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The cohesive bases of the Baloch Nationalism

The subject has been taken from book of Taj Mohammad Breseeg “Baloch Nationalism, its origin and development”.


Rise of Baloch Rule

When did the first Baloch tribal unions arise? The early political history of the Baloch is obscure. It appears to have began with the process of the decline of the central rule of the caliphate in the region and the subsequent rise of the Baloch in Makkoran in the early years of the 11th century. The Umawid general Muhammad bin Qasim captured Makkoran in 707 AD. Thereafter, Arab governors ruled the country at least until the late 10th when the central rule of the Abbasid caliphate began to decline. The period of direct Arab rule over Makkoran lasted about three centuries. By gradually accepting Islam, the scattered Baloch tribes over vast area (from Indus in the east to Kerman in the west), acquired a new common identity, the Islamic. Thus Islam gave them added cohesion. The Arab rule also relived them from the constant political and military pressure from Persia in the north. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, they benefited materially from the growth of trade and commerce which flourished in the towns and ports under the linked India to Persia and Arabia through western Makkoran. These developments appear to have played a significant role in enabling the Baloch to from large-scale tribal federations that led to their gradual political and military supremacy in the territories now forming Balochistan during the period of 11th to 13 centuries.

With the decline of the central rule of the Islamic Caliphate in the 10th century local rules and trial chieftains begin, once again, to reassert their power and influence. It is precisely during this period that the Muslim chroniclers took note of the account of the Baloch in connection with their conflicts with the rising local Iranian and Turk dynasties in Kirman, Khurasan, and Sistan. The Baloch are reported to have been dealt a devastating blow in Kirman by the Dailami ruler Azdu-al Doula (949-982 AD) and his uncle Muizz-Doula in second Khabis by the troops of Ghaznavid Sultan Mahmud and his son Masud, at the beginning of the 11th century.

It is generally believed that the traditional era of the Baloch begins from Mir Jalal Han. The Baloch oral history states that in the 12th century forty-four Baloch Boloks (tribals) headed by Mir Jamal Han were forced by the early Turkish raids or as the historian Dr. Inayatullah Baloch believes, “ by the Persians”, to migrate from Kerman and Sistan into Makkoran, Relying on the corps of traditional poetry, the Daptar, Mir Jalal Han founded a large tribal union was based on an egalitarian system. The Baloch under Mir Jalal Han recognized their military organization by divisions according to Dr. Baloch later became the basis of the five major tribes, namely Rind, Lashari, Korai, Hount, and Jatoi. Jankovesky confirms this notion by asserting that it is evidently during this period that the major tribal unions, which formed the nucleus of the Balochi feudal nationality in the sequel, arose. He adds that “several small feudal states” also flourished there including Turn with its capital Khuzdar in eastern Balochistan, Kanabil, present day Gandava, Kech in Makkoran and others.

The early Balochi epic poetry, which dates from the 12th century, refers to Mir Jalal Han as the ruler of all the Baloch. However, there is considerable confusion surrounding the whole region of Mir Jalal Han. Apart from the Baloch traditions and the writing of the Baloch nationalist writers, there is not sufficient historical record. The war ballads do not give much detail about his further rule and his is, however, opined that after his death, Mir Jalal Han’s kingdom was divided among his five divisional military chiefs. According to Longworth Dames, however, four of them, namely Rind, Lashari, Korai, and Hout were his sons, and the fifth one, Jato Bibi was daughter. The Baloch nationalist writers and poets have paid Mir Jalal Han great tribute. They consider him as a “founding father of the Baloch nation” and the founder of the first “Baloch confederacy” in Balochistan. At the beginning of the 13th century, Balochistan was attacked over and over again by the Mughals. They destroyed the Baloch polity. The economic system was damaged and oases were reduced to deserts. However, the Baloch ethnic stock, that successfully withstood the onslaughts of the Mughals, founded the Sultanate of Makkoran, with Kech as its capital city possibly in the late thirteenth century. Marco polo, who sailed along the Makkoran coast on his way home in 1290, describes, “Kesmacoran [Makkoran and its capital Kech] is a kingdom having a king of its own and a peculiar language”. He further records that the people “live by merchandize and industry, for they are professed trades, and carry on much traffic by sea and land in all directions.

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Comrade Kair Bux Mari: The lion-hearted Baloch nationalist leader no more

By Shehzad Baloch

Comrade Khair Bux Marri, a veteran Baloch nationalist leader and politician passed away in a local hospital in khair bukhshKarachi, since, comrade was going through a protracted illness in his homeland Balochistan. Without the proper medical treatment his health was very critical that he got admitted in Intensive Care Unit room in Liaqat Hospital, Karachi. During his life time, he was one of the ever personalities who always had deep thoughts of the welfare of his entire Baloch nation and took pragmatic steps for its prosperity and autonomy as well.

Comrade Kair Bux Marri’s contribution to his nation can’t ever be glossed over, for he relentlessly devoted his complete life span to his nation. He was born in Kohlu district of Balochistan in 1928. Basically, he got education from Chief’s College Lahore which at present goes under the name of Aitchisn College. His educational interests were always attached to the subjects of politics and philosophy which launched him to the career as a politician. He was also known as a Marxist by his convictions and a philosopher by his philosophical thoughts. Moreover, he was the head of the Marri tribe in Balochistan.

Since, Comrade Kair Bux Mari, was also known as the top leader of a banned militant armed group, better known as Baloch Liberation Army, BLA, which is currently being manipulated under the supervision of underground leadership. Being head of the Marri tribe, he had a huge power among his people and today, in the liberation movement Marri Balochs have the considerable contribution in it for regaining the independence from the subjugating State by dint of armed resistance. For this national cause, he overtly passed on the message of ‘armed resistance’ against the rival to his entire Marri tribe and to the entire Baloch nation. Moreover, he never let other non-Baloch people drive his nation in his existence as well as he stood against all the odds and preferred a dignified death to the degrading life.

To define his personality more accurately, in one of the articles of Malik Siraj Akbar, he mentions about the nationalist attributes of Comrade Kair Bukhsh Marri that “If there was ever a theory of Islamabad being able to buy off a Baloch leader by bribing him or offering him a top government position, Comrade Marri refused to be that leader. He will carry with himself a legacy that will distinguish him from his contemporaries such as Ghaus Baskh Bizenjo and Akbar Khan Bugti. While Bizenjo, during the last days of his life, softened his stance against the federation of Pakistan, Akbar Khan Bugti, on the contrary, turned into a hero after he took a strict position against Islamabad and was eventually killed in a military operation.

In addition to that, he mentions, “Comrade Marri stands different from the rest of his contemporaries as he lived all his life as a strong Baloch leader who was never apologetic about his political beliefs and demands. He did not contribute much to Balochistan’s street politics nor did he form a political party to advance his mission. His was a role of a political philosopher for the Baloch nationalist movement who continued to convince his followers through lectures and study circles as to why it was important for the Baloch to have their own country. He insisted that Pakistan had occupied Balochistan and expanded injustices against the Baloch people, in addition to exploiting their mineral wealth”.

10365716_1432569420343754_3906503293548340996_nHowever, even in his 80s he never gave up being a nationalist who believed in politicization and liberty of his people. At the end of his life with the appeal of his people to the so-called government for his swift medical treatment in international countries, but alas, provided the fact that the government didn’t approve their appeal and its denial further put more complications for due medical treatment and there in Liaqat National Hospital he breathed his last and the news of his abrupt demise has posed an unending array of mourning to the Baloch nation.

Though, in Balochistan, “Kill and dump” policy is very rife at the hands of state forces, still, He lived in Balochistan and struggled for his nation. He often said, “If I were to get sold and to give up my struggle for the eternal freedom of Baloch people, I would prefer death than betraying my nation”. His left political, philosophical tactics and guidelines are a source for the entire war-torn nation, indeed, Comrade Kair Bukhsh Marri, is alive eternally in our hearts and his contribution will be engraved in the golden pages of Baloch history. As he remained one of the true leaders of Baloch nation without the slightest bit of his self-interests; indeed, he lives alive forever in the history of Balochistan and his virtual support is their always with his fellows who are currently struggling for an independent Baloch-istan.

Comrade Khair Bukhsh Marri funeral procession in Quetta:

Departed comrade Khair Bukhsh Marri funeral was brought by C-31 to Quetta CMH where a large number of his revered 10398037_644601725629350_135307045916652998_npeople were waiting to receive beloved leader for solemnization and look at their deceased leader last. By an ambulance the dead body of comrade Marri was brought to hockey ground at Zarghoon road where since morning a large crowed got gathered to receive the honored leader remaining.

At the arrival of cadaver to stadium an emotive scene could be observed that female and male started shouting slogan of freedom with full throat and series of chanting continued for hours. The number of demonstrator was too high that funeral couldn’t arrange in stadium due to small space. The demonstrators along with funeral moved to New-Kahan an adjacent area of Quetta city, mostly residents are of Marri tribe and follower of comrade Khair Bukhsh Marri.

The elder son Changez Marri of comrade Khair Bukhsh Marri wanted to bury the cadaver in ancestral area Kahan district Kohlu but other son and the followers of comrade insisted for burial in New-Kahan Quetta among ideological comrades cemetery “Shuhda Qabristan”. The martyred of Baloch Movement who accepted lives in the pursuance of freedom for Balochistan are laying in rest.

The revered people were sobbing and crying for severance of great comrade Khair Bukhsh Marri but courageous people were consoling to aggrieve for being patient and were telling for adherence with deceased leader’s ideology. Comrade laid to rest among his ideological friends because the wheel of evolution cannot be stopped; the birth and demise are part of this evolution cycle.

The great leader would say, “The oppressed people of the world only can liberate themselves through constant struggle and ones who made sacrifices, now they are ruling the world”.

Pakistan nuclear test in Balochistan and its fatal repercussions

By Hanif Baloch

Enrico Fermi is considered a major figure in the discovery of nuclear energy. This physicist was born in Rome, Italy, was NuclearTests-ChaghiHillsthe first scientist to split the atom and his research later led to nuclear power generation. Together with Leo Szilard, Fermi discovered the first nuclear reactor that caused nuclear chain reactions.

It was in 1934 when Fermi achieved success in his beta ray emission theory in radioactivity. He then pursued further study to determine the creation of artificially radioactive isotopes through the bombardment of neutron. His research on the bombardment of uranium with slow neutrons is now what we call atomic fission. This led Fermi to continue his research together with Leo Szilard. Together, they worked on building an atomic pile which could produce a controlled release of nuclear energy initially at Columbia and later on at the University of Chicago. They completed this project in 1942.

Following the same mentioned technology state of Pakistan in 1972 commenced establishing nuclear technology and after few decades this state on 28th May, 1998, tested its nuclear bombs in mountain Koh Kambar Raskoh hills of Chaghi in North West Balochistan. For many people this day has been celebrating as Yum-e-Takbeer, (the greatness day) a pride for them but for Baloch Nation this day is mourn. That day was not a great day for Baloch Nation, but they are calling their self as an Islamic atomic power. After testing nuclear explosion the engineers and scientist paid a postrait nuclear and thanked Allah that they got nuclear power.

At that time in Balochistan the BNP (Balochistan National Party-Mengal) was ruling. The mentioned party head Akhtar Mengal was the chief minister of Balochistan and at the arrival of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif the CM of province Mr Mengal himself drove the vehicle from airport to governor house Quetta. Recently, Mr Nawaz Sharif during the visit of Quetta spoke-out that Akhtar Mengal was chanting slogan “Pakistan Zindabad”, “Long live Pakistan” with full-throat after successive nuclear blasts at the site in Raskoh Chaghi. But discussed party says that they were unaware about nuclear explosion schedule and made coalition with same that deceptive Punjab’s leaders. The said party also has taken part in parliamentary process and keeping silence about these testes and devastations in Balochistan.

They showed the world that no one can point out to Pakistan’s sovereignty. Being on seventh ranked in series of atomic power procuring countries the masses of Baloch are below the poverty line and they are living in the stone-age. The people value to sheep, they use their hairs and fabricate tents for shelter. Chaghi is deprived of basic rights, in which the provision of education and water shortage are the most noticeable.

The 30 kilo meter ranging grayish mountainous area of Chaghi after nuclear tests got changed in color yellow and white due to radiation of 30 tons of nuclear materials bombardment with five blasts in Chaghi, meanwhile two in the Kharan Mountains.

The poet Mansoor Baloch in his poetry said, “In the back drop of Balochistan’s occupation everything is weeping, invading the deep impassable sees, which is filled with blood tears”.

The radiation effects of nuclear tests in Balochistan:

The Baloch people of surrounding areas still suffer worst and drought engulfed Balochistan soon after the nuclear explosion also; Radioactivity, leukemia, cancer and numerous genital diseases have been reported from the different surrounding regions.

The people of Chaghi migrated to other parts of Balochistan. A large number of children including women got handicapped. The radiation of nuclear tests still exists in the area and impacting horribly to ecology. The new born babies including women are also suffering from adverse effect of mentioned tests.

Since the dirty nuclear blasts Baloch have been observing 28th May as black day, and condemning the rulers for selecting the Baloch land as their nuclear test venue. Each year this day Baloch protester demand to international community and United Nation to determine the radiation of these explosions in Balochistan.             

Let’s know medical science how elaborates Radiation effects on the Human Body

(1) Hair: The losing of hair quickly and in clumps occurs with radiation exposure at 200 rems or higher.Untitled-1

(2) Brain: Since brain cells do not reproduce, they won’t be damaged directly unless the exposure is 5,000 rems or greater. Like the heart, radiation kills nerve cells and small blood vessels, and can cause seizures and immediate death.

(3) Thyroid: The certain body parts are more specifically affected by exposure to different types of radiation sources. The thyroid gland is susceptible to radioactive iodine. In sufficient amounts, radioactive iodine can destroy all or part of the thyroid. By taking potassium iodide, one can reduce the effects of exposure.

(4) Blood System: When a person is exposed to around 100 rems, the blood’s lymphocyte cell count will be reduced, leaving the victim more susceptible to infection. This is often referred to as mild radiation sickness. Early symptoms of radiation sickness mimic those of flu and may go unnoticed unless a blood count is done. According to data from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, show that symptoms may persist for up to 10 years and may also have an increased long-term risk for leukemia and lymphoma.

(5) Heart: Intense exposure to radioactive material at 1,000 to 5,000 rems would do immediate damage to small blood vessels and probably cause heart failure and death directly.

(6) Gastrointestinal Tract: Radiation damage to the intestinal tract lining will cause nausea, bloody vomiting and diarrhea. This is occurs when the victim’s exposure is 200 rems or more. The radiation will begin to destroy the cells in the body that divide rapidly. These including blood, GI tract, reproductive and hair cells, and harm their DNA and RNA of surviving cells.

(7) Reproductive Tract: Because reproductive tract cells divide rapidly, these areas of the body can be damaged at rem levels as low as 200. Long-term, some radiation sickness victims will become sterile.

Radiation Effects on the Environment

There are many forms of radiation. Some forms of radiation are found in the natural environment and others are due to modern technology. Whether natural or man-made, radiation can be both harmful and beneficial to the environment. The sun, for example can have positive and negative effects on plant and animal life. At low levels, radiation can be beneficial to the environment. On the other hand ionized radiation such as x-rays, gamma rays, alpha and beta particles can be particularly harmful in excessive amounts.

Plant Growth:

Natural radiation is often beneficial to plant growth. It is necessary for many plants to receive some form of non-ionizing radiation. Radiation that produces light in order for photosynthesis to occur is a positive effect that radiation has on plant life. However, according to the Environmental Literacy Council, ionized radiation that occurs from nuclear material may result in weakening of seeds and frequent mutations. For instance, a nuclear plant, called Chernobyl in Russia leaked in 1986 that caused excessive amounts of radiation pollution in that region. A huge cloud of radiation was formed which resulted in a massive amount of destroyed plant life; particularly pine trees in that area. High doses of radiation can be devastating to the environment.

droughtbalochistanThe above mentioned devastation have been destroying the ecology of Balochistan and people are suffering from diseases afterward the nuclear test here. This area people are very poor and they are underdeveloped in all fields of life due to ignorance of state machinery. Instead of providing development in modern time they are gifted nuclear radiations which caused various plants eternal disappearance, infertile of orchards about fruits, contamination, drought and abnormality in new born babies.

The political parties of Balochistan haven’t learnt any lesson from past and they assisted state to use Balochistan as its laboratory because they have share or these have been founded by establishment. These said parties never observe black day the 28th May but in their informal meetings condemn the tests. These parties on one hand manipulating to contend masses and on the other hand colluding with state to spoil Baloch and their lives but they get incentives and privileges for doing so.

Balochistan; medically strapped and the emerging problems of health

“Owning to the lack of highly sophisticated doctors, the medical requirements, general and executive sustainability of hospitals, Balochistan is pouring out blood tears for more than the imagined decades, the health sector, thus, remains under many foisted debilities to facilitate the masses with due proper and therapeutically assured medical treatment, since, health sector is not given the slightest bit of attention from the so-called authorities concerned, for what child mortality rate is on the rise in most of the less-developed districts of Balochistan”.

By Basheer Ahmed Ijbari

ijbariThe health sector in Balochistan is not flourishing; rather, it is going from bad to worse in almost all districts of Balochistan. Regrettably, they are only Hospital buildings available for the decoration of cities and villages. And if we talk further about the buildings of hospitals, there are no good facilities, like emergency wards and laboratory systems, x-ray rooms, ultrasound systems and Out Patient Door, OPD, except Quetta, which is the capital of Balochistan. Unfortunately, others districts are facing hardships due to paucity of facilities, the masses of Balochistan are facing a lot of disturbances and problems as well as another problematic facet of the medicore health sector is that  Doctors are also not dutiful due to their private clinics and medicals stores, where they are performing their duties round the clock.

The problems, which hospitals possess, are limited drugs and laboratories. Lets say that these are not available in 6D08325C-E527-4D32-AF0C-1DD16C31DF65_mw1024_s_nhospitals indeed under the general rational observation this huge deprivation emerges overtly. Also, the people are extremely disappointed due to their leaders’ insincerity with the masses.

Indeed, health is one of the biggest problems of Balochistan; plenty of patients have died due to the problems concerning health. Moreover, in delivery cases lots of females have died in Balochistan and also in district Panjgoor its number is high, which the current health Minister Rahmat Baloch himself has said. And in Panjgur district during delivery cases, the ratio of death is high as compared to Balochistan’s other districts, too. Besides these delivery cases, other cases are too, like accidents and mostly appendix cases, are on the rise in Balochistan. And due to the lack of facilities, patients, under compulsion, are brought to Quetta for treatment. As well, patients are underdog whether they remain alive or not, and no one cares about them, except Allah, who saves their lives.

These tribulations of the health sector in Balochistan, at any cost, are to be removed by the current provincial government. Pathetically, these tribulations that are occurring in Balochistan should have been eradicated earlier, but we are facing them in 21st century. And health minister should also pay heed to these tribulations, which he himself is well acquainted with them. In advance, the chief minister Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch’s government promised that it would remove health related problems in Balochistan, and the masses still remember his promise. Therefore, they should now take some bold and pragmatic steps in order to bring some improvement in the health sector.

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‘Break-the-silence and Save-the-Girls-education’

The protests in front of the Quetta press club against the forced closure of all girls’ educational institutions of Panjgur.

Bolan Voice Report

Baloch students, teachers, social and political activists protesting outside the Quetta press club against the silence of both provincial and federal government over the forced closure of girls’ private and public educational institutions in Panjgur.

Quetta: After receiving deadly threats from an underground yet unknown extremist religious group all the public and p4-1024x682private educational institutions of Panjgur remained forcefully closed due to that the tensions of insecurity have been increasingly on the rise among the parents and the female students of Panjgur, a south-western semi-rural district of Baluchistan. In the relevance in order to rise voice against the prolonged silence of both provincial and federal government a gigantic swarm of Baloch male and female students with their parents, teachers, social and political activists and many other people at least from all walks of life peacefully held a protest holding banners on which ‘Save-our-girls-education’ and ‘Break-the-silence’ written and peacefully demanding the authorities concerned as well as the government to take swift action against the newly emerged extremist religious group for the first time in Panjgur.

Moreover, the extremist religious group not much well-known yet goes under the name of ‘Jamat-ul-islamia-alfurQan’ which recently posed deadly threats to the administrators and owners of private and public schools as well as the English language centers to forcefully abandon imparting modern or as they say that ‘European education’ is (Haram) prohibited in Islam and it inculcates western culture and their proclivities into the minds of female students which is totally contrary to the jurisprudence of Islamic sharia, clearly states their issued pamphlet.

Whereas, The recent emergence of this extremist religious group is actually first time in the very tumultuous milieu of Panjgur which never has since its very dawn witnessed any such ‘internal or external extremist group’ emanating from the war-torn soil of Afghanistan and Iran to dwell in Panjgur nor it has given birth to home-grown radical Islamists because the land of Panjgur totally comprises peaceful-minded residents so far as the unpredicted coming-out of this group is concerned. Moreover, with the strict restraints the pamphlet which almost circulated throughout the institutions of Panjgur, declares that “If anyone doesn’t abide by what is strictly mentioned in the Pamphlet would be considered the enemy of Islam and deo volente the alfurQan Mujahidins would leave no stone unturned to live up to their Islamic resultant actions and the ones who disobey what is said they will have to face all the consequences relatively”. Almost currently all the masses of Panjgur have been well-aware of the emergence of the extremist Islamist group in their district since amid an array of such other hindrances and disturbances in terms of the development of the district educationally, agriculturally, socially and in line with the infrastructure It has been for many decades facing crucially problems to fare better. However, since the bringing-in of English language of Sir Zahir Hussan, Panjgur has been on the top of the list among the other educationally best districts of Baluchistan. And it is the district   hich has productively produced best students like Malik Siraj Akbar whose is currently an eminent US-based journalist whose home town is actually Panjgur but now given the abnormal taking place of radical group, perhaps, if the Baloch masses within the district remain silent over this issue, Panjgur would remain always the under-developed and more indulged in terms of everything which is much akin to their destruction in true sense and we must embrace the fact that “educating a male means merely educating an individual, but educating a female means educating an entire family, right by this philosophical quotation one would know the importance of female education for the development of that nation.

More deeply saddening is the fact to state that according to a recent international report that Baluchistan is very regressively retarding in terms of education of both genders, so, Baluchistan would take more than 100 years to reach the expected goal internationally, it needs more quality-based schools, colleges and universities to furnish best students that should at least be both nationally and internationally competitive as graduate, postgraduate and degree holding-students, instead of those all, in the province the number of active Madrassahs is quadrupling and surely there is a threatening possibility of the growth of more such radical Islamist groups. We all know that Baluchistan’s economy is very poor, so, from where funds of construction of Madrassahs are coming? By a little bit of personally cudgeling the brains one would come up with an answer that there is a well-planned story behind it to transform the framework of Baluchistan into the current framework of Waziristan where there the worst scenario of the Children and Women rights abuses taking place, no emancipation to women to get higher or private education, no right to participate where they have to, such a society the extremist sanctimonious Islamists are moving the heaven and earth to foist on the Baloch society whereas the history is evidence that from the very get-go the Baloch nation has been known to be a secular nation and it believes in egalitarianism both of male and female irrespective of the other things. With reference to the same forced closure of approximately 35 top quality-based public and private English educational institutions and of top English language centers in Panjgur, it is not a joke to deprive the nation of education as Baloch people are standing firm to hold the point “no-compromise-on-education”. It is clear that the exclusion of Baloch female participation in modern positive education would retard the complete nation in darkness without any light to find the way-out. It is enough remaining in darkness, now; it is the 21rst century, if the Baloch females are forcefully deprived of education in the presence of their parents, brave brothers, kin and kith so what else remains? Right now every solitary baloch individual within some affiliation with the land of Baluchistan well knows that in the province right now freedom movement is going on, so during this the state is totally devoted to creating many hurdles in the way of that movement, relatively, Banook Kareema from ‘Baluchistan students’ Organization-A’ speaking to the BBC Urdu said regarding the role of Baloch female individuals that “since in this fast developing globe Muslim women, however, have been playing a vital role in Islamic countries where radicalization has no existence, I believe, in Baluchistan, for past few years the baloch females have been very politically, socially and educationally active as the Baloch men. So, I believe, the forced closure of female educational institutions in Panjgoor and other areas of Baluchistan is the conspired work of the State to keep the Baloch females away from modern education which is their substantive need and source of awareness”. Moreover, surprising is the fact that both the provincial and federal government yet haven’t taken this huge issue very seriously as more the Talibanization in the province gets on its rise when uncontrolled merely results in destabilization and unpredicted repercussions therefore it is high time the government, the responsible and the authorities concerned took painstaking measures to root out this extremist terrorist group. If more the government remains silent over this educational deprivation issue of Baloch females so surely the more the Baloch masses feel being deliberately made to confront with such conspired plans under the name of Islam by representing extremist religious group. If there is any jurisprudence of service in the eyes of Government of Pakistan to be extended to the Baloch masses, so they must eradicate this radical group, otherwise, as the common Baloch masses are being threatened by the terrorist group not to educate their female off-springs, and today they burnt down a school-transporting van, tomorrow they might attack the school administrators or the students, if any such incidents took place by the so-called Islamist group, then as a result, The common Baloch masses in order to keep secure the lives of their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters would not take much time in selecting the ‘armed resistance as in defense’ which would lead to civil freedom movement and don’t dare call me anti-state!

Biographical Account of Mir Yousaf Aziz Maggsi

By Kifayatullah Baloch, Kharan

Kifyat ullah kharanHistory bears evidence that the pages full of illustrious personalities whom devoted their lives to their nations. To pay homage and tribute to such personality by jotting down following lines about “Yousaf Aziz Maggsi”

Yousaf Aziz was born in January 1908 at Tahal, in the family of Nawab Qaser Khan migrated to Multan because cruelty and injustice of shams Shah, intensity increased.

Yousaf Aziz was taught Arabic, Persian and literature. He knew well about British cruelty and their flawed jurisprudence of injustice. He thought and planned to get rid of shams shah’s region. He raised his voice against this and planned down an article.” Faryad-e-Balochistan”, which was published in 1927 in Lahore newspaper he stated in his article that, “The world is advancing but folks of Baluchistan are dozing I pled to the people of Baluchistan do not make yourselves a laughing stock, beak the chains of slavery and remove conflicts; be a light for nation learns lesson and sacrifice”. This flammable statement and revolutionary message compelled Baloch to envisage but displeased the state. Then resultantly, The British agent and governor general AGG and resident ordered to crush this rebellion movement. In that way, consequently, his article was banned to distribute and read. Moreover, Yousaf-Aziz-magasiYousaf Aziz was sentenced one year imprisonment and fined ten thousand nine hundred rupees at that time on this short article such heavy and brutal punishment one can judge clearly those difficulties which were faced by Baloch national movement leader, Yousaf Aziz  his party conducted all India Baloch conferences on 28 Dec, 1932, 93, 94. Many objectives these conferences were had which are following.

1. Unity, complete political liberty overall Baluchistan.

2. Patriarchal system to be abolished.

3. Heritage of women according to Islamic law.

4. Inclusion of Derajat and Jackabad.

5. Reforms and provincial grade to Baluchistan.

6. Establishment of new schools and colleges.

7. Establishment of small industries.

8. Ban on tradition such as “Waloor, Lubb, and Kala Kali”.

Unlikely, no result gained from these conferences to achieve complete liberty over Baluchistan, so, he decided to struggle against that system. To reinforce movement he met with Allama Iqbal, Molana Abu-ul-Kalam Azad, Zafar Ali Khan “editor Zameendar Lahore”. He invited several youngsters by his struggle into the movement. Continuously, he wrote many articles on subjects such as Islamic system of Justice, rights of women, capitalism and many more.

In addition to that, He held secret meetings with Khan-of-Kalat Mir Ahmed Yar Khan in which he planned; an ambassador strove to make them acknowledged Baluchistan as free sate according to the British treaty 1976. But dialogue with British government was in vain because British did not want this. He came back from England and expounds the last option, 1934 in Al Baloch Newspaper. He said” the only option and means to unite Baloch people and get freedom is “Arm struggle” with reference to this Dr. Anayat writes in his book. “Yousaf Aziz decided to organize vast Arm struggle and appealed for assistance from Russia. Today’s writers do not fell tiresome to pen down that. “Yousaf did not want to pick sword, but when we study Al-Baloch Newspaper. The sayings of Yousaf the great leader that he was the favor of such arm struggle, then, the faces of these writers become transparent and down.

To understand the revolutionary image of Yousaf Aziz, their leading dogmas are well dogmas are well enough (Nationalism and developing Islam). Today the soul of him must be agonized because his homeland is occupied. Some fake and so called nationalist present his glorious and great thought in other shape. This will be assuredly a joke to his theory. He was the founder of Baloch national movement whatever his silent feature is for his homeland, service for Baloch national movement. They are clean and crystal, but it is painful to say that he was separated; physically from us in mid night as May 31, 1935 in catastrophic earth Quake attacked Quetta. His thoughts, ideas, to a new state, his struggle, and his theory still exist today.

Everyone flowed tear to his sudden death, Mir Gull Khan Chate (Baloch poet, historian wrote a letter (31 August, 1935) to Nawab Zada Mir Shahbaz Khan Nosherwani, the younger brother of Nawab-e-Kharan and great activist of Baloch National Movement) about the sudden martyrdom of Yousaf Aziz there is no heart which does not beat. The cloud of sorrows, there is no eye which does not have tear, he showed the path and vanished, and he was the light for Baloch but inspired spirit of struggle and took flight in the sky”. At last we as a Baloch should think like Yousaf and struggle by adopting his method so that we may prosper and have a free state.

Imperative for Baloch to apply the approach of Yousaf Aziz Magsi: BSF

Bolan Voice Report

The centralized spokesperson of the Baloch Solution Front consisted alliance of Baloch Watan Movement, Balochistan3162020294_77b5b4e68c_o Independence Movement as well as Missing Baloch Movement in his issued statement has said that Baloch national leader Mir Yousaf Aziz Magsi’s invaluable revolutionary struggle along with his pragmatic life is source of guideline. The front in its statement further said that on a national level and political platform, Mir Yousaf Aziz Magi gathered all the disintegrated Baloch individuals against the British subjugation and for the freedom of Baloch nation along with that he innovated various and divergent united ways of the struggle movement. In addition to that, for the interest of freedom he also gave critical heed to the diplomacy of international mobilization and to the journalistic fields, too. He also greatly realized the extremity to unite and make more contacts with the Baloch populated in India, Balochistan and other different countries to struggle in bloc against their enemy and in order to make his own people educationally, politically and mentally present and active-minded revolutionarily and ideologically, he also established various political platforms and thus, in that way strengthened the roots and fundamentals of Baloch nationalism.

The spokesperson also mentioned that when the British powers by dint of force subjugated Baloch-istan in 1839; consequently, the opposition of this international subjugation started sprawling like fire, whereas in the tribal areas of Jalawan, Sarawan and Marri the Baloch people stood up against it.

Moreover, Yousaf Aziz Magsi linked the revolutionary sentiments of his people’s resistance against the subjugators to their national movement and he provided the masses with organizations and issued pamphlets, although, the life did not prove itself loyal to Yousaf Aziz Magsi when a catastrophic earthquake occurred in Baluchistan that resulted in his martyrdom but indeed, markedly today his philosophical thinking, guideline and bravery with tolerance is present for us as an ideological tool.

Furthermore, the spokesperson also said that Yousaf Aziz Magsi also on every solitary step faced many obstacles and problems; the British and its state agencies always tried to dissuade him from the way of his struggle movement but he was a determined and brave leader, indeed whom confronted all the circumstances in tolerant ways to reach to his destination. The chains of forced subjugation could never get enchained his thinking, his struggle and his activities with the ups and downs and the difficulties he faced by constantly giving sacrifices and believing in his ideology made him stand firm on his mission and destination.

Besides, the translator said that the invaluable sacrifices of Yousaf Aziz Magsi and thousands of other revolutionary strugglers’ pragmatic efforts for freedom are a deterrent steel wall for the State that the Baloch despite getting their motherland transformed into getting ruled by the subjugators and for its autonomy and freedom they will move the earth and heaven to grow the seeds of freedom in the heart of their motherland, even if it required blood streams of its people and given this devotion, the Baloch people have never been unaware of their ideologically historical obligation for the defense of its motherland. And today the subjugator state with all every sources and war-weapons is killing and dumping the individuals of Baloch nation but the State must remember that Baloch nation is decisive and in a confident manner with the truth of its struggle than the powers and the traditional elements is more tolerant and the State should remember that this is the motherland of Yousaf Aziz Magsi and in its foundation the blood of Baloch martyrs is also involved. So, Till when the State will run its economic engine by the geographical and strategic significance of Baloch land? Or by exploiting the exudation of Sindak and Riko-dak worth corers for the development and infrastructure of the State and by using it to crush the Baloch nation?

Now, it is imperative for the Baloch nation to strengthen their struggle by applying the method of Yousaf Aziz Magsi and the thousands other to free the Baloch land from the subjugators by standing up together as the power and strength!

Chief Minister Confession for being powerless

By Ahmed Khan

On 28th May, 2014, the Chief Minister of Balochistan Dr Malik Baloch visited the protest camp of comrade Lateef Johar 538e293251f86in front of Karachi Press club, where comrade was sitting on Hunger Strike till Death for the safe and sound release of his abducted leader Zahid Baloch the chairman of Baloch Student Organization Azaad (Bso-A). In addition, Dr Malik confirmed that he knows better Zahid Baloch and in past they practiced politics combined. Between them political differences exist but never ideological.

In camp talking to media men he explained the mentioned facts.

Dr Malik Baloch appealed to Lateef Johar to give up his hunger-strike-till-death but continue other way of struggling. He also informed that he has been contacting with the security agencies about release of Zahid Baloch from the abduction date of BSO-A chairman but he couldn’t make any achievement in this regard.

When Dr. Malik was questioned he is visiting the hunger protest with Chief Minister Capacity or as a common Baloch? So, he replied, “I am visiting and appealing to Lateef Johar to end Hunger Strike as a common Baloch”.

At that occasion Baloch student organization (Azad) acting chairman Banuk Kareema Baloch said that she is the eye-witness, saying that the frontier corps (FC) accompanying secret agencies personnel picked-up Zahid Baloch the Chairman of organization. Further, she said that on the abduction occasion crowd got gathered on Mekuran road, Satellite town Quetta, they witnessed Zahid Baloch captured by FC and agency officials. Banuk Kareema narrated this in presence of Dr Malik and media men. Moreover, The Chief Minister of Balochistan Dr Malik Baloch on several occasion claimed his government in the province is powerful and his cabinet is authorized in all affairs of the province. He also many times said that federal forces, especially FC is working under the control of provincial government.

This is right time that Dr Malik Baloch materializes his statements on ground. It is confirmed that the abducted BSO-A chairman was abducted by federal forces and it is testified by Banuk Kareema and other citizens of Quetta. Consequently, the chief minister Dr Malik Baloch ordered his controlled forces to bring the disappeared Zahid Baloch on map. Otherwise, those critics will be considered righteous that Dr. Mailk’s statements are merely brags which always evaporate in atmosphere but can’t be seen on ground. In the perspective of Dr. Malik Baloch statement and affirmation about Zahid Baloch’s abduction and contact with federal institutes regarding his release mentions, he is totally helpless and even lapse of months but failure to bring Zahid Baloch on surface is confession for being powerless.

Revolution in Education Sector

“A Teacher is a respectable guru and his advice must be sought and listened to, because he is the one whom can guide you truly and discerningly to find relentless ways of both worldly and afterlife success and prosperity by the dint of experience and knowledge and they are not our slaves but indeed our virtual parents.”

By Zeeshan Hameed Sohr, Kharan

For the starters, I would like to tell you a few things which I see about teachers and the society. Perhaps there will be no learning-revolution_0agreement between the way you think and the way I think. Perhaps I may be opposing the positions taken in the current code of education. I am neither an educationist nor a social reformer. It is my good fortune that I can talk about some fundamental aspects of education and society.

The possibility of any truth about education dawning on educationists should be taken as almost nil. They have been thinking for the last five thousand years but the present condition of education, its structure and the type of man that is produced is so totally wrong that it is natural that only unhealthy and confused leaders are born out of it all. The thinking that is done by the sociologists is also sick and unhealthy; otherwise human beings, their life and their thinking, would have been quite different. Since I am neither an educationist nor a sociologist, it is possible that I can tell you things which can be seen only by looking at the problems directly. For those for whom the scriptures are important, the solutions become more important than the problems. Since I do not know the code of education I can talk directly about the problems.

The very first thing I would like to say is that the present relationship between the teacher and the society has proved dangerous. What is that relationship? The relationship is that the teacher is a slave and the society is the master or owner. What work does the society ask from the teacher? Society wants the teacher to inculcate the old jealousies, old enmities and old thoughts coming down from the past thousands of years into the minds of young children. Those old people, who are as good as dead or dying, want to bequeath, pass on, such things through the teacher into the minds of new generations. It is very surprising that the society demands this type of work from the teacher and the teacher continues to do such work. This is a great disgrace for the teachers. The disgrace is that the diseases from which the past century suffered are passed on to the current century, through the teacher, as needed by the society.

This is needed because the old structure, the vested interests connected with that structure and the blind beliefs established in that structure do not want to die. They want to continue to live within the society. Because of the job done by the teacher, he is respected. Without flattering the teacher and without respecting the teacher, it is not possible to ask for this work from him. That is why it is said that the teacher is a guru, respectable, and his advice must be listened to. Why? – Because the society wants to bequeath its whole pattern of beliefs to its children through the teacher.

The Hindu father wants to make his son a Hindu, and a Mohammedan father wants to make his son a Mohammedan before he dies. The Hindu father also wants to bequeath to his children the dispute with the Mohammedans. Who will do this? The teacher will do it. The old generation wants to impose its blind beliefs on the new generation. Its scriptures, its priests and everything else is to be imposed. It gets this work done through the teacher, but what is the result?

The result is that material wealth is increasing in the world, but mental faculties do not develop. As long as there is that great burden of old thoughts on the minds of the children, their mental faculties cannot develop. In a small child there is the burden of a culture five thousand years old. The very life of that child is crushed under that burden. Because of this, the flame of consciousness cannot be lit and the individuality of the child cannot develop. The material wealth increases because whatever is left by the parents is increased or improved upon by their children. But their mental faculties cannot develop because the children are conditioned in that respect.


Any developmental, creative activity is always future-oriented.

Our whole education is past-oriented. All our doctrines, ideas and ideals are taken from the past. The past is that which is dead and gone. We are trying to impose things which are thousands of years old on the minds of our children. Not only do we impose the ideas, but we call a child ideal that proves him a good follower of the old beliefs? Who is praising such a child? This is being done by the teacher and that is how the leaders of society, religions and the state are exploiting the teacher.

The teacher is made to believe that he is the disseminator of knowledge. He is not the disseminator of knowledge; he is the preserver and maintainer of the status quo of the knowledge that has developed in the past and he is an obstacle to the knowledge that can develop. He does not allow anything to leave the parameter of the past. As a result, we continue to do many types of foolish things. Those old things are not allowed to die. The politician has also understood this and he is also exploiting the teacher. What is surprising is that the teacher is not aware of this exploitation done in the name of service to the society. How many kinds of exploitation are being done! How we can forget our politician. The politician, knowingly or unknowingly, makes his thoughts and ideas enter into the minds of children through the teacher. The priest is also doing the same thing. In the name of religious Education this is going on and every religion goes on trying to make their beliefs and tenets, right or wrong, enter into the minds of children. This is being done at such an unripe age, when the children cannot think. There is no greater crime perpetrated on humanity.

What crime can be greater than making the child believe that what is in the Koran is the truth, or to put all such things into the mind of a child, who is innocent, ignorant and unacquainted with the world, is a worse crime than anything else.

 Those words “honesty is religion” written on our doors can enable perpetration of a bigger dishonesty. It means that honesty will be used for committing dishonesty. But we are not aware of this. This has happened due to our setting the goals to be achieved in the future.  I would like a system of education in which the goal is day-to-day living. There is nothing like future: Whatsoever I am living today is all and everything. We should create such an atmosphere in the Educational institutions which will help us “to understand, to recognize and to know” that howsoever harsh the truth may be, we should respect only those who speak the truth. However different and cruel the truth may appear, the truth only must be respected. From the very first day of our education, all the efforts should be directed towards increasing our recognition and knowledge of what truth is? We should know how to expose the falsehood and should know why we should expose the falsehood. Our Endeavour should be to increase the respect and dignity of truth. Geography, Mathematics, chemistry and physics are not as important as the meditative awareness.

Revolution; At the end I want to leave some questions for my readers.

Do you think it is necessary to give a new type of Education so that people may understand differentiations? Can Objectivity and Subjectivity be separated? Do you think it is possible to give such right education?

The Significance of liberal Education in Modern Era

By Agha Jahanzaib Baloch

Janzib balochEducation is the most important factor behind the progress man has achieved in this world. It has been the permanent character of human history and evolution of thought. However, in the past, it used to be prerogative of only a few privileged men and the pace of development was quite slow. Since it has been disseminated to common people, there has been rapid growth in every sphere of development: science, technology, sociology, politics, anthropology, etc. Now it is treated as basic human right of every man. Though, it encompasses a wide sphere of knowledge, it has been metamorphosed by man according to his needs. It has been mainly applied as a tool of economic development, which has limited its application. Consequently, people are deprived of the potential education offers for the overall development of personality and stability of society. The chaos in modern world is also partly due to this fault. Therefore, in order to meet the multi-dimensional challenges, man faces in the world, it is essential to impart real education i.e. liberal education.

The liberal education has been defined in many ways, though emphasizing, and the similar essential elements. The best open-bookdefinition is offered by the Association of American Colleges and Universities. “Liberal education means to empower an individual and prepare him to deal with diversity, complexity and change”.

As manifest from the definition, the purpose of education is to enable man to surpass the challenges faced in the world, to know and obtain his rights and to accommodate himself in the constantly changing environment in the present day competitive world.

The importance of liberal education in this contemporary globalised world is greatest than ever before. The world has become so shaped that every economic and social activity requires modern and advanced means of communication and technology. The transformation of technological development is on a very fast track. There is a demand of more interactive and communicant manpower to run this complex system. Moreover, despite the interdependence on each other, the diversity in different areas is in sharp contrast. Hence, the man is required to be quite sufficiently prepared to move forward. And the instrument that can enable him to face these challenges is nothing but liberal education.

This is why the renowned scholar “Skarnovey” says: “Liberal education: the developing countries must adopt it as it is a necessity”. Nevertheless, it is essential for every nation but the developed countries are already ahead in this sphere. The developing countries, which are still far behind, need to forge efforts to transform their education system in order to catch up with the rest of the world. Not only because it helps in achieving economic development but also because it fulfills the need of society in every sphere of life.

The sphere of liberal education is wide enough to call it real education. Basically, education is aimed to develop whole being of a person. It is necessary to educate man to learn social ethics, cultural values, religious obligations, and ways and means of a stable society and skills of professional competitiveness. Liberal education, simply, fulfills all these essential needs. It emphasizes the development of a citizen who is professionally capable of living in the society in civilized way – the way which is not only beneficial to himself alone, but also fruitful for other members of his family, community and society.

Moreover, It is best elaborated in the words of Kurth Kahin; “Liberal education teaches something about everything and everything about something”. His words can be best understood by contrast to the maxim “Jack of all; master of none”. Simultaneously, there are also people who are “Jack of none but master of one”. The people, who acquire general education without proficiency in any specific subject, are explained by the first maxim. While some people who are very skilled and highly qualified in one field like an engineer, scientist or doctor but do not know any other subject or field of life; these are referred to the latter assumption. However, liberal education is a moderate way between both the polar positions. It is aimed at making a person ‘a good professional in any one field’ and also to ‘possess knowledge and skills about other important fields’. More importantly, it makes constructive members of society better described as “Jack of all; master of one”.

In such a way, the objectives of liberal education are multifaceted, which address the requirement of society to a considerable extent. These objectives are briefly discussed here:

Firstly, it is the most important for a man to be an informed citizen. The people who are concerned only with their single professional field of occupation cannot be ideally good citizens. They would only be members and nationals of a community or nation. A good citizen is required to be participatory in the social and political building of community, which is the foundation of any society. As the actions of man are based on information and knowledge, without these none understands the obligation towards community and resultantly remains inactive member of society. However, but if the students are inculcated the knowledge of their needs and roles, they would be quite prepared to foresee occurrences and would direct their thoughts and actions towards social and political participation. This can be achieved when the system of education is made liberal which does not aspire to produce only technical robots in human shape but informed and good citizens.

Secondly, the philosophy of liberal education envisages the development of creative thinking among the students. Creative thinking has acquired fundamental place in the education system of advanced countries. The students are encouraged to “think a new”. The creative experiments, creative writings and creative art lead to frame the development of thought process. Though, it is practiced in western countries, it owes its origin to the most influential scholars and artists of Greek period and early Muslim era. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, Ibn-e-Khaldun, Galileo, Khuw-arzmi, Newton, to name a few, all were creative thinkers. In short, whole of the development in the world and education itself is the result of creative thinking. On the contrary, the limited application of education is insufficient to produce brilliant minds. The specific technological development devoid of human values and ethics has failed to form the basis of a viable society. Thus, it is the objective of liberal education to teach the students various subjects like history, sociology, philosophy and psychology besides their professional field, so that creative thought is encouraged to be developed among them. Therefore, we need to introduce liberal education in order to secure our future based on collective ideals.

Thirdly, liberal education improves the skills and competitiveness of students, which is necessary to enable them to get foothold in the competitive market. For example a typist may have good efficiency in his field but computers have replaced typewriter. People like to get their papers typed on computer in order to save their document and to get good command. Now, the excellent typist is in trouble, he would go jobless in the market unless he learns to operate computer. Same is the case with every field of employment. The modes of technology are being transformed very rapidly. In order to meet the demands of market one should be quite prepared and skilled. Hence, the knowledge of mathematics, science, computer literacy and technological acquaintance are necessary to be imparted to the students, which can be achieved through liberal education.

Fourthly, as the world has become a global village, the importance of communication skills has been increased manifold. A person must be proficient in national and at least one international language. He must know how to send e-mail, voice-mail or to carryout visual communication. The social change compels the person to change the job for better opportunities. The talented people feel an urge to move towards other countries as well in order to actualize their talent and to obtain maximum result. This is where the communication skills are mostly required. All the communication techniques, basically, listening, speaking and writing are essential ingredients. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the skills of students through methods of listening comprehension and speaking ability tests. All the examinations of foreign languages comprise these elements and even very talented students from developing countries fail to go abroad due to lack of these communication skills in international languages. These few objectives of liberal education underline its importance and need in the developing countries, including Pakistan. Unfortunately, it has not been taken seriously.

The system of education in our country is obsolete. It is devoid of the contemporary methodology of teaching and the curriculum is almost from primary to university level. Computer is studied as a field of study only, not as a skill. Even in most of the universities it is taught only to the students of computer department seeking degree in that subject, let alone its use at primary and secondary level. In universities the students of other subjects like sociology, languages, arts and other sciences are not taught the computer skills. This lags them far behind from students of other countries and few quality institutes of the country.

Same is true of languages. English though introduced from primary level, is not taught according to the modern techniques of comprehension. Only reading lessons and knowing meaning of words cannot enable students to master the language. The methodology of English departments in universities is also in question. The national language, Urdu, is also not focused at any level of education. Learning of both these languages is important to produce capable and competitive students at the national and international level.

The fate of the students of other subjects is also not much different. On the one hand, they are deprived of computer and language skills; on the other they do not become proficient in their field of interest as the proper methodology is not applied. Faculty members are not well qualified, research is not pursued and creative thought is ignored.  These defects of our education system are the main reasons of the chaos, unemployment, poverty and social instability in our society. In order to overcome these shortcomings, we must adopt the liberal education system without any further delay. However, this requires a well thought out and comprehensive policy to improve the existing education system.

Primarily, we should redesign our curriculum at all levels. All the major components or subjects of liberal education: sociology humanism, citizenship, history, philosophy, languages, computer and sciences must be introduced in every tier of education from primary to university levels in accordance with the capacity of students and the needs of society.  Secondarily, all the institutions should be equipped with computer and scientific laboratories and libraries. The research and creative thinking should be encouraged through modern techniques of education. In this regard the accessibility and equality of all sections of our stratified society must be ensured in order to achieve uniform development.

Lastly, the faculty must be energized by providing skilled and experienced teachers. The existing teachers should be trained to equip them with modern techniques of teaching methodology. Fresh and young blood must be encouraged to join education field as a profession by enhancing the monetary incentives in the education sector.  This policy will yield tremendous benefits to the future of a nation. The liberal education is hailed because it brings concrete advantages. The young generation of Pakistan makes bulk of the population of country. According to a report of the State Bank of Pakistan 65 per cent of the educated youth is unemployed due to irrelevance of their skills with market. If this portion of population is properly skilled, it will prove to be a boost to the economy as the manpower is considered a resource in all countries of the world.

Another benefit would be the eradication of poverty. Once our youth are employed, they will naturally add to the income of their families and consequently eradicate their poverty. It will also help in raising the living standard of our common man as it is directly proportional to the income of a family.

The liberal education would create sense of understanding and cooperation among the people. The contemporary chaos of extremism and isolationism are due to lack of approach towards collective interests and common goals among people. Once they realize their social obligations and think creatively they will initiate participating positively in the stability of society.  It is quite clearly manifested from the discussion that liberal education, which is the real education, is an essential component of good governance and stable society. It not only helps an individual to progressively achieve goals but also gives impetus to economic, political and social stability to a state. In short, it forms the basis of human development in this complex global world of diversity and challenges. It offers a way towards a better change.

Literature is an essential ingredient of human life: Liaqat Sani

Interviewed by Mohd Hanif Baloch

With the passage of time “Literature” has, however, got it roots strongly embodied into the minds of 2014-06-04-1265Baloch literates in Balochistan, since, the branch of literature all deals with the preservation of the recorded literary masterpieces of a nation on earth. Its all-inclusive genres are a boost to keeping secure the identity of a nation, thus, with the aim of knowing more with relation to the great expansion and importance of literature in Balochistan our special correspondent had a friendly interview with, Dr Liaqat Sani, who is a well-known Professor, a witty poet and a literate, whose literary contribution is an asset to the students of the concerned subject to better understand the aims of literature in Balochistan.

Keeping in mind the abbreviations, P.L.S, stands for Dr Liaqat Sani and B.L.V stands for Bolan Voice Magazine.

BLV: So far the recorded masterpieces of any nation are concerned, how do you define the term “literature”?

DLS: Basically, it has a clear definition given the changing eras and the moods of literary peoples of the world. The man has always defined it as the Human literature. If we talk regarding the features of human literature and the aged reconnaissance, so we get to know about any nation and its significance literarily, in which then come its contributions and self-respect via writing masterpieces such as stories, fables, poetries, dramas, and the like which have remained masterpieces and these all markedly over the ages will remain their identity as a nation on earth, even, the moral, civilized, social and past literary records are greatly dubbed the substantial part of literature, encompassing its history, geography, ethics, conventional writings etc. So far as the existence of literature is concerned, I believe its exclusion means there is no source of life.

BLV: Explain literature’s history in human evolution?

DLS: In the history of human beings, literature has been a vital part playing its important role from eras to eras given the fact that the literature reveals itself progressively as we gradually expand our consciousness over the years, on this earth, firstly came the language and then people got it their literary pieces achieved, and then consequently emerged literature.

BLV: What are links between poetry and literature?

DLS: In literature there are two requisite features; namely, fiction and non-fiction, poetry has descended from fiction because it deals with the imagination of a poet to describe what he feels like or how he/she sees the things in his vision and poetry has genres such as romantic, suspicious, revolutionary etc. And both fiction and non-fiction hold importance in human literary life, whereas novels and dramas are a part of fiction as well.

BLV: Presently, the section of poet/literates is dispensing their obligations properly in Baloch society? If not then how they can be motivated? Do you have any idea about this?

DLS: Yes, It is very generally perceived in that way but I believe that ‘a writer is a reformer, in Baloch society there are more than imagined facets to be highlighted by dint of writing’ and I believe such type of reformers are those scholars who are willingly devoted to bringing eternal beams of light in the Baloch society and their literary contribution obviously will go a very long way to accomplish the tasks over the young muscly shoulders. A writer can come with up a nicer solution than the general heads among us, and for our nation they are much like the backbone of rosy social and national formulation into an array of progressive vista.

BLV: Presently, Baloch nation is surrounded in hazards and leading an uneasy life in all fields, what is main reason behind this muddle and how your field practitioners can deal with this bewilderment?

DLS: Well, there is no gain-saying the fact that they are actually engulfed by a heap of hazards as they want to regain their freedom and they want their own motherland. They want their own State back 65 years which was as an autonomous country ‘Kalat’ for it was free for 500 years, as it was free from 1666 till 1948 and the Baloch want to regain their independence and this is the biggest reason that the Baloch are left confronted with heaps of hazards and in future the State seems more conducive to such more other hazards give the firm struggle of Baloch nation. There is a huge difference between the other nations and the Baloch. Indeed, Baloch who were free and now are living a forcefully enslaved life, contrary to it, the other nations were enslaved and now are living a free life. Given the fact that the Baloch were basically a free nation with an independent state, so now their struggle for regaining their freedom is on its rise and amid the hazards many of the Baloch have been brutally martyred by the State. During this, however, one can’t gloss over the contribution and importance of literature which also plays a prominent role in their struggle. On the other hand, the Baloch are in foisted way deprived of education, since we are talking, approximately, it has been ten minutes, what I mean to say is this that it is your knowledge and education that dragged you here to seek out something, the same, today the students are supposed to do, their bona fide history is to be explored, indeed. There is nothing bad with our luck, indeed we are deliberately deprived of everything; specially, of education. Our Baloch males and females are deprived, basically, we heard statements like in Balochistan there is Sardari regime and they oppose education but today millions of Baloch are there to study but under the name of Islam they are threatened by state sponsored religious groups to stop them from getting modern education! I am talking of the recent closure of Panjgur’s all private and public educational institutions by the Jamat-ul-islamia-alfurQan. It is obvious they are seeing that on one side, the Baloch are struggling for regaining their freedom by armed resistance, on the other hand, their sons and daughters are studying and using the power of pen for a better life and free life of their new generation, seeing these all the state fears that this could prove to be very dangerous for it because a pen is mightier than a sword in terms of its power.

BLV: Baloch is getting aliened from its customs and language in all regions; in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan what are motives and restoration mechanism of this if you have?

DLS: Well, these might be some in hurdles in the way of Baloch nation, but they don’t cut any with the struggle movement; however, if any Baloch living in another country, despite the country Pakistan, still is a Baloch, indeed, a more civilized and united Baloch and they prove to be. In terms of progressive prevailing civilization, in this era, bravo to the Baloch that they are thriving on competitively via sharing their cultural, national and personality-related ceremonies with other peoples of the world through TV channels like Vsh news which is facing many impediments, like there is getting closed etc. If their problems are highlighted via TV channels and when their voices get heard, it would prove to be a very easy way for them to get freedom so far the civilized world is concerned.

BLV: Presently, Baloch is engaged in struggle for renaissance, how poet and literates can contribute in it?

DLS: The literary contribution of the poets and scholars can’t be avoided by any manner of means, here, in the so-called state, in Libraries the Children are not allowed to read books by state forces as they say that they are reading Carl Marx or Political Science, so it means that they are reading anti-state books, how weird, I mean, one could find the same books available in Punjab universities for their students to read by in Balochistan, when you read these books, they say that you are reading anti-state books, I am talking of the recent incident in Turbat that the forces raided the library and confiscated the books. Especially, Baloch female Hostels are being raided by the security forces, their books are being taken away, so I believe, they are just keeping you from the beams of education. They fear that if in Baloch people the awareness, knowledge and education came they would prove to be very dangerous for the state, and it fears to death. Similarly, the Baloch students do fear a little from the state security forces, that if they go to libraries to study, they would get dragged and beaten by the forces of state, so these are conditions.

BLV: These days, internet and other facilities are there available for everyone, how does it influence on our culture?

DLS: In Balochi culture, its own clean clothes i.e Shalwar and Kamis, its own folklores, rules and regulations are there, though, there are Balochs who wear paint-n-shirts and are totally in clean shave but they are Baloch. So far the internet is concerned, so it is one of the best options for the entire Baloch nation to highlight their plight on multinational platforms and groups to let the world know. On the other hand, its misusage influences greatly on our culture, I mean, most of the time, uploading photos, chatting with their friends and family members etc are putting out mentality of the children retarded. And these days of fast technology, if the Baloch use it for social media so I am of the view that it would not go a long way, because out of 100 percent only 10 have access to internet or social media.

BLV: As a literary personality, how many books you have written?

DLS: I have written two books; one book has been published by HEC it was my project. For the kind information, I have done my PHD in modern Brahviatonology Brahvi (Lecia) which our society has forgotten but I am trying to rescue that word. If we compare our society to other societies, we have to work in every field of life like literature. Literature changes the society; we need to work in this field.

BLV: What should be the role of Baloch poets, literates and intellectuals in our society?

DLS: As a Baloch literate, I say that we are divided into two portions, in Baloch society there are two kinds of literature; one is in Balochi language and second is in Brahvi language. As far as Balochi language is concerned, we have to work a lot compared to Brahvi language. In Balochi literature there are renowned peoples like, Syed Zahoor Hashmi, Gul Khan Naseer, Mubarak Qazi and a lot more we have poets than Bravi people. In modern era people are compared with Middle East or central Asia, the South Asian education is progressing day by day. Social media is theirs new technology and are being introduced, and there things are being compiled. The Baloch has to think about it that “we Baloch are backward”. Indeed, our history is very rich in literature. Now-a-days this question is being debated. So we can work on our literature.

BLV: Message for Baloch nation and youth as being a part of literature?

DLS: I am not a personality to convey a massage for Baloch nation as a student I can say that Balochs are living, they feel and think that we are Balochs before 65 years our position was independent, where Noori Naseer Khan ruled first of all. These feelings must be in us that Baloch is peaceful and Baloch needs peace. Baloch must struggle through education. And they can hire their needs, can save other Baloch people, can spar their resources by hook or by crook. People must know nowadays this society is being converted, and then you have to get well educated. You must be well aware of current world what the demands of new civilization are or new society of you knows the things, you can live and fight. I hope but if we couldn’t see the Balochistan as a United Balochistan so my next generation will see it. We can rule as a Baloch in United Balochistan. In addition, there is no any proper counseling for Baloch youth, so there is fighting with all difficulties. If you provide all basic requirements of Baloch youth or needs of society I am 100% satisfied from Baloch youth as for as our elders concerned that can be 40% or 50% but our youth is 100% prepared due to problems, financial and unrest situations are being faced by them. Let them get a free environment to get education. By dint of educational fight for our rights and we can survive, can face all kinds of challenges, so we are not backward in terms of anything than other nations. Our youth can perform very well!

Lateef Johar ends Hunger Strike till Death on appeal of Asian Human Rights Commission

Bolan Voice Report

Asain Human Rights Commission along with other Human rights organizations appealed to Comrade Lateef Johar to end lateef johar press conferencehis hunger strike unto death assuring him of doing whatever it takes for the safe and sound recovery of his Leader, Zahid Baloch and the organization also assumed seriously the responsibility to rise voice against the extra-judicial kidnappings and ‘kill-and-dump-policy’ in the international level to put an end to further human rights violations and abuses in Balochistan. According to AHRC’s recent appeal, it clearly stated that on 18th March 2014, Zahid Baloch, was forcefully abducted from the Balochistan University, Quetta, by the plain cloth persons claiming to be ISI operatives and that of the notorious intelligence agency but surprisingly they claim that Zahid Baloch is not in their custody, as a Human rights concerned organization their question is, Where is he then?

Lateef Johar, who has been on Hunger-Strike-unto-Death for more than 46 days in front of the Karachi press club, after receiving the assurance notification from the AHRC via an online conversation with its official representatives. They said that they will rise voice against this inhuman and extra-judicial kidnapping of his leader most importantly in UNO forum and in other human rights related organizations to find out a resolution on swift bases taking into consideration the chances of insecurity of his life and inhuman tactics of torture at the hands of so-called paramilitary forces, for many such ‘kill and dump’ cases of thousands of Baloch students, teachers, political and social activist and specially the members of Balochistan students’ organization (Azad) have yet remained uncovered and unresolved. Whereas,  after the appeal, Lateef Johar and his students’ organization’s decision on this basis of the assurance of AHRC for taking up seriously this case nationally and internationally, announced the cessation of his hunger strike but his demand is still the same ‘safe and sound’ recovery of his leader, Zahid Baloch and along with the other students and political workers of Balochistan Students’ organization Azad, among them is Zakir Majeed who was allegedly picked up and since today he is missing.

In AHRC’s recent appeal, it said that both the federal and provincial governments have failed to take this agonizing national issue of Baloch people as seriously as they have to. Since, Lateef Johar has been on hunger strike the discreditable mainstream media of Pakistan has never taken it so seriously to give the slightest bit of coverage. Furthermore, in more clear sense, it said that “The government has completely ignored his hunger strike and forgot; rather providing medical help has not even bothered with monitoring his health. This has caused much resentment to the student community in Sindh and Balochistan”. Given the fact that Sindh and Balochistan are the provinces where on daily basis they receive built-riddled, inhumanely tortured, burnt and dumped bodies of their near and dear ones, since in both provinces, the two nations, Baloch and Sindhis have been rising their voices against this brutal barbarism of the State and in both the provinces for gaining autonomy the emergence of insurgency amongst the common masses is on the rise. This is not the first time that Sindh and Balochistan’s masses have also fallen a victim to the brutalities and ruthlessness of the State paramilitary forces, in 1971 in Eastern part of Pakistan, now better known as Bangladesh, during the freedom movement its people also witnessed the same acts, where as 3 million innocent people were extra-judicially killed, and 26000 reported dead, women were kept in hostages for sexual gratification, but however, history is transparent and such barbarism from the State didn’t refrain the Bangali people from gaining an independent country.

However, the same are taking place in Sindhudesh and Balochistan. In the eyes of those who are falling a victim to the ‘kill and dump’ policy whether be it a Sindhi or Baloch, both the nations have been allegedly, mentally and physically opposing the foisted suppression, since, there some days back in an area of Sindhudesh, the dead body of Leader Muneer Khan Choliyani, was found, as receiving dead bodies on constant bases of their students, teachers, professors, political and social activist, human rights defenders, journalists over all people from all walks of life, in the community of the both nations, Baloch and Sindhi, constantly the resentment is quadrupling against the so-called brutal regime and injustice of the state is furthermore injecting the last resort of armed resistance into the minds of and among even the common masses of the both provinces. On the other side of the coin, the recently issued ordinance by the President Mamnon Hussain under the name of Pakistan Protection Ordinance (PPO) is further worsening the situations, as the forces are given a free hand to conduct military operations where-ever they want. During such military operations innocents also get killed or kidnapped if forces find them suspected of anything. Thus, both the Sindhi and Baloch are suffering badly and Lateef Johar is one of those witnesses who have seen along with his other fellows, his leader getting kidnapped forcefully at the hands of paramilitary forces and intelligence agencies.

And today, Lateef with his fellows, fears of his leader getting tortured or killed in their underground penitentiaries, and by being on hunger strike he meant to highlight the plight of Baloch and Sindhi people, as he reached his goal, and today the civilized world well recognizes Lateef Johar, and the international human rights organizations are well aware of lateef’s demand, if they further remained silent over this national issue, if anything happens to his leader, the UNO, the civilized world with its peace-promoting organizations will be held responsible for it, says lateef Johar, the centralized committee member of BSO-A.

Balochistan is valuable but Balochs have no right of human being

“However, Balochistan’s geo-strategic and geographical significance on the earth and its natural richness in mineral resources, like gold, copper and many such more precious makes it appear a wanting land to the eyes of every country, whether it be China, America or Pakistan, because of its state of Harmoz it is a golden bird, but unfortunately the point of exploitation has painted a bleak picture for the development of this province given the long-time neglect from the State merely interested in its exudation of outcome of resources”

By Farooq Baloch

Balochistan: the largest province covering 44% of Pakistan it constitutes approximately 347,190 square kilometers 1387889214-baloch-missing-persons-long-march-reached-hyderabad-from-quetta_3560414and the smallest in terms of population. The province is well known from its natural rich resources and deep seaport through the worldwide compare to rest of the provinces of Pakistan, God gifted it from numerous mineral resources such as gold, copper, natural gas, chromite, oil, coal mines deposits and deep seaport etc.  But the mineral rich province people are very poor, suffering from multiple problems, beside of general problems such as health, education, sanitation, agricultural. There exists a horrific law and order situation which has been a concerning problem in the province.

The justice system is completely collapsed in the province.

In addition, the province is suffering from violation of human rights such as enforced disappearances during the last three regimes of the governments, especially political workers were subjected to this heinous crimes and a large number of political workers were extra judicially killed in torture cells operated by state institutions. They kept disappeared persons in their captivity; they did not disclose their whereabouts. The families of enforced disappeared persons did not have any sort of access to their loved ones and even they do not know about their loved ones ‘are dead or alive’. By taking such action disappeared persons were deliberately kept away from the jurisdiction of implemented state laws, constitutional laws safeguard the rights of captives who are facing any sort of charges.

Law recommends state institutions to prosecute accused persons under implemented laws it also recommends that an accused person in the captivity of state institutions have a right to get legal assistance by high ring a council and state laws direct the state institutions that the families of accused persons must be given an excess to their loved ones no matter wherever they are detained.

In spite of constitutional guarantees and assurances regarding the accused person’s rights we have seen an interlay different situation in Balochistan. Constitutional and state laws are not followed by the state institutions. Thousands of people from different parts of the province have forcibly been disappeared. They have been kept away from legal protection their detention places are not disclosed and they are subjected to physical and mental torture whereas they are not produced before any court of law and time to time bullet riddled bodies of these enforced disappeared persons are dumped in mountains, deserts, and far flung areas of the province.

Intelligence agencies are violating human rights by abducting Baloch youths in collaboration with the Frontier corps. The family members of the victims blamed that their loved ones were abducted by intelligence agencies from their houses, shops, while traveling and even from the educational institutional and hospitals and later on after few days months or years their mutilated bodies found dumped on road sides or on mountainous areas of the province. It has become the routine of security forces, such violations show that they are above the law and there is no any institution to prevent them from carrying such unconstitutional acts. That is why there is sense of insecurity among the people of the province.

The first case of enforced disappearances took place when Asad Mengal along with his friend namely Ahmad Shah was abducted by security forces in 1973. Which was reported by media and documented by human rights organization, later on many incidents took place due to lake of resources or security reasons the families of the victims could not come to media or consult human rights organizations. The issue of enforced disappearances has worsened in the regime of Dictator Pervez Musharraf.

For the recovery of missing persons of Balochistan the role of Judiciary has seen quite silence.  The judiciary has not taken any so motto notice against the unconstitutional operations which were conducted different times by army in collaboration with the frontier corps and its agencies in the several parts of the province. A large number of people were picked up by security forces, their whereabouts remain unknown. The family member of the victims consulted the judiciary. But their cases were heard after months.

When the Ex-Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftekhar Mohammad Chaudhary started hearing regarding the law and order situation of the province in Quetta Registry the family members of the enforced disappeared persons appeared before the Chief Justice in the supervision of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons and pleaded to hear the cases of their loved ones on humanitarian biases, chief justice accepted the plea and started hearing the cases of missing persons on daily biases. Few of the missing persons were released; it brought a new hope among the family members of the victims, people from all over Balochistan started appearing before the court for the safe recovery of their loved ones but this hope did not prove long lasting when chief justice was issuing the order of the victims recovery few days later their bullet riddled bodies found from the road side, deserted or far flung areas of the province.  It brought the sense of insecurity for their loved ones; most of the family members were threatened not to appear before the court for the sake of their loved ones that they may not find the bullet riddled body of their loved ones.

The worsening issues of missing persons and their extra judicially killings, the efforts of the victims family members were not highlighted by the mainstream media. Many of the family members raised voice to get the attention of the human developed societies and international human rights organizations on the issue of enforced disappearances and extra judicially killing of the political workers, students and people from all walks of life. The chief minister of Balochistan in Karachi press club showed helplessness regarding the cases of missing persons, even CM of Balochistan visited the camp of voice for Baloch missing person assured the family members he will play his due rule for the safe recovery of missing persons but all in vain.

Voice for missing persons held number of peace full protests, press conferences and set on token hunger strike camps in front of Quetta, Karachi and nearly all the districts of Balochistan and recently they have completed the historic long march from Quetta to Karachi and Karachi to Islamabad the capital of the country and have completed 2000 kilometers it took them some five months. The participants of the long march were threatened during the long march by intelligence agents to end their march otherwise they will face consequences in spite of these threats  they have continued and  completed the historic long march, the voice chairman of the organization handed  over the list of the missing persons to the UN embassy. VBMP highlighted the issue of missing persons nationally and internationally. They registered number of  cases of missing persons in Supreme Court of Pakistan and Balochistan High court. The organization is advocating the families of the missing persons and documenting the cases of missing and extra judicially killed persons. The organization is in touch with the media to highlight the cases and tells the world community through media that state agencies are violating human rights by abducting baloch youth and political workers.

Many of the journalists from different news channels hold programs regarding the disappearances and they wrote in different newspapers about this issue. Such as in a daily English newspaper Hamid Meer wrote a story on Mama Qadeer (voice chairman of VBMP) breaks the record of Ghandi after 84 years and highlighted the case. He was attacked by unknown persons in Karachi and fortunately he was saved, he and his brother claimed that Meer was threatened by ISI. Journalists who highlighted the cases of missing persons were threatened to be abducted, extra judicially killed or attacked and would be harmed. Many of the journalists from Balochistan province lost their lives while performing their duties.  They were attacked by unknown persons the recent example of it is Hamid Meer who was attacked by unknown persons.

The performance of the local human rights organization regarding missing persons is zero human rights defenders who raised the voice of the violations of human rights in Balochistan province were forcibly disappeared and extra judicially killed as like the human rights defender Siddique Edho. He was abducted and later on extra judicially killed. The Asian Human Rights Commission and others highlighted the cases of enforced disappearances and wrote letters to the ruling government to end the enforced disappearances and extra judicial killings of the political workers. The missing persons must be released or they must be produced before the court of law if they were held culprit so then they must be prosecuted according to the law. The families must be told about the whereabouts of their loved one and they should be given chance to have a council according to their wish. If the state officials involved in the cases they must be prosecuted.

Baloch and their heart-sinking education system

By Abdul Mohammad

Nation-wise, Baloch are way behind in contrast with the other nations in terms of education which is not only valuable but 1476478_366752940136183_1284172767_nalso is the fundamental means for a victorious transformation of a nation. Let’s first of all know the meaning of ‘Education’. It means the process of learning, acquiring and seeking systematic knowledge & skill.

A Hadith tells: “Attainment of knowledge is a must for every Muslim.” At another place, it’s said that anyone who pursues a course in search of knowledge, divine will ease his hereafter. Education lays a firm foundation of conscience which has the attribute to differentiate between good and bad & wrong and right.

Now let’s throw a glance at the ongoing education system among Baloch youth. Education among Baloch youth is much like a spoon of salt in a desert like Sahara. By this point, I want to emphasize its ratio. Provided the fact that the improvement of Balochi-stan’s education system is badly facing many hurdles, like the paradoxical tribal system, primitive viewpoints, political embezzlement, cultural, discrimination as well as including the social pressurization in our patriarchy and especially the lack of governmental infrastructural amendments.

It’s no wonder that there are numerous reasons behind the backwardness of education in our society. Education system in any part of the world is totally dependent upon a country’s fundamental administration in provision of quality education. When it comes to quality education then words like well-behaved, sophisticated, victorious, modern, leading & autonomous come first to it. Modern technologies, multimedia means, scientific as-well systematic methods of educating students are the eminent features of quality education. It is a very staggering question to note that are we being provided the education we actually deserve? Obviously, the answers would go NO. Needless to say but provision of quality education in a non-participating society like ours is a far cry.

Besides, Facility-wise, our education system is like a chair with one leg on which nobody can sit. Same the condition with the schools’ structure is dilapidated. The staff of teachers is not a well-educated one. Back in 90s the extinct curriculum still persists with its obnoxious contents and where we should be provided multimedia means for gaining things better we are still dependent on theory based structures. In a broader sense, the more you read theoretically the less you grasp mentally contrary to this, the little you read practically the better you gain intellectually. By all means, it creates a huge divergence.

Recently, I was scrolling down a news page where I noticed an announcement declaring ‘world’s smallest app developer’ which as a result captured my attention and attracted my wholeheartedness in it so I found it way fascinating reading it. When I went through it, I got mindful that a 12 year old boy an Irish had developed an android app known as the Soccer Kick who had received the honor as the youngest app developer. Soon later its launch 400 downloads had been carried out. Striving to emphasize their development and ongoing success in education and modern sciences. Since, we right now, during some erstwhile years had got the idea of apps and many more, the youngest adolescents of other countries had developed leading apps. But we really can’t blame our students too because water is messy from its origin and the origin of our education is the corrupt government with her corrupt managements.

Contrary to what should be anticipated, we are passing the journey towards darkness. Once one of my teachers told me something as regards the education system in Pakistan especially Balochistan that the books they used to study at their period of time, i.e: 1990s are being taught to you in 2013. Instead of having the indispensability to altering the books and further bringing new features according to the modern era we are being taught the books which our teachers used to study.

There’s no with-staying the fact that today’s corrupt leaders are yesterday’s corrupt students. So if today our students aren’t provided quality education. Actually, a student’s life and professional field is like a black canvas now it depends on the student how he paints it. Baloch majority make up their mind to complete their Matriculation soon later get a governmental job like, (BNDR) or (as polio workers) and many more via support and recommendations whereas nepotism is rife but they really have got no idea that by applying for the same choices they can’t develop.

Their perspectives are limited. And their limit exists till the governmental job of just ten (10) thousand rupees. They forget that they have to shoulder the forthcoming responsibilities of their nation and motherland. If all and sundry begins figuring the same then development in a country like Pakistan will remain a dream. It will seem as if you have built castles in the air…!

Debates competition prominences the brilliant minds

“Amid an educational framework of society, debates are deep-down more than nutritional food for the minds of erudite students, I believe, it is the very part of the Socratic mind-set of every rational human being and when debates are there among the students, surely it is the very source of their identification of being alive an individual to bring about elitism and intellectuality by the boundless power of tongue”

By Farooq Baloch

A debate competition was held in Poly Girls Technic College among the students of the Global English language Academy Dr Shama IshaqueSariab road Quetta. The title of the topic was “Is science harm for humanity?” The program was held under the supervision of the Director of the Global English language Academy. The chief guests of the function were the members of the Provincial Assembly Dr. Shamma Ishaq, Handry Maseeh. People from different walks of life participated in the program to promote education in such areas where the literacy rate is low; among them were social workers, political activists such as the member of National Party Liaqat Shahwani, Atta Mohammad Bangulzai and Dr. Anwar, the head of the Baloch Blood Bank and others also participated in the program.

The program was started with the recitation. Then debaters came one by one and delivered their speech. The debaters were well prepared and their performance was outstanding. The chief guests, judges and the people from different walks of life became very happy when they saw the debaters of the academy in a brilliant manner they delivered their speeches.

Miss Laiba, the student of level two got first position. Miss Mahjabeen, the student of level three got second position. Mr. Manzoor, the student of level two (B) got third position and the fourth position holder was Miss Kulsoom the student of level two (A).

The chief guest Dr. Shamma Ishaq said “really I became very happy to see the students of the Sariab in such a brilliant manner they delivered their speech I felt while listening to them that I am in Islamabad now I can proudly say that the students of this academy can compete with students of the educational institutions of Islamabad’’. She further added remarkably the point that the students of this province are very talented and now they have proved it, and I hope the Director of the academy and his staff will continue their efforts for the promotion of education. It is the responsibility of every individual to work for the education and we want to see everyone here well-educated.

She stated that “my party members and I will take every possible step for the promotion of education especially female education because if the females will be educated then they can play a vital role for the promotion of the education and really today the females got position they have shown their talent that the females of this province are not less than the students of the Islamabad. Moreover, Dr. Shamma Ishaq said after budget she will put my share for the institution and she will take every possible step for the institution and for education.

Member of the provincial Handry Maseeh said “I felt that I am sitting in the well slandered educational institutional of Punjab, even the students of this area are not having such facilities but after all they performed well and have showed their talent”. He stated that their party manifesto is the promotion of the education and they want to see every child in school and their party is working on it. Further, Liaqat Shahwani, Atta Mohammad Bangulzai and the Director the Global Academy shared their views in the function.

Liaqat Shahwani distributed shields to the teachers of the Academy and Haji Atta Mohammad Bangulzai presented gifts to the chief gusts and thanked them. At the end of the program the chief gusts Dr. Shamma Ishaq and Handri Maseeh distributed shields among the position holders and debaters. It is a fact that at debates, along with the discussion, speeches and all that serving our guests was actually on the top of our priority then at the end of the program everybody along with the intelligentsia of that mentioned institutions appreciated the energy and the enthusiasm shown by the Baloch students in education.

Indeed, with the sense of bringing about promptly active formulation of an indulged society into an educationally clothed framework of society, so the intellectual students are the assets of directly aiming at the target to take painstaking sprawling measures to help root out the dregs and through rational debate it is possible to do so, inasmuch as amid an educational framework of society, debates are deep-down more than nutritional food for the minds of erudite students, I believe, it is the very part of the Socratic mind-set of every rational human being and when debates are there among the students, surely it is the very source of their identification of being alive an individual to bring about elitism and intellectuality by the boundless power of tongue.

The amazing ways eight extra-ordinary people said “I love you”

Compiled by Muslim Baloch

He carved 6,000 steps

In Gaotan, China, in 1942, Liu Guojiang came upon a woman and one of her daughters who had tumbled into a river while 1washing clothes. Liu rescued them—and promptly fell in love with the woman, Xu Chaoqing. She considered Liu a hero, but some community members didn’t approve of the couple’s ten-year age difference. So Xu and Liu eloped, and they and Xu’s four children retreated to an abandoned straw hut in the mountains of Chongqing. Worried that his wife would get injured on the small, steep trail between the hut and the town below, Liu spent 57 years—and broke 36 steel chisels—carving 6,000 steps by hand into the mountainside to ensure that his wife could ascend and descend without trouble. Liu maintained the stone staircase until his death, in 2007, at the age of 72. Xu passed away on October 30, 2012. The two are buried on the same mountain where they’d built their lives together.     —Alison Caporimo

He tracked down a kidney

Ken Ruinard/Independent Mail

When doctors told Larry Swilling, 77, that his wife 
Jimmie Sue’s only kidney was failing, he knew he had 
to do something 2quickly. Larry couldn’t donate to his wife of 57 years, and Jimmie Sue, 76, was too sick to wait three years or more for an anonymous kidney donation. So Larry took to the streets of the couple’s town of Anderson, South Carolina, wearing a homemade sign that read Need Kidney 4 Wife in big red letters. Larry got some strange looks as he hung around busy street corners, but “I don’t care what people think,” he told CBS News. “She looks after me, and I look after her.” After the local news covered the story, Larry’s act of love went viral, inspiring more than 100 strangers to get tested to donate to Jimmie Sue. Nearly a year after Larry began his unconventional search, the couple found a match, and Jimmie Sue underwent surgery to receive a kidney from Kelly Weaverling, a 41-year-old retired Navy lieutenant commander from Virginia. Says Kelly, “I just had a feeling that it was the right thing to do.”    —A. J.

They got him down the aisle

Last October, ICU nurses at the University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center in Cleveland gave patient Scott Nagy special 3assistance. They carefully buttoned a crisp white shirt over his breathing tube, helped him into a black sport jacket, and pinned a red rose to his lapel. Diagnosed two months earlier with terminal urethral cancer, Nagy was determined to attend his daughter Sarah’s wedding. “Scott is the most courageous person I’ve ever met,” says nurse-practitioner Jacky Uljanic. “He’d say, ‘No matter what, I’m going to make it to the wedding.’” Twelve medical professionals made it happen. Some helped load the 56-year-old into an ambulance, while others monitored his ventilator. Two nurses even wheeled him down the aisle in his hospital bed as he held hands with Sarah. Says Jacky of Scott, who passed away less than a month later, “[He] allowed us to look outside the box of traditional medical care. I was honored to help him.”   —D. B.

She gave her girls sight

Monique Zimmerman-Stein, already blind in her right eye from a rare genetic disorder, began to lose sight in her left eye 4in 2007. Her doctor informed her about injections of Avastin that might help treat her condition, but they were terribly expensive. Monique and her husband, Gary, had used up most of their savings, but they decided to put the cash toward eye treatments for their daughters Aliyah, 
now 14, and Davida, 17, who also have the disorder. 
(Monique’s eldest daughter, Ariel, 26, doesn’t have the condition.) “I’ll give up anything to make sure that my girls have what they need,” says Monique, 53, who is now completely without sight and is an advocate for the blind. Says Aliyah, “Mom taught me that you have to do what’s right for the people you love.” Despite Monique’s efforts, there is still a good chance that her daughters will lose their sight eventually. So she encourages the girls to help their neighbors and to look closely and carefully at the world, then close their eyes and tell her what they see. Says Monique, “I want them to see everything they can until they can’t.”        —A. C.

He caught a homecoming

Darla Harlow had been selected to throw out the first pitch at a home game of the Mississippi Braves, a minor-league 5baseball team outside Jackson, Mississippi. Without her husband, Michael, there—he was on duty in Afghanistan as an Army major—she was excited to pitch in front of her two daughters, Casey and Molly Carol. Darla stood on the pitcher’s mound and launched a baseball toward the catcher at home plate. Oddly, he let the ball fall. In one quick move, he snapped off his mask. It was Michael. “I couldn’t think,” Darla told a local news organization. “I had no clue what was happening.” Michael had spent months planning the surprise with his daughters and the Braves. He told reporters, “This is something we’ll never forget.”    —Alyssa Jung

He wrote to Santa

Eight-year-old Ryan Suffern didn’t ask for toys or gadgets in his letter to Santa last year. Instead, he made a simple plea 6for his twin sister, Amber. “I wanted a remote control car and helicopter, but I don’t anymore,” Ryan wrote. “Kids at school are still picking on Amber. I prayed that they [would] stop, but God is busy and needs your help.” CNN got wind of the letter after the twins’ mother, Karen, shared the story on Facebook, and the media attention sparked an outpouring of support. Nickelodeon star Stephen Kramer Glickman sent a video message to the twins, and strangers have donated gifts to the family. When Ryan and Amber went back to their Rocky Mount Prep school in North Carolina after their holiday break, the bullying had ceased. “I have new friends,” Ryan told his mother. “They are going to look out for Amber too.”     —Damon Beres

They created an imaginary night world

Refe and Susan Tuma of Kansas City, Missouri, were in desperate need of shut-eye. Their children—Adeia, six; Alethea, 7five; and Leif, two—rarely slept through the night, and it was taking a toll on the family. “We found ourselves putting the kids in front of the TV [instead of] engaging with them,” says Refe. Surprisingly, a solution came in the form of plastic toy dinosaurs. For 30 nights in “Dinovember,” Refe and Susan posed the figures to depict scenes of mayhem and mischief—a raucous recording session, a dish-washing disaster, the interrogation of a Ninja Turtle. Now the kids can’t wait to go to bed as they eagerly await the results of the nightly shenanigans. The Tumas urge other parents to try this at home. “Plastic dinosaurs are something every child has,” says Refe. “But no one ever thinks about [using them] like this.” —Beth Dreher

She just makes Jell-o

While my 89-year-old grandmother, Donna, doesn’t bother to remember minor details like who I am or why I’m at her 8house, she vividly recalls conversations we may or may not have had many years ago. Apparently, while making awkward small talk over dinner, I once said, “This Jell-O is good.” She took that to mean, “This is my favorite food of all time, and if you don’t continue to make it, 
I will burn down your house.” The next time I visited, she had a bowl of orange Jell-O with mandarin oranges in it just for me. I had to be polite, so I ate it all. She took that to mean I didn’t think there was enough, so the next time, she made even more. For each visit since then, she’s made progressively larger quantities of the semisolid foodstuff. Noticing my predicament, the rest of my family stopped eating any of it because they are jerks and think it’s funny to watch me jam a cubic yard of gelatin down my throat. They won’t be laughing when I die from a fatal overdose of the stuff. Actually, they probably will, especially when my grandma makes a bathtubful of Jell-O for the funeral potluck.   James Breakwell

Education is fundamental right but Baloch students are deprived of it

“In today’s swift globe of competition without the actual participation of Baloch females in positive importanttorefocusteachereducationeducational activities linguistically, technologically, scientifically, medically and without their contribution in such other relevant fields; their prospective goals would remain incomplete and possibilities of being dubbed an extinct nation on earth would be foisted easily on the entire generation of Baloch and the prolonged silence of both provincial and federal government over the forced closure of female educational institutions in Panjgur, is to rationally dub the government responsible for that for it is not taking any measures to resolve their nationally educational problem”.

By Tahir Malangzai Baloch

The private schools are stipulating awe-inspiring education to the students of Panjgur. Provided the fact that education is the fundamental right of every child irrespective of their gender. Prophet Mohammad p.b.u.h said that education is necessary for the male and female individuals therefore they have rights to gain and seek for education for it is our third eye which exudes the authority to take out the entire race of man from darkness into light, from animals to humans beings. Moreover, it tells us what is good and bad, what is just and unjust. I imagine that there are no rights for Baloch students to achieve neat quality of education, they’re being stopped and warned by yet an unknown Organization which goes under the moniker of Jamat-ul-islamia-alfurQan issued threatening pamphlets to the secular Baloch administrators of private and public educational institutions, saying that the Baloch female students should not strictly go to the private schools as they mentioned in their pamphlet that the modern or western education is prohibited in Islam.

Education is their basic right but still they’re deprived of it and its exclusion from Baloch society means nothing else is remaining for them. Where as a shameful facet we get to behold is the lack of interest of all sorts of to come up with social, national, educational and environmental remedies by highlighting the issues that the masses are confronting with but unfortunately, so far for that matter it’s failed to highlight the violence faced by the students here. It is right that media is famous to make “hero a zero and zero a hero” but so far the Pakistani mainstream media seems so uninterested in covering this nationally educational dilemma of entire Baloch nation. Provided the fact that when on October 9, 2012 Malala Yousafzai was shot by Taliban her issue was given so much attention by the national and international media to highlight. A question raises, why Malala has become extraordinary figure for the United Nations organization but other side here in Baluchistan thousands of Baloch Malalas are deprived and remain strapped for the provision of education they’re under threats and violence, why not their issue is being highlighted by the media, thus, a rational human being would realize after the slightest bit of contemplation that the silence of media, government, and the united nations organizations who aim at promoting peace and security to the privileged nations on the earth, thus, their prolonged silence just expresses that there is no right for Baloch students.Furthermore, for the sake of the curbing out the hurdles in the way of our both male and female education, it’s my petition to the provincial government of Baluchistan and the other authorities concerned to take prompt action for the aperture of all private schools in Panjgur and save lives of thousands of underpriviliged baloch children from the deep bleak shadows of destruction to befall on them, bring them into light and open the doors of all schools because they show the way of achievement. These children are not from another descendant or generation, in fact, they’re our siblings and they’re the prettiness of our garden “please do something nothing else they want” just they need their schools to be reopened; their innocent faces need happiness as they were happy before. Otherwise such catastrophic and horrible situations will put the all children into darkness and this will not only bring indulgence within the district but will the Baloch masse’s minds turn to such an eternal direction of hatred toward the authorities concerned to eliminate the hindrances of Baloch education who remain silent over this catastrophic juncture of Baloch nation but if they turn a deaf ear to the Baloch issues without coming up with a resolution, so, must keep in mind that the foisted indulgence of illiteracy on Baloch people is much like a source of injected energy and a chance given to the entire Baloch nation to realize to struggle for its rights and autonomy on its own way.


By: Wasim Karim Shah (Panjgur)

Neil Armstrong touched the moon and proved every one wrong. Wright brothers (WILBER & ORVILLE) flew the first airplane and shocked the world. BARAK H. OBAMA became the first, black American president and put the world in a situation of deep thinking so on… many others who proved themselves, just by one thing we call it creativity.

Creativity is like a seed which grows then bears fruits, creativity is the sum of one’s ideas, thoughts, notions, consciousness and curiosity. It enhances new ideas which further more germinate in shape of success and achievement.

If one has a creative mind can turn the world, remember one thing: If you wish to see your name in the empty pages of history, if you want the people to refer you in the examples, if you want to be eternal and everlasting in the hearts of the people then this is all possible through creativity. A creative mind always brings up new evolution and revolution and synchronizes the process of change.

Be a creative instead of being a copycat. One must not rely on any other‘s instructions and commands. If one goes according to any other one’s ideas and instructions then no doubt the power of creativity from that person will vanish, by not following other’s instructions and commands does not mean that one should not obey his/her  parents and teachers , I mean creativity is a different criteria which will enlighten one’s future.

We know better about the legends and veterans who proved themselves in the various fields like: EINSTEIN & NEWTON,  in the field of physics , BARAK H. OBAMA  in the field of politics , SACHIN TENDULKAR & SHAHID KHAN AFREDI  in the field of cricket ( sports),MIR GUL KHAN NASEER, SYED ZAHOOR SHAH HASHMI,WAJA SABA DASHTYAARI  & ATTA SHAD in the field of Balochi  literature and poetry, AHMAD FARAZ  in the field of Urdu literature and poetry ,DILLIP KUMAR, SHAH RUKH KAHN, AMTAB BACHAN, TOM CRUIZ & AKSHAY KUMAR in the field of filming, BILLAGATS  in the field of commercialism, finance and technology. The list is gigantic including many others who did justice to their fields and profession, they all made it possible and creditable just through creativity they thought different than other people , their way of thinking was versatile , in short they tried to find their hidden qualities, capabilities , talent and hunt with the help of creativity  and they did so.

I believe that a creative mind always develops new ideas (practicality), discoveries, inventions, innovations and the changes. We need to find our inner hidden qualities and the evolutionary and revolutionary factor known as creativity.

History’s empty pages are waiting for you to submit your name out there, like the discussed ones did. I leave my energy with one question “are you ready for that?

Prejudice; the toxic drug of Balochs

By: Abdul Waheed Mohammad

“Whoever possesses in his heart, Asabiyyah, prejudice in any of its forms such as tribalism, racism, or nationalism even to the extent of a mustard seed, God will raise him on the Day of Resurrection with the unbelieving Bedouins of the Pre-Islamic era.” – Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h)”

Attitude-wise, Baloch Nation is among those destructive nations in which poignant-blood is flowing in shape of prejudice. They don’t eat much because their belly is larded with prejudice. What’s the rationality they are so? Why other nations aren’t like this in all over Pakistan? One proves to be a mulla-zai, baadini, roodini, gichki, notazai, rind, lasharee and many more who undervalue neglect and subject other nations to untold atrocities by perpetrating and persecuting them in terms of prejudice as-well lower-class-masses. I’ve a blunt question for all those illiterate people who show themselves bigger than that of others. Do they have four oculi instead of two; do they have two noses instead of one? Are they having three to four heads instead of one? Has another God created them instead of Almighty Allah (S.W.T) or they perceive this well but still don’t expose it? If they are Muslims then don’t they know these undeniable facts that we all do have one God who has pleased us by gifting this very life. There’s no with-staying the reality that certain people beyond knowing the facts pretend being unmindful. Prejudice is much like a catalyst which burns valued lives but isn’t deleterious to itself. Religion-wise.

In Holy Quran, Allah (s.w.t) puts it to consideration that, “O Mankind, we created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other Verily the most honored of you in the sight of God is he who is the most righteous of you”. Sûrah al Hujurat 49. 13. If Almighty Allah (s.w.t) doesn’t differentiate when it comes to races and nations then who are we having racial discrimination flowing in our veins.

If we throw a detailed light going toward its root then we’ll come to know that various combats befell on account of certain atrocious doings and in area like Balochistan which comprises numerous illiterate masses further add fuel to fire, eventually results in heart-rending eradication of nations. If we shed light on the much old era the Prophet’s period then we’ll get to know that there hadn’t been any kind of racial discrimination in other terms prejudice. Equality, brotherhood and many certain attributes had been their eminent features. Moreover, throwing a glance at our honorable prophets who had sacrificed their lives, commodities, comestibles, assets in the path of Islam. Hazrat Bilal (R.A) who was a Habshi with the complexion black found himself so unique in the sight of Allah (s.w.t) that whenever he strolled, the sound of his steps were heard in the seventh blue yonder.

Since, he was a blackish person who was considered as a low level being in the sight of those illiterate and ignorant people who even didn’t have the fundamental conscience.

Beyond those atrocious acts of brutality, created such a place in the heart of Islam and Muslims that the world still brings him first when giving ideal paradigms. Hazrat Bilal (R.A) is the mother and father when it comes to prescription of youth to playing ideal roles.

Needless to say, but Baloch nation is way behind and is a victim of termination owing to the identical futile, ruptured and disgusting concept of superiority as-well negligence. Condition-wise, baloch nation is suffering from untold catastrophes in the ongoing era. As it’s pretty clear, earthquake in Mashkay and Awaran, flood in several places in the previous years, apart from the unanticipated devastating happenings, the ruthless killing of Balochs itself is an unbridled curse for the entire nation. These are, with no dubiety, Allah (s.w.t’s) curses on this unfortunate nation. We can ask this question to us, why European countries don’t seem to be like that since they are infidels but still Allah (s.w.t) is with them. Why? Because they don’t trust on such concepts anymore, they merely live & let others live luxuriously, don’t contribute such acts that may be uncalled for, always endeavor to look after people and had better not get any happen-stance which may lead to heart-breaking of valued beings.

Though they are atheists but their humble attitude towards the men on clap ham-omnibus makes them the righteous in contrast with others. The rational behind their success is maintaining equality and showing importance to others is their splendid job. Contrary to anticipations, Baloch nation is at each other’s throats. If somebody is excelling then it turns out to be a must for someone else to break him down rather than incentivizing them to going forward they strike the hanker on their own feet. They don’t realize that we have hit or are hitting our own feet. In the same manner, we are a hurdle in the teeth of our brothers. Where success of our brothers should be a cause of joyousness for us it’s rather a toxic poison attacking our souls.

UoB result dilemma

University of Balochistan,(UOB)  has been failed in the provision of proper and authentic result of the annual examination of BA. As known before that in the comparison of other provinces Baloch-istan board is the last to announce the result of any exam, either intermediate or BA, and the consequence of the late result has been the  case of no admission in several universities of Pakistan.

Hence, it is really heartening that education system has become one of the most corrupt governmental departments. The most common example is my own result, when I was selected in the base of hope- a certificate provided by the universities or colleges- where my percentage was 62 with 490 marks and by the time result was announced, which was for sure late, I had been flunked in paper of Islamic studies and the problem why I failed is a fun because my paper of IS was solved in English which was hated by the checker who was a Mulla whose hating of America has revealed the anger on my paper.

The ridiculous act of the authorities is really concerning and playing with the emotions and money of the poor students of Balochistan- known before a backward area and the largest province of Pakistan in terms of area is showing that education has been made a business which is another story.

Lastly , I request the authorities concerned and most importantly, the Chief Minister of Balochistan, who himself is a middle class family member, that ending the usage of cheating materials in the examination hall is not the demise of the problem but to strengthen the education, the officials and the department fundamentally.

Mehraj Khalid, Turbat

Balochi Marriage

By Shah Ahmed, Turbat

Well sorrows and happiness are the part of human being’s lives so as marriage is believed as a source of the happiestbalochi marriage moments in lives. Marriages are sorts of happiness and unity for the people of society, families and also the bride and groom which connects two families, and hearts in one.

Balochi customs and traditions of marriage are well known due to its uniqueness and praiseworthy styles. Balochi marriage consists all the Islamic and respectful ways of marriage including its ways of conducting it. Balochi marriage can proceed to 6 to 8 days and the various steps or ethnicities of marriage are listed below.

 1..Habar Sindi or Zamathi;

The first and the most important step of Balochi marriage is Habar Sindi. In this process the family members of boys go to the family members of the girl (which are to be married) the members from boys start breaking the ice by convincing the family members of girls. Here they decide the expense and the girl’s demands. Afterwards there they decide the dates and the boy’s family give some money to the girl’s family as   (Nishanag) there the boy becomes engaged with the girl and this is also known as (Zamathi).

  1. Lotoki;

Well, lotoki means invitation, in this process the woman from boy’s family visit all the area and invite the families from other residents of the area. Now all the invited women from boy’s family start singing (Nazink) the traditional Balochi songs (due to great joy) and going to the girl’s family in order for Jull Bandi .

  1. Jull Bandi;

Jull and bandi are two Balochi words, Jull means a large piece of cloth decorated well in order to use for hiding purpose and bandi means to close. Here in this process the bride is hidden in this large piece of decorated cloth by the groom’s personnel for 4 days till the last day of the marriage and it is the first day of the marriage. After the Jull Bandi for 2 days and nights the people from bride’s and groom’s family go for Nazink and they enjoy dancing, singing and giving feasts to other people and guests.

4. Henni band;

Henni band is the process of hennaing the bride and groom’s feet and hands. It is the third night of the marriage where at night the groom’s feet and hands are hennaed by the people as well as the same is performed to the bride. In this night money are put on the head of the groom and bride that are taken from the workers as a tradition called (LEET). Also some decorated piece of papers with money on it is also worn to the groom. This continues also on the next night as called the 2nd day of Henni Band, at this night feast is also given to the guests and others. On the next day there is going to be a great feast for all and everyone so the preparation is done on this night. As Balochi tradition this night bundles of goats with a number of cows are slaughtered for the next day.

5. Soore Roch;

It is the most essential day of all the marriage, in this day on morning till the afternoon, the workers prepare the dinner for everyone in the area and also outsiders there are numbers of workers on the large cookers of Biryani and Karahi. Almost at 1pm everyone from children to the old gets together to eat them as sweets and it continues till 4 or 5pm. At evening the groom and bride are made ready for Nikkah (this process is known as Korag) and at Magrib the groom is taken to the house of the bride. All the relatives assemble and call a well-educated Moluvi. Moluvi gives Nikkah to the groom and bride. Here with joy all the relatives take the groom to the bride at night.

6. Mubarraki;

This day is said to be the happiest day of the both of their lives, in this day all of the people draw together at the bride’s home to congratulate them both for their happy marriage. After on the third day, groom takes the bride to their own houses. The groom arranges a huge feast for the bride’s family members.

After these all memorable moments the bride and groom begin a new happy life unitedly.

Natural sign of love; the Mother

“When a child loss accurse a mother goes through a difficult time of emotional turmoil and questioning “am I still a mother”? Does my child still have a birth day each year or does time stand still? Can the mother-child relationship continue to grow or am I now an “unfinished Mother?” Generally questions any mother!

By Tanveer Ahmed

Loving chilled places a mother on a road that begins a lonelier journey than ever expected one that can never really be motherexplained. There was a beginning but with the death of a child, there is no medal and end. Everything seems so unfinished. Hopes and dreams were stopped for too soon, joy was snatched away so suddenly. A mother is left with empty arms and an empty heart. Nothing can ever be complete when a child’s life ends. When the death of the child occurs, a mother is stopped in her tracks and suddenly feels inadequate and incomplete. She wears a new name. She an “unfinished mother” never being able to see the rest of the picture. She will never be able to watch her child  mature in to a  young  adult she will never be able to see all the pieces fight together. The picture will always so have a part of the scenery missing it is so painful to be an unfinished mother child less makes every things seem son empty and incomplete. The reality of child love is divesting to a mother. There are overwhelming feeling of guilt, inadequacy and most often feeling of failure. These feelings can overwhelm  a mother  for several months following the death of a child and it can be quiet difficult to build a support system to carry a mother through this roller coaster of emotion . Very few people understand a mother’s explanation of feeling like she is an unfinished mother. There will come a critical  point  in this journey of grief when a mother must  reach deep inside her inner resources and  make a conscious decision to accept herself just has she is a mother whose heart have been touched by pain and grief  of child loss. Only then can She Start to put together some of the broken pieces and begin to feel like there will be a day when she will feel more like a complete mother than an unfinished   mother. When a child dies life is suddenly thrown completely off balance. A mother is left feeling like her identity has been taken away, it is often a long difficult journey to find that place of identity as a mother again. It’s hard to understand that there is unfinished willing that will never be complete. Peace can finally come to mother’s heart when she realize that there is a big deference between having unfinished business and being left feeling like an unfinished mother. A mother is never “No matter how brief her time was with her child the bond of love between mother and child was complete a Mother” love for her child is unending. Dreams may shatter and circumstances may change. But a mother love remains string.

As a mother travels they path to healing, it is important for her to remind herself often that she is a mother forever. Her motherhood didn’t stop when her child died. This understanding of motherhood releases the feeling of guilt and failure and allows a mother to begin to see herself as a whole person again, a complete mother. A mother is never and “unfinished mother”. A mother’s love runs for to deep to ever be called Unfinished Mother.

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I can’t torture others but I was taught lesson of love for humanity: Comrade Lateef Johar

Interviewed by Zareef Gul Baloch

With reference to the ‘Hunger Strike Till Death’ of Latif Johar, a BSO-A student, in front of the Karachi Press Club, the BolanBm9KhT0CYAE3bX9 Voice Magazine had a special interview with him who has been on hunger strike for the safe and sound recovery of his leader for more than 27 days, has plaintively expressed his grievances with our magazine correspondent over the enforced abduction of his Leader, Zahid Baloch, who is missing since the present day now. According to him, He says, “He can’t torture other people, but his organization has taught him the lesson and love of humanity, so he has the full authority to torture himself in order to gain the positive attention of the world and its civilized peace-promoting organizations”. Moreover, with the each passing grueling minute of his life, he has to fight hard to survive as the doctors have said that “his constitution is getting deteriorated in terms of “health and weight” that might result in a fatal repercussion.

(Below is the elaborate conversation with him, BLV, stands for Bolan Voice magazine)

BLV: Why and how Zahid Baloch the chairman BSO-A fell in the hands of forces? If you can vindicate causes behind the incident.

Lateef Johar: The vindication of causes is markedly clear if you live in Balochistan or if you have had previous acquaintance with the land of Balochistan! Bolan Voice Magazine, as a student I very often read it which is circulated throughout Balochistan, what I mean to say is that because of national struggle, sprawling awareness among his people and students, as thousands of Baloch scholars, students and writers who went missing and were abducted by the armed forces, my Leader Zahid Baloch, was abducted similarly because of being a nationalist who believed in love, peace and humanity. In addition to that, the Pakistani state can’t abide it and it atrociously kidnaps and kills, and then throws their mutilated corpses and the reasons are obviously the same that’s why Zahid Baloch has been forcefully kidnapped.

BLV: You are observing Hunger Strike for 26 days, has anybody taken notice of this strike?

Lateef Johar: Well, to some extent the masses and the media like English newspapers and the writers who are overseas have come in order to interview me in the relevance of the reason of my hunger protest. Otherwise, Pakistani media and their channels are not showing their journalistic keen interest in this hunger strike which is their instinctually professional obligation as well as from the State’s mainstream media nobody has taken notice of this strike, the way it actually has to. From the masses’ side, the Baloch youth, Sindhi people, and people from other places have shown keen interest in observing my hunger strike and they have also participated in it. Plus, English writers, people from abroad and journalists working in electronic media out of Pakistan have also been showing a keen interest in the coverage of this strike.

BLV: The state authorities denied about owning Zahid Baloch, hence what mean remains of protest including your hunger strike?

Lateef Johar: It is very weird to know the State authorities are saying that my leader, Zahid Baloch, is not in their custody. So, who are those in armoured paramilitary vehicles who picked up him? If they say that they are not the forces of State, so I believe there is no State if it doesn’t know who they are in their military dresses and trucks. Similarly, hundreds of thousands of Baloch have gone missing but their mutilated and tortured bodies are being thrown! Where do they come from? Some people who get freed, what are their sayings and what do they say? Everybody is well aware of such atrocities of the State and certainly the world understands that who is doing this. The missing persons are in the State custody and here our hunger strike’s main goal is beyond thoughts!

BLV: The VBMP is protesting for long time but failed to get released Baloch Missing Persons, in such circumstances BSO-A camp will get succeeded in its intentions?

Lateef Johar: Well, it is actually an illusion to think that the VBMP long time protest failed, no not at all. If anyone says that Mama Qadeer’s long march campaign got failed, so I believe that they are only lying to themselves, actually. Mama Qadeer’s campaign is eternally alive and it made alive more the struggle movement and certainly, this State is an enemy, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The State fears lot from the Baloch sons, daughters and women and Mama Qadeer made alive the question that “why and where the sons, daughters and women are? And where have the paramilitary forces taken them to? And for what reason did they disappear them? In true sense, Mama Qadeer’s long march campaign has actually more injected energy into the Baloch struggle! And his campaign didn’t at all fail as well as it raised awareness in international countries and organizations about the State’s atrocities in Balochistan. Obviously, he is Mama Qadeer and his campaign is still alive! And so far The BSO-A camp is concerned, so our camp’s main mission is the same and it will not get failed. As you can see that today’s 27th day of our hunger strike and this news is sprawling like a fire in social media and other related social networks, international organizations and among the other nations of the world.

BLV: How is media response about coverage of your hunger strike camp, and can you tell the ratio of international level achievements through it?

Lateef Johar: Yes, but the Pakistani electronic media is not giving coverage of the agonizing problems overall of Baloch people and they are not covering or broadcasting our problems, either. Owning to the media and social networks our plaintive voice has been given an attentive ear internationally and amazing is the fact that before our voice reaching and coming out from Balochistan; they, including the international communities and human rights defenders, they say that they know “why and who” made us feel so enslaved a nation and they say that they well know who is responsible? Meaning of the saying is that our hunger strike is part of the peaceful struggle and it is bearing fruits and it is not as if that the world is unwise to the problems of Baloch nation: In fact personally the international NGOs, writers, scholars and human rights defenders and all who have an alive sense of humanitarian conscience and a true sense of humanity, are enthusiastically showing a keen interest in our campaigns.

BLVM: In media about BSO (Constitutional) statements appeared, so how you define this new group of BSO?

Lateef Johar: I believe they are the people who have been excluded inasmuch as they were irresponsible and they were taken out from the organization, given the fact that they didn’t abide by the constitution of this mentioned organization. It can be possible that they might be trying to organize a new BSO for themselves or something of that kind and with they don’t have anything to do with our BSO-A.

BLV: The rifts among pro-independent organizations uncovered and with each passing day these are getting intense, on this juncture of conflictions BSO-A how will deal the complication?

Lateef Johar: If anyone tries to pass on their personal viewpoint about such a juncture of mentioned conditions and problems related to the Baloch Nation, so they are not new ones, in fact from the day of the subjugation of Balochistan till the uprising of the Baloch freedom movement they have been the same. The disturbed or peaceful conditions of Sindh, Punjab, Kyber Paktunkwa or the Islamabad have nothing to do with the geography of Balochistan. In Balochistan, there is freedom struggle going on, so during this extremism from the outrage of State and the Baloch separatists gets an evolving point of emergence. Given the fact that as the insurgency gets on its rise the more the State starts killing and dumping the people. As a student organization, there are such many other complications that BSO-A deals with.

BLV: Does BSO-A have any program to defend organization and its workers while its chairman couldn’t be protected from state elements?

Lateef Johar: Well, it is a student organization and it doesn’t have such active power to protect its members or to stop the paramilitary forces from kidnapping or killing the workers of BSO-A and here the biggest mission of BSO-A is to raise awareness by going to schools, colleges, universities and such other related educational institutions as well as our workers are not bureaucrats or prime ministers that they would be accompanied by ten or twenty security or bodyguards. No, we are students and our weapons are our pens and books and certainly they can’t protect us physically against any odds. And it is high time that the world, the UNO and other human rights watch organizations rose voice in order to keep thousands of lives of the insecure BSO-A students and leaders secured.

BLV: According to your assessment, what is the biggest bone of contention of the most Baloch related issues?

Lateef Johars: I believe, In Balochistan, “Slavery of Baloch nation is the bone of contention and the solution to every problem is freedom”. As recently educational institutions in Panjgoor were made closed and in Turbat area where educational institutions were made closed, too and I believe that no external person is involved but the infernalist internal ones. I believe Dr. Malik is involved in this act and in such contrived diplomacy Awami party is also greatly involved. “Giving birth to more problems is, additionally, a conspired measure to keep more the Baloch nation enslaved”. And it is a very naked fact that the Baloch by establishing some private schools and educational institutions have been providing the Baloch society with good education outcomes in terms of awareness, knowledge, politics and overall education. And I believe the biggest bone of contention is slavery and an enslaved nation on earth is always ignored”.

BLV: What message do you want to deliver to the Balochs and Human Rights Organizations through Bolan Voice?

Lateef Johar: We strongly appeal to the world that ours is a peaceful struggle and ours is a peaceful student’s organization and they must know deeply with the regards to the problems of Baloch nation, any problem related should be figured out and then resolved whether it comes to the Baloch geography or their educational or social and national problems.

Lateef Johar is merely on “hunger strike till death” to see his leader BSO-A chairman, Zahid Baloch, released with the many others who have gone missing for a very long period of time. With the every passing minute his life is gradually heading toward a big loss, please, it is a serious pledge to the human rights organizations to save Lateef Johar from dying on hunger strike and the soon, safe and sound release of his leader can save his life.

Disappearance of Zahid Baloch the Chairman BSO-Azad

Bolan Voice Report

On 18th April, 2014, the Baloch Student Organization (Azad) chairman Zahid Baloch along with workers after dispensation of10262144_605734509510067_7130327565973792065_n organizational works were on the way that security officials in uniform and plain cloths interrupted them, and after confirming the identification, they took Mr Baloch in vehicle with them. When female workers of BSO-A resisted against arrest of their leader, so security men by power of weapons had detent them. The vice chairmen of BSO-A Banuk Kareema Baloch disclose incident in media on 23rd April, 2014, after span of five days.

When media-persons approached to I.G FC about arrest of Zahid Baloch, then they denied the capture of Mr Baloch and declared baseless the blames of the BSO-A. FC official said they disown the chairman of student organization.

The Baloch Nationalist organization leader Zahid Baloch, in the perspective of an ongoing series of throwing the mutilated bodies of Baloch political workers, especially the BSO-A members but recently discovery of the mass graves have engraved worries about his life. In such situations, the worries about Mr Zahid Baloch and other missing Balochs relatives is a natural ingredient, said the Baloch Nationalist leaders and organizations in their statements.

For the release of Mr Zahid Baloch the Chairmen of BSO-A a protest camp in front of Karachi press club has been established and a member of the organization comrade Latif Johar is sitting on Hunger Strike till death. The Media is covering the strike of comrade and the state authorities are envious with this; resultantly, they lobbed tear gas canisters on protest camp with intention to sabotage the protest of comrade Latif and others. Although the BSO-A members are protesting peacefully as according to the human laws.

At Quetta Press club the spouse of Mr Zahid Baloch with Mama Qadeer the vice-chairmen of Voice for Baloch Missing persons (VBMP) addressed a Press conference. While addressing, she told that her husband was practicing politics in sphere of state laws on forum of Baloch Student Organization (Azad). The mentioned organization is an armless and surface functioning group. “My husband never indulged in any subversive activity; therefore, he must be produced before the court if he has committed any guilt, but keeping him disappeared is violation of the Human Rights. The organizations of human rights defending must perform their due role for the safe release of Zahid Baloch”, appealed spouse Zahid Baloch.

The nationalist party Baloch National Movement (BNM) is protesting for the safe release of Zahid Baloch. They said, “the party had called for strikes in Balochistan and internationally the workers of said party observed sit-in front of British Prime Minister House, in Germany and at other places they are also protesting in same style that international leaders with community to know about abduction of Zahid Baloch and they pressurize the Pakistani authorities that to release the student organization leader”.

In Balochistan, the National Party which claims for being Baloch nationalist and pro-democracy totally seems helpless including senseless regarding the abduction of BSO-A chairman and other human rights violations in the province, too. The media organizations consider Balochistan a hotbed and lawless province but the chief minister of the province Dr Malik Baloch says, “Balochistan is tranquilized” by this way he is hiding sun with his figure. In fact, he can’t do anything for Baloch people, if he has any authority, so it is the best time to test his power and bring Zahid Baloch the chairmen of BSO-A on surface.

It is comic that Home Minister Balochistan talking with BBC gestured some inner information about BSO-A, he told this organization is nursery for Baloch insurgent groups and exposed other mysteries, too but amazingly he denied about recognition of Zahid Baloch the chairman student organization. Question rises he knows that much about organization but doesn’t know about head of organization and he has also no information about his arrest and disappearance. How irrational and insane statement release the politicians about Baloch!

MBBS Education in Balochistan

“In the fast developing globe the importance of technical and medical education can’t be glossed over by any manner of means and its exclusion from our rosy vista of lives would mean that we are specifically as well as unobtrusively crippled”.

By Basheer Ahmed Ijbari

ijbariThere is no denial of the fact that Balochistan is the most underdeveloped province in terms of both technical and medical education as well as in comparison with the other developed provinces, it totally remains strapped for quality-based curriculum of subjects and in fact there is a huge destitution of educational institutions especially the far-away and rural districts are facing the lack such as Medical and Engineering Colleges, Information Technology and Law Colleges and so on, except Quetta which is the main city of Balochistan. Staggering is the actuality that merely very few of the colleges provide professional subjects’ studies among them University of Balochistan (UOB) is the one and only which has the provision of fields such as D-Pharmacy, Microbiology and Biochemistry Departments, these three departments are related to the medical fields and two Engineering Colleges are available in Balochistan. Moreover, Balochistan University Khuzdar and Balochistan University of Information Technologies, Engineering and Management Sciences “BUITEMS”. These two are the Universities which enable the students concerned to go into the fields in order to hold the relevant professional degrees.

Now I come to the main point which I titled about the bachelor of medicine and the bachelor of surgery ‘MBBS’, the masses of thegirls for entry test province who have the appetite for knowledge to learn, are coping up with its scarcity and unfortunately for getting the above-mentioned relevant education in Balochistan it rather seems to be a day-dream specially for the impoverished hoi-polio and the mentioned sectors are not available easily as compared to the other provinces of our country. Besides, even when it comes to mentioning the existence of medical universities and colleges so, In Balochistan there is just one Medical College which is Bolan Medical College, probably, it was built in 1972. After the establishment of this medical in  1972, till the day present  no one rises courage educationally to establish such other Medical Colleges in province of Balochistan and it is also sort of a financial lame duck and it isn’t running properly due to meagerness in resources. Personally saying, I observed myself that the students of BMC themselves are struggling hard in order to solve the problems of College so it’s very a weird cause that students are themselves trying to mountain the problems of before mentioned College it’s not the duty of students to protest and strike for the problems of College but still I have not seen a good budget from provincial government for College to  facilitate and develop to bring new changes about study programs and new technical systems everything is deficit in BMC, who should be taken into consideration to be justifiably accountable for the crisis of BMC our leaders or students or teachers’ staff, and administrators of Collage. Certainly, it’s the marked weakness of administrators because it is the duty of administrators to pressurize the provincial government for their demand because everyone indicates the administrators inasmuch as they are ruling the students so we can say that administrators are accountable for crisis of colleges in the province. Thus, it is an obvious pledge to the authorities concerned to solve the educational problems be it solved seriously by the administrators and provincial government.

In addition to that, given the presence of merely one Medical College in Balochistan, it should be of the view of the provincial and administrative governments to facilitate it with more than required purported labs, scientific apparatuses and all that which are the requisites for a medical college. Furthermore, if we have a short glance at the schedule of Bolan Medical College, consequently, the number of the total seats would be limited to 217, and with the categories on the basis of provincial merit and with zonal seats, basically, its quota system before the enrolment the new students are devoted to the way of the achievement of getting a seat in BMC. Broadly, if we pay a short glance at some deprived districts, namely, Turbat, Awaran, Nushki, Washuk, Khuzdar, Chaghi, Panjgoor, Mastung and Kalat, merely the repercussion would only bear the fact of injustice and lack of educationally fundamental, constitutional and democratic rights of students of the districts mentioned because the candidates of these districts are a whole lot more than the capacity of the college. Shocking is the condition of education in Balochistan whereas Turbat district consists of 9 seats and the candidates are close to 220 and the same unfortunate vista is being shown by other provinces so far Nushki consists of 2 seats and the candidates are more than 100. More to your shock, these nine distracts’ seats are insufficient because the candidates’ number is too much high to achieve with this hardship getting the seats after that they are tired to wait in order to get enrolled and get going with their further higher education.

Thus, it is an obvious pledge to the authorities concerned to solve the educational problems. Above all, be it solved seriously by the administrators and provincial government, because education is what we all need and it is our natural, constitutional and democratic right. Its exclusion from our day-to-day life would mean “we are in a boat without any rower to navigate and lead us toward the harbor!

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Balochistan Liberation Charter: Require some addendum and elaboration

By Shehzad Baloch

When Baloch struggle commenced pragmatically after 2000, then initially so called tribal elites also stood with this to seek their blcindividual interests, but subsequently, those regressive elements started parting their ways, due to revolutionary codes of movement. They didn’t find hierarchic position and pseudo tribal status; consequently, changed their faith oppositely and penetrated in the folds of establishment to secure the parasitic life-span, being superior while remaining within unjustified system. Now such elements are on the side of the establishment and performing like goon.

Moreover, the emergence of filtered Baloch patriots and after more than a decade proficiencies movement got matured. Now intelligentsia of Baloch composed a charter with mean to elucidate Baloch Movement, even ongoing struggling, too. In my opinion, the Baloch should adopt this charter without the raising questions who, when, where, and prepared by whom. This documents is for Baloch and represents Baloch, hence on contents of it the arguments are valid and positive, because critical notions can bring more refines in it.

The struggle process brought improvements in pro-independent politicians. The independence of Balochistan is not enough but state of Baloch also to preserve a glinting system of justice and equality, too where the out-dated tribal system must be discarded. The pro-independent groups must adopt this natural requisition, and then they can move toward success in their objectives, otherwise the future’s Balochistan will be mess and Baloch will be saying “out of the frying Pan, into the fire”.

After studying the charter some points in a corner of mind got existed that these contents should be included or elaborated in this document. The unclear points are as under:

1: Mixed Economy: in the charter it is inscribed that in Balochistan will be mixed economy. Simultaneously, the public, private and collective ownership will be prevailing and in such condition which type ownership will dominate in the state. The nature of economy is not cleared in document.

2: Parliamentary Politics with multi-party system but the state has been mentioned “Peoples democracy”. About the class contraction is ambiguity that which class will rule and class contraction has also not been solved or adjusted.

The people democracy has been mentioned but this type of democracy or system has not defined well.

3: About foreign policy stand-point has not clarified that Baloch state will prefer relations with which type of ideology and system based countries; socialist, Islamic, democratic and so on.

4: Regarding society contractions and solution of these have not been presented in charter. In Balochistan, uneven societies exist; somewhere common Balochs are being exploited by masked religious elements and somewhere mask of tribalism is being used. Without solving these uneven statuses of human, the freed Balochistan will be same as presently Balochs are in countries.


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