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Dictator + PPP + PML-N = Restive Balochistan

 By Shahzad Baloch

After 2002, Balochist-an’s situations tilted toward deterioration when blasts series in capital Quetta and other parts of Balochistan commenced. Afterward rocket and a missile firing on city and mostly target was Quetta cantonment, where totally non-local are dwelling and they are related with Pakistan Army.

On initial stage, blasts were not causing fatal loss but following this the series entered into a war. In 2006, when Akbar Khan Bugti was murdered by dictator Musharraf, so this incident ignited an unending war which engulfed the entire Balochistan to flames.

General-Musharraf during an official visit to Quetta through media threatened that it is not that era that you people got towards and hide your lives in mountains. You will be hit and won’t know from where being targeted. Replying to Musharraf’s statement Akbar Khan Bugti said that you may kill me but I will gift you such a war that establishment and your generations will fight it. Now it seems same are the circumstances were foretold by Akbar Khan Bugti.

Dictator Musharraf never could conceive that why these Baloch are convinced to fight. It is with no doubts he was known how to cure of Balochistan’s malady but hypocritically had rash to give Baloch’s rights instead of daring so he standing opposite to it started to crush righteous voice and by power keep hegemony and said repudiate way no justice to Baloch. He launched operations, killings of Baloch and abducted to Baloch political workers. Consequently, enforced disappearance of Baloch’s strength is higher than thousands; similarly thousands lost their lives extra-judicially.

Following the Musharraf regime, an ostensibly democratic but in real worsen than dictator regime replaced it. Pakistan people party, which claims for being champion of democracy got offices of state for ruling. This Party in entire its ruling period couldn’t capture assistants of murdered Chairperson Ms. Benazir Bhutto.

After coming in power the PP in center and province both pursued, horrific series of abducting followed by throwing Bullet Riddled mutilated Bodies. The leaders of people party as like Musharraf as well visited Balochistan but the difference was only in words but deeds were continuing to deteriorate the situations. Musharraf thwarted for hitting but people party leaders including Mr. Zardari were apologizing. The barbaric ways of behavior from PPPs Regime was very appalling as keeping in concerns the human lists violence’s. In during which Baloch received thousands of mutilated bodies, many of them were not identifiable and thousand are still missing.

First time in history of Pakistan a government accomplished its tenure and transferred the power of democracy to another successor. The PML-N got throne from PP but attitudes haven’t changed about Balochistan. In present government’s short time ruling hundreds of Baloch have been abducted and more than hundreds martyred and a new series of fake operations has been introduced in this new style killing to those people who were arrested in search operations or in other manners.

The gifts of dictator, secular including democratic and religious democratic ruler made worsen about Baloch. Musharraf dictator launched ongoing war in Balochistan, Peoples Party brought intensity in it and Muslim league-Nawaz extending its range to Awaran and other Areas of Balochistan. Means rulers are changing but policy about Balochistan is same. And selling Balochistan assets to China and other countries to sustain country Pakistan but snatch from Baloch’s.

BBC in its report told that entering into Balochistan secretariat it seems that it is premises of Punjab. Secretaries name plates were inscribed with Bajwa, Cheema, and so on. In other departments, like PIA, PTV, Radio station and others faculties’ bureaucrats and staff are non-Baloch which are running on the resources of Balochistan. There is not control of Baloch and are run by federal departments which have majority are harboring non-Balochs. Local Balochs are compelled to lead terrible lives. They are living below the poverty line; some have Jobs in cities of fourth class.

The all type of rulers of Pakistan failed to provide justice to Baloch which pushed Baloch towards a war of separation Baloch have dreamed for such state where without violation the privileges to be given the people, where the peace and prosperity be prevailing . Where Balochs language and customs thrive which are diminishing in this state. Now return is impossible for those who have taken the mountains. The Pakistan political parties and rulers have formed a formula for Balochistan, this is as: Dictator + PPP + PML-N = Restive Balochistan.

Negative Effects of Technology on Society

By BK Bazag, Turbat

The more advanced technology becomes, the more it seems to have control over our Impact-of-technology-on-societylives. According to Lee Siegel, “we shop, work, play, love, search for information, seek to communicate with each other and sometimes with the world online. We spend more time online than ever before. Yet people are not arguing about this startling new condition.” I believe that people have too readily embraced technology, seeking only the benefits, and ignoring the many downfalls.

“It does not matter if your home is a noisy urban walk-up or a quaint cottage on a secluded bluff. If you have a screen and can pick up a signal, your mind is still in the same placeless place”(Siegel, 64). This “placeless place” that Siegel talks about is the zone that your mind enters when you stare at a screen too long, and it feels like your mind stops “Thinking.”

Recent developments in technology such as the internet also led to a decline in “normal” social behaviors. “The old-fashioned café provided a way to both share and abandon solitude, but sitting in your screen world is a whole other story. You are socially and psychologically cut off from your fellow caffeine addicts” (Siegel, 16, 17). In ages past, you could walk around town for a whole day without seeing all the people you know. Now, everyone you know is within arm’s reach, taking that certain psychological feeling out of seeing people. You see them every second of every day, and hear nearly every single thought of theirs as soon as they think them.

Years ago, it was predicted by many that the future would be an amazing and surreal place, yet, no one really seems very shocked about the advances. You can see evidence everywhere. The news is a great example- you see or read an interesting story, think about it for a second, and then you brush it over your shoulder, without any critical thinking, or wondering how it will affect your life.

“The Internet has radically changed nearly every level of human experience in an incredibly short amount of time” (Siegel, 22). Two decades ago, you would have had to write a letter to communicate with others far away; if you missed an episode of your favorite show, you would have had to wait for reruns; and to read the news you would have to pick up a newspaper. These are but a few ways the internet has changed human experience.

Also with these advancements comes the fact that people are not always alone, even when physically isolated. “With connectedness approaching ubiquity, physical isolation no longer ensures total isolation” (Powers 64). In addition, Powers also writes that, “Paul Tillich once wrote that the word ‘loneliness’ exists to express the ‘pain of being alone, while ‘solitude’ expresses ‘the glory of being alone’.” What most people feel upon being disconnected is loneliness, or the pain; while if you are disconnected long enough you feel solitude, or the glory, of being alone.

On another different topic, it seems that nearly everything is being assimilated into technology- Google Earth documented the entire map of the Earth; taxes, email, chatting, shopping, and work can be done over the internet; you can read on your Kindle; you can make home-made movies on Windows Movie Maker; and hundreds of other such ways. “According to a new creed, technologists are turning ourselves, the planet, our species, everything, into computer peripherals attached to the great computing clouds. The news is no longer about us but about the big new computational product that is greater than us” (Vaidnyanathan, 45).

In nearly every commercial, ad, and promotional, people encourage others to buy the latest gadget, or upgrade to the latest new thing. “Our culture reminds us every day how useful these devices are, and exhorts us to take advantage of this by making sure we are as digitally connected as current technology allows” (Powers, 25). Is constant contact with the world really a good thing? If you are always in contact, there will be a decreasing amount of time to devote to yourself, and others will shape your opinions more and more. “Like the car, the internet has been made out to be a miracle of social and personal transformation, when it is really a marvel of convenience- and in the case of the internet, one that has caused a social and personal upheaval” (Siegel, 25).

“In 2008, just 16 percent of the world’s working population qualified as hyper-connected, but the study predicted that 40 percent of us would soon meet the criteria” (Powers, 32). The rate at which people are adapting their lives around technology is amazing, considering the early resistance to the concept. “Ultimately, it does not matter how many or how few different devices we use to connect. The question is whether the hyper-connected life is taking us where we want to go” (Powers, 32). A majority of people own and regularly use computers, but most never question them when it comes to crashes, replacements, viruses, etc. and when it comes time to replace them, they never question it. We do not have to replace paper every few years. Paper does not crash when you put too much on it. There are never stressful and time-wasting updates to paper. Why have we moved to computers, then?

“We live more in our heads than any society has at any time in history, and for some the only reality is the one inside their heads” (Siegel, 6). Our society is a very work-oriented place- we try to fill up our schedules to the brim in an attempt to get as much done as possible. It has never occurred to many people that doing that much work may have negative psychological effects, such as preventing them from pursuing hobbies and spending quality time with family. Technology has a very much similar effect. First, when you get a phone you check it occasionally, maybe under the dinner table. Soon you start checking it more often and out in the open, sometimes not hearing what people say and even missing whole conversations. It can even get worse than that in some situations.

“When we become habituated to the amazing technological achievements of recent years, we forget to be thrilled and amazed. We lose that great sense of wonder, of awe. We take brilliance for granted and so we ignore the human elements of fortitude, creativity, and intelligence” (Vaidnyanathan, 51-52). We have all heard it: people whining about when a computer fails to do something as promised. “It’s so slow.” “A Mac would be so much better.” “My computer ate it.” These are all examples. People seem to conk out when something small goes wrong. What we all forget sometimes is that how amazing these techs really are when used right. We are so lucky that we even have computers, laptops, tablets, and televisions in the first place. Everything had to fall in place just at the right times for all this to work out.

“The internet’s premium on popularity as the sole criterion of success gives the lie to its claims of ‘choice,’ ‘access,’ and increased opportunity for individual expression” (Siegel, 98). It has become incredibly easy with the rise of the internet to become popular just by making the biggest impression. Being the funniest, cruelest, the one with the saddest story are all similar ways of becoming an internet phenomenon. It is even reflected in popular culture, where being the fastest rapper or wearing the sexiest fashions all makes the headlines. These are all the same; they are shallow. You really do not have to work hard at being sexy, or rapping, or even having a sad story. This generation leans on technology to serve their pleasures, and claim to be successful, or at least act like it. According to Powers, being connected causes us to think more outward, about what is “happening,” rather than just around you in your immediate life. In addition, Siegal claims that online experience is either about satisfying your immediate desires, or the desires of others.

The internet is not always completely safe, either. Vaidnyanathan states, “If you read Google’s privacy policy carefully, it is clear that they retain the right to make significant decisions about our data without regard for our interests.” With the new movement to store everything on the cloud, who knows if a single hacker would be able to take down entire chunks of the internet. Similarly, Bill Gates has said, “As more and more people store personal information on the internet, how will we ensure that information is kept secret? As our economy becomes more dependent on bits than atoms, how will we protect these resources from being damaged or devalued by hackers? As the barriers to information come down, how will we protect from negative and predatory influences? And, as the internet dissolves national borders, how will we help indigenous cultures co-exist with an increasingly homogenous global culture?”

In conclusion, modern technologies can very well be a double-edged sword, from safety to connectedness. They do have their advantages, but as with many revolutionary inventions, they can radically change our lives, for better or worse.

Beyond a squandered chance

By Baloch Khan

The civil – military establishment of Pakistan and America urged Taliban for negotiation. The Afghan president baloch khanHumid Karzai as well has not left any stone unturned.  America and Afghanistan peace process begin in Qatar. Pakistani civilian government made main stream efforts for peace process. Tahreek Insaf chairman Imran Khan marched in tribal areas against the drone sticks, Urged Taliban for peace talk but no one able to talk with Taliban on table. Hakmuulah Masud was killed .the killing below peace process, the distance between TTP and the government has increased. TTP elected new supreme leader Mullana Fazullah known as Mullah Radio has declared Pakistan slave of America and terminated peace talk. US and Pakistan not conduct clear policy against TTP nor win public opinion.

Drone strikes according to majority public opinion against civilian, killed innocent in the tribal areas as International Amnesty (IA) reported. PM Nawaz and Obama meeting in White House was not based on clear vision and policy for  war on terrorism, peace talk and drone sticks anyway negotiation is two ways traffic. TTP’s ideology is like cloudy picture since 9/11 event war on terrorism created two civilizations in world. So called Islam defender Taliban killed more than 50000 innocents in Pakistani citizens including law enforcement agencies members.

There is no good , bad Taliban, no Afghan, Punjabi and Pakhtoon Talban the all involved in killing of innocent human, destruction of child, girl, women schools and colleges. Destroyed Pakistan’s economy, civil institutions, religious, culture and political norms exploitation of   women rights, the killing of 16 years school going girl. What extremists project Islam? They want to push Muslims in Stone Age, there is no any room empty for violence against human, and there is zero tolerance for human rights violation. Human rights champion America review should her review polices. Dialogue needs clear ideology and clear and positive perception but Taliban are hard nut to crack. Dialogue requires equal parameter anyway peace talk had to   persuade because negotiation is best policy but chance has been squandered by Pakistan and American civil and military establishment.

The writer is journalist and human right activists.

You are a Baloch?

By Banuk Mahzaib

It was the early morning I woke up at six 6am but before going outside to breath the fresh air of morning in the images (3)home boundary I got a SMS from a friend at seeing the mobile vibrating on the corner of my bed my body start trembling thinking it would a horrendous massage coming at the time people getting up for prayer owing to the soliloquy of a little moment my eyes become full of tears which initiated drooping out gradually in the cause of this conundrum I tried to move ahead and to see the massage has been sent to me but my heart was not wanting to move towards it because it was seeming a red alarming as i kept it in mind. After giving consolidation to myself I moved to see the text in which it was written the entire place where the works for the victims of earthquake were being carried has been siege by the army troops and while area is under the control of them every corner of the area the sounds of firing rockets being heard and the mortar are as well. The area is under the siege and people are trying to go away in order to save their lives and raising their hands to call Almighty Allah for assistance. As they were saying our fathers, brothers, including other family members after hearing the news an operation being launched over here have gone to relatives home very far and now this is the situation on the days of sacrifice (Sunnt-e-Abrahimi).

 It was Exactly the day next to which was Eid-ul-Azaha, the inhabitants were already in dilemma owing to massive lose, they were almost perplexed as most affective families were worried and mourning their lost and undoubtedly thinking how to reconstruct their homes and regain the lives.

Before some days we were sent by a local welfare trust to arrange a survey and help the victims of this disaster when accidentally have gotten a chance to go towards Mashkay and as well have to launch a survey program in order to collect some data regarding elastration of locals so after reaching into the territory of it we have been called by a sincere member of BNM who was welcoming us and saying with full surety that we are save and don’t be thinking anything will dangerous happen with us. While journeying we have been asked a lot of questions that where we are going? What is the name of our organization, its head, its purpose and its registration and many more…?

After answering those questions and showing our cards we have been left and saying take care of you the insecurity problem is appalling and the Baloch militants are killing the NGOs personnel coming abroad and it would be better not to go there…. Our officer kept a smiling on his face and called the driver to move ahead

Sir, as keeping the situations on screen are we not in randy days, a friend of us asked.

We have pledged to work by heart and soul and it does not matter how the situations there are, while our responsibility is to help the victims at any cost and this will become disclose in front us when we reach at the peak of our journey…

After 3 hours from Awaran we reached in Mashky seeing the destroyed homes our hearts gotten frail and body sluggish going towards the relief camp we have been welcomed by the General security of BNM and other activists of BSO-Azad seeing the relief amenities conducted by those independent organizations in a glowing manner. They were following the ways through thick and thin and the carrying on the relief works and updated us what to be done and called on in the most affected area. as surveying the area and asking some questions to victim we have been responded the trucks are coming from suburbs area especially from Quetta Kuzdar and Karachi in dozens number but being halt at the posts of the main camp of army where people don’t want to go even through at any cast.

They told, they are happy of this in such narrow situations being helped by the Baloch brothers. Observing the feelings of inhabitants we have come to conclusions that the victims are not being retorted in a way the victims of 2005 and 2008 had responded.

We saw many loaded trucks standing over there in Army camp while passing very near from it. Why these trucks are being taken into cordon of army where the citizens are in need of aids indeed. At the same moment I promptly started soliloquizing with myself that in such situations being in dangerous and fear.

On the way to Mashkay we have been frightened that Baloch Rebellion may not allow us to enter into it or kill us but these conspiracies were not to let us go there and help the victim. We meet with many family Members who are affected, in the areas of Koch, Khalid Abad, Ghajjar and Nokjjo.

There seeing the very vulnerable situations of their adjustment, accommodations and taking their lunches we have fully got perplexed at that where a child came to me and asked me didn’t I see her Mom in Awaran ….. And I kept my hand on his head and replied I am your Mom, what you need…. what for she is asking like this. I asked someone standing over there…. He replied me Mom passed away in the same disaster so I have consolidated has that her Mom has went Awaran for a training… my tears started to drop out and my face get red I went towards the vehicle and wept a lot.

Baloch’s are being deprived deliberately and being kept in the claws of backwardness which is a gigantic human Right violation in the world I have ever understood.

MNLF in Philippine

1A230F55-FB5A-4CAB-BE8C-C12E38A3A045_mw1024_n_sBY Aziz Ejaz

MNLF, which is known as More National Liberation Front has no any exact record of its initiation but as the emergence of conflicts appeared according to officials records of MNLF, it believes that the Bangsamoro for which the group claims was a sovereign land hundreds of years before it was illegally annexed as a part of the Philippine in the 1935 constitution of the republic the Philippines. Muslim Rebels have been fighting since the 1970s for an independent or an autonomous homeland in the south of the mainly catholic Philippines. Since the day of skirmishes emerged somehow an estimated of 150,000 people have died.

MNLF, is a rebel group that was founded by Nur Misuare in 1969, it struggles to achieve independent of the Bangsamoro land which covers Sulu, Mindanao, Palawan and Sabah.

Philippines most population is consisted of more than 90% of Christians who belong to the Roman catholic church and Christian denominations respectively. Between 5% and 10% of the population are Muslims who live in parts of Mindanoa, Polwan and Sulu for which they are struggling and laying down their lives.

It is a historically fact that whenever any rebel groups emerge to fight for a specific sort of purpose so they need to know the ground realities first and secondly the ways they have to carry on their struggle. Undoubtedly a piece of land that is once under the claws of colonial rules gets the worst taste of slavery and same is the case with Muslims live in Philippine. The MNLF believes that the Bangsamore land was already a sovereign Nation hundreds of years before it was illegally annexed as a part of the Philippines in the 1935 constitution of the republic if Philippines. The land Bangsamore was forcibly annexed by the Philippines and it died back into the hands of Philippine. It is truly said by Thomson Jefferson that,

When injustice becomes law”, “Resistance beco-mes duty

After such occupations by force illegally, likely compel the rebellions to emerge expediently. The founder and leader of MNLF fighting for the social and economic rights of his deprived nation is Prof Doctor Nur Misuari and he is mentioned as the chairman and commander in chief of the MNLF as well and Misuari is the only person in the Bangsamoro land was once distinguished as certified united Nations peace prize awardee Nobel peace prize laureate Nominee’ awardee of Felix Hauphouet-Boigny peace prize Misuri is one of the most famous individuals who have acquired an international reputation on account of his Major contribution to the promotion of peace, democracy and Human rights. He is an emotional worker and always tries to raise the voice for the rights of deprived Nations and well educated persons whose attributes Let him among the most influential personalities in the world but his reputation claimed to be negative when Misuri was charged of rebellion where an alleged assault on a Philippine Military came on Sulu in 2001 which he and the MNLF denied after which he was changed and became a political prisoner allegations of rebellion from 2001-2009. The court acquitted him in 2009 because the prosecution was unable to produce sufficient evidence.

At the beginning of emergence it was internationally recognized by the organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC) and its parliamentary union of OIC Member state (PUIC). Since, 1977 the MNLF has been an observer Member of the OIC. On 30 January 2012, this Islamic organizations raising the voices of Bangsamoro people became an observer Member of the parliamentary union of Islamic cooperation (PUIC), as approved during the 7th PUIC global session held in Palembang, Indonesia.

On what realties this organization being given such influential duty in worldwide spread organization like OIC which is the 2nd largest inter-government organization after United Nations.

Interestingly it is something very prompt to be declared but as seeing the Motto of MNLF is it not an organization linked with Al-Qaeda?

There emerged three Major groups that had separated from the MNLF owing to appalling reasons that occasionally occur in wars being fought against enemies.


The first separatist of the MNLF is MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) began to appear in 1976 which was led by Hashim Salamit. The very appalling Reasons that let it be separated from MNLF was that it believes the Bangsamore land should be an independent Islamic state and the Bangsamoro freedom fighters should not negotiate with the government at any cost but MNLF was having some Misconceptions or real facts that MILF was formed as a result in infiltration of the Armed forces of the Philippines (AFP) and attempting to fallow a strategic Move to “divide-and-Conquer” the MNLF or is being used by the AFP in False Flag operations. Hashim Salamat died in 2003 at the age of 61 and the new leaderships took over and the organization still Exists. MNLF was declared as a terrorist organization by international observers.

Abu sayyaf group (ASG)

The second separatist of the MNLF is ASG led by Khadaffy Janjalani in 1991. This group was declared originally a part of the so-called National Islamic command Council (NIEC) which was an anti- Misuari group led by Meliham Alam. The MNLF believes it was formed as a result of the black operation of the Armed forces of the Philippines to smear dirt on the face of Islam and scare the people against the Muslims and as well believes that ASG enjoying the support of the AFP.

There have occurred many Skirmishes between these organizations as freshly in 2 February 2013, when MNLF attacked ASG in an effort to rescue kidnapped victims Jordanian Journalist Baker Abdullah Atyani and some other victims from foreign countries b but it was not to pursue the hot pursuit because the Philippines president made a statement that he didn’t sanction the attacks against the terror group. In a press conference on a February 2013, MNLF leader Nur Msiuari said that MNLF leadership would no longer tolerate the Abu Sayyab using Sulu as a haven for criminal activates, victimizing locals and foreigners.


Is basically the third separatist group from the MNLF, a group of 15 MNLF leaders who tuned against Misuari group for reasons similar to that of Abu Sayyat and MNLF? The 15 men group took over the leadership and later on helped the government administration to made Nur Misuari a political prisoner from 2001-2009 according to MNLF press leaders the 15EC being no longer considered as and with the MNLF because they violated the doctrine of organization.

The MNLF birth has no exact record that where it was founded but the commemoration of the Jabidah Massacre is a fact declares some historical realities of its foundation.

In 18 March 1968, ‘’between’’ 14 to 68 Flipino Muslim military trainees were managed in Corregidor by Armed forces of the Philippines soldiers which is popularly called the Jabidah Massacre.

In results an outraged among the Muslims of Mindanao emerged and raised a voice against miscarriage of Muslims, Nur Misuari a university of the Philippines. Professor rose to become the leader of this outraged group and later on he founded the Moro National liberation front in 1969. After a few Months of setting up the organization, the MNLF officially proclaimed itself a political party in 1970. After recruiting sufficient members of freedom fighters eventually MNLF launched a protracted armed struggle.

Tacbil Mosque Massacre was another vital event in the MNLF history. In 24 September 1974, a total of 1776 Muslim churchgoers were Massacred by the armed forces of the Philippines in various areas of Bangasemoro including Malisbeng, Palimbeng, Sultan Kurdrat, Mindanao, while the Muslims were praying, they were sprayed with bullets.

In 23 April 2010, there came a united Nations security council reports says that Morro Islamic liberation Front (MILF) , Abu Sayyaf group (ASG),and the Armed forces of the Philippines are among the groups armed the world that recruit and exploit children for their various purpose of carrying the Expeditions but MNLF was not Mentioned as a human rights violator.

The writer can be reached at

An interview with Bahdur Khan Baloch, Balochistan Snooker Champion

Interviewed By M Hanif Baloch

Blv: When did you start snooker, have you got any training about Snooker P1040612game or you are a naturally player?

BKB: I have started snooker in 2002. I didn’t get any training from any coach I am a naturally player.

Blv: How many tournaments have you won and where did those all held?

BKB: I won many series, these are more than 13. I won them in 2009, 2010, and now I am champion of Balochistan for 2013. Mostly tournaments were held in Balochistan.

Blv: You play excellently, have you ever got any opportunity to perform on National level?

BKB: in 2009, I participated in national games and represented Balochistan. In 2001, I participated in a competition at Karachi. I have played in Olympics which were held in Islamabad. I played four tournaments in Karachi for Balochistan. Due to financial crisis I got disappointed.

Blv: Have ever you been assisted by any state authority about snooker games?          BKB: No never, nobody has not supported me. I work hard on my level best and God conferred me talent a lot.

Blv: Do you have any suggestion for youth about snooker game?

BKB: Yes off course, youth should play snooker as hobby but never indulge in betting.

Blv: There is no value of talent in this society, so what kind of change you want. That talent is to be valued?

BKB: There is not lack of talent in Balochistan. Due to lack of financial support players can’t go ahead. Players can just afford one tournament, and onward financial situations don’t let them for playing, resultantly they get disappointed. No doubt talent is in Balochistan in every field. Authorities send boys on recommendation basis.

Blv: You are talented, even you have been Ignored, what reasons do you see behind this?

BKB: Recommendation and nepotism have spoiled our society and due to this talent has been put aside, and I am also victim of these defects. Deficient boys have been selected because of approach but merit and talent trampled under feet.

Blv: Please tell us about snooker cues?

BKB: There are many kinds of cues with different prices from 20 thousand rupees to 150 fifty thousand for stance woman, master, peragon, powerglade, john pariss, handmade.

Blv: How do you see the facilities about snooker in Balochistan as compare to other provinces?

BKB: There is no facility for Balochistani players. In other provinces there are coaching centers and they worked on their players, resultantly players give performance nicely. On Asia level Punjabi players are representing. On country level Balochistan is lagging. Authorities at all don’t consider Balochistani players, so as this province is neglected in sports field. The departments are sponsoring to players like, PIA, National Bank, and NGOS. Once I applied for being sponsored by NBP but bank authority put condition that I must produce an international level title, if I had title then departments would offer me themselves for sponsorship.

Blv: Do you have confidence that internationally you can compete and win?

BKB: Sure! I have. It is fact that practice makes perfect. If I practice on high level, hence I will have capacity to compete internationally, too.

Blv: Do you have any demand from present government about snooker game promotion?

BKB: Yes, I appeal to government that provide a coach and establish a club, where players practice the game. Due to lack of opportunities and tribal society snooker players are not being encouraged, consequently they are returning from national level without reaching on any international forum.

Blv: Baloch youth, especially for snooker players do you have any message?                

BKB: Well! I would like to say to Baloch youth that must participate for gaining more and more. There is no value to sports in Pakistan; just richest people are being given value. Youth should struggle against these unjust.

International laws are not applicable on Balochistan: BSO- A

imagesBolan voice Report

Baloch Students Organization- Azad’s centeral spokesperson in its statement said that Baloch Republican Party Tabo-Zone organizer Safar Khan and deputy organizer Wahid Bukhsh were martyred and dumped in desolated area; the deceased’s were recovered after five days. The both political workers were abducted from Jacobabad and had been tortured in cell, and then their corpses were thrown in Dera Bugti area Zainko. The said Baloch political workers were hit with bullets on their heads.

The spokesperson of BSO-A blamed that in Mashky people are forced to live under open sky, because their houses have demolished by earthquake and these victim Balochs are not exempted the atrocities by forces. These areas victims’ are facing shelling by forces helicopters. Several families have migrated due to terrible situations of area. In Supreme Court, the case of missing persons is proceeding which mean to over-shed the atrocities of forces in Baloch areas and divert world’s attention from state persecutions. It seems that Balochistan is exceptional from international laws, where state is perpetrating crimes against humanity and United Nation is merely watching like a spectator without taking any actions; hence this organization is also getting as partner of committer. And Balochistan has been converted into such area where international laws are not applicable.

The Line of freedom (Based on a true story)

images (1)By Naaz Baloch

Baloch film industry is not that much remarkable to catch the consideration and interests from the viewers worldwide in order to convey an authentic message that to be based on a real story needs to be telecasted either in English or Urdu languages. It is the first time we are seeing a film that is wholly based on balochs and its land being televised in an influential language where the transcript is related to the daily base harassments of Baloch sons but the characters are being performed by other actors which seem something new in the history of Baloch. It is the first film that relates with Baloch and its land exploitation where the human rights violation has reached to a stage very condemnable. This film of 30 minutes has been fashioned, written and directed by a Britain director David Whitney who was also the director of Qanahdar Break (a film) produced on the bases of afganistan cold war. The producer of this film is Nooruddin Mengal, Mir Bhawal Mengal and David Whitney.

The Line of freedom is one of the films that make a history in the film industries where it clarifies some realities after the withdrawal of British troops from sub continent.

It takes us back to the past when the British Empire withdrew from the subcontinent and the region split into two new states namely India and Pakistan after which a tumult of exploitation begin to burn off.

During this partition there came a great turmoil in the region on the bases of sectarian differences as there were living different sects and the acquisition sort of prejudice between the Muslims and Hindu kicked off at the jiffy of this heinous partition. This film which indicates towards many more realities can attract the human rights organization including the committee that claimed to resist any violation of human rights worldwide. It is deprecation for Pakistani government whose image has already gotten dusted and Pakistan well undoubtedly be getting perplexed it at which is a clear and transparent view of her intelligence and army.

The autonomous and mineral rich region of Baluchistan declared its sovereignty and independence, however after a little passage of time in 1948, Baluchistan has been overruled by Pakistan. This region has been worst target of tyranny as comprised of just minerals and a coast of nearly 700kms. Being the gate of Strait of Hormuz its importance getting very keen interests from international powers as well. This is a clear cut view of exploitation in it as well being shown bravely.

In the whole story, Gwadar port at the apex of the Arabian Sea and at the mouth of the Persian Gulf has a very great value that china in collaboration of Pakistani concerned authority has started a plane of taking it into the hands permanently. It is situated on the eastern bay of a natural hammerhead-shaped Peninsula protruding into the Arabian Sea from the coastline.

Gwadar Port is situated near the strategic Strait of Hormuz and its busy trading and oil shipping lanes. The surrounding region is home to around two-thirds of the world’s oil reserves. It is also the nearest warm-water seaport to the landlocked, but energy rich, Central Asian Republics and landlocked Afghanistan. Baluchistan is a land very genocide is being accompanied by genocide and human rights hostilities reaching to a point that is far-fetched.

Baloch needs such more documentaries be based on real tale  in order to compel the international bodies taking prompt action which is much needed and worth mentioning expedition as passing a life of suppression.

img_2530__largeBaloch nation and its insurgency claim the states hostility is to eradicate and weak the whole nation at the every norms of life that it not be able to move ahead. This is the cause and reason tried to be disclosed in the tale.

The colonial systems and exploitation of minerals and other valuable things got start over the next 60 years. The massacre against Baloch nation has already taken thousands of lives and over to six thousands people are missing. The film of 30 minutes indicates the brutalities and atrocities of Pakistan machineries from the day the region has been taken into the claws of acquisition.

The line of freedom can create a great message internationally to those all nations and organization claimed for the maintenance of human rights and to protect the atrocities and illegal acquisition and expeditions from the ruling force.

The story has been shown in this film is a true tale regards with abduction, massacre, killing and a dump polices, where the Baloch students and political activists are being abducted exceedingly.

The convincing tale of this transcript relates with a Baloch student, Nasir Ali Dagarzai who was once kidnapped along with his three friends at a home in Panjgoor. After months missing Nasir Baloch’s brutally snubbed body with a dead body of a friend found in a deserted area. Nasir was in a critical condition and taken for a treatment to Quetta where he was taken into keen sights of intelligence and observing situations the family felt it danger for Nasir but they thought as he being a student nothing happening pessimistic kept the victim in open eyes.

Resultantly after recovering from wounds he was taken to the home but unfortunately on the way to it he was again kidnapped and disappeared for months and his dumped body was found near Quetta.

States atrocities and brutalities, abduction and killings since the day of taking over   the Baloch independent land getting increased day by day and this film well be the one clearing the secrets and realities of states.

It declares realities that how the students are being abducted and tortured in the prisons and what are being called in the light of religion, very shameful and the rude behaviors from the army has been disclosed in the whole story which is incredible.

What are the ways the Baloch being treated it has attempted to show it as well in the form Army behaviors to call the Baloch terrorists and non Muslim as declaring their utmost hate during custody. The killing and dump policy which has affected almost every Baloch is one of the realities shown in the film.

At all, this is a film with a very real and fascinating tale. Such sorts of brutalities and behaviors link with every individual who has born over there in the land of Balochistan and a Baloch’s home. This has as well unveiled the courageousness of baloch when they are label as terrorists or the adversary of Almighty but say they are not doing any thing wrong, if rising a finger is a offense, in order to protect or demands the basic rights so baloch are terrorists but none can eradicate the whole nation by killing and dump policies exposed in the film very conspicuously.

Where is justice?

By Sabina Khosa Baloch

 Dr Aafia Siddiqui a great name, Pakistani Neurologist and mother of three children stand trial in New York for attempted murder of an American soldier in Afghanistan. But shadowy question about her life remained unanswered that,

Is she innocent keeping in concerns the allegation of the murder?

Is the assertion based on her links with Al -Qaeda are true?

Anyway there lots of question rise in every mind In favor of Aafia Pakistani NGO’s and political parties nationally scaleeven also on international level people protest held various sorts of programs to give wings this human right violation.

It is a good raised voice against injustice but here I am being plunged into worries about our motherland Balochistan and its affected people. The latest burning issue “Missing Persons” which is being ignored to give coverage even in media Like Dr Aafia Siddiqui there are two other cases.

The one very appalling case regards with Zarina Marri and the other with Dr Shazia Khalid, but majority of Pakistanis even don’t know their names and inhuman behaviors, violation and the ways they have been treated.  Dr Aafia is an enough figure in Pakistan on the behalf of which Taliban’s are demanding her release from the US. There occurred such other  two cases in 2005 from which one regards with Zarina Marri, similar to the case of Aafia Siddiqui in relation to abduction, rape and torture allegation, was abducted by Pakistani army from Balochistan in 2005 and in behind to be kept in an army torture cell in Karachi. At that time she was 23 years young where some evidences came into disclosure that a missing person after discharge from the establishment detention has witnessed a woman has been brought in front of him to be raped and inhumanely be treated with saying no resulted to an abuse or anguish, admitted by human rights organizations and Baloch political parties and other activists.

And the second, Dr Shazia Khalid a medical doctor and employee of Pakistan petroleum limited one who was used to take of fragrant woman of army personnel wives there in Dera Bugti who was not baloch in nature and blood but brutally beaten and raped by an army officer namely captain Hammad at Sui hospital Balochistan. She doesn’t allowed by Pakistani Army to contact her family and the officials transferred her to a psychiatric hospital in Karachi.

Later on, she was put under the house arrest and was not allowed to consult with the lawyer, doctor and human right officials of her …….

Eventually, to keep the secrets of harassment and inhuman act the concerned authority promptly swap off the tragedy to keep the atrocity act in confidences let her go abroad with her family.  She in an interview with BBC told that she has been treated in a way that is cold-hearted beyond the expectations.

Alas! Few question come to my mind when I have gone through these horrible stories of the women.

Why Zarina Marri and Shazia Khalid like Aafia not being called the daughters of nation? Even the people don’t know their names.

Are they not equal with Malala Yousafzai in gender base?

Why any political party couldn’t raise their voice in favor of these ladies?

Why Pakistani media not airing to these situations?

Even though, they are the parts of our society we can condemn the coward act of Taliban attack the abductions of Zarina MArri , harassment of Shazia Khalid and the confinement  act of Dr Afia Siddidue who were school teacher , lady doctor and doctor respectively. Many Malala can be boosted of by a single teacher like Zarina MArri who is being very deaf ear and still in custody of establishment.

Why there is not a single page of Zarina and Shazia on social media?

From the above discussion and my little bit efforts this is cleared that the main reason of these situation is that, in Aafia’s case US military are involved but in Zarina Marri’s and Shazia Khalid’s case lips are silent.

As being a girl I feel it like a heaven on my shoulders which compelling me to rise a single finger in favor of those effected woman in order to cry in wilderness.

India, Pakistan have highest population of slaves in the world: report

By Sajjad Haider

Over 16 million or half the world’s population of modern day slaves live in India and Pakistan, according to the inaugural Global Slavery Index published recently.

An estimated 30 million people worldwide are living in modern-day slavery, of which 2.1 million are in Pakistan and a staggering 14 million are based in India.

The report by the Walk Free Foundation ranks 162 countries on ‘modern slavery’ by using reports from governments and non-profit organisations as well as statistical estimates.

The Walk Free Foundation’s definition of modern slavery includes slavery itself, as well as human trafficking and forced labour, and slavery-like practices such as debt bondage, forced marriage, and sale or exploitation of children.

According to the index, India has the highest total number of enslaved people in the world, between 13.2 million to 14.6 million, followed by China with 2.9 million enslaved people, and Pakistan with 2.1 million enslaved people.

According to estimates by the WFF report, over 1.2 per cent of the Pakistani population is enforced into in some form of slavery.

In India, this percentage rests somewhere around 1.13 per cent, while in China it is about 0.22 per cent.

Combined, both India and Pakistan house 54 per cent of the world’s population of enslaved people.

The index also ranks countries on a slavery prevalence rating based on factors including ratio to country population.

Mauritania and Haiti rank among the countries with the highest prevalence of modern slavery. An estimated 4 per cent of West African nation Mauritania’s population is living in some form of slavery.

Pakistan and India follow the list, ranked third and fourth respectively on prevalence of slavery.

Taken together, countries with the highest numbers of enslaved people – India, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Russia, Thailand, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar and Bangladesh – account for 76 per cent of the total estimate of 30 million in modern slavery today.

The Walk Free Foundation is a Perth-based anti-slavery charity founded by Australian tycoon Andrew Forrest. The index has been endorsed by popular leaders including US Secretary Hillary Clinton, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, current Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and philanthropists Richard Branson and Bill Gates.

The charity hopes the annual index will help governments monitor and tackle what it calls a “hidden crime”.

AGENCIES ADD: “A lot of people are very surprised to hear that slavery still exists,” WFF chief executive Nick Grono told news agency AFP, explaining how many people assume it ended when the Atlantic slave trade was abolished in the 1800s.

“What modern slavery is is a situation that reflects all of the characteristics of slavery of past centuries,” he said. “People are controlled by violence. They are tricked or they are forced into jobs or situations where they are economically exploited. They live on no pay or base subsistence pay and they’re not free to leave.”

“I think once we start pointing out the scale of the problem on a country by country basis, policy makers will react.

“Slavery exists in every country in the world.”

(Courtesy to dawn)

Importance of Education

BK bazag, Turbat

Education is one of the basic necessities of the modern societies as the society holds its grounds on the basis of education. Gone are the days when nations with most manpower and greatest warriors were considered the best on the surface of earth. Today the education is the power to rule the world and this is a known fact now. No nation can grow better and prosperous without education.

Education plays an important role when it comes to defining and designing a society. One of the basic traits of a society that defines other institutions like justice, food and other necessities are now dependent on the education. An educated society looks for sustainability and using their resources in such a way so that the future of their coming generations is not compromised. The way earth’s inhabitants are using its resources, sustainability is the only choice for a nation o stand long and prosperous, The sense of sustainability is what comes after ages of education.

Education makes man a man. Almost every religion has emphasized on getting education in any condition. The reason behind this much emphasis is that only education makes a man what he is capable of. Education shows a man what he is capable of and what talents he had all his life hidden in him. Self-believing is the real success and without education that is simply not possible. Education makes the difference between a man’s biological existence and its social importance.

Education gives us knowledge and that makes us different from the rest of the world. Book reading or watching an informative program on TV is also a part of education. This type of education is called informal education and man spends most of his time getting informal education. This way man can learn more about his interest and can excel in his field.

We live in a life with full of technology. We can talk to people within seconds across continents, we can fly to the other corner of the world within 24 hours, we can connect to the whole world while being at home. Our lives are full of luxuries and facilities and all of them are due to the education. Our ancestors would have never thought of these facilities in their era and with education man has evolved itself and the very society he lives in.

Education also plays an important role in conflict resolving. In the ages of ignorance people were killed sue to a very small matter and now even the biggest conflicts can be resolved by education. An educated nation knows its loop holes and struggles to eradicate the shortcomings through education and getting the advance knowledge of modern sciences.

Someone said: “Education is a controlling grace to the young, consolation to the old wealth to the poor and ornament to the rich.” Education proves to be fruitful for every discipline of society and its helps the nation in every possible way.

In short, education is one of the pre requisites of progress for any nation. You will never witness any nation coming to light while ignoring education as their priority. Education is necessary and there is not a second thought about that.

Malala Yousufzai and Malalas

Khurshid Qazi (Panjgoor), University of Karachi

Khurshid QaziMalala Yousafzai, who used to be an ordinary girl but not anymore, within blink of an  eye she became an international celebrity whereas most fortunate people have achieved  such status after prolonged hardships and uncalculated difficulties throughout their life  because becoming popular internationally is not bed of roses.

No body can deny the fact that Malala Yousufzai was the cry in the wilderness in Swat for promoting the cause of female’s education which rests in turmoil and chaos like situation; in spite of this she courageously confronted all the challenges for better or worse. Entire nation strongly condemned the insane attack on Malala Yousufzai. The role of international community is very much influential on Malala Yousufzai’s behalf. Let me put a hanging question here, why among several Malalas only Malala Yousufzai succeeded gaining golden opportunities? Because in Pakistan there are people who have Malala like characteristics such as Zubaida Jalal, Arfa Karim, Students of Sardar Bahadur khan university, students of Lal Masjid, Abdul Satter Edhi and many more. These all are malalas, but the people aforementioned have not been victimized by Taliban outfits. This is the sole difference between Malala Yosufzai and other Malalas.

As you know that Zubaida Jalal from Baluchistan who had been member of National Assembly in Musharraf’s malala-1350893737-690-640x480regime. She used to be the head of a private school in Mand of Kech District. Her school was attacked and she was threatened by the smugglers and most influential people of that area in order that she should keep herself aloof from her activities. Ironically, only Musharraf approached her and international community is still unaware of Zubaida Jalal. Next comes the Pashton girl who was accompanied by Malala also received bullet injuries but no sympathy was shown for her. Recently she was urged to stay abroad. On the other hand few month ago a suicide bomber that targeted females students of Sardar Bahadur Khan Uiversity of Quetta, where several died and many received injuries, but unfortunately, to date, no compensation has been granted neither to the ones who were maimed nor to the heirs of those who lost their lives. Furthermore, students of Lal Masjid also faced lethal problems of their time.

Another prominent personality who deserves to be a Noble laureate is Abdul Sattar Edhi, who has devoted his entire wealth and life to serve humanity.  Moreover, he has variety of charities’ even in far flung areas of Pakistan. Such as orphanages where thousands orphans are provided with food and shelter. Educating these orphans is his focal point of his goals but, one wonders whether these have afore stated malalas have been allocated the position they deserve. One yet wonder whether or not they should be happy over Malala’s recent popularity, or they should lament over the image she has painted to world about Pakistan that educating female in Pakistan is not less then a dream. According to economic survey of Pakistan 47% females are literate. But due to her valuable words the world is pointing fingers towards Pakistan. However, the national media, government, and civil society should not neglect at least such Malalas at national levels.

Education needs to be focused


It is positively ascertained that education is acknowledged to be the most neglected sector without which none of imagesthe countries can put longer steps towards advancement and prosperity.  In Pakistan, since its inception, education has been under the influence of illiterate politicians who didn’t even bother themselves to further it to the common masses entirely. A country such as Pakistan, where education remains only for Moneyed, the poor are categorically doomed and vanished in all sphere of life. If education is really and truly sighted for the betterment and development of the countries, then it must be equally standardized among the Flush and indigent. Why is it made standard for well-heeled and non-standard for badly-off people?

The only reality remains to be gauged here is that the government with the leading co-workers are unwilling to take any serious steps in educational department despite the mandate being in their hands.

It is saddening fact that our so-called politicians have earned a huge notoriety among the public of all provinces such as Balochistan, KPK, Sindh and Punjab after they ignored their foremost responsibility of educating the citizens of the country.

If it is cleanly eyed, the whole landscape of Balochistan presents an abysmal picture of the state of education. The poverty-led masses of the war-torn province are by one or other means in the grip of unanswerable atrocities because of no access to quality education.

Most public sector schools in the province are the manifestation of mismanagement, inadequate means of training and lack of motivation for specialized teaching cadre.

Apart from this violated province, in Sindh and KPK, the same unavailability of well-managed and facilitated educational institutions are on daily occurrence which cause irreparable damage to the state. Due to the indifferent attitude of the government, Balochistan, Sindh and KPK, including the other provinces, are fast converting into an illiterate mob.

Now here we the citizens of the country wonder that why have our politicians got so much virulent and scurrilous and why do they indulge in deteriorating the system of education???

Is there anyone courageous in the political circle to answer it?

It is the humble request of all citizens to the current ruling Government to take no laughing but extremely advantageous steps for the advertisement of quality education by eliminating the illiteracy rate. If not, then, this nation will be, by no means, left with no option but to lose credibility over its political rulers.

Balochi Wedding

By Fida Hussain, Turbat

Wedding is such a happiness which comes once in life of every individual and it is images (2)harbinger of unity. Likewise, marriages are the master key which not only end sorrows but also open the gate of happiness. In Baloch history, marriages are different than other provinces of Pakistan; however, when we open pages of our history, we can find Balochi wedding in a different shape with full of joys. It is celebrated with different ways and entire members of the society get gathered to where marriage is celebrated. So, let’s have a short glance on the following customs of Balochi wedding.

Engagement: (Zamathi) Before starting marriage, the parents of boy send a messenger to girls parents and asks for willingness and tell them he was send as a courier to pop the question for their son and it is their wish that they will agree or not. While, after engagement, the elders of boy family get gathered on the given date and girl parents put their demands, which is known as dowry. After accepting dowry by both families, they will select a date for marriage ceremony.

Invitation: (Lotokhi) Invitation comes after preparation of marriage ceremony by both families. Likewise, the women of the community get gathered in bride and groom house and go for invitation in house to house of their village and society. This process approximately continues for two or three days.

Jullbandi: It is the first process of marriage when all invited women get gathered in groom house, take jewelries and dresses of bride and then leave the bride’s house. They are welcomed with sweets by bride’s family. On the other hand, all women sing traditional songs and dance which is called (Dochappi) in Balochi. This process is known as Jullbandi.

Dozzoki: At this night, the women of the community get gathered at the house of bride and groom. Sargwap hennas the hands of bride and groom separately with singing traditional songs.

Henni Band: When it comes to perform henni band, all women of the society get gathered at bride house and they are offered meal in night. At the same time all women of bride family sing traditional songs and dance (Dochappi). Of course Sargwap once again keeps henna on the hands of bride and groom separately.

Khorag: After henni band it comes to perform Khorag which is celebrated at the evening on Henni Band. At the same time Sargwap sing songs, collects money and other women dance. This complete process is called Khorag.

Wedlock (Nikha): This is the day when elder members of bride and groom gather at the house of groom and call a Molvi (clergyman) for wedlock prayer. Similarly, groom swears that he will protect bride from every hurdles. At last groom will be taken to bride’s room by elders.

Mubarak: This is the last day of marriage which comes after wedlock night. All members of groom gather at the house of groom and leave for bride house along with drummers and the bride members welcome them. Here all members praise bride and groom such as “Mubarak mani saloonk tara ra washi baa”.

Baloch Nation: Victim of Discrimination

By: Raza Baloch, Turbat

All and sundry has the due of living a comfortable and a peaceful life in the world. Because the human is born gratis and that must live gratis, is the fundamental right of that human being. In the human species most of the nations are independent and they are providential that they are not being tortured by any other nation. However; on the other hand there are some nations, who are being agonized on their own motherlands. Unfortunately, one of them is our motherland, which is divided in three parts: Balochistan in Pakistan, Afghanistan’s Baloch areas (Hilmand, Farah, Nimroz) and the Sistaan in Iran.

 Balochistan, which is annexed with Pakistan, used to be a free land for nine months (on 11 August in 1947 till 26 March in 1948.) Pakistan occupied the Balochistan for her benefits. Since Pakistan has occupied the motherland [Balcohistan], Baloch nation is dueling against the occupant. The simple enlightenment is that Baloch is a very old nation with her: tradition, culture, land and other part of existences of being a nation. When we see the narration of Pakistan, she has nothing in her history. Here it must be cleared that Pakistan was made by Britain for taking revenge from India because India combated for her freedom with Great Britain. It is nothing else. . .

Pakistan is committing genocide of Baloch nation. Nevertheless; Baloch are still dueling with the establishment of Pakistan, because they are in the know that they are on the accurate way. It is the due of Baloch nation that should be free again as independent state. Moreover; Pakistan has abducted more than 17000 Baloch, who are against of Pakistan’s kingdom in Balochistan. In the result of abducting, Mama Qadir has taken out a long march form Quetta to Karachi, which almost contains 730 kilometers. For such an action every Baloch is supportive to Mama Qadir’s convoy.

Similarly; in Sistaan: Iran is similar to Pakistan for Baloch nation. The reason is that innocent nation [Baloch Nation] is not consent to be the part of Iran as well and this is what the Iran doesn’t like the most. There is a party of Baloch nation, which is called Jandullah, who have killed a rest of Iranian army in Iran. Be the dint of Pakistani ISI the commander of Jandullah (Abdul Malik Reki) was arrested by Iran and later on he was martyred.  As Palou Farary says; violence and prejudice is the only relation between innocent nation and occupant. In history of human being the ruled nations never started the violence because the ruled nations are creative of violence. How can they being violence? The ones who do not accept others as human beings are spreading violence by occupying the weak nations for their benefits.”  Here we can give the example of Iran who has hanged more than 30 innocent Baloch in Sarawan in month of October 2013. Furthermore; the simple reason is that they were Baloch and Baloch are not allowed to talk for their dues on their motherland.

Hilmund, Farah, Nimroz which are the part of Afghanistan, used to be a bit better than Pakistan and Iran. Because when in 1972, Baloch went to Afghanistan, she gave them refuge. But, since the relations of Pakistan and Afghanistan’s are good, in Afghanistan Baloch are in hot water to boot. The secret of friendship between Pakistan and Afghanistan is just killing the Talibans. And this got started on November in 2001, due to America, by sending NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) in Afghanistan. So, here Afghanistan closed her gates for Baloch nation on their own motherland [Hilmund, Farah, Nimroz]. In addition; people say that Baloch Militants have camps in Afghanistan but it is not a fact.

Finally; I want to clear this hurting fact that Baloch nation is being agonized on their motherland as animals because they are demanding for their motherland independence, which is occupied by force.

In Pakistan acid throwing on women

Aasima Rasheed, Turbat
What compelled my hands to compose this letters is the frustrating act, acid attacks on women. It is woeful to FILE+Acid+Attack+Plastic+Surgeon+Honoured+kHJfUEBCfAglportray that women who serve as responsible and concerned members in every society, are inhumanly being persecuted through such mischievous act like acid attacks.
Pakistan seems to be incorporated in those courtiers where numerous acid attacks are made on women on daily basis. It is estimated about Pakistan that acid attacks have become so rampant that almost 150 cases yearly happen with various reasons, such as revenge, enmity and likewise. Sometimes, the innocent women become the victims due to having wish of equal rights and in sector of education being educated as men and others. Contrary to this, a main reason behind this inhuman act is often the refusal of men’s proposal of marriage.
Several cases of 2008 referred to the girls who were burned with acid since they opposed those boys’ wishes of marriage who then lost the structure of their faces eternally, in order to protect their life style.
Moving forth, these ruthless acid attacks not only harm the girls physically, but also cause extremely harsh mental disturbance for the wretched victims, because right after attacks they will have to tolerate an ugly face that they have never imagined for that. Pushing women into the mist of endless discrimination of society, the acid attacks unquestionably narrow their perspective of living a normal life. As a result, the troubled women tend to meet others or do something else to pass their remaining lives.
Such pitiless acts against women will continue until the humanity exist in the hearts of anti-women; however, what is shocking is the nonchalant attitude of government towards this lance as she seems unmoved to have strict rules over curbing this increasing and destructive issue. The government has to have access to some effective manners which not only can safeguard the women from the inhuman act, but also gets the criminals tolerate the fatal outcome of their cruel act against women.

Personal detail of Kamber Chakar’s life

Kambar Chakar Baloch was born in October 7,1987 in Alndoor Buleda and he got his basic education in primary school Alandoor Buleda. And while they migrated from Alandoor Buleda to Turbat, he took admission in Govt High School Shahi Tump, Turbat 1998-99 and after that he left respective school and took admission in Kech Grammar High School Turbat till 1999- 2004.when he became a college student he joined BSO Azad.

Poltical Life

At the age of 16 he joined BSO and he was the Deputy Organiser of Turabt Zone and Shaal Zone too.

Favoriout Novel

Love in a tormn land after the abduction a famous nove Sophie’s world and a Balochi Chador were found near his pillp. Totral there are more than 200 books in his bookshelf.

Extra curriculam Activities.

 He played role in three Balochi films, Chinchalog o ma chalok, Dil reesh, joro Khan. First film was released in 2003 and second was released in 2004 and third in 2006.

Imtiaz Baloch, Turbat

The cohesive bases of the Baloch Nationalism

The subject has been taken from book of Taj Mohammad Breseeg “Baloch Nationalism, its origin and development”.


As indicated above, since the fall of the Rind-Lashair confederacy in 16th century, various empires and political balochistan mapsyntheses were in fact contending for the Baloch country; the Shiite Safavids to the west and the Mughal to the east, both intent upon consolidating their frontiers, so as to fend off forays and incursions by nomadic tribes from Afghanistan and Central Asia. Thus, rising Baloch confederacy was entangled in continual straggle with the Mughal and Persian empires. To encounter the growing pressure of the Shiite Safavids, the founder of the Ahmadzai dynasty, Mir Ahmad I pursued a policy of friendship with the powerful emperor of India, Aurangzeb.  However, in the reign of Mir Samandar, the Iranian army under general Tahmasp invaded Balochistan aiming to occupy western Balochistan but it is defeated and Tahmasp was kicked. The Mughal emperor not only admired this deed but also agreed to pay him Rs 200,000 annually as military aid to meet the challenge of Iranian aggression.

The Khanate of Kalat consolidated most of the Baloch country into a feudal state during the 18th century, Abdullah Khan, the fourth Khan (1714-1734) expanded his realm,,,,,,,,, from Kandahar in what is now southeastern Afghanistan, across the Makran area all the way to Bander abbas in what is now a southern Iranian port and extended his dominion to embrace dear Ghazi Khan District on the edge of Punjab,,,,,,,,,,,. By the middle of the eighteenth century, Nasir Khan I (the sixth Khan), the most popular, powerful and dynamic ruler of the Khanate (1749-1795) claimed sovereignty over, all land where Baloches lived,  He brought Karachi and most of western (Iranian) Balochistan under his administration.

Speaking of Nasir Khan , Masson, narration of various journeys in BALOCHISTAN, said,,,,,,,, ,At an  early period he  consolidated his authority over an immense kingdom, the ensure the obedience of his feudal chiefs, and discretion enough to .. Refrain from interfering in their internal affairs, with the confederate force bound to him by this feudal tie, Nasir Khan consolidate his dominoes. The Marris and the Bugtis, Las Bela, Makkoran , Kharan, and Quetta formed his kingdom. Moreover, according to Harrison, at the height his power, Nasir Khan renewed Kalat’s claims of sovereignty over the Iranian Baloch areas and sent occasional expeditionary forces to his western borderlands.

Nasir Kahn I Reined from the seaboard stretching from Karachi for about 400 miles west to the present Iranian frontier, the cairn of the Malik’s (Maliki Chedag) on the “Minab River”, and to Quetta and east from Quetta to the Derajat border- a country considerably greater then Great Britain and Ireland put together. Administratively, Nasir Khan came closer to establishing a centralized bureaucratic apparatus covering all of Balochistan than any other ruler before or since. Organization the civil and military affairs of the Baloch Khanate on semi-modern lines, Nasir Khan came established a “proto-parliament based on a workable constitution and congenial Baloch tradition”. He administration and foreign affairs  matters. And a Mustoufi, lands. The Khanate under Nasir Khan had its own flag and currency. Like Mir Jalal Han and Mir Ckakar Rind, Nasir Khan continues to be among the most popular heroes in the Baloch folklore and political literature.

 In 1816, describing Nasir Khan’s personality, the British traveller, Henry Pottinger who visited the country soon after the death of Nasir Khan, wrote, if we contemplate the charter of Nusseer (Nasir) Khan, whether as a soldier, a statesman, or a prince, and call to mind the people among whom he was placed, we shall find in him most extraordinary combination of all the virtues attached to those sations and duties. Possibly the most interesting aspect of the long region of Nasir Khan was his skillful internal policy, directed towards strengthening the powers and figure of the “ Khan”, trough without destroying traditional political mechanisms of a society that was still eminently tribal and pastoral in nature. The Khanate under Nasir Khan, as observed by Janmahamd, was an improved version of the Rind- Lashari tribal set-up. The tribal alliance was board-based with tremendous power allowed to the tribal area of responsibility was fixed and allowed to continuous. A council of advisors representing the major tribes and allied people assisted the Khan, with a Wazir (Prime Minister) usually selected from the Tajik or Hindu immigrants of Kalat. Like the Afghan King, Ahmed Shah Abadali, in important affairs, Nasir consulted the Ulama.

To be continued…..


Volcano is the opening in the earth crust with tube leading to the magma or molten rocks inside the earth.  Furthermore, there are three types of it, Plateau or Lava volcano, volcanic cone, and composite. The temperature in here is very high that’s why magma is found here. Magma is made by molten rocks and stones.

There are many kinds of holes which surround complete world. This can also be said as to be a network of channels. Magma flows in these channels. These channels also flow under several mountains of the world. And these mountains have open space in them. These spaces are filled with magma as it passes from it.

Eventually, the pressure and heat increases in it and at last a huge blast occurs. The magma comes and from the mountain so this magma is called Lava and when it comes out from the mountain is called volcano.

The Lava which comes out from the volcano is very hot and gets very hard, as hard as rock, later on it cools down due to plasma it boiling point decreases when it comes out from the volcano, and plasma is a type of matter.

Moreover, when lava falls in a place with lots of trees around it, mixes with the mud and forms a type of fertilizer which is helpful for the plants to grow.

Some volcanoes erupt with violent explosions that release huge amount of ash, gas and lava. These eruptions pose a great danger to people living nearby other volcanoes erupt with less force and sent lava flowing quietly dawn the mountain side. There is no doubt that it is very dangerous and it can also destroy everything. Likewise, in AD 79 the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Italy which killed about 2,000 people. And mostly volcano can be in cold places such as in Japan, Kashmir, Quetta, Italy and many more.

Besides this, Crater Lake, first it was a mountain and it is in center of the water. Crater Lake is in southern Oregon. From 7.700 years ago when a volcano named mount magma erupted and collapsed the lake formed in the crater left by the explosion and it is the deepest lake in the United States. And also in Italy 10,000 years ago one mountain blasted 79 cities it destroyed and almost 15, 00 people were died.

Sanam Qaboos, Turbat

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Powerful Earthquake hit Balochistan’s district Awaran

After earthquake devastation relief work has been interrupted by forces and relief goods to Awaran were stopped in way: Baloch Nationalist Party Blamed.

By Ahmed Khan

On 25th September earthquake shacked Balochistan and some areas of province Sindh. ThePAKISTAN-QUAKE quake intensity on Richter scale was 7.7 magnitudes. US metrology center mentioned its epicenter in Awaran, where about 90% houses collapsed. The climate of discussed region is hot; hence most houses are mud-built, because the mud-built premise offer pleasure in hot weather but this type of houses were demolished which couldn’t stand in front of hard stroke of recent earth quake, consequently all area houses razed.

A sharp difference of attitude of state official was observed toward Baloch areas people and other parts of state during calamities. When earth quake hit Kashmir, then entire state machinery got operated in relief works promptly and were waiting for international aid. State officials’ apathy level can be guessed from this, even after passing many days no relief work was carried out, victim people are working help by own. Removing debris by spades and metallic, they don’t have any medical facility and injured are being shifted to Karachi and other nearer cities. In 21st century, Balochistan’s people don’t have pain killer tablet and it has proved and can be observed in Awaran earthquake struck areas.

Government official claim they have dispatched numerous trucks to Awaran loaded with relief goods but on ground these are in visible in to provide relief things. The victim’s plight refutes claims of government.

Media after verification of government official are showing around 500 dead, but when area people were contacted, so they informed the loss of life can be above than 2000. The district Awaran is considered the largest district of Balochistan and its population is above than 0.2 million, where all houses have collapsed but now government announced it will arrange 3500 tents for the victims, which is seeming insufficient and when these tents will be provided to disastrous is also has not scheduled.

After few days another earth quake hit the Awaran’s area Mushey and its suburb Nokjo which totally got into ruins. The area people already were in trauma further more suffered from psychological depression.

Baloch National Movement’s secretary General Dr. Manan Baloch during an interview with BBC told that they don’t accept any aid from Pakistani army; they will welcome to international organizations for relief works in area. He blamed forces aren’t coming for their help but they are stocking weapons and deploying fresh army contingents in area in the pretext of relief works. He said that Army helicopters are shelling on civilian population instead of providing stuff and relief things. Dr Manan Baloch blamed that philanthropic people sent relief goods from Quetta and other areas but FC has stopped vehicles loaded with relief things. He informed that Non- Government Organizations and donors companies are not allowed to distribute relief things among victims. FC has stance that only it will do distribution, work and goods to be provided only them.

The Pakistan National Disaster Managements (PNDM) has announced that Awaran relief works will be managed by them and they are capable for this, too. PNDM announced international and local organizations will not be allowed to carry-out relief operation in earth quake stricken areas. It has been witnessed that never such policy was adopted about the disastrous areas of country, like earth quake in Kashmir, Ziarat and flood in Sindh and other parts of state, this attitude only has been adopted for Baloch areas people.

In a pass statement posted on its website, France-based Doctors without Border has resented the government disallowed its medical care providers to enter Awaran, the area which suffered the most when earthquake struck the province.

This attitude of state authorities indicates they are hushing-up something from world; therefore they are not letting even doctors who are totally non-politician. Question is this troubled people to be provided maximum relief. This must be uttered why foreigner not allowed and themselves are also not working.

No difference among us: Dr Allah Nazar Baloch

By Interviewer: Sajid Hussain Interviewee: Dr Allah Nazar

Dr Allah Nazar is Balochistan’s most popular middle-class nationalist leader. Belonging from aALLAH NAZAR (8) modest family in Balochistan’s town of Mashkay, he started his political career from Baloch Students Organization (BSO). He founded his own faction of BSO in February 2002 that openly advocated an armed struggle for liberating Balochistan. In 2003, he went underground to organize his own militant group. His Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) made headlines when it claimed responsibility for killing three Chinese engineers in Gwadar on May 2, 2004.

He was picked up by intelligence agencies on March 25, 2005 from an apartment in Karachi where he had secretly come to meet his old BSO comrades. He remained missing for a year. Meanwhile, the BSO initiated mass protests throughout Balochistan and Karachi for his release. On August 12, 2006, Pakistan’s intelligence agencies shifted him to the jail ward of the Bolan Medical Complex in Balochistan’s capital city of Quetta. During his incommunicado detention, he had been subjected to severe mental and physical torture. The photo of a frail Dr Nazar lying on an ambulance stature in the Bolan Medical Complex went viral among the Baloch youth and he soon became an iconic leader.  After his release on bail, he went into hiding again and he now leads the BLF.

Question: When you decided to turn to militancy, why in spite of joining Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) you and your comrades formed Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF)? Many believe that you wanted a middle-class organization as BLA was being led by a tribal chief?

Answer: Not really. For now, our struggle is for national independence and it’s not class-based. At this time, we need unity among all the classes to get our independence. We are all –be it a sardar or a common man – slaves. Once the Baloch get their independence, they will be free to choose a social and political system for themselves through a democratic process.

I agree that tribal system has lost its significance in today’s world. The current tribal system is not the one our ancestors practiced. The Baloch cultural tribal system was distorted by Robert Sandeman during the British rule. He introduced a new system by allocating absolute powers to sardars in order to control the Baloch masses.

After the withdrawal of the British, Pakistan nourished the so-called Sandeman System. Authorities used sardars to counter the Baloch uprising against Balochistan’s forcible accession with Pakistan. Still, most Baloch tribal chiefs, except for Khair Bux Marri, are the stooges of the ruling establishment. So people have lost faith in this system and tribalism is dying a natural death. In many areas of Balochistan, it has vanished for good.

Question: What’s your idea of an independent Balochistan?

Answer: I want it to be a democratic, secular and welfare state where every citizen – irrespective of their class, gender, religion or caste — has access to free education and healthcare. Every citizen should enjoy equal rights without any discrimination.

Also, an independent Balochistan would not enter into the nuclear arms’ race and it would promote peaceful co-existence among neighbouring countries.

The state would promote arts, science and literature under the policy of free-speech. I strongly believe in free-speech and it’s one thing that can guarantee the prosperity and success of a nation.

Question: The divisions among the once-united Baloch separatist leaders are no longer a secret. Don’t you think it will help Pakistan to counter the Baloch insurgency?

Answer: Honestly, I don’t see any major differences on the ground. We have joint guerilla camps and we are cooperating with each other. In fact, one BLF fighter and one from BLA were killed by Pakistani forces recently when they were on a joint mission.

Question: But Hairbiyar Marri’s supporters are openly criticizing you on social media and similarly your supporters are speaking against Mr Marri.

Answer: I’m aware that some people have been saying things on the social media that they shouldn’t. I’ve asked my supporters not to use such a language against any Baloch leader who’s part of the Baloch independence movement. But, as I said, we are one on the ground despite these differences on social media. Efforts are being made to sort out these minor differences.

Also, I believe that Pakistan’s atrocities against the Baloch people will keep us united. Pakistani forces are out to kill every Baloch, irrespective of their affiliation with organizations. So the Baloch groups will eventually realize that this enemy can only be defeated with unity in our ranks.

Question: The BLF is the dominant group in the strategically important Makran region which is home to the Gwadar port and borders Iran. But it’s also a fact that the BLF is the most cash-starved group and many think that it won’t survive in the long run?

Answer: The BLF has sustained for the past 12 years on the donations of the Baloch nation. We’ve a huge Baloch Diaspora who has been funding our struggle. And I’ve faith in them. We rely on their moral and financial support.

Apart from BLF, other groups are also operating in Makran. Similarly, BLF is expanding to other regions of Balochistan. So I don’t think that the struggle will die anytime soon because of financial restraints. We always have an alternative strategy and we’ll survive.

Question: The Nato forces plan to withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014 and talks are in the process with Taliban to give them a share in Afghan government. Don’t you think it will seriously affect the Baloch armed struggle as a Taliban government will be more sympathetic to Pakistan than the Baloch?

Answer: The withdrawal of Nato forces will affect the entire region, and Balochistan is no exception. But it’s a wrong impression that the Baloch armed struggle started after the arrival of Nato forces in Afghanistan and that it will end after their withdrawal.

However, I don’t think the United States should make the same mistake in Afghanistan that the USSR did. Leaving Afghanistan at Taliban’s mercy who are controlled by Pakistan will plunge the entire region to an era of unprecedented instability and chaos. We’ll see worse than we have seen before. My study of the recent developments tell me that the US is not withdrawing completely from Afghanistan and it will be keeping nine military bases.

At the same time, I think Afghanistan is not the root-cause of extremism in the region. Instead, Pakistan is the breeding ground for extremists. The trouble in Afghanistan is because of Pakistani establishment’s policy of blackmailing the world through extremist Jihadis. Be it Afghanistan, Africa or Middle East, Pakistan is exporting extremists there. So Pakistan needs to be tackled first.

If the world powers want stability and peace in the region, they should help us create a secular and moderate state of Balochistan which would serve as a buffer zone between Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. I think it’s the only formula for sustainable peace in the region.

Sajid Hussain works as a freelance journalist, contributing articles for newspapers and news agencies. He mainly covers the war-torn region of Balochistan.

Courtesy to Naked-Punch

Hazara community collects relief things for earthquake victims

Bolan Voice Report

Hazara progressive community for earthquake victims of Awaran arranged a camp to collecthazara community set up relief camp for earth quake vitims donation and goods. Prominent figure of community Comrade Noushad actively took all activities for virtual task.

Comrade Noushad talking with Bolan Voice said he felt great pleaser for helping disastrous people of earthquake stricken Awran’s Baloch’s. Further said progressive and political worker in large number visited camp and contributed in fund raising for Baloch victims.

Comrade Noushad told Hazara community is equally engraved and ready to help their brother. He said that they equally aggrieved and ready to help their brothers. He said that Hazara community passionately took part in collecting relief goods, and in this campaign all walk of life even school children also participated. He said that they will hand handover collected cash amount and goods to real Baloch Nationalist Baloch means Student Organization-Azad for distribution.

Island pops up off Gwadar

The earthquake that struck parts of Balochistan and Sindh was followed by the emergence of an island off the coast of Gwadar.

“The island popped up soon after the ea5242c2c886448rthquake. Our staff stationed in Gwadar has reported that the island is about one and a half kilometres away from the coastline,” Dr Asif Inam, the Principal Scientific Officer of the National Institute of Oceanography, said.

“The island appears to be about 200 metres long, 20 metres high and 100 metres wide. But all this information needs to be verified scientifically. Detailed information will be available tomorrow when the staff visit the site and collect samples,” he added.

An NIO team from Karachi will also visit the site this week.

According to scientists, the Makran coastal belt is reported to have extensive reserves of frozen methane that exist in the form of gas hydrates (crystalline water-based solids physically resembling ice, formed under conditions of relatively high pressures and low temperatures) hundreds of metres below the sea floor. And whenever this highly pressurised gas finds a weak space to release some of its energy, a dome-like structure (island) is created within the waters or it emerges on the sea surface.

“The space to release energy could be formed due to tectonic movements, creating some fractures and fissures in the strata. Sometimes, the structures do not come out of the water and so go unnoticed,” Dr Inam said.

Explaining the topography of the area, Dr Inam said that it was an active seismic region where three tectonic plates — Indian, Eurasian and Arabian — were converging. “The area is required to be mapped in detail to ascertain the potentially hazardous parts. Besides, the area could be explored to overcome the energy crisis.”

According to Dr Inam, the analysis of previously tested gas samples taken from the water column of the Malan island showed that it contained methane, ethane, propane and butane.

All data pointed to the presence of microbiologically generated bacterial methane, excluding thermogenic gas.

It’s the third time in 15 years that such a phenomenon has occurred along the Balochistan coast. Earlier, islands emerged in 1999 and in 2011 at a distance of two kilometres from the Makran coast near the point where the Hingol River drains into the sea. Both islands emerged without an earthquake and collapsed due to strong currents and winds. The same area witnessed an island’s emergence in 1945, following an earthquake. (Courtesy to Dawn)

VBMP arranges seminar

Bolan Voice Report

On 23 September, 2013, a seminar conducted title was “The Role of political parties and civilP1040568 society for stoppage of enforced disappearance and throwing of mutilated bodies”, where a number of journalists, students, political workers and other sphere of life belonging participated.

The chairman Voice for Baloch Missing Person (VBMP) Nasurallah Baloch, Head of HRCP Balochistan Chapter Shamas Mamdokhel, Nasir Kareem, Dr Manan Baloch vice president of Baloch National Movement and others delivered discourses.

Speakers told that Baloch youth are being abducted and afterward their mutilated bodies are being thrown. Institutes are committing genocide of Baloch Nation. Albert, it is inscribed in constitution that masses have right to live freely and international laws also offer same. No one has right to snatch someone’s freedom and enforced to disappear.

Voice for Missing Person representatives told they have knocked at door of each forum for gain of justice but response is not positive. Supreme Court several times gave directives but none of them were complied with them. They appealed media and human rights organization to feel agony of relatives of Baloch Missing Persons and perform their due role for safe release of them.

Speakers further said that during four years 700 Balochs mutilated bodies have been found, whilst thousands are missing. Without resolve of Missing Persons issue peace can’t be maintained in Balochistan.

Dr. Manan Baloch in his telephonic speech said that occupant is abducting Baloch youth extra-Judicially to halt the way of emancipation struggle. The abduction and throwing of mutilated bodies is denounced.

HRCP official Shamas Mandokhel expressed concerns over extra judicial killing and abduction of Baloch political workers. He said that from very first day of this series we had declared it grave violation of human rights and we have established a commission for collecting information about human right violation in remote areas of Balochistan. We demand this series must be ended, otherwise out-comes will be drastic.

Ex-MPA Shah Zaman Rind told, that unfortunately constitution’s supremacy never been accepted. The assemblies are powerless the institutes are occupying all powers in their hands.

Other speakers also expressed grave concerns over human rights violation and abduction of Baloch and demanded this series if in Human practices must be stopped and missing persons must be released.

Gwadar Port, its value and Baloch reservations

By Yousaf Ajab Baloch

Apart from valuable mineral resources, Balochistan has special significance due to the Gwadarajab, bearing position of third Deep Sea Port of Pakistan, about 533 km from Karachi and 120 km from the Iranian border. Gwadar Port is located at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, close to   key shipping routes in and out of the Persian Gulf, in the western province of Balochistan. Since its construction as sea port stated, it has become center of interests by word powers, mainly China. On the one hand if it   increases the expectations of Pakistan and other countries on the other hand augments reservations of Baloch nationalists.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) increased interests of Pakistan in Gwadar in 1954, when Pakistan engaged the (USGS) to conduct a survey of its coastline. The USGS identified Gwadar as a suitable site for a seaport. Pakistan purchased the Gawadar enclave from Oman for 3 million dollar on September 8, 1958, as this port was under the control of Omani state through an agreement with State of Kalat.

As history reveals that before 1784, Gwadar was under the control of the Kalat State, In 1784, the Khan of Kalat, Mir Naseer Khan I, granted charge of  Gwadar and its surrounding area  to Sultan bin Ahmad of the Al Said dynasty of Muscat who, due to an internal power struggle with his brother, Said bin Ahmad, had escaped to Gwadar from Muscat in 1784. Upon returning to Muscat in 1792 and capturing power, Sultan bin Ahmad maintained his possession of Gwadar by appointing a Governor.

The government of Pakistan constructed a small port at Gawadar between 1988 and 1992 at a cost of Rs. 1,623 million, including the foreign exchange component of Belgian Francs 1,427 million, equivalent to Rs. 749 million, which was arranged by the contractor. However, technical and financial feasibility studies for a major deep-sea port at Gwadar were not initiated until 1993 under the Government of Pakistan’s 8th Five Year Plan (1993-1997).

Having matchless geography, Gwadar Port almost benefits all countries in the region. A large number of countries can benefit from Gawadar port in the region and in some way it benefits the entire world with reference to the trade links with Central Asian Countries, Persian Gulf, East Africa, United Arab Emirates and North Western India.   Furthermore, Afghanistan has no routes and it is dependent on Pakistan, through Gwadar the access to international waters, it would be helpful in reconstruction   and development of this war affected country. The successful and functional Gwadar Port is beneficial for International companies from rest of the world who look to gain from this Port and set up their businesses with low cost labor.gwadar2-300x293

There is great interest of China in Gwadar port because China’s interest and investment in Gwandar is, since it   doesn’t have any port of hot waters, which can be used the whole year, though it occupies  a huge area of world’s land. The distance of Chinese industrial approach to the Shinghai port is approximately 16000 km and the sea travel of 2-3 months is additional. This costs them a lot in the form of taxes and duties as well. As compared to this, Gwandar port is only on a distance of 2500 km from China and the port is working for the whole year because of the hot waters here.

It goes without saying; China is greatly dependent on this Baloch port.  China is dependent on the oil from the gulf; at present this oil passes via a very long route, when this oil reaches Shanghai, then it is transported thousands of miles in land to west of china, so this route becomes very costly for china .However, using Gawadar port and then Karakoram Highway (KKM), it becomes cheaper, protected and shorter route to china. Due to lack of means china has not been able to influence Middle East, as it has very important status in the world because of its Oil Reserves and large markets.

A number of countries, mainly,  China looks towards success of Gwadar Port, to have its Naval Base in Gwadar and achieve a secure and shorter route for its goods to Middle East and this will help her to increase her trade. However, the successful and functional port is still a dream for Pakistan, China and interested countries. Though this port is owned by the government‘s Gwadar Port Authority and operated by China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC) a state-run Chinese firm. Previously, it was operated by PSA International (2007-2012). In February, 2013 Pakistan formally awarded the contract for the operation of Gwadar Deep Seaport to China.

There are different factors due to which even after the completion of seven years of Gwadar port, still it gives a deserted look.  Though, the success and functionality of Gwadar levels a ground for benefiting for elite classes in Balochistan, businessmen from Punjab and state of Pakistan and china; however, militant groups of Balochistan and Baloch nationalists oppose Gwadar Port   and consider it an immense conspiracy against Baloch nation.

The pro-parliament Baloch nationalists have reservations on the Gwadar project and the proposed construction of military installations at the will of foreign elements. They say that employment of people from other parts of the Pakistan will change the Baloch into a minority. Their other political concerns include the construction of cantonments that perhaps in their opinion would control the wealth of the province. They urge that Non-Baloch settling in Gwadar or elsewhere in Balochistan should not exercise the right of vote. They would not be allowed to be domiciled in Balochistan so that the Baloch are not turned into a minority.

These pro-parliament Baloch say that decision making power regarding Gwadar and control of it should be in the hand of provincial government, rather than federal government to only benefit Punjab elites, and only the local population of Balochistan should be trained and employed for the Gwadar project. In addition, The Baloch nationalists fear that Chinese presence will further militarise the Balochistan coast and the Makran region, causing massive unrest and raise tensions and suffering for Baloch.

However, Baloch pro-freedom nationalist  parties and militant organizations who are fighting, what they call it for an independent Balochistan, fully oppose Gwadar port and consider it an occupation over Baloch resources and view this mega project an effort to drown out their calls for independence. They consider Gwadar project as   a new move by state to dominate Balochistan. They justify that Balochistan is treated as a colony and its resources and mineral wealth are plundered.

Baloch militant organizations apply guerrilla attacks to fail Gwadar port and other mega projects, considering them against the will of Baloch people. In 2004, three Chinese engineers helping to build Gwadar were killed in a car bombing; Baloch liberation Army (B.L.A) claimed the responsibility of killing them. In 2010 in a rocket attack at PC hotel Gwadar three engineers were injured. Recently when China was granted control of the Gwadar Port in Balochistan, a massive attack on a security checkpoint on July 27, 2013 killed ten personnel of the Coast Guards. Baloch Liberation Front (B.L.F.), claimed responsibility for the attack and said that the assault had actually killed 25 personnel and they took two personal of the Coast Guards in their custody. Prior to this B.L.F attacked a Chinese survey team in 2012 in Gwadar, as a result one person was killed and another wounded. The Baloch militant organizations warn that “no investors, be them national or International, will be allowed to invest in Balochistan without the consent of Baloch Nation.”

Gwadar Port can be great source of economic development not only in Balochistan but also it can bring a great regional change. However, as long as the Baloch reservations increase the chances of the failure of this project or other mega projects increase. The Baloch worries increase because the native people of this land or the stakeholders have bitter experience of deprivation of their own minerals and resources. Therefore, the state has not been able to build the trust of Baloch nationalists and Baloch with hard stance for freedom of Balochistan.

With no agreement of Baloch there is no possible success of development projects in Balochistan unless the stakeholders are consulted and given equal respect and ownership of their resources recognition.

The trust of Baloch   could easily be built if here were confidence building measures including constitutional, political, judicial, national and international guarantees to gain the confidence of Baloch nationalists, Pro-freedom organizations and Baloch armed groups. However, there is no existence of intentions that can make ways to talk with Baloch nationalists.  It is suggested, the projects which benefit internationally such as Gawadar, should have international guarantee so that there may be some possibilities of the success of the projects in Balochistan, because in this way the Baloch militant organizations who believe in International guarantees may avoid harming the international organizations.

Gwadar; a golden sparrow

Gwadar is considered as a golden sparrow not only for Pakistan but also for Asia and Europe. Due to a great strategic value and vis-à-vis the Straits of Hormuz, it has drawn to attention of superpower countries to make good ties with Pakistan in order to coordinate for trade externally and internally. However, needless to mention Pakistan and China have good relationship since their appearance. Recently, China has interest to operate the Gwadar port to boost its economy. The question is that how China can operate the Gwadar-Port, because the context of Balochistan is a huge threat not only for foreign also for local people due to law and order situation in Balochistan particularly in Makuran Division.

Furthermore, if the situation of Balochistan remains the same position which were before like abducting, target killing, and extra judicial killing of Baloch, it would be a big challenge for China to operate the Gwadar-Port and use the route of Balochistan for trade.

On the other hand after the powerful earthquake, one island has found in the sea of Gwadar that is full of natural resources to be utilized to enrich the economy of Pakistan and Balochistan. Sadly despite the fact that Balochistan is chock-full of natural resources, still people live under the poverty-stricken.

Government should take Baloch into confidence to decide for assigning any agreement with international countries to trade in Balochistan that is the land of Baloch even if a province of Pakistan.


Strong democratic Afghanistan and independent Balochistan essential for regional peace

Pashtun-Baloch Unity Day was observed in Kabul on Saturday where Pashtun and Baloc1002192_651737481517231_2011455136_nh leaders gave vent to their views how to address the issue of militancy, insecurity and Talibanization. The crux of what they say is that the military establishment in Pakistan has been responsible for the current day plight of the two peoples—Pashtuns and Balochs.

This Unity Day has been observed since 1949 aimed at cementing relations among Pashtuns and Balochs, who are straddling on both sides of the Durand Line. The day has been observed in such a while when Pashtuns and Balochs have become a worst victim to an international conspiracy—the war on terror. Their voices are being gagged and their leaders being killed.

In such a critical juncture, the unity of the two peoples, living in a strategically important region, needs to be cemented more and more. The contentious Durand Line has undermined the strength of the two peoples. On the Afghan side of so-called line, the de-facto frontier stretches from Nimroz in the southeast to Nuristan in the northeast. On the other side of the line, the de-factor border includes the provinces of Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and the tribal belt—the seven tribal agencies.

The land where Pashtuns and Balochs live has been of utmost importance for the international powers because of its geopolitics and strategic location. For certain strategic, economic and other objectives the land of Pashtuns and Balochs have been pushed into a perpetual state of mayhem and confusion. The lives of these two peoples have become miserable at the hands of those who cannot tolerate their political, educational and economic development. To be specific, it is Pakistan that’s blameworthy. Being obsessed unhealthily with Pashtun-Baloch unity, Pashtuns have been given over representation in Pakistan army and its top spy agency, the ISI, while throwing the human and political rights of Balochs away. It is a deliberate attempt by Pakistan military strategists and establishment to bring a cleavage between the two ethnic nations.

Pakistan has long been supporting the Taliban because they also alienate the ethnically, religiously and linguistically diverse populations in Afghanistan and Pakistan. For instance, the Taliban chauvinism has led to the failure to unite with the adjacent Baloch, who at times have demonstrated even greater hostility to the Pakistan state, with their continuous history of insurgent resistance. This is highly advantageous for Pakistan—a country that has already lost its eastern wing in 1971 when the Bengalis successfully tore the Pakistan state into two. With secessionist movement in Balochistan, and disgruntle among Pashtuns of Pakhtunkhwa and the tribal belt, Pakistan is once again faced with the same situation. Being fallen victim to its own strategy, Islamabad has nothing to say but to blame India for security situation in Balochistan.

Pakistan is also squaring off with India in Afghanistan but it has lost the race, which is why it is hell-bent on blaming New Delhi for insecurity in the tribal belt in Pakistan. But the allegations of Pakistan seem to be unfounded as Baloch resistance movement started in 1948. It continuously remained a serious challenge for Pakistan in 1958-1959, 1962-63, 1973-77, and 2002-2009 and onwards. Instead of waning, their resistance against the Pakistan state has become more vigorous with the passage of time.

Pakistan considers the Taliban an effective tool in undermining and gagging the Pashtun irredentist movement and as well as causing a schism among Pashtuns and Balochs. The Balochs live on both sides of the Durand Line as well as in neighbouring Iran. People on both sides of the Durand Line consider it just a line and not an international boundary. The ongoing war on terror has been going against the interests of Pashtuns and Balochs as the war has become directionless. Unlike the Taliban, Pashtun nationalists and Balochs consider the Punjab-led establishment in Pakistan responsible for their backwardness.

The war in Afghanistan should have come to an end after the USSR pulled out its troops but it didn’t happen. Why? Because the military establishment in Pakistan didn’t want peace in Afghanistan. It is well evident from the statement of Pakistan’s then Lieutenant General and head of ISI, AKhtar Abdur Rahman, who was assassinated in a plane crash along with then Pakistan President Zia-ul-Haq. He said that Kabul must burn and it is burning even today. Why did he say that Kabul must burn? Because they knew that Kabul has been a symbol of Pashtun-Baloch unity and once that’s destabilized their unity will be undermined forever. But those who are against the unity of Pashtun-Baloch should know that their turn is coming to an end that will be followed by our turn.

They speakers said strong democratic Afghanistan and independent Balochistan essential for peace and stability in the region. The two nations must strengthen their historical relations in order to defeat their common enemy.

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APC is to counter Baloch struggle: BSO-A

In a statement issued by Baloch Students Organization – Azad (BSO-A), the spokesman has saidimages that All Party Conference (APC) called by Pakistan is merely to counter the Baloch freedom struggle. With dummies like CM Malik and Akhtar Mengal, Pakistan is trying to pave way to make more space for its terrorist atrocities in Balochistan.

Pakistan let Dr. Malik to become chief minister under a long-term plan. They are once again trying to fool the Baloch people by inviting them to negotiations, but the Baloch have already rejected any such invitations. Clear example of this is May 11 general elections where Balochistan witnessed a complete boycott which exposes the reality of new government formed in Balochistan.

Baloch genocide is on full swing, Pakistan is upto strengthen its occupation by giving more and more space to its political, military, judicial and media machinery in Balochistan, the spokesman said.

BSO-A also condemned Pakistani civil society and rights groups for their biased stance on the human rights violation in Balochistan that has indirectly empowered the state to continue its atrocities unabated. (Sagaar.Net)


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