-groomed carrier, brought future and job security which appears as loss for poor students in currents schooling system.

Balochistan University during the time of former vice chancellor (Agah Gul) was touching the glorious movements of learning’s and disciplines. Nobody had dared to do heinous deeds in University, the student’s classes were punctual, the employers were present in their duties.

Now the condition is totally different the corrupt administration has spoiled the system. The foreign and national Universities are breaking the each kind of records of achievements, their lecturers and students are discovering and inventing the new theories and innovations.

Sadly, the students of Balochistan don’t like to continue study in Balochistan University Parents preface their children to acquire education to other provinces. Even though, the officials of University send their children in Punjab, Sindh and KP. The ruling government is calming to change the destiny of province by education. Unfortunately, they couldn’t change the condition of single university. How can they change the condition of far and plunge educational institutions rural becomes Balochistan?

It high responsibility of HEC, provincial and federal government to take some effective steps against those blacksheeps who are not dutiful. The educational process of single university, where majority students belong to poor families and backwards areas.

The federal government must provide us such kinds of allowance to the lecturers and employees of UOB, as the other university employees and professor have. The ruining government along with the chief Minister and governor should put aside of students organizations from educational institutions. Unfortunately, both stake holders have student’s organizations in the University of Balochistan. Who can hear us, who can change the condition of education in UOB…?

Children: deprive of education in Balochistan

By Saleem dad, Turbat

Education seems to be an integral part of the human beings’ lives as Aristotle quoted “education is the third eye of school-pichuman beings.” However, it is disheartening me to mention that education is categorically forsaken in Balochistan whose advancement and development is relay on education. Without education, it remains an arduous task to thrive prosperity in every sphere of life. What is more appalling is that the children are pillars of a nation have no access to education in Pakistan, but the condition of Balochistan is worse than other provinces of Pakistan.

The secretary education Balochistan Ghullam Ali Baloch stated that 2.3 million children have no access to education in Balochistan.

Article 25-A of the constitution of Pakistan, 1973, declares that the country shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to 16 years, but unluckily the mentioned article is not implemented in the country properly. Government should shoulder the responsibility of providing free and compulsory education to children under Article 25-A.

Further, Balochistan government seems to be determined to ensure quality education to students. If current government o f Balochistan does not reform the system of education, it remains a tough situation to provide excellent education to students. There is no getting away from the fact that no check and balance on teachers who neither go to their respective schools nor teach the students in Balochistan. Besides this, children living in far flung areas have no access to obtain quality and impartial education so that society is rapidly being converted into an illiterate mob.

Sadly, children in place of getting education in schools are working as labors in streets for the sake of their basic needs such as food, shelter and clothes. The deteriorating situation of education needs to be changed for the purposes of educating children also make them skillful to find jobs without recommendation in order to pass their lives without depending on parents.

It is requested to authority concerned that take serious measures to provide technical and quality education to children, so coming generation should be educated.

Slavery: In world history

By Nadil Shah, Turbat

No doubt, every person is born and passing life in this world is automatically slaved by his or her culture, religion or other social norms. Slavery means the system in which some people (slave) are the property of other (Master). Slaves are like those flowers which the farmers sow and do not give enough water, neither would they die nor would they be green. If we have a glance over the history of slavery, we can find different stages and people were slave in different ways.

Society, initially in this world was hunting and gathering societies (12000 years ago). There was no any slavery system in those societies because every individual was having same status and the source of income. And whatever, they hunted in all the day; they had set together and ate them. With the passage of time,

Horticultural and pastoral societies (10000 years ago) existed and those societies started cultivating, kept animals and occupied more and more lands for their future use. The slavery system originated in those societies because the source of income was changed and social stratification began.

Agricultural Societies (5000 years ago) began and people used different technical tools for cultivating and increased agriculture sector. Many people were engaged in agriculture. The one who did not have land was made work in others land. Surplus budget increased. So, he could not leave the master because the master provided him three times food.

Industrial Societies: 

It came with different types of technology in 18th century. Different machineries were invented like; esteem engine, wheel chair and other new technicians. Many skilled people came out and made unskilled to use their inventions. In this era, developed countries tried to occupy the weak countries and exploit their resources. People migrated from rural to urban. When rural people came in cities they were unskilled and non-educated. The urban people provided them facilities and return they were made labors in their factories with less slavery.  People were slaved in different ways.

(1) Slavery due to wars and natural disasters:

That time community members were almost 20 to 40. Whenever, an earthquake, flood or war occurred, the other communities went and directly occupied and made them work in their fields and used women for sexual needs.

(2) Slavery due to debts:

The one who did not have the access of food or fulfill other needs, they went to landlords and borrowed wheat or other things. When they could not back the debts, they were made slaves in compensation.

(3) Slavery due to Violation of laws/Norms:

 Norms are accepted and expected behaviors of a society, and laws are rules and regulations which are enacted by the legislatures. Whenever, a person violated the norms and rules, he or she was punished or made slave. Similarly, this is practiced in the present-day societies especially of the tribal areas. For example, when someone kills the other one he ought to give his sister or daughter to the relatives of the dead person, which seems the practice of ancient slavery system. Furthermore, there are three types of slavery.

(1) Temporary slavery:

 it means the system of slavery for a limited time. It is mostly considered a modern phenomenon. According to Pakistan Penal Code of 103, in case of murdering someone, the killer would be in life imprisonment or in return would be killed. The imprisoned person is kept as slave throughout his life but his children or other family members will be free.

(2) Permanent slavery:

The type of slavery in which a person remains slave forever along with his children or family members. It was very common in ancient era.

(3) Conditional slavery:

It refers the system of slavery in which the slaved person would be assigned a task for a specific time. No doubt, it is used in ancient and as well as being practiced in the postindustrial societies.

Who are you?

By Muslim Baloch

The day as usual I was seating on the assigned desk in winsome English Language center and the topic has been was titled “Should we be modernized? Everybody occupying on the chairs nodded their heads in affirmative, but I shook my head in “not”, and replied a big cacophonous “NO”, in the intervening time a friend of mine spoke up… I do not write his appellation, as better to keep him crypto, said to Sir Humayun that “if you see a snake, do not kill it, but if you see a Panjuguri, go for it”. The words actually cracked my heart, but I kept quiet and our mentor replied this sentence “you as being a Baloch say that we are united but you discriminate each other” and really he fired him and he was very much reluctant and his face was picture to all.

Now the teacher made the statement himself; Mr. you blame Mekrani people and you are supposed not forget that the (I.Q) level of Makrani folks are at the highest grade in entire Asia. They are the record breaker of “CSS” position in Pakistan, the teacher told my Baloch friends. But, is still not enough and not convincing to me and took out the sniffer raffle, means the pen and wrote a poem in the class, because I was burning in………

I have been listening, such discriminations to an end alone together or did not care, maybe? I have divided my all parts of body to fetch the massage to my siblings and brotherly friend, other all to create a cordial relationship in between. Life is not to be up to date with ongoing world, but it is be aware of all those kids and adults out of learning environment.

I am unable to bring these discriminations to an end alone together and the message need to be conveyed, can be found in the lines below that may help to or brotherhood among us. Hope is this that now I, you and others will avoid these discriminations which in true words kicks in the teeth!!!

The lines I wrote;

Who are you?

My eyes-sight is from Gwadar, that’s glimpses are picturesque for all

My poetry is of Pasni, there Qazi and Noor Khan listened by all

My psyche belongs to Kech, Turbat, where Atta & Kambar are famous

My physique of Panjgoor, their bodies are solid free at all costs

My walking is from Waashuk, where homes at distance to anther

My laughing is of Kharan, where fun is everything in all

My rest belongs to Kalat; there no doubt “Khan” is one in all

 My beauty is from Nushki; their paragons of beauties are known, over all

My tolerance belongs to Mastung, where Mama walks with shanks to inform all

My fashion is from Shaal, that’s education is known for all

My hospitality is of Pasheen, guests are served as their desires

My clothing of Kohloo, there Zareena is sister of nation to all

My ego is from Dere Bughti; no doubt Nawab Akbar is popular one in all

My knowledge interlinks to Jahl Magasi, Yousaf lives for all

My taste is of Lasbela, the petal of a leaf is taken every day by all

My open-handiness is from Hub choki, where Hub co. & Dam supply water to all

My Love belongs to Awaran, there Khushi lives with Zohra, Mehlab, Zaheer and others all…

Reach me at (

Us withdrawal from Afghanistan and its implications on Pakistan

By Iqbal Hasrat

Generally Pakistan and Afghanistan are considered inseparable states due to their historical, religious, cultural, nato_supply_trucks_torkham_reuters_1_670linguistic, trade and ethnic linkages. The relation is so deep that once Ahmed karzai, president of Afghanistan, professed in his visit to India that Pakistan and Afghanistan were “identical twins”. However, the modern bilateral relationships face great turbulence because of rising influence of India in Afghanistan, post 9/11, the 1980 Soviet war, great Pashtoonistan and issue related with Durand line.

     History reveals that situations in Afghanistan have always affected Pakistan. The US withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014 brings many challenges to Pakistan.

The four main players of Afghan crisis namely United States of America, Afghan government (dominated by Northern Alliance) Tehreek-e-Taliban Afghanistan (TTA) and Pakistan. All want a peaceful settlement but every one is perpetuating their own interests.

   Afghan Government does not want an abrupt US withdrawal because Afghan government, its leaders and supporters, do not want to lose the investments in another war with Taliban. US is still confused in weighing different opinions. Presently it seems from the security agreement with Kabul that US is going to cut a deal with Aghan government on the pattern of South Korea and Japan which will allow 20000 to 30000 troops who can be involved in counter terrorist operations and will be giving stability to Afghan government but they are not settling on the issue of law that y which law the US troops shall be trialed in Afghanistan if found in offensive activities. US says that the troops in Afghanistan shall be treated in accordance with Us law while Karzai insists that they operate on Afghan soil so they ought to be trialed according to Afghan law because of this Karzai is defiant of signing the pact before 2014 presidential election. Afghan government is also reluctant to the US troops presence in Afghanistan because Taliban have set the withdrawal of foreign troops as precondition for any peace negotiation.

     Pakistan is still persuading wait and see policy. Pakistan considers itself indispensable in resolving Afghan crisis. Pakistan fears the robust influence of India in Afghanistan after the evacuation of US. It is pertinent to mention here that America wants India as counter power to Chine. The transportation and infrastructural investment by India in Afghanistan will enable her to get economical benefits from land locked  central Asian Republics(CARs) and perpetuate American and her own interests to lessen the Chinese influence which will indeed pose a great threat to Pakistan’s interests and may cause severe turbulence in the region after Us withdrawal.

 After the Us withdrawal from Afhganistan the major challenge to Pakistan is from the militant groups related to Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and centrifugal tendencies in Balochistan.

    TTP has no single leadership; it is divided in splinter groups which rarely coordinate terror attacked in Pakistan. Mahsud group whose leader, Hakeemyllah Mahsud, was killed in a recent drone attack in North Waziristan, after his death Fazalullah of Sawat( Mullah radio) was selected as the TTP leader, have  difference with Moulla Nazir group and similarly Hafiz Gull Bahar has reservations with Mahsud group( now headed by Fazallullah) furthermore, there are many other independent groups operating against Pakistan . Infect the absence of single of TTP is a matter of great concern for the authorities in Islamabad who have to interact separately to every group which makes things more complex and complicated. These all strongly indicate a negative impact on the security, law and order situations in Pakistan particularly in FATA.

     Pakistan claims that the Fazalullah and Fakir Muhammad are supported by Raw of India and NDS of Afghanistan. These groups freely use Afghanistan against the interests of Pakistan.

Simultaneously Islamabad has to deal with Baloch separatists. Pakistan many times professed that the Baloch separatists are supported by India using the Afghan soil, they are given training and refuge in Afghanistan and India. After the US withdrawal India may not be able to assist Baloch separatist in the way which she is doing now because India has to close its many constellates in Afghanistan. It is predicted that the separatists will die a natural death because it will be quite difficult for them to get maintained in Balochistan.

       Pakistan needs to have a readjustment in foreign policy to Russia and Northern Alliance. It is the very time to bridge the trust deficit and pervious misunderstandings. Pakistan also needs to soften her stance over the Pashtun share in Afghanistan to dilute the apprehensions of Northern Alliance( Tajicks and Uzbaks) that they think Pakistan wants to impose Pashtun over them.

Pakistan can mainstream non states actors(NSAs) in FATA and other areas by using a clear cut reintegration policy. Two factors can play a vital role. Firstly, after the UA withdrawal the pretext on which TTP ha its recruits will lose justification that foreign forces have invaded Afghanistan and it is mandatory to wage Jehad. Secondly, the religious parties can be of due significance to bring TTP in political process. In this regard the extension of political parties act in FATA has been a positive move.

 Islamabad needs to initiate developments and dialogue process in Balochistan and necessary administrative and constitutional reforms in Balochistan to finish the apprehensions of the Baloch nationalists,

Finally US withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014 seems unrealistic but if it happens so then Pakistan can convert challenges to opportunities with a better approach.

Baloch women’s contribution in poetry

BY Sameera A. Wahid

By reading the portion of poetry in Balochi literature none ignores the contributions of female poetries and poetic creativities; one can get a plethora of thought provoking characters that were born to be the symbols of change and courage. They are the role models for their upcoming generation. Their way of living, inspirational thoughts paved the way for their success which taken them away from the cures of gloomy into lightness.

It gives me an immense pleasure to mention the name of those most vivacious personalities who made their eternal contributions to balochi literature and culture. The fascinating shadow of rhymes of Mahzan, Hani, Seemuk, Banul Dashtyari and Bibi Gohar Malik, who are amalgams of different sense thrills in the history of Balochi fiction. Sporadically, their poetries and committed service were devoted to Balochi literature, discusses the Real affection of women, their feelings and their conditions.

In this regard, I won’t be wrong to quote the example of a Baloch historical female poetess whose contribution in balochi poetry is commendable, whose contribution in balochi poetry is praiseworthy, and whose inspirational thoughts had mesmerized much reader. The name which Balochi literature will always be proud of is Bibi Banul Dashtyari whose was the daughter of the first Baloch Ghazal poet ‘’Malang Shah Hashmi’’. Her real name was Sayada Saifi, a resident of Karachi. In order to extend the horizons of his knowledge, she fought with tooth and nail.

Her husband name was Israr Asif, whose stimulating support made her be heart filled with the love of literature. Moreover, her second teacher was the historical man of Balochi, Sayad Zahoor Shah Hashmi whose brotherly teaching spirits made her heart filled with interminable love for balochi. Her poetry portrays the image of women very skillfully and her thoughts convey the hidden feelings of love. Furthermore, her love for the Balochi literature was proved when a magazine namely “Zamana” in which her literary columns often got published, “Bali Kapot” lasting from December 1968 to May 1970, which is said to be one of the evidences of her everlasting work .her unending work will always be remembered in the cannels of history with golden words. She kicked the bucket on 12th November 1992.

History will never forget such committed and challenge facer writers’ whose thoughts provoking characters persuade us to say “yes we can”. Therefore, I can only suggest the reader to read the rhymes of Baloch women.


By Bilal Khan Baloch

Students are always back bone of a society. The progress of a society depends upon the  performance of students in different kinds of education. There are also some duties of a good student to perform them honestly. Good students are not necessarily always the most intelligent ones; rather, they are the ones who have a few basic attributes that allow them to invest themselves totally into the task of learning.

The purpose of education is to produce ideal persons to face the responsibilities of the future. This aim can be achieved only when the students are sincere and they acquire the education in the real sense. Just copying a few questions and passing the examination is not an education. A student can never be educated until and unless he does not put his heart and soul to the cause of education. A student is a person, who devotes himself to the pursuits of knowledge and learning. It is therefore, the first and foremost duty of an ideal student to seek knowledge. The pursuit of knowledge demands hard work and full devotion.

The ideal student enriches himself with knowledge. In practical life only those students come out with best colors, who had acquired knowledge.

An ideal student enjoys learning. He goes deep and deep in search of the knowledge. He should participate in class discussion appropriately and provide possible answers of the questions asked by the teacher. It makes him more confident and broader his vision.

The ideal student respects and honors his teachers. He knows the place of teachers, who are opening the gate of glories for him. He is humble and obedient. The more he learns from his teachers, the more grateful he is to them. The more knowledge he gets, the more humble he becomes.

A student should help his class fellows in solving their educational problems. He should be sincere, hard-working and co-operative. He should wear neat and clean dress or should follow the proper dress code of the university. He should also be known his religious duties like cleanness, discipline, moral values and good character that provide him a good direction towards life and success.

A technical student should be more serious about his practical periods. Practical work is like a soul in technical education. A student should visit library on daily basis so, that he may enhance his knowledge according to his syllabus. He should have daily time table to be followed that helps him to complete his syllabus outline and give him full command over the subject matter. He should plan his activities on regular basis.

An ideal student is not a frog in a well but a person with greater visions and ideals. He is regular and punctual. He does not participate in adverse and negative activities. He confines himself to his studies and task. He does not waste his time in useless deeds. He does not keep association with such elements whose purpose is to damage the cause of education. He believes in simple and plain living. He is kind and generous. It is below than his standard to waste his time in trivial manners. He should have certain aims and objectives regarding his life or future. He should abide by the rules and regulations of the institute that gives the direction to his aims and life.

But it does not mean that a student should become a book worm. He should also take part in games and extra-curricular activities. He knows that a healthy body is necessary for healthy mind. He takes interest in all the activities that promote his physical health. He goes to the playground with the same pleasure and enthusiasm with which he studies in the library. An ideal student is not unsocial. He loves his fellow students and takes part in all the collective activities. It is important responsibilities of a student to seek knowledge and achieve his tasks with full zeal and zest. Hard work is the key to success. Greatness is achieved through hard work. Nothing can be got without work. People who succeeded in the world were all hard worker. They did their work regularly and with determination. He is an ideal person who wants to get his aim awarding any type of work. So, student should do his work with honestly and with the best of his abilities.

Always keeps in mind, “A thousands mile of journey often began from a first step”.

Women and the difficulties they face


As being a student of Sociology I often read the topics of women in my studies and i fully remember one of the Hungarian Tragedy No. 2greatest lines from a book of C.N. Shankar Rao, he beautifully stated that the status of women is a topic of sociological studies and discussions, for it mirrors the positions of about 50 percent to the population of any society. Study of the history of human society reveals that in no society of the world have women enjoyed absolute equality on par with men. Everywhere they were subjected to inequality, discrimination and exploitation.

Furthermore, this seems very shocking and hurt-burning when the cases of rapes and sexually abused women girls and even boys, too. We in a country, where the lives and respect of women and girls is endanger in all the aspects.

Furthermore, the  problems which are on the rise in Pakistan and in other parts  of the world are, rapes of women and girls, women being sexually assaulted and  attacked, throwing acids on them,  killing them on the name of honor, the tortures by their family members and in lows, making them work like donkeys at homes and the most and foremost factors that the Pakistani women with others are somehow not getting their basic rights which really shows the dirty and unbearable face of our society.

To add some more information that the men of this nation never keep the desire that their women should be empowered and independent at all. One of the paragraphs in past DAWN newspaper in editorial page won my heart that it is impossible neither to end violence against women; nor to empower them, nor even to break the vicious cycle of poverty and exploitation as a result of which women suffer more than men. In addition, women’s education is another factor which needs much concentration to be developed and facilitated. It is said that if the women of a nation are given good and perfect education system then they may protect themselves somehow and be aware of their basic needs and rights. One can best judge the condition of a nation by the way they deal their women, on the other hand a great thinker Swami Vivekananda has quoted that “That country and that nation which did not respect women have never become great nor will ever in future”.

The condition of Pakistani women is a shocking and never-ending process the government does not put her pain killing efforts to solve it.

Lastly, i can only suggest that please stop the rapes women, killing of them, exploiting them and harassment to them, if not I am afraid the nation will never develop and will never prosper in any field; and if the women are treated so continuously, then I am afraid that the day is not far when the women of the nation do not dare to step out of their houses and will remain afraid entering in any field of development for themselves and the nation.

Corporate power, women, and resistance in India today

Arundhati Roy interviewed by David Barsamian      Part-III

ARUNDHATI ROY is the celebrated author of The God of Small Things and winner of the Arundhati_Roy_657984aprestigious Booker Prize. The New York Times calls her, “India’s most impassioned critic of globalization and American influence.” She is the recipient of the Lannan Award for Cultural Freedom. Roy is the author of many books including The Checkbook & the Cruise Missile, Field Notes on Democracy: Listening to Grasshoppers, and Walking with the Comrades. She spoke to DAVID BARSAMIAN of Alternative Radio in Chicago on March 17, 2013.

But today, if you read the papers, it’s only referred to as a gang rape. You would imagine that girl was not killed. “Delhi’s gang-rape victim” or “Delhi’s gang-rape rapists.” They are not called murderers.

This shows you the kind of twisted social stigma that is attached to rape in India and built up. There were huge and unprecedented protests about it, which was a very good thing, except that it brings about certain anxieties in people like myself. It’s hard to explain quite simply. But in India there are certain ways in which rape is used to maintain the status quo. In Kashmir the army has raped a lot of women, and the Armed Forces Special Powers Act gives them immunity and allows that to happen. So, too, in Manipur and Nagaland. In Chhattisgarh, in Walking with the Comrades I wrote about how many women watched their sisters or mothers or children being raped and murdered. In Gujarat, when the 2002 pogrom against Muslims happened, women were openly gang-raped, pregnant women had their stomachs ripped open, they were burnt alive. There was a horrendous incident in a village called Karalanji in Maharashtra where about 300 upper-caste people surrounded the house of a Dalit family and they raped and murdered a mother and daughter and then killed the whole family. The media took more than a month to even report it, and even later the people were called Maoists.

So you start to wonder which rapes are going to attract the national and international media, and which rapes are we just going to accept as a matter of routine. To be fair, initially, when the protests happened in Delhi, women did begin to raise these issues, and it did expand into a much more political view of what was going on. And then, of course, there was this ordinance that was passed. But you will see that in the ordinance that was passed once again the government just looked at rape as a security issue, which means that in a big city, where there would be issues of marital rape, the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, caste, all of these were just pushed out of the picture once again. It was an important moment to ask a lot of questions, which some people asked, but at the same time, you could see them sort of evolving from the anti-corruption protests and so on. Who were the people who were out then?

It also relates to the phenomenon of these massive populations moving to the cities and young girls beginning to work, young girls beginning to leave the home to become financially independent, to begin to break away from traditional behavior, which creates a huge anger amongst traditional men. All of that is going on.

BUT DID it spark a discussion about misogyny and patriarchy? Because if it’s not contextualized, then it’s simply reduced to miscreants, to people carrying out criminal acts.

IT DID, but I think patriarchy was used by people who seemed to have just discovered that word. What did it really mean? I think, unfortunately, an incident of gang rape in a bus is not the best way to begin discussions on patriarchy. I think we have to go back to another question, which is, what is it about the women’s movement in India and in the rest of the world that has in some ways depoliticized it?

So you have sort of feminist organizations in India that are happy to discuss certain issues, important issues, about gender and all that. But let’s say the women that I wrote about, who are in the forests of Dantewada, the 90,000 women who belong to the Krantikari Adivasi Mahila Sangathan, to me the time I spent with people in forest, that was the most important eye opener for me, what was happening to the women there and how they were organizing. And yet those women, who were fighting for their land, who have been fighting even within their own communities for a different life, for different rights, for different ways of being seen and described and defined, are not considered feminists by professional feminists. Why should that be so? I’ve written about that at length in the essay called Capitalism: A Ghost Story, about how funding has affected it, this kind of NGO-ization of the feminist movement.

THESE WOMEN that you met in the jungle in Chhattisgarh, they have moved from being passive victims to active agents, to doing something about their situation.

THE HISTORY of women in the Naxalite movement, and then in all the various fragments of it, and today in the Maoist movement, is an interesting, fraught, challenging, very often depressing but also very inspiring history, so I can’t say anything simple about it. However, when I went into the forest, in a rather clichéd way I had assumed that any movement that opts to pick up arms is eventually going to do violence to women. I was shocked when I went in and found that more than 40 percent of the liberation guerilla army was women. When I spoke to them and asked them why they had joined—and I’ve spent now quite a lot of time even with women who used to be with the party. I know a lot of stories, and not all of them are good stories. But I think there’s a tussle, a grappling with trying to understand what this battle is about. One thing is that in the forest, that assumption that tribal societies are somehow pristine and treat women equally and all of that is not true. There’s thirty years of political work in that area. Some women joined really to get away from the suffocation of being in their own society, and some joined after the massive attack of the corporate paramilitary and the raping of women and all that that took place.

And if you look at the Narmada movement, Niaymgiri, so many movements, you see that women are so much at the heart of these protests, because they also know that what waits for them in that other life that’s been offered to them, where they’re told to integrate into the mainstream, is a very, very frightening life, where they lose everything. So they are fighting. The feminist movement has had those debates in the past, and other versions of them are being played out now. But there is a big divide between what is now formally considered feminist and what struggles these women are waging. Because anything that actually threatens the overarching economic order is then not considered feminist. Because the feminist movements have become so funded—not all, and even the ones that are funded are sometimes doing important work—that what they miss out on, what they exclude I think constitutes a definition of what your politics are.

DOES THIS participation of women in resistance movements extend to Kashmir?

OF COURSE it does. Kashmir is a place where they like to put out a particular, completely false image of some Taliban type, Wahhabi fundamentalists fighting this democratic state, and women are all living behind burqas and so on. But anyone who spends two days in Kashmir will see that that’s certainly not the case. It’s as diverse a society as any, and the women, again, are at the forefront now. You see them facing down police, facing down the army, physically, in incredibly brave and anguished ways.

IN THIS discussion about violence against women, certainly dowry-related “accidents” in which many women are victims of fires in kitchens, their clothes mysteriously catch fire and they die, there’s that aspect. Then there is also the babies that are aborted once they’re discovered by their parents to be girls because of this obsession with having male offspring.

THE KILLING of girl children I think runs into the millions in India. As I said when you were quoting the BBC question about how does India treat its women, what do you mean by India and what do you mean by women is one’s initial instinct. Because India is a country where I think I’ve seen the most remarkable, the most free women of almost any women I’ve ever seen anywhere; and then, as you said, you have female feticide, and everything in between. So you have such a huge spectrum of what constitutes the world of women there. And you can’t even divide it down to simply—for example, when the pogrom against Muslims was taking place in Gujarat, women were very much part of it, women were very much behind it. So to imagine that women are some peace-loving folks who just would make the world a better place is a bit simple.

THERE SEEMS to have been one scandal after another in India, each one more horrific and larger than the previous one. Jayati Gosh, who teaches at JNU in New Delhi, wrote in The Guardian that “the explosion of revelations about corrupt practices that point to the worst excesses of crony capitalism,” and then she adds, “Government policies generated Wild West-style economic growth.” That kind of circles back to what you were saying earlier about this state-corporate collusion in the extraction of natural resources.

OBVIOUSLY, THE anti-corruption protests in India also had made quite an impact on the debates around India all over the world. For me, corruption is a very, very dicey subject to build a political movement over, because what do you mean by corruption? To me, obviously, there is never going to be a situation where you’re in a corruption-free society. But how do you minimize it? Corruption is a function of a very unequal distribution of power. Unless you address that, you’re just dealing with the symptoms. In India as I mentioned, these massive corporations have full-spectrum domination, from salt to vehicles to textiles to power to funding universities, both in India and abroad, to running these massive trusts, the equivalents of the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations—Reliance and Tata have these trusts—they fund the opposition, they can buy what they like.

Unless you put a cap on this kind of cross-ownership of businesses, and unless you put a cap on how much one person, one corporation, can control a country, obviously there’s going to be corruption. You can’t appeal to some sort of moral core. You have to address the problem structurally. Structurally this is the situation: That you might do a sting operation and expose some Dalit politician taking one money from somebody and putting it in his pocket, but when Pranab Mukherjee as finance minister does a little jiggle to excuse Reliance from tens of millions of rupees of income tax, how do you deal with that?

YOU’VE SPENT time in Tihar Jail in New Delhi. It’s one of the biggest prisons in the entire country. There were two deaths in that jail, one in February of 2013 and one in March. They’re kind of like bookends. One involved Afzal Guru, and the other Ram Singh. Let’s start with the case of Afzal Guru, who was hanged.

LET ME try and see how I can explain it as briefly as possible. Basically, after the September 11th attacks in America, at the time, the BJP, the right-wing Hindu party, was in power. This sort of massive Islamophobia that the 9/11 attacks set off segued into the policies of the BJP vis-à-vis the Muslim community. They had already demolished the Babri Masjid, a fourteenth-century mosque. That’s what brought the BJP to power. There was this whole desire to place yourself in the same sphere as the US, as a victim of terrorism. That has been a constant theme in India.

On the 13th of December, 2001, there was this very strange, botched sort of “terrorist” strike on the parliament in Delhi, where five “terrorists”—I’m speaking in quotes—drove into parliament in this highly inept way in a white car with a big poster that said, “India is a very bad country.” There were wires hanging out of the trunk. And then somehow they got stopped, and they jumped out and they killed some policemen and a gardener. And then they were all killed. This became India’s 9/11. They arrested four people: a professor of Arabic from Delhi University called S.A.R. Gilani, and then Afzal Guru, and his cousin Shaukat and Shaukat’s wife, Afshan Guru, who actually was in jail when I was there also. I met her.

There was a huge sort of media circus, where the media just said anything they liked about these four people, how they had been sowing seeds of terrorism from Delhi to London and how they were attacking democracy and so on. Some of us were very disturbed by the entire thing. It just didn’t ring true, neither the way the attack happened, because it was so unprofessional, if you like, and stupid, nor what was being said about these people.

Many people knew this young professor, Gilani, who had been arrested, and found it hard to believe that he really had anything to do with it. So Nandita Haksar, a lawyer, put together this group called the Committee for the Free and Fair Trial of S.A.R. Gilani. I was also part of it. The atmosphere was wicked at the time. The BJP types were saying, “You must try these people also. They are traitors.” Anyway, what happened was that eventually the courts acquitted Gilani. They said they couldn’t find any evidence against him.

But Afzal Guru had a different story. He actually was somebody who had lived in Kashmir. In the early 1990s, when thousands and thousands of young Kashmiris, tired of the rigging of elections and all that, had crossed over to Pakistan and got trained and came back as militants, he was one of them. But as soon as he came back, he surrendered, because he was very disillusioned by what he saw on the other side. But once you surrender in Kashmir, you’re somebody who is preyed upon by the security forces, as Afzal was for many, many years. I find it very hard to describe this in brief, because I’ve done a lot of writing and I’ve followed this case. We’ve even just brought out a book about it.

WHY is it so important? Because of how the Indian state has manipulated the issue?

IT’S IMPORTANT because, look, something like 68,000 Kashmiris have been killed between 1990 and now, but most of them have been killed in this theater of war, in Kashmir, where there is complete impunity and the army and the police have dragged them out of their homes and they’ve been murdered in interrogation centers or in fake encounters or real encounters. Those things have been documented in great detail by many people.

The difference between them and what happened to Afzal Guru was that his trial took place in broad daylight, with all the institutions of India’s “great democracy,” the media, the courts. Everybody played its part. And eventually, basically what happened was Afzal did not have a lawyer at the time of his trial in the lower court, which is where evidence is presented and where witnesses are questioned. He didn’t have a lawyer. The state appointed a lawyer for him. That lawyer said, “I don’t want to appear for him.” But the court said, “You appear.” That lawyer in fact accepted incriminating evidence against his own client at this stage of the trial.

At the end of it, when the Supreme Court finally sentenced Afzal to death, it said two things in a very long judgment. It said that it had no direct evidence, and the only evidence it had was circumstantial. All the evidence that was produced, the witnesses and so on, many of us have written about how the evidence was fabricated, how witnesses lied, how the police lied. And oddly enough, in this strange act of bureaucracy there is a sort of the dualism in the judgment.

to be continued…

Injustice with Vsh TV

By Hanif Baloch

It is said that media is one of the pillars of a democratic country, which plays a great imagesrole for the accomplishment of a successful triumph, especially in under developing country.

Vsh TV channel is the first Balochi News channel in Pakistan, but there are various News channels like GEO, SAMA, DAWN, DUNYA, AJJ, ARY, WAKAT, CNBC, GEO Teez, EXPRESS, COULAR, METRO, ROZ, and many more, Vsh TV is one of them. Vsh TV is the first Balochi news channel which is promoting the culture, language and issues of Balochistan like Missing Persons insurgency and others. The problems of Balochistan and Missing Persons were totally ignored by the other channels. In democratic states the media is free but unfortunately in Pakistan the Pakistani media persuade the footsteps of establishment. The establishment rules the roost in Balochistan.

The Vsh TV channel was launched in 2008 and paying attention on the issues of Balochistan, merely media is free in Democratic states but unlike in Pakistan…! Vsh News channel is the single Balochi channel servicing under the shadow (PEMRA) Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authorities. But due to the policies of establishment, Vsh news commercials are banned for four years. The Single Balochi News channel is deprived of tis rights but the other News channels are earning millions of rupees from Balochistan.

On 15 November Vsh News Channel has been sanctioned by the (PTA) Pakistan Telecommunication Authorities. They also have blocked commercials, and Pak satellite has suspended the telecast too. Vsh TV is running by the support of Baloch nation and Dr Malik Baloch claims that I will solve the issues of Balochistan, but unfortunately the authorities are with federal government. Major issue on its place but Dr Malik doesn’t have the capability to solve minor issue! Dr Malik Baloch is only providing lips services.

There are many News channels in Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa , and Punjab in their own languages like, KHYBER NEWS, SINDH TV, APNA, ROYAL news and many more. But in Balochistan there is just one News channel Vsh which is being targeted on every nuke. The question raises here that why ban on Vsh TV? Why (PTA) has stopped the commercials of Vsh TV? Why the Pak Satellite has closed the telecasts? It’s is telecasting the programs in Balochi language that is why, Vsh is being ignored. The establishment always tall clams that we are providing the fundamental rights to Balochistan but contrary the state authorities never tolerate a Balochi News channel.

The MD Managing director of Vsh TV, Iqbal Baloch said that it is the part of cruelty with Balochistan, Baloch nation and with its language, culture and customs. On the other hand our channel is going in financial loss, we are not begging from government it’s our right we will take our right at any cast.

The ban on Vsh News TV many political parties and Journalists have protested against Sindh, Balochistan and federal government. They appeal to government pay commercials of Vsh TV as other News channel are getting their rights and Pak satellite restart the telecasts of Vsh TV. So that Vsh TV promotes the culture and customs of Baloch Nation.

The cohesive bases of the Baloch Nationalism

The subject has been taken from book of Taj Mohammad Breseeg “Baloch Nationalism, its origin and development”.


The most important innovation of Nasir Khan I was a tribal army, traditionally known as the Lashka. Having spent some time in courts of the Afghan and Persian, he had watched techniques of warfare, and realized the necessity of maintaining a well-organized army in his Khanate. Accordingly, he chose and stationed a permanent army unit, called Dasta-e-Khas (special Division) in his capital numbering 1,200 men. In emergencies Dasta-e-Khas increased to 10860 men.  Furthermore, he had created two additional Divisions, which used to be called the “Sarawan Lashkar” (Sarawan Division) and the “Jahlawan Lashkar” (Jahlawan Division). Nasir Khan was the Supreme Commander of this whole body of the State army. Describing Nasir Khan’s army, selig Harrison stated.

The main revenue was from land produce and collections from the port of Karachi and goods passing through the Bolan Pass. Taxation was unequal and depended on many factors including the distance of the area from the capital. Taxation on sea-born trade from Makkoran coast was also nominal. Generally, the Sarawan and Jahlawan tribes who provided the bulk of the Khan’s troops and other important factors in the area were exempted from land revenue. In Makkoran one-tenth of the land produce was the state share while the Jatt of Kacch-Gandhave paid one half and the indigenous and Dehwar cultivators of Kalat, Mastung and Shal (Quetta) paid one-third to the Khan.

Nasir Khan I was the greatest and most powerful Khan among all the rulers of Khanate. As a result of his successful reformist policies, he is sometime compared to “Peter the Grater” of Russia, in the Baloch nationalist circles. Nasir Khan I sought to build a kingdom in which all tribes, including those in Kachhi, would be boluntarily united. In doing so, he was largely successful. The constituency of tribal chiefs, who willingly subordinated themselves, moderated his rule. The Khan stood at the head of a large tribal confederacy and went methodically about building the Khanate. So, the Khanate was a loose confederacy. Nasir Khan I augmented the union by an enlightened policy. He succeeded in evolving the most effective and strong union of tribes in the history of the region. In a grand gesture tribal issues. The Rind and Magasis of Kacch-Gandhava and a few others in Sistan had complete independence, without paying any land revenue. Their political allegiance was considered sufficient.

The reunification of the vast Baloch territory into a single political entity encouraged trade. Possession of the ports of Makkoran made the Khanate an important trading center between the Iranian plateau, central Asia, India, the Indian Ocean and the region that gave on to it, also attracting numerous communities of Hindu and Ismailli merchants, with beneficial results for the Khanate’s fiscal revenue. Moreover Nasir Khan encouraged trade by reducing taxes and induced Hindu trades’ bookkeepers and moneylender to return by paying for the upkeep of Hindu temple at Kalat. These measures strengthened the Khanate and the Khan. “Furthermore”, M.H. Hosseinbor argues, “NasirKhan strengthened theeconomic infrastructure of the state by constructing an extensive network of roads, caravanserais, and forts, expanding the irrigation systems, and improving state treasury by reorganizing the collection system for taxes and other revenues”. According, the 44 years’ rule of Nasir Khan I, Known to the Baloch as the “great”, and the hero of Baloch history, was the years of strenuous administration and organization interspersed with military expeditions.

While having a loose feudal relationship with the Afghan king, Ahmad Shah, Nasir Khan I never regarded himself a tributary to the Durranis but rather a Junior participator in the division of the Persian Empire after the death of Nadir Shah Afshar in 1747. However, the Afghan attitude towards the Khan provoked Mir Nasir Khan to declare the complete independence of Kalat in 1758. As a result, the Afghan forces under the command of Ahmed Shah himself invaded Balochistan and besieged the Kalat fortress for forty days. Ultimately they came to an amicable agreement and the Afghan troops were withdrawn. The Agreement known as the “Treaty of Kalat” (1758), recognized the sovereign statues of Balochistan. The Afghan monarch promised not to interfere in the internal and external affairs of the Baloch confederacy. The Khan in turn promised to help Afghanistan expeditions. Both the countries agreed not to give asylum to rebels within their states. The agreement provided the basis for the Khanate’s subsequent relations with Afghanistan.

Nelson Mandela

“During my lifetime I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people. I 46664 Concert: In Celebration Of Nelson Mandela's Life - Performancehave fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die,” he said. There is no denying the fact that when we put our steps in this world then one day we have to leave it. But history remembers those who scarifies their lives in order to save their nation, history, language, literature, traditions, etc.

However, nelson Mandela who was the sign of peace, an icon of great wisdom, courage, struggle and determination in the fight against minority rule in South Africa. His leadership, charisma, audacity, empathy and tolerance for harsh treatment made him a revered political figure in Africa and around the world. Lift the entire world physically on Friday, but not mentally you’re always present in our mind.

Moreover, during his fight, he spent 27 years of his life in imprison steered the country from apartheid to democracy. Similarly, on February 11, 1990, Mandela was released from prison and became the first black president of South Africa in 1994.

Being a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, he is regarded as a symbol of reconciliation and all African people are proud of him.

Lastly, It is now up to the new leadership to keep the vision of their great leader alive not only because he was one of the most respected leaders , but because his ideals gave a new dimension to human rights and lifted humanity to a new dignified place.

Meraj saleem, Turbat

Massage of Balach Marri

Last night was asleep,balach

I had the same dream,

The voice of a young man,

Calling to me,

In my dreams I walk,

On “Sarlat Mountains”,

And I hear once again

The voice in the wind,,,,

“Balach” is with you,

He stands by your side,

Courage, faith, and pride,

That will never die!

I look around, no one’s there!

On that mountain path,

But, again loud and clear,

Was the voice of Balach!

My, Balochistan!!

The time has come to change.

We need friends in other lands,

To listen and understand,

So we must fight more,

For we can win this war,

With faith our shields’

And brains as our swords,

Yes, our brains will be our swords”

From my window tonight

I will watch the sun set

When the first sun arrives,

I go to my bed!

In my dreams I will stand

On “Sirlat mountains”,

And hear once again,

Balach’s voice in the wind,

“Nothing is achieved,

By an endless war,

For us to succeed,

Changes must occur,

Balochistan need,

More friends not more wars,

From now on, let faith be our shields

And brains, our swords”.


We must spread your words.

All across Balochistan

Your massage will be heard.

Balach!!!….. Balach!!!

Yes, we must spreadyour words,

All across this land,

Your massage will be heard,

Balach!!!….. Balach!!!

Up there in skies,

Help us, to grow strong,

Help us, to grow wise.

Balach!!!….. Balach!!!

Help us, to grow strong,

Help us, to grow wise.


Short biography of peace icon, Nelson Mandela

NAME:                 Nelson Mandelanelson-mandela

OCCUPATION:    Civil Rights Activist, World Leader, Writer       

BIRTH DATE:       July 18, 1918

DEATH DATE:      December 05, 2013

EDUCATION:  Clarke bury Boarding Institute, Wesleyan College, University College of Fort    Hare, University of London, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

PLACE OF BIRTH:  Mveso, Transkei, South Africa

PLACE OF DEATH:  Johannesburg, South Africa

FULL NAME:         Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

NICKNAME:        Madiba

ORIGINALLY:      Rolihlahla Mandela

NICKNAME:       Black Pimpernel

            Mandela’s legacy and endeavors against apartheid and their decline to promote peace in South Africa is remarkable in the history of world which has netted an influential name for the black Madiba whose nation was ill-treated on the basses of radicalism during the times of apartheid regime in South Africa. Mandela fought with tooth and nail to diminish the race discrimination which born a productive fruit latter and he got success in it to become the first president of South Africa from black in the history of South Africa.

Mandela’s quotations,

 “I hate race discrimination most intensely and in all its manifestations. I have fought it all during my life; I fight it now, and will do so until the end of my days.’’

‘’Don’t judge me by successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up.’’

By Fareed Shah Panjgoor

November 2013 edition is available in market

Bolan Voice November 2013 copy

Title October 2013

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VBMP long-march to Karachi

Bolan voice report

Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) has been protesting for long time for safe1459906_425189584248465_304631250_n release of Baloch political workers who have gone missing, after 2002, an incepted insurgency in Balochistan and after that abducting series also commenced. Following to Akbar Khan Bugti martyrdom, in 2006 the pace of this abducting Baloch series was speeded-up in the regime of Dictator Pervez Musharraf. Thousands Baloch were abducted and many of them were killed brutally and mutilated bodies were thrown in barren areas and towns of Balochistan. The relatives of these missing attempts for safe release of their beloved ones have formed an organization “Voice for Baloch Missing Persons”, which is protesting in different ways, and this organization has launched a token hunger strike camp in front of Quetta before years.

Voice for Missing Persons (VBMP) time to time shifted its protest camp to Karachi and Islamabad but their all efforts have gone futile. On 27th November 2013, the organization VBMP during a press conference announced for a long-march to Karachi with hears of these missing Persons. Vice Chairman Qadir Baloch said that after taking the power this present democratic government the series of abducting and throwing of mutilated bodies has been escalated and hundreds of Baloch have been abducted, similarly dozens mutilated bodies have been found.

Voice chairman Qadeer Baloch said the state authorities have turned senseless toward missing persons issue and judiciary also could not recover theirs endears. Chief Justice gave several times directives but none of them have been implemented on ground.

Consequently, they are forced to intensify their protest and going to launch a Long-March from Quetta to Karachi. This extreme step means to attain the attention of national and international organizations for playing their due role about safe release of Missing Baloch. Qadeer Baloch said that on the way to Karachi if they were harmed or threatened then Chief Minister will be responsible for this. In such case the F.I.R to be lodged against Chief Minister.

On 27th November 2014 organization Voice for Baloch Missing Persons kicked-off its march to Karachi. They initiated the Long March from Quetta Press club in shape of a really and number of people including female and children were participating in it. The protesters were holding photos of their missing relatives and play-cards for inscribed with demand for safe release of Missing Balochs. Frist day of March they reached till custom outskirt of Quetta.

The second day of March Qadeer Baloch and Farzana Majeed Baloch sister of Zakirvbmp-lm-9-day Majeed Baloch had left Quetta to Mastung with other participants of Long March. They have been leading the citizens to whom pain of theirs beloved compelled of long march expanding on 730 Km. The second day of march troubled enough to protestors that blister emerged on their feet due to whole day walking on bleak and stony ground. Their resolute had got strengthened due to practical feel of pain and hardships. Farzana Majeed talking with BBC told that journeys difficulties stimulated them that how endears are suffering. While arriving Mastung a great number of town people received them with deep emotions.

On the subsequent day a large number of Mastung citizens traveled with Long March protesters as showing solidarity and concerns. After whole traveling as padest the March participants reached to Kadkucha, the home town of Martyred Sangat Sana Baloch, where they were ovationed excellently. The participant got motivated as compare to passed day. Similarly, the Long March crossed from Mungchar and Kalat cities. But Kalat reception of March was marvels, where great number of females welcomed them and after station of night, on next morning joined March till a long distance. The supportive acts energized to Mama Qadeer and Farzana Majeed the leaders of historical Long March including other participants.

After covering the half of destination the participant of Long March were asked by BBC that have any state authority has contacted for diminishing their grieves, so they informed that no one has contacted them. The daughter of missing Dr Din Muhammad Baloch said that no authority has contacted to them and theirs march totally is being ignored by local media. The news channels and main newspaper which publish from Balochistan even didn’t give required coverage’s the reason is that they are Baloch and raising voice for Baloch Nation.

Mama Qadeer talking with BBC told that near Kuzdar in Baghbana area some rouges lampooned at them and dishonored to female participants of March. Because of this incident by alleged “death Squad” people the protesters of long March couldn’t stay in Baghbana and they were forced to leave area, hence they also travelled in night to Kuzdar. When he was asked that who were they “death squad persons”, so he replied that they are in journey but coming days he will clear all.

Ahead from Khuzdar the long March got well response and in Wadh area prominent Baloch Nationalist leader Akhter Mengal joined march and till five kilometers travelled with them. Onward in Lasbella, Hub, and other towns march was welcomed warmly by area people.

It is bizarre that Baloch community is under prosecutions and adopted ultimate manner of protest, mean a long March included women it of 730 kilometer prolong to Karachi. It is saddening that Human Rights Organization international and national based closed their eyes toward Baloch Missing Persons. The United nation is silent on Killing and dumping of Baloch, even haven’t took any notice and keeping quiet about catastrophe of Baloch Missing persons issue, even the Long March of VBMP rouse  affect them to take action against state Pakistan atrocities. The rulers claim for being democratic and civilized but they are turned senseless about shocking problem of mutilated bodies of Baloch and missing for years. Present chief justice and Pakistani judiciary is famous for taking Sue Moto action notice on minor things but it has muzzled about Long March of Voice for the Baloch Missing persons.

Global media: Malala to Farazana Majeed

By Baloch khan

“People occasionally dropped by to express their solidarity. International media came TV, camera but didn’t really do nothing changed”, Farazana Majeed.

Since media has been technically advanced globally; rapid growth of various modes of media has taken place such asBZqooITIEAAWtqt.jpg large Face book, twitter and blogs etc. Global flow of information interconnected one state to another. Liberal democratic societies promote media and freedom of expression. Media has an affirmative role in democratic states. Today in the era of globalization media is defender of human rights, evokes international actors, when human rights are exploited. Syrian uses of chemical weapons and Malala Yousafzia for women education are two recent instances. It is generally believed that Freedom of expression has dug deep roots in the country; however, an issue is highlighted when that relates abuse of humanitarian rights of some selected sections of society.

Prominent TV channels and Journalists show integrity, humanity and sympathies with Malala Yoysafzia – 16 years old school going girl whom was attacked by Taliban. Journalists and so called free media performed their duties with zeal. Nonetheless, it ironically, failed in underlining the miseries and sufferings of those who have been persistently wronged by the rulers and establishment. The case of Missing Baloch persons is a case in point. Furthermore, should a dog die in Punjab or  should CNG be  closed in Karachi or should a protest against   NATO supply in Islamabad be going on, these issues are placed in headlines in TV channels in prime time or the print media  mirrors the same story.  The doors have been closed for 65 years old Mama Qadeer and Farazana Majeed.  Farazana  Majeed, who  was enrolled in M. Phil, in Biochemistry department would have been wearing a white coat and working in the lab  instead of sitting in a strike camp for more than three years had she not been a Baloch. She walked 700 KM in Long March from Quetta to Karachi. The discouraging role the media played was unprecedented, for Farazana is not Malala.   Farazana Majeed is contemporary of Malala. Her voice for humanity can’t be underestimated. Sense of responsibilities seems only relying upon ranking and fame in the eyes of Pakistani journalists and TV channels run only for breaking news. The bloated and injured feet of Farzana and others participating in the March were never shown to the world. The media needs to say good words for her anyway and treat Malala and Farzana, similarly other citizens equally. She deserves to be paid tribute for she is still determined and struggling for her brother and the global media is yet to open its eyes.

The writer is journalist and Human right activists.

Appeal………….. Families want UNO takes prompt action

1385842_375220035946119_68010122_nA statement from the family of Muhamad Ramzan and Dr Din Muhammad that Mama Qadeer and Nasrullah Baloch’s rally for baloch missing persons, bullet riddled body and brutality of Pakistani armed forces against innocent Baloch peoples in Balochistan. This Long March as importance cause started at that time when establishment’s brutality crossed every limit of Humanity. Establishment started a fire where every Baloch is burning in it. There is Blood River is flowing in Balochistan, in it no Baloch is safe. Thousands of Balochs are being abducted and thousands have been killed in the custody of establishment. Balochs are being abducted from their houses by armed forces of Pakistan. This Long March is a historical march and step forward for Baloch. This Long March is a message to all the victim nations of the world what Balochs can do for their rights. The step taken by Mama Qadeer in which whole Baloch Nation is with him and participation is proof of that Baloch Nation has not forgotten the sacrifices of their missing person and martyrs. Mama Qadeer’s this old age struggle is history and there are no other example like him for his nation. In the age of 70 he continued the hunger strike for 1,312 days for missing persons and martyrs of Balochistan and against the brutality of establishment, he has important role in the struggle for freedom. We appeal all Baloch Nation to more participation in this rally to show the world that establishment is treating Balochs like animals. so far 18000 Balochs are in the torture cells of the establishment where they are being tortured and every day they throw their tortured dead bodies which is human rights violation. There is still time for UNO, super power countries and human rights owners they stop this brutality and human rights violation, otherwise after some period this violation cross all its limits after that the human rights organizations would be responsible for the deaths; they were count as murderers at that time they have nothing to regret on these violations.

We appeal the human rights organizations to open there eyes and take eye on reality how Baloch peoples are forced to live in these circumstances. We hope UNO, AMESTY INTERNATIONAL, Human Rights Watch and other international and local human rights organization to pay every possible role to release Muhammad Ramzan, Dr Din Muhammad and other Baloch Missing Persons which are in custody of establishment.

Missing Persons and Long March

By Gulsher Daad, Turbat

Baluchistan, experiencing the most critical times of its history, has reached at a point of no return to normalcy.  It isimages evident from the fact that everyone comes up with ingenious ideas and talks about the will of the people, but as soon as they fulfill their vested interest, they forget the tall claims made to the suffering people of the deprived province.

In November 2008, Dr Babar Awan, who was appointed as the Minister for Parliamentary

Affairs as well as the law minister of Pakistan, set up a meeting with a group of journalists with the aim of solving the issue of Baloch missing persons in Quetta. In the very meeting it was over-emphasized that all rights of the people in Baluchistan would be resorted then.

Similarly, since then a number of futile discussions, meetings, and programs have been conducted in the name of resolving the affairs in the province yet no serious result appears.

The newly elected chief Minister, Dr Abdul Malik Baloch, had overstated  that among the problems he ranked highest in his priority list, was to address the issue of Baloch missing persons and  he would do his utmost to amend the wrongs have been done in the past.

Despite having the inexplicable issues solved, they have gone from bad to worse to the extent that a deep hatred turned to those who built up the false hopes, since the enforce disappearance continues in Baluchistan and heading in the  same way. As an assiduous report states that from 2001 to 2010 approximately 11000 people in the province have been disappeared; many among who have been mutilated and bullet-ridden bodies were thrown across Balochistan. Worst to that some hidden faces have been busy to the task to sow the seed of conflict and disunity in the province to turn the situations as barbaric as they can.

Some of the bitter facts about the present condition are that, all the things are manageable, but require political will, meaningful dialogues, appropriate actions and honesty of the purpose which unfortunately one fails to find in ruling government.

It is pertinent to mention that the delicate issue has come on the stage where a long march, from Quetta to Karachi, has been carrying on for 20 days under the groom and guidance of mama Qadeer along with females and children to plead the cause of vice for the Baloch missing persons.  However, it is disheartening to say that yet no efforts have been made from government side to address the missing persons issue in a meaningful manner which is an insult to democracy.

Besides this, what is tortuous is that the act of depraving the province from media is a stain on humanity; neither the print media nor the electric media highlights the problems taking place on the daily basis.

I would to request to government and appeal to the authorities concerned to look into the matter seriously and take some concrete steps for the recovery of the missing persons in


Baloch struggle is for a social, welfare and National state: Hamal Haider Baloch

Interviewed by Ahmed Khan

Baloch National Movement’s central committee member foreign hammal-haider-balochspokesperson Hammal Haider Baloch is residing in U.K. and spoke with Bolan Voice about prevailing situations and future possibilities. He believes Baloch issue has got recognized internationally and now European people know well that there is an unsolved issue of Baloch, and in Balochistan human rights are being violated by state of Pakistan. Even though we have to accept this fact that Baloch haven’t got remarkable success diplomatically on international level. He says there is no ideological differences among all pro-freedom organization and leadership our aims and objectives are same, and for single leadership efforts are undergoing as well. He has faith that in nearer future all Balochs will form a single platform. He thinks in Awaran government hasn’t helped earthquake victims. However, our own organizations along with non-government organizations and internationally dwelled Balochs donating and helping earthquake victims in Awaran. He believes Baloch will renounce tribalism with evolutionary process. Hamal Haidar Baloch’s interview is presented here for Bolan Voice readers.

Bolan Voice (Blv): Explain internationally awareness ratio about Baloch issue?

(HHB): We with other Balochs are internationally conducting programs, such as seminars, protests and using other many ways to spread awareness about Baloch issue. Now world knows about Baloch issue and they think there is an issue which is long standing. American, British and other European citizens, Human Rights organizations officials and politicians have been noticing that Pakistan is perpetrating heinous crimes against Baloch nation. They have also come to know our land is an occupied land. However, we have to accept this fact that we haven’t made remarkable achievement in diplomatic field and it is required to be done, too.

Blv: Tell reasons of dissents among Pro-independent organizations even of single aim and objective?

HHB: It is will of each Baloch including me that dissents ought to be discarded among Baloch organizations and leadership. We ought to struggle through single command and leadership. About this aspect efforts are under process and I am optimistic that we will reach to a positive upshot. I hope regarding this Baloch Nation will hear great news very soon.

I want to clear one thing that the conflicting image that is being portrayed on social media about our movement is untrue and it is totally distorted. Ground realities are quite different. Some low-witted people emitting misperceptions and misinterpreting small disagreements through social media about the movement. I believe this act is nothing but a vicious propaganda campaign to disintegrate our movement.

Blv: A proposal of cease-fire has been offered about Awaran earthquake relief workers, do you consider it viable?

HHB: The cease fire was offered by Dr Malik to armed resistance group Balochistan Liberation Front BLF and I think Dr Malik has no authority at all, he is a puppet Chief Minister and all the things including the policies are made by military institutes. The second thing is that army is not carrying-out any relief work but it is fortifying its portions in Awaran and deploying fresh personnel in different places where currently it has founded of its posts on the eve of earthquake, and by the fresh reinforcement of troops in the name earthquake relief it can be guessed that they are intended to launch a massive operation in that those areas. Army came to Awaran for suppressing Baloch and crushing Baloch National movement, it never came for relief works or helping the victims.

Blv: Why not resisting organization merge in single till independence?

HHB: we are desirous to form an alliance of our pro-freedom organizations and efforts are being made in this regard and Baloch Nation will hear great news about this. However, we have no influence over resisting organizations, the resemblance is only this that our aim is single and that is freedom.

Blv: Some elements blame that BSO- Azad is pocket organizations of BNM, is it true?

HHB: No, it is totally wrong. BSO-Azad is an independent organization and BNM have no influence over it. It is dependent in its policies and in organizational affairs. Our party only has an alliance with BSO on Balochistan Nationalists Front (BNF) forum. Perhaps we have a great deal of understanding between us but it doesn’t mean they follow our instructions. 

Blv: Is your party working for social change of Baloch prior to freedom?

HHB: Presently, all Baloch are slave, and very first priority is to get ourselves unchained from slavery, and then we Baloch will be able to apply any system on our country. Now state never lets that Baloch resources and coast be used for Baloch prosperity. Currently, every Baloch be it a commoner, Sardar, student, doctor, employee and other all are slave without distinguish of status or class. We are working for social justice and parity based system too and Baloch independent state will be a welfare state, where each will have equal opportunities and rights and no one will be superior.

Blv: Youth mostly expect for prompt result from movement, but after twelve years struggle there isn’t any result or outcome of it, how you elaborate this?

HHB: Our obligation is to struggle, hence we are doing so. It never can be prognosticated whether we gets freedom very soon or it takes centuries. But Baloch struggle brought visible the positive signs and entire world is witnessing these very clear. Civilized world has declared valid to Baloch struggle. But exact time frame can’t be given, because various states got freedom in different ages of struggle.

Blv: Tribalism has spent its physical age and now it got outdated. Do you have any program that it to be replaced with?

HHB:  We don’t believe in tribalism and our party is working for non-tribal society. Our current generation’s duty is to struggle for freedom of Balochistan, upcoming generation will decide of it whether to discard tribalism from their lives or bring modification in it. With evolutionary process tribalism is getting weaken. I believe tribalism is not as much a threat as state occupation.

Blv: Why Baloch Movement is not getting interconnected with other progressive movements?

HHB: Yes, it is true we haven’t made connections with progressive movements, yet Baloch movement will get interconnected with world’s progressive movements on conducive juncture Reasons are several about this which will be addressed onward.

Blv: As for as Baloch Missing Persons are concerned, Dr Abdul Malik Baloch has taken away his hands to tackle it, so what would be the reason?

HHB: We have already foretold it that Dr Malik just only be the Chief Minister with having no power, so he is like a puppet CM and he never can release or bring on surface the Missing Balochs. We all know better that army has all powers; Dr Malik is like a show peace and nothing else.

Blv: Being a politician concerned with Baloch issue how you see the upcoming situations of Balochistan?

HHB: Balochistan’s future is bright. Baloch masses conscious level is rising up. Pakistani state is losing its grip on Balochistan. Baloch issue, internationally is getting known and world is realizing that Baloch independent state will be guarantor of peace in region due to this nation moderate psyche and progressive orientation.

Blv: In earthquake affected areas many peoples were not allowed by army to join their families on Eid for celebration, how you see this repugnance?

HHB: Baloch shouldn’t expect of good from army and other institutes of Pakistan. Baloch Nation is engaged in struggle of freedom, first we get our freedom, then we will celebrate Eids with extreme joys and emotions.

Blv: BSO-Azad including your party has declined any aid from government sector, so will you be able to help the victims by the assistance of Baloch Nation?

HHB: it is understood that government and its army never get chance to enter in earthquake-hit areas to soothe Baloch, but came to search and abolish Baloch Movement. They are erecting new posts and deploying re-energized contingents of force and shifting military logistic to conduct massive operation and crush insurgency. Their helicopters are shelling on civilians instead of providing the aid. We are able to assist our Baloch brothers and sisters in Awaran. In this regard Balochs living in Arab and European states are donating altruism and philanthropically for the rehabilitation of disastrous people of Awaran. And our party and BSO-A are also sound to assist their people.

Blv: At the end of 2014, NATO forces will withdraw from Afghanistan, hence how it will impact on Baloch Movement?

HHM: yes, it will effect Baloch Movement. After withdraw from Afghanistan, the United State will try to use Pakistan army for keeping hegemony on region but it won’t be blackmailed anymore by Pakistan. Therefore, it is obvious that Pakistan will not get desirable aid from Pakistan which will bring it on the brinks of collapse. Currently, U.S has invested a considerable capital in Afghanistan and she never will let someone to enjoy resources of Central Asia including Afghanistan. A number of US troops will stay in Afghanistan even after 2014. The Baloch Movement is not on level of infancy that it to be ignored, it has value and significance. Baloch, as the accordance of circumstances will opt polices but never will surrender from stance of freedom. Afghanistan is a land-lock state and without a free stable Balochistan it might never reach warm waters. The Gwadar is entrance for region, so America west can’t just put Baloch land aside. Balochs are the genuine master of their land and Baloch movement is the true representative of Baloch nation, thus in this perspective it has great value and world has to concede it.

Blv: At lasts your massage for Baloch?

HHB: I plea to Baloch get united and don’t be preyed by enemy and its agents. Baloch Movements has seized a sufficient portion of its destiny and this is high time that entire nation must take the course of freedom with courage and wit.

Disasters are calamities

By aziz ejaz

24 September 2013, was the day hit Awaran district and suburbs with a massive photo0195earthquake jolt. In magnitude the jolt tremor was reminiscent of 2005 apocalyptic temblor that shrieked the eastern part of its territory. In the history of earthquake list it was the deadliest ever recorded in the region has occurred. This massive earthquake which was of 7.7 magnitudes according to the U-S Geological survey, the earthquake’s epicenter was located somehow 23km of Awaran and it was 12-14 miles deep. The trembles were sensed in Quetta, Chagi, Dalbandin, Noshki, Panjgoor, Ormara, Turbet, Gawader, Pasni, Kharan, Mastung, Kalat, Khuzdar, Sibi, Naseerabad, Lesbella, Jaffarabad, Taftan, Nokkuandi, and dozens of other cities and towns of the impoverished Province and in parts of India Iran Afghanistan and united Arab emirates and Oman too. This earthquake occurred as the result of oblique – strike – slip type motion at shallow crustal depths and its shaking intensity was horrific but owing to sparsely – populated area it became for less deadly even though has brought a great desolation that rattled though while district and its suburbs.

It was the evening time we were working at our shops a shriek of 3 or 4 seconds has felt seeing the fan moving irregularly I called my brother- in- law and same others to go outside the shop. We all came out after a very little instant a massive jolt of it has felt which was accompanied by a horrific sound of crying and the dust particles moving over to heaven kept us blind and we were unable to see even very near for few seconds ago.

No doubt, this massive earthquake flattened hundreds of mud houses and killing to a dozen of people according to a report. Awaran district has an estimated population of around 300, 00, over an area of more than 21,000 square kilometers. “Over 50% of urban and around 90%, of rural areas of the district has been ravaged by the quake jolts.”

While journeying to the ravaged area of earthquake we were thinking till now the all the things have been already done and partially recovered as it was almost the 9th day of massive quake.

We were going to Mashkey from Kuzdar side and did not see any vehicle be taking the reliefs to the affected areas and when came very close to its boundary the time was approximately 3pm. On the way where the area is widely scattered didn’t hear any lost but the houses were flattened and people were being seemed helping themselves.

Where you people are going? We have been asked on a post of army at the very beginning of Mashkey, Jebbery village —

We stopped here for about 20 minutes after a cross-examination we have been startled to take care of ourselves that the area is dwindling for outsiders….

At the post there were almost loaded trucks standing behind and there drivers were setting being perplexed. Moving few KMs away a place come namely Nokjoo which was destroyed fully and the houses were completely collapsed, showing it a place of old civilization where nothing except an image of destruction came into sights.

It was the 9th day but people were still busy taking away their luggage and other precious things which were trapped under the rubble of collapsed houses.

According to Provincial Governments they have declared an emergency in Awaran and its suburbs and the army mobilized its medical teams as well as 200 soldiers and paramilitary frontier corps troops to help with the immediate relief effort, next to 1st post, few KMs away another post came in the area of Nokjoo interrogated us for somehow 15 minutes where we as well saw many loaded trucks standing over there and then in the affected areas no any relief work was being seemed to be processing at the moment we saw some children with their elderly female holding small bottles moving towards the date palms where is a source of water occurred just in the area after the massive destruction…

In this area we have been taken to a relief camp was held by the activists of BNM and BSO-Azad respectively working at the both times. A member from BNM told us, this is the situation over there, inhabitants don’t have water to drink and the loaded trucks being directly taken to main camp and over to their head the gunship helicopters are shilling and firing mortars keeping the situation slimmer and fearful in order to deployed new troops at different posts because this would be a great opportunity for them to lunch an operation in the areas.

At this relief camp, we saw few tablets and some tens kept, asking a victim at the same area we have been told that they are not in need of aids or anything else from army and frontier corps because enemies are enemies at every moment and they have called for international help as well.

The death toll of the affected areas of Awaran rose to 400 or above then it where the injured 600.

With little or no commotion network it was completely creating troubles to carry on the relief works. To hampering the communication in the area was already a hint of some bad happen, While moving ahead we have been interrogated at 5 posts of the frontier corps at last we moved towards the city Gajjar which is affected a lot, Seeing the collapsed houses we didn’t hope for any life be alive or existing because all of the houses were collapsed nothing being seemed to optimistically. The survivors were busy at tacking away the trapped things and the surrounding was calm as if catastrophe has taken all the lives of the area.

At Gajjar we have been taken to a relief camp held by the same activists of organization working over there in Nokkjoo area. Here we have been served with  a very well organized manner, thinking in mind hospitability remains always something noticeable whither  it is a time of difficulty or something else. Here were not many doctors in the relief camp but by the help of 2 or 3 doctors were seemed trying to provide maximum facilities in the affected area.

Next morning we got off early and tried to convey our survey we asked an old age woman that are you getting aids from any one?

she has replied our all houses are collapsed nothing except these mud remained unchanged and we are sitting in the heaven without assists she meant there is not coming any aid owing to all my because they are not allowing the aid to reach us. It is an exertion from the Baloch brothers [organizational activists] that we are passing over both time and further said they are not in need of any assistance from army because they are killing the Balochs brothers and lunching operation in different areas of Balochistan.

We nearsighted the gunship helicopters coming and going to the army camp some where the sounds of rockets and somewhere the resonances of mortar being heard and in other side the victims were seeing the ways of load trucks to reach till them………

We need the international organizations and human rights organizations to come for assisting us.

A child in a very low sound chanting it again and again….     

PM Nawaz futile visit to US

1378640_572069002865947_995490908_nBy Ahmed Khan

After getting the office of Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif went on visit to US. In history of Pakistan, first time a government completed its term and transferred the power to next. The Pakistan people party government after accomplishment of five years period transferred the government to Pakistan Muslim League-N and this party head Mr. Nawaz Sharif got post of prime minister.

It is obvious that in politics and establishment of Pakistan that is a great deal of America. Pakistan and America are ally states, during the war on terror US declared Pakistan closed Non- NATO ally and conferred many Dollars for fighting as front line state in aforementioned artificial war.

The world when was bye-Polar, then America and Pakistani establishment gave birth to extremist, impetus was to counter Soviet Union. After the disintegration of Social State Bloc the extremists, mean Mujahidin were renamed with Taliban. The Arabs and African also were brought in Pakistan; the rout was FATA for entering in Afghanistan. But after disintegration of Soviet Union these religious elements got spared, even were considered obstacle in the way of interests, consequently the America and its ally Pakistan had decided to dispose-off these and make clear the way to plunder the regional resources.  In the pursuance of same objective they carved drama of 9/11, from where they launched a war “war on terror”.

In 2002, America invaded Afghanistan and dismantled Taliban government which has got status fifth province of Pakistan. America killed and arrested those Arabs to whom she brought in Soviet era. Pakistan first was financed to prepare the Mujahidin and it earned many Dollars and now it for diminishing of extremist {former Mujahidin} once again received a huge amount of Dollars. In the preparation and diminishing the establishments a fraction which is religious played main role. The discussed fraction penetrated in Taliban and Mujahidin’s rows to instruct them in favor of state and these unpaid to fighters use for establishment.

The religious section of establishment uses people in Kashmir, Afghanistan and against other antagonistic states but never did against China, to gain the desirous objectives. This religion tool is much helpful for Pakistan and it is also an asset of state. The Pakistani administrated area FATA has been used for bolstering such elements. America with collaboration of Pakistan, by its sophisticated Drone technology defeated Al-Qeade on the land of FATA and she further wants the elimination of Taliban and Jihadist which is not acceptable to Pakistani establishment, because if these militants groups would be removed then America and India will business in region, specifically in Afghanistan and they both states get attractive recourse to dominate on this regional politics, too. Such narrated conditions aren’t digestible to Pakistan and China, hence they strive to create law and order problem as building pressure on rivals by religious elements, who are motivated by establishment’s religious fraction to fight is holy war or Jihad, without disbursements merely supply of the weapons.

America is continuing Drone attacks on militants in Pakistani bolstering or catering point FATA. Where including bad Talban the good Talban are being targeted which is not affordable to Pakistan. Resultantly, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif urged for suspension of Drone strikes with meeting president Obama. The American president categorically declined the demand of Nawaz Sharif and said that militancy must be curbed; otherwise they have only option to counter them.

America is intended to get hired the Pakistani Army for its interests in Afghanistan after withdrawal of NATO force at the end of 2014, but India and Northern Alliance never endorse this. In region another power in shape of Baloch insurgency also has emerged and also ceased a stake in regional affairs. And this, emerged force never accepts Pakistani influence on Afghanistan.

The ground realities implying Mr Nawaz Sharif visit of America was purposeless, the Pakistani authorities will try to evacuate the good Talban from FATA and let less important militants to be targeted by Drone.

Establishment will cater these good Talban and use on a proper time, possible to use these in Balochistan and Sindh against nationalists. On the other hand America will continue Drone strikes without caring of Pakistani authorities statements of violation of sovereignty and dignity of state. Here Pakistan is bewildering that it should keep continue the series of getting Dollars or discards its main belief the religion from sate business, which is also providing it oxygen for survival. Now authorities trapped in cul-de-Sac that what to do.

Murder of nationalists by Jihadist concerned

Human Rights for Justice international organization

Bolan Voice Report

International organizations for justice and human rights expressed concerns over expanding attacks of Jihadist on NATO contains and minority and Hazara community in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwa. Mostly NATO containers are being attacked in the Baloch areas of Khuzdar, Quetta, Qillah saifullah, Chaman, Kalat and Kuchlak and in Kalat by the Jihadist groups. The attacks in minorities in Balochistan and KP become common. In this province murder of Hazara community and Christian is a solid proof.

In the report it is mentioned that in Wadh, Giddar, Khuzdar, Kalat the Jihadist groups have base camps and they are involved in Killing of nationalists. The military and resultantly stat’s intelligence agencies with collusion religions elements are crushing their opponents in discussed areas. In some parts of Balochistan religious groups through social media claim for responsibilities of killing the nationalist political workers and proclaim for crushing of nationalist state persuaders, such acts are extremely worrying.

Further in the report it is entailed that abducting of Baloch, commenced in former dictator Pervez Musharraf era and it is continuing till now in present government, and it is grass human rights violation, it is demanded from democratic government to abolish the base camps of Jihadists and throwing of Baloch nationalists mutilated bodies and abducting series must be ended. The government should take prompt notice on such human rights violations in province Balochistan.

A mother sacrifices her two sons for the sake of Motherland!

By Wahid Bukhsh Baloch

For the sake of Motherland’s deliverance million endears have been sacrificed with the various relations, like 5520604657_ef0d294aff_mbrother the nurturer of sisters, sons the apples of mothers’ eyes, sons the sight of fathers, have been sacrificed which caused women to widow, the children to orphan. The mean of their precious sacrifices never was to attain artificial love but they accepted lives for deliverance of mother land and in this war a mother’s contribution is much prominent, who offered her two sons to quench thrust of land by theirs blood, whose names are Wahid Bukhsh and Asad Baloch.

On January 6, 2001, when inmate of Kalat were numbed that a sudden burst of gunshot and blast of cannons had rattled the towsn and three sons of soil were besieged by Pakistani forces. This incident spread panic among citizens, hence they were bounded to remain confined at homes, and after dawn in newspaper the claim of forces appeared that they have killed three agents of “Raw”, but those who were murdered and shown Raw agents are son of Baloch soil and were commanders Gul Bhahar Pirkani, Sangat Sobdar Marri and son of same afore mentioned brave mother Wahid Bukhsh Marri. The younger brother of Wahid Bukhsh Marri and second sons of brave mother Muhammad Qasim alias Asad Baloch for accomplishment of his elder brother’s mission had descended into arena.

The tears of mother hadn’t got dried in the severance of martyred Wahid Bukhsh that her second son Qasim also embraced martyrdom for motherland.

On December 29, 2006, martyred Qasim accompanied to a friend in the outskirt of Quetta city New Kahan at Asad_Marri_Balochwestern bypass arrived to a bus stop bounded to city. Where agency personnel already were waiting for them, and while seeing them they attempted to arrest Baloch sons but they were not aware of these Balochs bravery. Qasim Baloch and his comrade grabbed pibbles and started pelting to agency persons, consequently they realized that these Baloch’s never submit to them alive, hence they opened fire, resultantly Qasim Baloch succumbed at the spot to bullet wounds, while his comrade in critical condition was arrested by forces. The both Balochs were shifted to Bolan Medical Complex, where dead body was not being handed-over to New Kahan inmates and his relatives intruded into hospital and took corpse of Qasim Baloch and the, procession Baloch was intended to go through Sariab road the martyred cemetery, situated in vale of Chailtan mountain but agents of agency didn’t let, them for doing so. The procession of hundreds apprising on well-wishers of deceased took him to Martyred cemetery where they buried him after solemnizations.

The media got comments of brave mother, so she told, I sacrificed my two sons and I am proud on it that my two sons paid their lives for motherland. Alas! I had ten sons; I wouldn’t avert to paying them for my land and would be more pleased”.

“Scientifically proved evidence”

By Iqrazullah, Turbat

These are some facts have been proved by science relate with our life.

1. Multi-talking:- females’ brains designed to concentrate several and different tasks at a time. For example, females, at the same time can watch television, cook and talk over phone. In contrary, Males cannot do the mentioned tasks at the same time.

2. Comprehension: - females can quickly and easily learn multiple languages but can’t seek solution to the conundrums. On the other side, males can’t learn many languages readily and quick, they nicely solve problems. Hence, in average a 3 years girl has higher and better vocabulary and comprehension that a 3 years old boy.

3. Analytical skills:-Males brain has not enough space for handling the analytical process. They can interpret and find key for procedure and scheme a map of a building readily. But if a complex map is viewed by a female, she can’t assume the details of the map easily rather for her it is merely a dump of lines on a poor.

4. Problems solving: - A male can clearly classify the burdens and keeps them in individual rooms in the brain then solve them one by one.  Nevertheless, in the same case female brain can’t categorize the troubles, she wants someone else to hear that and urging everything to a person she doesn’t be afraid of conundrums whether they are being cleared up or not.

5. Car driving: - while driving a car, male’s critical spaces are used in his brain through which he can drive fast. If sees any object at a long distance as interruption; immediately, his brain tabulates the object and drive accordingly where a female take a long time to recognize the object/direction/speed. However, male’s single process mind stops the audio in car, only concentrates on driving.

6. Lying: - when a male lies to a female face to face, he always is caught. Females’ super natural mind observes 70% facial expression, 20% body language and 10% words coming from mouth. Unfortunately, a male does not have this at all, so the only result can be like this, a female can easily lies without hesitation in front of a male. Thus, males never lie…..!!!

7. Speech; - females use indirect language in speech. However, males use direct one.

8. What they? - Males want status, prosperity, solutions big process etc….. Females want relationships, friends, family so forth….

9. Unhappiness: - females can’t concentrate their work while they are unhappy by virtue of relations. Males can’t concentrate on relations while they are worried about their works.

10 Handling emotions: - females talk a lot without thinking, males act a lot without thinking.

Dictator + PPP + PML-N = Restive Balochistan

 By Shahzad Baloch

After 2002, Balochist-an’s situations tilted toward deterioration when blasts series in capital Quetta and other parts of Balochistan commenced. Afterward rocket and a missile firing on city and mostly target was Quetta cantonment, where totally non-local are dwelling and they are related with Pakistan Army.

On initial stage, blasts were not causing fatal loss but following this the series entered into a war. In 2006, when Akbar Khan Bugti was murdered by dictator Musharraf, so this incident ignited an unending war which engulfed the entire Balochistan to flames.

General-Musharraf during an official visit to Quetta through media threatened that it is not that era that you people got towards and hide your lives in mountains. You will be hit and won’t know from where being targeted. Replying to Musharraf’s statement Akbar Khan Bugti said that you may kill me but I will gift you such a war that establishment and your generations will fight it. Now it seems same are the circumstances were foretold by Akbar Khan Bugti.

Dictator Musharraf never could conceive that why these Baloch are convinced to fight. It is with no doubts he was known how to cure of Balochistan’s malady but hypocritically had rash to give Baloch’s rights instead of daring so he standing opposite to it started to crush righteous voice and by power keep hegemony and said repudiate way no justice to Baloch. He launched operations, killings of Baloch and abducted to Baloch political workers. Consequently, enforced disappearance of Baloch’s strength is higher than thousands; similarly thousands lost their lives extra-judicially.

Following the Musharraf regime, an ostensibly democratic but in real worsen than dictator regime replaced it. Pakistan people party, which claims for being champion of democracy got offices of state for ruling. This Party in entire its ruling period couldn’t capture assistants of murdered Chairperson Ms. Benazir Bhutto.

After coming in power the PP in center and province both pursued, horrific series of abducting followed by throwing Bullet Riddled mutilated Bodies. The leaders of people party as like Musharraf as well visited Balochistan but the difference was only in words but deeds were continuing to deteriorate the situations. Musharraf thwarted for hitting but people party leaders including Mr. Zardari were apologizing. The barbaric ways of behavior from PPPs Regime was very appalling as keeping in concerns the human lists violence’s. In during which Baloch received thousands of mutilated bodies, many of them were not identifiable and thousand are still missing.

First time in history of Pakistan a government accomplished its tenure and transferred the power of democracy to another successor. The PML-N got throne from PP but attitudes haven’t changed about Balochistan. In present government’s short time ruling hundreds of Baloch have been abducted and more than hundreds martyred and a new series of fake operations has been introduced in this new style killing to those people who were arrested in search operations or in other manners.

The gifts of dictator, secular including democratic and religious democratic ruler made worsen about Baloch. Musharraf dictator launched ongoing war in Balochistan, Peoples Party brought intensity in it and Muslim league-Nawaz extending its range to Awaran and other Areas of Balochistan. Means rulers are changing but policy about Balochistan is same. And selling Balochistan assets to China and other countries to sustain country Pakistan but snatch from Baloch’s.

BBC in its report told that entering into Balochistan secretariat it seems that it is premises of Punjab. Secretaries name plates were inscribed with Bajwa, Cheema, and so on. In other departments, like PIA, PTV, Radio station and others faculties’ bureaucrats and staff are non-Baloch which are running on the resources of Balochistan. There is not control of Baloch and are run by federal departments which have majority are harboring non-Balochs. Local Balochs are compelled to lead terrible lives. They are living below the poverty line; some have Jobs in cities of fourth class.

The all type of rulers of Pakistan failed to provide justice to Baloch which pushed Baloch towards a war of separation Baloch have dreamed for such state where without violation the privileges to be given the people, where the peace and prosperity be prevailing . Where Balochs language and customs thrive which are diminishing in this state. Now return is impossible for those who have taken the mountains. The Pakistan political parties and rulers have formed a formula for Balochistan, this is as: Dictator + PPP + PML-N = Restive Balochistan.

Negative Effects of Technology on Society

By BK Bazag, Turbat

The more advanced technology becomes, the more it seems to have control over our Impact-of-technology-on-societylives. According to Lee Siegel, “we shop, work, play, love, search for information, seek to communicate with each other and sometimes with the world online. We spend more time online than ever before. Yet people are not arguing about this startling new condition.” I believe that people have too readily embraced technology, seeking only the benefits, and ignoring the many downfalls.

“It does not matter if your home is a noisy urban walk-up or a quaint cottage on a secluded bluff. If you have a screen and can pick up a signal, your mind is still in the same placeless place”(Siegel, 64). This “placeless place” that Siegel talks about is the zone that your mind enters when you stare at a screen too long, and it feels like your mind stops “Thinking.”

Recent developments in technology such as the internet also led to a decline in “normal” social behaviors. “The old-fashioned café provided a way to both share and abandon solitude, but sitting in your screen world is a whole other story. You are socially and psychologically cut off from your fellow caffeine addicts” (Siegel, 16, 17). In ages past, you could walk around town for a whole day without seeing all the people you know. Now, everyone you know is within arm’s reach, taking that certain psychological feeling out of seeing people. You see them every second of every day, and hear nearly every single thought of theirs as soon as they think them.

Years ago, it was predicted by many that the future would be an amazing and surreal place, yet, no one really seems very shocked about the advances. You can see evidence everywhere. The news is a great example- you see or read an interesting story, think about it for a second, and then you brush it over your shoulder, without any critical thinking, or wondering how it will affect your life.

“The Internet has radically changed nearly every level of human experience in an incredibly short amount of time” (Siegel, 22). Two decades ago, you would have had to write a letter to communicate with others far away; if you missed an episode of your favorite show, you would have had to wait for reruns; and to read the news you would have to pick up a newspaper. These are but a few ways the internet has changed human experience.

Also with these advancements comes the fact that people are not always alone, even when physically isolated. “With connectedness approaching ubiquity, physical isolation no longer ensures total isolation” (Powers 64). In addition, Powers also writes that, “Paul Tillich once wrote that the word ‘loneliness’ exists to express the ‘pain of being alone, while ‘solitude’ expresses ‘the glory of being alone’.” What most people feel upon being disconnected is loneliness, or the pain; while if you are disconnected long enough you feel solitude, or the glory, of being alone.

On another different topic, it seems that nearly everything is being assimilated into technology- Google Earth documented the entire map of the Earth; taxes, email, chatting, shopping, and work can be done over the internet; you can read on your Kindle; you can make home-made movies on Windows Movie Maker; and hundreds of other such ways. “According to a new creed, technologists are turning ourselves, the planet, our species, everything, into computer peripherals attached to the great computing clouds. The news is no longer about us but about the big new computational product that is greater than us” (Vaidnyanathan, 45).

In nearly every commercial, ad, and promotional, people encourage others to buy the latest gadget, or upgrade to the latest new thing. “Our culture reminds us every day how useful these devices are, and exhorts us to take advantage of this by making sure we are as digitally connected as current technology allows” (Powers, 25). Is constant contact with the world really a good thing? If you are always in contact, there will be a decreasing amount of time to devote to yourself, and others will shape your opinions more and more. “Like the car, the internet has been made out to be a miracle of social and personal transformation, when it is really a marvel of convenience- and in the case of the internet, one that has caused a social and personal upheaval” (Siegel, 25).

“In 2008, just 16 percent of the world’s working population qualified as hyper-connected, but the study predicted that 40 percent of us would soon meet the criteria” (Powers, 32). The rate at which people are adapting their lives around technology is amazing, considering the early resistance to the concept. “Ultimately, it does not matter how many or how few different devices we use to connect. The question is whether the hyper-connected life is taking us where we want to go” (Powers, 32). A majority of people own and regularly use computers, but most never question them when it comes to crashes, replacements, viruses, etc. and when it comes time to replace them, they never question it. We do not have to replace paper every few years. Paper does not crash when you put too much on it. There are never stressful and time-wasting updates to paper. Why have we moved to computers, then?

“We live more in our heads than any society has at any time in history, and for some the only reality is the one inside their heads” (Siegel, 6). Our society is a very work-oriented place- we try to fill up our schedules to the brim in an attempt to get as much done as possible. It has never occurred to many people that doing that much work may have negative psychological effects, such as preventing them from pursuing hobbies and spending quality time with family. Technology has a very much similar effect. First, when you get a phone you check it occasionally, maybe under the dinner table. Soon you start checking it more often and out in the open, sometimes not hearing what people say and even missing whole conversations. It can even get worse than that in some situations.

“When we become habituated to the amazing technological achievements of recent years, we forget to be thrilled and amazed. We lose that great sense of wonder, of awe. We take brilliance for granted and so we ignore the human elements of fortitude, creativity, and intelligence” (Vaidnyanathan, 51-52). We have all heard it: people whining about when a computer fails to do something as promised. “It’s so slow.” “A Mac would be so much better.” “My computer ate it.” These are all examples. People seem to conk out when something small goes wrong. What we all forget sometimes is that how amazing these techs really are when used right. We are so lucky that we even have computers, laptops, tablets, and televisions in the first place. Everything had to fall in place just at the right times for all this to work out.

“The internet’s premium on popularity as the sole criterion of success gives the lie to its claims of ‘choice,’ ‘access,’ and increased opportunity for individual expression” (Siegel, 98). It has become incredibly easy with the rise of the internet to become popular just by making the biggest impression. Being the funniest, cruelest, the one with the saddest story are all similar ways of becoming an internet phenomenon. It is even reflected in popular culture, where being the fastest rapper or wearing the sexiest fashions all makes the headlines. These are all the same; they are shallow. You really do not have to work hard at being sexy, or rapping, or even having a sad story. This generation leans on technology to serve their pleasures, and claim to be successful, or at least act like it. According to Powers, being connected causes us to think more outward, about what is “happening,” rather than just around you in your immediate life. In addition, Siegal claims that online experience is either about satisfying your immediate desires, or the desires of others.

The internet is not always completely safe, either. Vaidnyanathan states, “If you read Google’s privacy policy carefully, it is clear that they retain the right to make significant decisions about our data without regard for our interests.” With the new movement to store everything on the cloud, who knows if a single hacker would be able to take down entire chunks of the internet. Similarly, Bill Gates has said, “As more and more people store personal information on the internet, how will we ensure that information is kept secret? As our economy becomes more dependent on bits than atoms, how will we protect these resources from being damaged or devalued by hackers? As the barriers to information come down, how will we protect from negative and predatory influences? And, as the internet dissolves national borders, how will we help indigenous cultures co-exist with an increasingly homogenous global culture?”

In conclusion, modern technologies can very well be a double-edged sword, from safety to connectedness. They do have their advantages, but as with many revolutionary inventions, they can radically change our lives, for better or worse.

Beyond a squandered chance

By Baloch Khan

The civil – military establishment of Pakistan and America urged Taliban for negotiation. The Afghan president baloch khanHumid Karzai as well has not left any stone unturned.  America and Afghanistan peace process begin in Qatar. Pakistani civilian government made main stream efforts for peace process. Tahreek Insaf chairman Imran Khan marched in tribal areas against the drone sticks, Urged Taliban for peace talk but no one able to talk with Taliban on table. Hakmuulah Masud was killed .the killing below peace process, the distance between TTP and the government has increased. TTP elected new supreme leader Mullana Fazullah known as Mullah Radio has declared Pakistan slave of America and terminated peace talk. US and Pakistan not conduct clear policy against TTP nor win public opinion.

Drone strikes according to majority public opinion against civilian, killed innocent in the tribal areas as International Amnesty (IA) reported. PM Nawaz and Obama meeting in White House was not based on clear vision and policy for  war on terrorism, peace talk and drone sticks anyway negotiation is two ways traffic. TTP’s ideology is like cloudy picture since 9/11 event war on terrorism created two civilizations in world. So called Islam defender Taliban killed more than 50000 innocents in Pakistani citizens including law enforcement agencies members.

There is no good , bad Taliban, no Afghan, Punjabi and Pakhtoon Talban the all involved in killing of innocent human, destruction of child, girl, women schools and colleges. Destroyed Pakistan’s economy, civil institutions, religious, culture and political norms exploitation of   women rights, the killing of 16 years school going girl. What extremists project Islam? They want to push Muslims in Stone Age, there is no any room empty for violence against human, and there is zero tolerance for human rights violation. Human rights champion America review should her review polices. Dialogue needs clear ideology and clear and positive perception but Taliban are hard nut to crack. Dialogue requires equal parameter anyway peace talk had to   persuade because negotiation is best policy but chance has been squandered by Pakistan and American civil and military establishment.

The writer is journalist and human right activists.

You are a Baloch?

By Banuk Mahzaib

It was the early morning I woke up at six 6am but before going outside to breath the fresh air of morning in the images (3)home boundary I got a SMS from a friend at seeing the mobile vibrating on the corner of my bed my body start trembling thinking it would a horrendous massage coming at the time people getting up for prayer owing to the soliloquy of a little moment my eyes become full of tears which initiated drooping out gradually in the cause of this conundrum I tried to move ahead and to see the massage has been sent to me but my heart was not wanting to move towards it because it was seeming a red alarming as i kept it in mind. After giving consolidation to myself I moved to see the text in which it was written the entire place where the works for the victims of earthquake were being carried has been siege by the army troops and while area is under the control of them every corner of the area the sounds of firing rockets being heard and the mortar are as well. The area is under the siege and people are trying to go away in order to save their lives and raising their hands to call Almighty Allah for assistance. As they were saying our fathers, brothers, including other family members after hearing the news an operation being launched over here have gone to relatives home very far and now this is the situation on the days of sacrifice (Sunnt-e-Abrahimi).

 It was Exactly the day next to which was Eid-ul-Azaha, the inhabitants were already in dilemma owing to massive lose, they were almost perplexed as most affective families were worried and mourning their lost and undoubtedly thinking how to reconstruct their homes and regain the lives.

Before some days we were sent by a local welfare trust to arrange a survey and help the victims of this disaster when accidentally have gotten a chance to go towards Mashkay and as well have to launch a survey program in order to collect some data regarding elastration of locals so after reaching into the territory of it we have been called by a sincere member of BNM who was welcoming us and saying with full surety that we are save and don’t be thinking anything will dangerous happen with us. While journeying we have been asked a lot of questions that where we are going? What is the name of our organization, its head, its purpose and its registration and many more…?

After answering those questions and showing our cards we have been left and saying take care of you the insecurity problem is appalling and the Baloch militants are killing the NGOs personnel coming abroad and it would be better not to go there…. Our officer kept a smiling on his face and called the driver to move ahead

Sir, as keeping the situations on screen are we not in randy days, a friend of us asked.

We have pledged to work by heart and soul and it does not matter how the situations there are, while our responsibility is to help the victims at any cost and this will become disclose in front us when we reach at the peak of our journey…

After 3 hours from Awaran we reached in Mashky seeing the destroyed homes our hearts gotten frail and body sluggish going towards the relief camp we have been welcomed by the General security of BNM and other activists of BSO-Azad seeing the relief amenities conducted by those independent organizations in a glowing manner. They were following the ways through thick and thin and the carrying on the relief works and updated us what to be done and called on in the most affected area. as surveying the area and asking some questions to victim we have been responded the trucks are coming from suburbs area especially from Quetta Kuzdar and Karachi in dozens number but being halt at the posts of the main camp of army where people don’t want to go even through at any cast.

They told, they are happy of this in such narrow situations being helped by the Baloch brothers. Observing the feelings of inhabitants we have come to conclusions that the victims are not being retorted in a way the victims of 2005 and 2008 had responded.

We saw many loaded trucks standing over there in Army camp while passing very near from it. Why these trucks are being taken into cordon of army where the citizens are in need of aids indeed. At the same moment I promptly started soliloquizing with myself that in such situations being in dangerous and fear.

On the way to Mashkay we have been frightened that Baloch Rebellion may not allow us to enter into it or kill us but these conspiracies were not to let us go there and help the victim. We meet with many family Members who are affected, in the areas of Koch, Khalid Abad, Ghajjar and Nokjjo.

There seeing the very vulnerable situations of their adjustment, accommodations and taking their lunches we have fully got perplexed at that where a child came to me and asked me didn’t I see her Mom in Awaran ….. And I kept my hand on his head and replied I am your Mom, what you need…. what for she is asking like this. I asked someone standing over there…. He replied me Mom passed away in the same disaster so I have consolidated has that her Mom has went Awaran for a training… my tears started to drop out and my face get red I went towards the vehicle and wept a lot.

Baloch’s are being deprived deliberately and being kept in the claws of backwardness which is a gigantic human Right violation in the world I have ever understood.


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