The discovery of mass graves in Khuzdar (Tutak)

After 2002, a series of enforced disappearance of Baloch was commenced, but in 2006, it was escalated and thousands Baloch son went missing. In Musharraf’s regime, the interior Minister Aftab Ahmed Sherpao on a visit to Balochistan, in Turbat during a press conference admitted that they have somehow 4000 Balochs captives in their security custodies. Subsequently, they visibly and invisibly stipulated various conditions for the release of these captives, but Baloch secessionist movement workers ever disregarded the state official’s barter proposals, and they are firmly struggling for enactment of a fair system and insurance of national identity including inheritances.

The government officials’ sporadically adopted dissimilar stands-off about Baloch Missing Persons issue, sometimes they postured mercy and coaxing tactics to get abnegated Balochs from demand of separation. For instance, in 2013, through an advertisement the relatives of slain Baloch were offered around 1 million rupees as blood-money. The dead bodies of Baloch political workers have been found were among the missing, and yet those whose corpses have not been recovered also are clued that they are in custody of state-institutes. Suppose, the missing Doctor Din Muhammad’s daughter Samee Baloch during a conversation with media personnel disclosed that secret institute officials presented her a cheque amounting 1.6 million Rupees. Further, she told that the agencies personnel said that in return of the offered amount she must give up the protest which they are uplifting on platform of Voice for Baloch Missing Person (VBMP).

The state official’s offer to aggrieved Baloch families implies theirs offends confession, but blatantly the denial means to avert any international repercussion. Because state is running by foreign aid, and the international powers are sweetening it against assistance in exploitation of small nations which are incorporated in it by power.

Recently, in an adjacent area of Kuzdar at Tutak, the massive numerous mass graves have been revealed. Media reports entails that by tip-off a shapherd to the authorities and common people brought in knowledge about existence of mass graves in the area. When local people rushed to the spot for inspection to carry-out rescue works, then the security officials already were present there and beleaguered that field and didn’t allow the civilians to approach the site where the dead bodies were dumped.

In subsequent days, quotient statements of government officials and nationalist organizations appeared in media. The government merely confirmed the number of buried cadavers 13 and in some reports they have shown the number 25, meanwhile the nationalist organizations; specifically, Baloch Student Organization (Azad) mentioned the exact number of buried bodies in mass graves 159.

On very first time of mass graves discovery, the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) expressed its worries that these slain and afterward dumped bodies are of abducted Baloch and this was confirmed later a day by identifying three bodies as Awaran’s locals; two brothers and another young man who were abducted earlier twosome months.

The fact finding team reached the spot in Tutak, escorted by security officials and district administrative officer had association, too later the couple of week. A report was published in daily Dawn by provided facts of team that there were massive 10 graves but probable more existence of the graves discover in future, but yet were not discovered. The people were killed there savagely and dumped in craters which were erected dunes by mixture of stones and earth. The remnant limestone’s in pieces were lying, which were indicating that limestone was smeared to bodies that catalysis the decomposition of human cadavers and by this also marred the identifications. The carnivorous animals like vulture and others were hovering the site of dumped bodies.

Provincial Health Minister Rehmat Saleh Baloch staying in Islamabad spoke with Media Persons and admitted that all buried bodies in mass graves discovered in (Tutak) Khuzdar are of missing Balochs. He expressed anguish about incident and without pointing out to agencies and their collaborators criticized. But he never declared guilty to anyone for the perpetration of this heinous crime, though his party is ruling in province. Mr. Baloch and his party’s no man took any dire step to resign against genocide of his nation ‘Baloch’ and province including theirs constituency people. He showed his helplessness in front of invisible hands; even they are unable to apply any legal order against the culprits, who have perpetrated crime against humanity. This shows their psychological ailment or blind following behind the interests.

If similar occurred incidents in world be retrospect, then a stunning difference looks in attitudes between human groups. During World War-II, the fascist and racist Adolf Hitler massacred and dumped Jews dead in mass graves’ so at that time, the entire world human right organizations and media took it to the sky, even till now the Holocaust of Jews by Nazis has been commemorating and civilized world considers it a dark page in human history and denounces it critically.

In Bosnia, the Serb committed carnage of Corot Muslims, then European countries took stern action against it, because they had conflictions with Soviet Russia and Yugoslavia which was the operating this was the ally state of Russia, means interests impelled to take notice of mass killing and mass graves. That same organizations and countries are looking like dormant about mass graves of Balochs which is a question mark on theirs entity and norms, too.

Pakistani society is suffering from Psychological disease and ignoring the shocking incident which is an apparent symptom of this. The Psychologists say, “Seeing the people suffered and don’t helping or deed for rescue, means that observing person or society is ailing psychologically”. Human has characteristics that cannot stand without helping to oppressed or distressed people, and this sense of sympathy distinguishes it to other livings and makes supreme creature.

The butchery of human in Balochistan and dumping in mass graves is being ignored by state institutes, civil society, human rights organizations, and media even entire society proves what, only their psychological ailment or abnormality, as well as indicates the dwindle of this unfair system. But international world silence about mass graves of Tutak (Khuzdar) is also astonishing, thus civilized world takes stern notice of this terrifying incident and refute all assumption of psychological ailments about them. Because the confession of health minister Rehmat Saleh Baloch, the offer of wealth and admit of ex-interior minister Sherpao have turned the prognostication into certainty of Voice for Baloch Missing Person organization that the buried in mass graves are missing Balochs who were abducted by secret institutes and their local collaborators, therefore, they must be bring in to book.

Otherwise, a series will be advent of mass graves in Balochistan, like other heart wrenching evil incidents of enforced disappearance, throwing mutilated bodies and other grass human rights violations.


Chinese delegation visit to Gawadar means launching work on “Economic Transition”

Baloch land is distributed in various countries and world is enjoying the benefits of this nation’s resources. In Iran, the Chah Bahar (is a free port ‘’Free Trade Zone’’ on the coast of the Gulf of Oman) where most of the inhabitants belong to Baloch race, which produces about 23% of oil requirements of entire world. The Bandar-Abbas, a port supporting magnificently the Iranian economy is as well the property of Baloch. By this port the European products are being imported in the entire region. The vessels duck at this port are getting unloaded and further goods are being dispatched to Afghanistan from where these  are being supplied to Pakistan, Central Asian states and even in Indian markets there’s forwarded products are available.

The India has invested a lot in Chah Bahar, in various fields and running a beneficial business in the region. The India also occupied an enormous portion of business in the Afghanistan. India has been supported by western countries in fulfillment of this task. On the other hand, Iran is earning in regard of transit fee and other commissions by the proceedings of goods through its country, indeed it is right of Baloch. Hence, she is keeping silence to poke in affairs of western countries and Afghanistan but is opposing silently the functioning of Gawadar port. In case of getting operated the port of Gwadar, the Iranian business will get slumped and Arab states also will be distressed, especially Dubai port will be affected badly, therefore, these states are against the mentioned project.

Pakistan ever relied on super power or remained in pocket of capitalists, in sake of her survival, and she couldn’t get independence in its state affairs. During soviet war, it was very close ally state of the America and other western states. In 1990, Soviet Union got disintegrated and world converted into unipolar. Pakistan’s importance in front of western countries got devalued and they suspended the giving aid to it. Consequently, this parasitic state sought western countries, like France, Germany and others to be ally in the sack of aid provision but got failed. The neighboring state China is a huge population harboring country and it needs raw materials to run the state industries for manufacturing cheap products, she required markets, as well. China required a suitable pad, from where she dispatches its products to world markets, too and Gwadar is situated on central point to access the entire world.

Pakistan is suffering from various crises, like energy, food and so on. Now this state has plunged in abysmal situations, due to mismanagement and failed political system and it has no option to come-out from crises or toward normalcy, so she is intended to sell the assets and get some for sustenance. The Balochistan is a province which has all resources on that state can continue her lifespan, for instance oil, gas, minerals, coastal area and sea port in shape of Gawadar.

The Balochistan’s people have been ever kept deprived of even fundamentals rights, which caused among Balochs the rebellion sentiments and now the succession movements, have emerged earnestly. On initial stage, the separatists have been neglected by state and were considered very minor threat; verily it was under estimation of authorities about rebels. The raw material was available to these separatists abundantly to thrive and expand. Because China with collaboration of Pakistani establishment has been looting Baloch resources but never paid a tiny amount to real heir, even didn’t hire the low scale labor in ongoing projects in Balochistan. These types of injustices paved way of separatist to forth the logic and convince to Baloch people, which energized to resisting organizations.

State adopted policy to exterminate righteous voice and without consent of genuine heir she is intended to give control of Gawadar including other projects in Balochistan to China and in return the state gets military and civil aid for its survival. In this way, she also wants to deter India to monopolize on regional business and politics.

China, like an imperialist by collusion of Pakistani establishment exploiting small nations, and Baloch is one of victimized among them. Now Chinese delegation visited to Gwadar with purpose to launch work on ground. The agreement was made in last days of PPP government. At that time federal government imposed governor rule in Balochistan as precautionary that someone might not object their deeds or voice-up against this pact. China through this project will construct road and railway links from Gwadar to her bordering town Kashgar. She is intended to transport her cheap products to Gwadar by rail and road links and returning to China take minerals from Balochistan, oil from Iran and other Middle East states.

By staying in Gwadar, China will keep eye on Hurmoz strait that is near from Gwadar and a key oil trading rout of the world. From this business China will give a Kitty to Pakistani establishment for supporting in the plunder and proceedings of Baloch resources.

The establishment in center and provincial level brought accorded politician to facilitate China in grabbing the Baloch resources. In center, Nawaz Sharif and in province Dr. Malik like people brought in power to use these like remote control device. The discussed politicians were sent to China few month back, where they made pacts, the gist of all those is Balochistan and its resources. They dubbed these agreements with “Economic Transition”. The essence of these agreements is to hand over the Balochistan to China.

Baloch Nation is politically conscious and will not let imperialist powers to loot its resources and coast, effortlessly. The Geo-politics and internationally fluctuating situations are also favoring Baloch due to procuring transparent ideology and valid stance. The world also should not let unjust with oppressed nation which always have been suffering, even owning rich land with minerals, coast and strategic position. If the Baloch moderate nation is given authorities, it will be guarantor of peace and stability in region, for this purpose world must back to Baloch.


Federal bureaucracy is responsible for Balochistan’s underdevelopment: Dr Malik

A high level session about gas sparseness held in Quetta. The Chief Minister of Balochistan Dr. Malik and state Minister for petroleum Jam Kamal participated in the sitting. The authorities exchanged views and cogitated on various problems but predominant issue was low pressure of gas in Quetta and country wide scanty of gas.

In session, excavation of new wells aiming at exploration of natural gas in Balochistan was discussed and consensuses were developed. It was justified that, “By this way more reserves of gas will be explored and country will get succor to come-out from energy crises. It is noteworthy that state again will be dependent on Balochistan’s resources, meanwhile the province minerals are being sold to other countries, too.”

Chief Minister Dr. Malik Baloch said that among the federal authorities a particular mindset was responsible for Balochistan’s vulnerable situations and sense of deprivation in Balochs. He said the past policy about Balochistan did not change, and that was not letting them to bring harmony, even these are causing circumstances to worsen. Dr. Malik Baloch emphasized for change in attitudes for positive outcome and mutual development.

Dr. Malik Baloch notified, they defend province resources and will not let plunder of these onward. He demanded for flexibility in policies and viewpoint and constructive attitude for better future.

State Minister Jam Kamal and other participants decided for conduction of a meeting for reviewing the policies each three months lapse. It was informed that survey for excavation is underway in several district of province. They also informed that first time gas pressure in Quetta is increased up to 180 MMC. The Quetta city will get addition of 25 MMC gas from Zarghoon Gas field till next March.

Provincial authorities in media also admitted that they could not make any contact with resisting organizations of Balochistan. It is certain that secessionist organizations don’t consider the provincial authorities to be eligible for negotiations and they aren’t seeing any change in attitudes of establishment and federal bureaucracy. For the reason Chief Minister of Balochistan himself spoke-out that federal bureaucracy is responsible for underdevelopment of Balochistan.

It is astonishing that ground has not been paved for negotiations, but blindly claims are being made for dialogue and bringing peace. As Chief Minister of Balochistan said that obdurate mindset is causing bleak situations, and it is essential that stance to be adaptable and plunder of resources must be stopped. All control on resources is to be given in hands of Balochistan people.

The federal government is working on several Mega projects, like, Saindak Gold and copper project, the Rec-Dick project and Gwadar deep sea-port are in control of others. Chief Minister also shouldn’t let for gas exploration in province until federal authorities concede and give due rights to province, especially present Chief Minister of Balochistan without any achievement merely sitting in Chair of CM and offering for dialogue to secessionists, this way he can never impress to outrageous people, even his status and statement proving valid the separatist’s entity and their demands. Fact is this Dr. Malik Baloch could not bring on surface a single missing Baloch and he does not have any authority. It is very time for Dr. Malik to halt the plundering of Baloch resources and mustn’t let for gas extraction from province unless factual way be adopted, and prove himself a real nationalist leader of Baloch, thence he may not be rejected by secessionist.


Why Vash Should Not Be Banned

Vash, Pakistan’s single private Balochi language TV channel and founded five years ago, has financially been facing hurdle due to its independent and indifferent coverage to the far-flung areas of Balochistan. For example, when the 7.7 magnitude of the earth quake struck Awaran on December 24, 2013. It took the lives of 825 residents of Awaran and injured thousands of others. Undoubtedly, the mainstream national media gave very little coverage to the affected areas of the district, and none of them, very surprisingly, did not go and visit the earthquake hit district.  But the whole team of Vash, at that very time, and some its correspondents, were there in the areas after the earthquake struck. They wholly covered Awaran and discussed the earthquake hit victims’ grieves. Also, they brought to light the government’s inefficiency and apathy towards the earthquake victims, and denounced the higher authorities for not letting the international aid agencies and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) to reach Awaran.

Besides it, when the Baloch long march participants commenced their long march of 780 kilometers on foot for their relatives from the Quetta Press Club on October 27, 2013, and its second phase is still going on. The Vast TV’s reporters have been reporting about them. Due to these reasons, the government has been pressurizing the Balochi TV channel. And the advertisements, which the Vash TV’s chief executive Iqbal Baloch said their right, are not having them. Therefore, they have been recording their protest across Sindh and Balochistan against the provincial governments for not providing financial support to them.

“In the beginning, when the Vash TV channel was newly launched. It was being given little financial assistance by the federal government. But after the 18th amendment, when all authorities have been transferred to the provinces; after that,  Vash has not been receiving  its due right by the Sindh and Balochistan governments,” said Rashid Baloch, who is the Balochistan based bureau chief of the Vash TV.

Obviously, the government has not been giving advertisements to Vash TV for four years, and its chief executive Iqbal Baloch said he spent from his own pocket by selling his property to run the news channel. But, in this way, for how long would he run it? And the government, instead of supporting the Vash TV channel, they had it off-aired via Pak-Set-Satellite. They further warned to ban it if they did not make possible the payment to the PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority).

Balochistan, which is home to many mega projects; these mega projects have not been giving advertisements to the single channel of Balochistan’s indigenous people, the Vash. But these mega projects’ advertisements can be seen on the national private TV channels in the country.

Against this injustice, the Balochistan’s social activists, local journalists/stringers, political activists and others protested and took out rallies across the Balochistan province. They also chanted slogans against the government to give advertisements to the Balochi TV, so that it may continue its services for the people of Balochistan.

In Balochistan, protesters also commended the role of Vash TV for the promotion of the Balochi language and culture. They said, due to Vash News, classes of Balochi language began at the University of Karachi.

It is also proved scientifically that a human learns better in his mother tongue than any other languages. Therefore, it is to be maintained.

The other nations of Pakistan also have their own languages’ TV channels. For example, Punjabis, Sindhis and Pashtuns, all have their own languages’ TV channels. These TV channels are:  Royal TV, Apna News, Sindhi TV, Khyber TV, etc. And all of them are not complainants about the government for not providing them advertisements, because they are well maintained by the government. Therefore, Vash TV (The Balochi language TV channel) should also be well maintained. The government should also give advertisements to it as it gives to the other nations’ languages’ TV channels. Hence, it should not be banned.


Dr Malik Baloch’s amusement

In Balochistan, local body elections held on December 7, 2013. The provincial government was worried about the voting process of the province due to restiveness. The provincial government used helicopters to deliver the voting stuffs to the different districts of Balochistan, avoiding the ground ways.

In Makran division and Awaran, the voting couldn’t be observed, except few polling stations. In the above mentioned areas, most of the polling stations were wholly deserted, whilst some had merely staff, and some stations received a low turnout, who was brought by ruling party, like NP (National Party). Politicians brought their kens or other privileged citizens to vote for party candidates. Similarly, BNP (Balochistan National Party) did the same, the discussed party has quality on some occasions, abuses the state machinery and establishment; simultaneously, it participates in the state businesses and gets share and enjoys incentives, too. This party claims for being progressive but gets functioned by tribal elements. And this party couldn’t adopt one system mean tribalism or politics but holding both status, like Sardar and president of the party at a time. Other parliamentarian parties in the same manner participated in local body elections.

It has been observed that the recent elections of local body did not have much volatile incidents than previous general elections for assemblies. The mechanism of resistance by secessionists was, to a greater extent, different. They abducted candidates but didn’t invade election campaigns and voting venues. More than half dozen candidates were picked up in Makran and above then 10 had abnegated from local body positions by withdrawal of papers. This maneuver mustn’t be underestimated by the state authorities. These abducted candidates of the elections were set free following the voting day who announced for disaffection from the state elections.

In the Jhalawan, Sarawan, Marri and Bugti areas, the secessionist groups didn’t carry-out massive attacks to halt voting as during general election in May they did. It is natural truth that the ratio of voting was very low, even the claims of government and other authorities.

In Baloch areas, none of the polling processes, or awfully voting ration was low, and incompetency proved that majority of the people were sicken about the system. This reason couldn’t be ascertained that why militants didn’t attack on local body elections’ campaigns, and voting in central and eastern parts of Balochistan.

In Pashtun belt of Balochistan, these days the PKMAP (Pashtun Khuwa Milli Awami Party) is dealing. This party has occupied the post of governor in Balochistan, including several ministries of the province due to its policy of favoring the state establishment. It seems that the PKMAP has relinquished Afghanistan supporting policy and embraced a stance in favoring settlers in Quetta. Several settler candidates were contesting on the platform of Pashtun Khuwa Milli Awami Party, even all of them being non-Pashtuns. Some years back the Baloch insurgents were targeting settlers in Quetta, so possible that aforementioned party settled matters with establishment against seats at all levels to protect urban dwelling settlers. Otherwise, this party did not have power to seize sufficient number of seats from Jamiat Ulema Islam in Pashtun belt of Balochistan. The goddess of luck is also graceful on this party, presently.

Chief Minister Balochistan heftily claimed for four feats of his government and one is conduction of local body elections. If a realistic takes review of Dr Malik Baloch’s entire government duration works, so he can easily notify that he is bragging in front of the state media. He couldn’t bring on surface a single Missing Baloch and couldn’t implement his desire to bring foreigners for rehabilitation of earthquake victims and relief works in the disastrous area of Awaran.

If it is to be cogitated that the local government system is requisition of Punjab and Sindh due to procuring the large cities. In Balochistan, population is very small and scattered. So, in this situation, here local government system requirement is lesser than other provinces. It is possible that elected people at local or low level will be used against ongoing insurgency at root level; otherwise, no significance can be seen in these.

Chief Minister Dr Malik Baloch’s claims aren’t factual but exaggeration in media to overshadow on the realities. Now he is saying that he will dismantle the established Baloch Movement for state effortlessly by dialogues. It seems Dr Malik Baloch claims for evaporation of Baloch insurgency is utopia or his amusement, nothing else.


CM Dr Malik has Value?

On 24 September 2013, a powerful earthquake hit Balochistan’s area Awaran. Earthquake brought large scale of destruction. Where in some areas all houses were flatted due to mud-built premised as perspective of area climate.

Awaran is a remote area of Balochistan, it is situated very far from capital Quetta. This area is undeveloped and people who have visited narrated some gloomy story about Awaran. Due to the deprivations a resisting movement roused in Balochistan and it is enough established in Awaran, specifically.

CM Balochistan Dr Malik accompanied with escort of forces visited affected areas to estimate the destruction scale. In that area Dr Malik’s covey was attacked by armed group, too. At that time Dr Malik himself said destruction rang is very wide and they are not able to meet on their behalf, they need international assistance and aid for relief works and rehabilitation of effected people of Awaran. In this regard Chief Minister also took some initiatives, too and spoke in media for seeking international assistance in the pattern of earthquake in Kashmir, flood in Sindh, Punjab and earthquake in Balochistan’s part Ziarat.

Establishment and federal government are concealing some political facts from world, due to backwardness in area and deprivation caused turbulence withstanding the existence of a movement, resultantly insurgents are attacking on forces and they have fully support of masses shown in reports presented by international media organizations which don’t care of establishes anguish or don’t come under control of them because of international laws.

The situations  and hushing-up to political facts have halted the way of international donors organization to Awaran, even an organization of doctors “doctor without borders” France based wasn’t let to provide medical services in earthquake-hit areas. The Awaran’s common people are paying price of political conflictions in shape of medical relief denial after massive earthquake which brought large scale of causalities.

Dr Malik Baloch prior to Eid talking with BBC-Urdu’s correspondent at Quetta told that his government has written to center for permission to invite international organizations for working in earthquake hit areas of Awaran. When media-persons ask for late writing, so he mentioned several reasons and he said it is not fault of central government but they have delayed enough and after Eid will get response in favor. Even span of months Chief Minister Dr Malik Baloch couldn’t get permission.

On 8th November, 2013, after 40 days Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Nawaz Sharif memorized this disastrous areas and victims. During visit he read a written peace given by establishment while trampling all ground realities, Mr Nawaz Sharif restated forces allegation that they manage all themselves in Awaran and don’t let international organizations to operate in area.

Chief Minister Balochistan Dr Malik Baloch’s assessments about Awaran devastation of earthquake were wrong or his writing to center for permission to call international organizations for carrying-out relief work and rehabilitation of victim wasn’t needed. Otherwise, final reason is that Dr Malik Baloch is Chief Minister of Balochistan, but he has no authority and value in front of central government and establishment, because being consented and wrote to center, but he has failed to bring international organizations in his province for humane and non-militarized works.


We have failed to recover Missing Persons: Dr. Malik Baloch 

After 11 May, 2013, elections the National Party won ten seats of provincial assembly. Before from elections, it seemed that National Party in coming government will brace a considerable stake. It is possible said party had confidence in its strength or hidden hands had pact with them. The head of party Dr Malik Baloch before taking oath of cheifministership stated that he will not be able to ride on such horse which bridles to be in hands of someone else. Means he wasn’t consented to be powerless Chief Minister of provinces.

Balochistan is engulfed in chaos, here a war of separation is being fought, therefore, Pakistan Muslim League-N even holding majority didn’t take high post of province and other nationalist parties, like Pashtoon Khuwa Mili Awami Party (PMAP) also backed-off from CM seat. They knew in present situations this position is as a thorny-bed, but Dr Malik Baloch enthusiastically was roaming between Islamabad and Quetta for the discussed post. He was agreed to accept all term and condition for it. It seemed that those National Party leaders were hysterically running behind the chair of CM. Here learnt of Politics were aware of reality the assemblies and knew sitting in there people are powerless and aren’t genuine representative of masses, too. And the longstanding issue of Missing Persons isn’t in their domain to solve it.

The vice chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) Mama Qadeer addressing to a press conference told during present government the abduction of Baloch’s increased and now simultaneously dozens are being picked, whilst in previous governments the abduction number was below than double during single incident. Missing Balochs are being killed in fake encounters pitilessly, prior to this their bullet riddle dead bodies are being dumped throughout Balochistan but now its range has been extended till Karachi.

Mama Qadeer blamed that the court is giving fly to Missing Persons case and voiding to give any decision against authorities. He declined that no one has been released or brought on surface by Dr Malik the current provincial government, who is claiming for stoppage of throwing mutilated bodies and abduction series. He said that the relatives of Missing Persons are pessimist about present NP government.

The organization Voice for Baloch Missing Persons has kicked-off a Long March from Quetta to Karachi. The female are also participating in it. The march means to raise a voice for Baloch Missing Persons safe release and extract the attention of international organizations.

Dr Malik Baloch at Karachi Press club “launching a press conference” has admitted that they have failed to recover the Missing Persons of Balochistan. By this he has affirmed himself that he is riding on such horse which bridles are not in his hands. He only affirmed his helplessness about Missing Persons but in fact he doesn’t have authority in any department of province. It is possible, he is earning individually and mandate of Baloch he doesn’t have, and a tongue to be rolled in front of the authorities. He is powerless in front of institutes that’s why he said, “We have failed in recovery of Baloch Missing Persons”. The disgruntle of relatives of Baloch Missing Persons and their long march are solid proof of this.


International Day for Missing Persons and Media Role

Human civilization journey is stretching on thousands years. Human developed states, societies and international organizations, like United Nation to prevent war and provide prosperity, equality and just preserving lives.

For diminishing the human problems, globally international organizations assigned various days to different chapters. The civil society, especially media uplifts to problems and attracts world attentions for cogitation and resolve of conundrums.

30th August has been allocated for Enforced Disappearing Persons and in Balochistan the strength of Missing Persons is higher than other parts of country. The persons who have gone to missing are Baloch Political workers and relatives of these missing blame on state agencies and security forces for this grim offend.

On 30th August an organization Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) conducted a protest in front of Quetta Press Club to lift voice for their endears safe release. The mentioned organization established a token hunger strike camp in front of Quetta press club before 3 years, but it is stunning that aggrieved people are crying for more than three years, they have faced worst level of apathy for being Baloch, whatsoever they are, minimum they are human.

The organization voice for Baloch Missing Persons informed during month of June 27, July 46 and August 35 Persons were abducted. These are the figures of that’s period when the new government of Dr Malik Baloch in province Balochistan and in center Mr Nawaz Sharif sworn. During this period of three months, 48 mutilated bodies of Baloch missing persons have been received and 36 such decomposed bodies also have been found which couldn’t be identified.

The discussed organization Voice for Baloch Missing Person was constituted by relative of Baloch political workers who had gone to missing. This organization owns complete data of 3000 missing Balochs. And this was informed that from inception of Organization to date, they have data of 1500 mutilated bodies which were dumped of Baloch, who first were abducted, the organization claimed that more than 18000 Baloch are abducted, but they lack resources to approach remote areas of wide stretched of Balochistan.

It is horrific that thousands people are missing and disjoint from their families and similarly thousands people have been slain but here’s human rights organizations and media totally neglected this catastrophe. It has been observed that media reports unnecessary and valueless things to divert the attention of masses or don’t let them to know the truth and reality. When an iota incident or rumor occurs on floor of assemblies or with ministers, so for hours magnificently broadcasts and telecasts for hours needlessly, it is against the ethics of Journalism and media institutes’ essence. They are ignoring humans who are suffering from pain and facing worst type of unjust but media is engaged in straying to masses.

Anchor persons of news channels elaborate all changing aspects of politics and state affairs but an important issue is overwhelmed skillfully that worldly the International Missing Persons day was observed but here this day was skipped in media.

During a proceeding of court, honorable judge remarked that they don’t want to handcuff someone about missing persons, and gave more time to security authorities to produce missing Baloch political workers. Here it is astonishing that thousands are missing and thousands brutally killed, their mutilated bodies have been thrown and series is ongoing unabated but authorities even reluctant to handcuff someone and media also is ignoring such shocking events, and on international Missing Persons day has given disproportionate converges to Voice for Baloch Missing Persons protest which is crime against humanity. This attitude of Media proved this field like a lucrative business but not human serving, knowledge delivering and justice providing course. Especially, in Balochistan, media turned blind about Baloch issue and Missing person calamity.


The imitation of previous government

After election 2013, the new government came in being in center and provinces. Central government as its precedent PP regime is speaking same that will cure the wounds of Baloch while remaining in Pakistani constitution. The provincial leaders also its precedent Raisani government announced formation of committee for negotiation with Baloch insurgents. The present government Chief Minister extended some words that they will negotiate with Baloch insurgents including religious elements who are waging a sectarian war.

Spontaneously, question rises in mind that how Dr Malik tranquil religious elements while this sectariann war is expanding globally? The sectarian clashes are happening in Khyber Pakthoon Khuwa, FATA and internationally Labnon, Iraq, Syria and other several countries have plunged in this quandry. The incidents in Balochistan taking Place are connected with international organizations and have resemblance of dogma, too. Has Dr Malik Baloch capability to convince both rival dogmas followers, never he hasn’t but in media mundunely he can speak. Ok let him wind-baggery.

Dr Malik is engaged in advocacy of such state that it has ignited the fire of sectarian and ever gained aid by name of Jahadis. On base of religion countered internal and external foes. Indeed, it is a significant tool for this state of that Dr Malik Bloch is Minister, as well as the said state foundation was laid on religion, mean two nations theory, whether it is viable or not. Mr Baloch is well aware of this but in here’s politics all is right by that reach to power chair.

The pervious Raisani Government came in power, so Mr Aslam Raisani prior to taking oath of CM of Balochistan said that he will resolve Baloch issue within three years in case failure would resign but couldn’t fulfill his promise and till last day he was bond with Chair of CM ship of Balochistan.

The present rulers are also imitating their precedent politicians. Mr Abdul Malik while getting seat of Chief Minister proclaimed will resolve Baloch issue but he should explain that how he can resolve while Separatist Leaders put agenda of freedom for negotiation. If it be cogitated that their organizations or struggle basic essence is separation from this state and system but Dr Malik Baloch is a sub-ordinate of state and was brought on this stage with term that will be a helping tool of state machinery in any condition against pay of wealth and incentives. He totally lacks the aptitude to come up the level of those people who are striving for deliverance.

Dr Abdul Malik Baloch should asses his height that he couldn’t bring any single person of Baloch Missings on surface, and do not talk of release of any one. A Baloch nationalist party claimed during Mr Malik regime approximately 85 mutilated bodies of Baloch youth found and more than 200 parsons are abducted while Mr Baloch is claiming for abate in series of abducting and throwing of mutilated bodies of Baloch political workers. The federal government constituted a task-force, like People’s Party government had established a Judicial Commission for inquiry of Baloch Missing Persons. The performance of Judicial Commission isn’t needed to be narrated, because all knows that how many people it had brought on surface or released who reached to their homes.

The proclaimed task-force performance can be speculated from its formation and included peoples that no one is indicted from Balochistan and relatives of Missing Persons, even any human rights defender isn’t including in it, so how this discussed task-force will trace-out Missing Persons, it is a palpating question to minds of each Baloch, possible also clicking the mind of Dr Malik Baloch because when he was not minister, so was stating,  “If million people protest in Islamabad, resultantly will not be response, indeed rulers are deaf and blind”. Now he himself is constituting committee for tackling Missing Persons issue, possible time has changed its color or Dr Malik Baloch?

It seems here that this government also devoid quality to negotiate with Baloch insurgents, but like its precedent People’s Party will fill all time in claims of formation institutes, committees for negotiation or task-force and invitations, and on other hand will continue use of power to crush Baloch insurgency. Here one thing is enunciated that passed government with full-swing persecuted on Baloch but couldn’t wipe out this movement, so how these can!


PPP run-away due to defeat’s fear from Presidential Election!

On 30th July, 2013, presidential election held in electoral bodies countrywide for 12th president, in history of Pakistan. Mr Mamoon Hussian the candidate of Pakistan Muslim League-N had won as landslide whilst the candidate of Pakistan Tehrik Insaf obtained second position in election.

The second largest party, Pakistan People’s Party boycotted the election. It is obvious on all that PPP couldn’t win the position, consequently had decided to boycott the election though it wasn’t a democratic attitude. The proficient of politics are well aware of this that PPP was not competent to accomplish five years tenure of parliament but it was allowed deliberately by PML-N and other parties to earn much defame for itself. The boycott decision aptness is the worst defeat in election which has stamped this logic authentication.

The co-chairperson of PPP Mr Zardari at the end of his rule said that he and his party had granted much to Baloch but those are Balochs who are not capable to come-up. Yes! Mr Zazdari gestured truth, during PPP regime Baloch received mutilated bodies, the number is above than thousand, and Baloch sons have gone to missing who were abducted and their whereabouts are not known by relatives. Massive operations were carried-out on powerless Baloch throughout Balochistan, and during those ripped fields were set blazed into ashes, livestock were loaded in truck to sell in markets or slaughtered as edible of government officials, the valuables and cash-savings were robbed.

The president of state and co-chairperson of PPP had zipped his lips to speak a single word about the atrocities in Balochistan. His party as being champion of democracy never resisted against these inhuman acts but remain busy to mint amount for their coming days and up-coming generations. They knew, this is the time to loot mercilessly the masses and buy properties abroad. Ever Bhuttos and now their son-in-law Zardari also gave gift of operations and atrocities to Balochs.

PPP couldn’t appear a large party in general election 2013, because of its transgression and corrupt leadership. Prior to election, the PPP leaders were claiming they have halted the way of those who had have support of agencies. The election 2013 were processed under supervision of PPP government, mean Mr Zardari was head of state, the president of Pakistan, hence any stipulation about election’s result is totally improper.

The PPP was given government last time not for its aptitude but for tranquil to Sindhis, because the Benazir’s murder had paved situations to revolt, as in Balochistan it is underway. PPP spent its days of ruling as honeymoon but did nothing for masses.

Now in presidential election, PPP defeat was certain, so this champion of democracy has stepped undemocratic of boycott electoral bodies elections while putting irrational objection that voting was to be conducted on 6th August instead of 30th July, 2013. Mr Raza Rabbani the presidential candidate of PPP said that in this short-time cannot go to provinces for canvass, but answer this that how other parties have done discussed task in that spell. Mr Rabbani bother to reply that during five years why not canvassed?

Five years, the worst performance has caused defeat of PPP and because of defeat fear it run-away from ring to combat.


Bogus election in Balochistan

On 11th May 2013, vociferation polling in Balochistan held. Prior to the polling, a gigantic wave of violence witnessed in Balochistan to halt process by secessionists. Capital Quetta was shuddering and jolting with blasts and rocket fires. Security was beefed-up sufficiently; even volatile activities were on its peak. A panic easily could be read at countenances of Balochistan’s citizens and no sensible person can deny from this. Quetta is metropolitan of Balochistan, where state department’s headquarters including security agencies main offices are located. But polling ratio in Baloch predominated areas was very low and other part of city were also impacted awfully.

Other areas, like Awaran, (where election could not be conducted) Panjgoor remained as same the Awaran, even entire Mekuran division stayed shutdown before four days of voting with capital Quetta, which was observed by media-men and observers. In media, the footage broadcast, and published in print media about strike which was called by Baloch National Front.

The assigned staff for election had boycotted to perform duties after receiving life threats from armed resisting organizations. First, All Government Teachers Association denied for dispensing the electoral responsibilities and Balochistan Lecturer Association imitating GTA also defiance in front of government on base of life threats. In this situation, election commission hadn’t staff or was deficient to manage voting assignment.

The vulnerable situations of Balochistan can be guessed by this that security agencies admitted that via land they cannot supply voting material mean ballot box, ballot paper and other accessories. For accomplishment of said task required assistance of aviation. Security forces are unable to move in Balochistan fearlessly, so how common people or other official could dispense government obligations?

The parliamentarian parties were attacked and no party could elude from attacks of secessionist groups. In fact, the masses were also languor with all parliamentarians because of their deceitful role. And a great distinction obviously can be observed between act and saying of these parties. Masses have wearied and were disinclined to vote for anyone among all those parties.

The all mentioned solid realities indicates that voting couldn’t be  held fairly in Balochistan but merely for hoodwink by help of media on fewer polling stations the very low number of people were  shown voting which never stand for population of Balochistan. The politicians nominated as winner or succeeded are selective to serve a layer sycophantic way the trampling masses will, demands and rights.

The results have been compiled insane way that the parties which don’t have voter in some constituencies but ironically have been declared winner. A religious party ever conducts huge public meetings was flatten overnight. Another so called nationalist party ridiculously is made victorious on such constituencies where pashtoon population is dwelling in very small number, but seat has been thrown in calabash of discussed party.

It is amazed that provincial caretaker chief minister Mohd Khan Barozai in media categorically gestured that they were anticipated for transparent election, but swindlers have swindled them, and it was rigged in election. The most responsible personality of province and government representing authority remarked as about election, so how worth this process was?

The world can never be cheated straightforwardly by name of polling or election process to bring mercenaries and stooges to get its aim. A sensible person knows very well this gauche result and atmosphere of Balochistan was repugnant for voting. This election was bogus and nothing else, and world knows better here’s election reality and rejected politicians, too now they will work by given direction, but this election also let those to know who were against this process. Sure, election preventers got invigorated by failed and bogus voting practice which is written on wall can be read everyone.


And now turn of progressive and middle class!

Due to the defective policies the state of Pakistan could not get a vibrant country. People are just herded through baton of religion, enmity with India and other fabricated slogans which benefited or assisted establishment to serene people on being low level. But these all manipulating tricks had been effective for a small period and then lost value and in consequence resentment among people has up-surged.

Among resentments in Pakistan, one is uplift of Baloch insurgency. As usual establishment according to its nature neglected its seriousness but intoxicated by power have onslaught on Baloch population and killed numerous youth belonging to all sphere of life. These incursions of establishment gave birth to a movement, though the ember of succession already was hibernated in Baloch.

For elimination of Baloch insurgency, the establishment never showed seriousness even now has not brought any change in its thoughts but direct or indirect way using power for achievement in her plot. She is never agreeing to meet demand of secessionist because it is not viable for her, and roused insurgency also has an objective. If Baloch insurgents relinquish that objective then their entity would be purposeless, resultantly they would be devalued.  Like some vague program holder parties were rejected.

In past, the tribal elements were used to eliminate Baloch insurgency but user of tribal dice has known that these so called figures have lost their significance in 21st century and Baloch masses are not ready to comply with these stooges. Now double characteristic parties have been carved, which have tribal elements and progressive, too and they irrationally and unnaturally have made alliance.  Most progressives or former BSO unscrupulous workers are going to be used against Baloch Movement.

In this regard, these Baloch insurgents have program or mechanism to combat such circumstances. It is enunciated that they before launching their movement expected about this aspect, too. They are enough sane. The newly established government of province and center will be like its precedents. The power holder must realize the ground realities and consider these rebellion people as human and deal them by set of human laws. The use of so called progressive or middle class will not be inept, unless the authorities recognize the stance of Baloch insurgents.


Earthquake and election campaign

The earthquake devastation has shocked Washuk district of Balochsitan but no proper attention of government authorities, National  and International organizations including political parties has caused turne of natural calamity in to human made disaster.

On 16th April 2013 a tremor of earthquake hit Baluchistan’s North West area, adjacent to Iranian border Maskhel. The Seismological department of Washington has recorded the tremor intensity 6.8 on Richter scale, which was a much powerful shock after historical quakes since 1900’s, the 1935’s destructive shock that had jolted entire city of Quetta. The earthquake of 1935 was so devastating that razed the city of Quetta, which was known as “little Paris”. The eye witness and area people narrated that the jolts had caused fall of the houses and infrastructure in minutes, the town’s premises and houses converted into flat earth in seconds and everywhere could be seen dunes and ruble was spread.

The area is remote and situated on such point that there’s infrastructure is ruptured, consequently through ground access is enough tough. In Balochistan due to vulnerable situations life is disturbed worst. Government official are unable to perform duties in capital Quetta; district Mashkel near Kharan is far-flung area. The provincial interim government is busy in management of polling and ignored human values to provide relief to its citizens who are suffering from nature’s calamity. This state machinery has failed to perform as its basic essence the humans catering about Mashkel.

The parties who claim for serving people are also obliged to care their terrain, but in election season they do not pay attentions to anyone except vote campaign. Even these parties do not have time to release a press note about victims of Mashkel, even though these parties are nationalist and pro-Baloch. In election campaign these are steeped and unable to know about disastrous Baloch area of Maskhel. It seems that victim of Mashkel have to wait till access to assemblies of Baloch nationalist parties, and then they may turn their faces toward them and pay an attractive consideration towards them and till that they be victimized more. Presently, discussed parties cannot see, so these parties have lost basic essence mean to sooth troubled people for what organizations were erected.

Religious groups and parties have faith to cater and serve God creators, especially in hard time but religious group do not do this, merely shoot in air and in election season at all they do not pay heed toward such matters only looking, even bobbing under the tree of election to catch ripped fruit in shape of assemblies’ seats. After election they may think about God creators’ service and possibly pay attentions to Mashkel’s earthquake victims, too.

NGOs are also busy or helpless to carryout relief work in Mushkel. They may lack funds, because they only run on donation and presently there is not any option of donation, so how they can provide relief to the people have affected. It is out of sense that they spend its deposited amount for people. Mashekl tremor exposed NGOs reality, too.

In Balochistan for more than ten years separatist movements have emerged with a slogan to provide deliverance from cruel system, failed political parties and hollowed state structure. If these nationalists claim for being representative of Baloch, consequently they must come forth and serve the victimized people on their level best, otherwise the ruling ball may be caught by the claws of hatred feelings. Up to now their performance about disastrous area and people is zero. By serving and providing relief to their people can win compassion and support for movement and prove themselves as true lover of humanism.

Government, nationalist parties, religious parties and groups including Non-Government Organizations have closed their eyes towards the victims of Mashkhel. They are senseless about Baloch people and are busy in preparing for the general election, merely in pursuance of luxurious life, accumulation of wealth and individual’s benefits or greed.

In the beginning of this year, when American election for presidency was at doorsill and campaign was on peak an unexpected natural disaster tornado hit the modern state however, Mr. Obama abandon all his activities and steeped in relief work. His campaign was deferred for citizen rehabilitation and relief works. They prove them true politician and have faith in human service and confirm it by upholding on top this mission. After rehabilitation efforts president came to an end, American politicians including president Obama re-launched his election works. This modal is enough for the politicians of Baluchistan and organizations for opening their eyes about humanism and real spirit of politics and missionary works which all revolve with axis of humanity.

Now secessionist groups must not turn their faces from this alarming situation of Mashkhel’s people and do not lose trustworthiness among the Baloch people. This way they can win heart and minds of their community.


The International day for Freedom of Press

The journalism profession teaches research, deep observation and read society all fields and presents the facts with magnification and simplicity for surrounding people to apprehend the situation. Journalists by practice, experience and profound sense of analyze the situations caution for readiness to poeple for up-coming circumstance.

A region called Balochistan where this profession practitioner, are being halted to well-dispense their duties. It is sure the path of nature can’t be diverted but mindless people are conspiring to do so by trampling the truth and realities. Axiomatically, they are committing silliness because knowledge never can be halted, light can’t be stopped to shed the darkness, fragrance cannot be prevented to spread and sniff, but in Balochistan, the futile efforts are being made by awkward.

The aforementioned natural occurrence never can be stopped; the elements intoxicated in power are creating trouble in way of press in Balochistan. In this regard, during the previous five years about 33 Journalists have been pushed into death-valley. But question rises for mischeif, they have perpetrated and eliminated sagacious and knowledge loving people, so have they touched their aspirations? Answer is no, and they cannot. The martyred journalists of Balochistan deserve red-salute whether they killed by any side group. They paid scarifies for their profession. They kept illuminated kindle of knowledge by their blood. The successors are keeping enlighten the kindle with courage.

The international world and worldwide journalist organizations must heed toward Balochistan’s journalists who are at life risk for the sake of press freedom. They must come forth for protection and resolve of other difficulties of here’s journalists, they press to state authorities for providing life including financial security to discussed community. Journalists in Balochistan, especially in Baloch areas are working in consternation and must be provided helpful environment and ensure freedom of press in this region. Otherwise freedom of press will be only dream and not real in this corner of glob.  


Akhter Mengal: between Six Points & Power-Chair…!

Power game is not easy task, it is very hard to understand, its zigzag roots. Unfortunately, sometimes people think that they know well circle of power game but they are wrong and leading themselves at wrong path.

Balochistan is not only burning and even also bleeding. Now it is no more mystery, what does Balochistan want? Bitter Truth has come out from volcano of injustice, whether you accept or not, but this is reality that Balochistan has another demands for its own way to their destiny. None can count it in the percentage, because the whole hearts of Balochistan have now changed and it has no more faith, including in Judiciary system.

When anyone faces injustice in his/her own country, they would get hope in their institutes that they may get justice by its decisions, meanwhile Balochistan has neither been getting single line of justice, nor supportive voice which can give them hope that here and there are the eyes that are looking for our justice.

Balochistan is being treated very crucially, instead people need to understand its pain and injured voice; some people start to singing songs of foreigner hands involvement in Balochistan which are making troubles. Even though such type of lyrics have become Jokes, nothing else. Everybody understands, what is happening in Balochistan? Thanks to the world after long time that has turned its face to the Balochistan and now have started to hear voice of Balochistan.

Missing persons’ case is having high attention from Human Rights organization of the world. Though Ex-Dictator Musharraf was claiming, no one is abducted and all is well in Balochistan, later fragile democratic government of PPP and its baby partners came over with power but they were unable to handle Balochistan’s situation.

Baloch Families of Missing Persons never stop to raising-up voice for their missing persons and government surrendered and accepted the visit of UN WGIED group, moreover Former Foreign Minister Hina Ribbani did brief situation of Balochistan and group visited Balochistan, too.

Suddenly one of the voices upped in Balochistan and brought vegetables of six points for solution of Balochistan, it was very strange for Baloch people that why this voice has been remembered now when UN team was listening missing person’s stories and had no more faith in judiciary. That voice was Akhter Mengal’s, whose whole politics seems to be confused politics.

What he actually wants? He himself doesn’t understand that where he should stand? When he should have met with UN Team at that time but he put forward his feet towards Islamabad and gave six points, not only this Mr. Akhter Mengal was in confidence that his six points would work like magical stick on Balochistan and then Balochistan be turned into heaven.

Balochistan is not story of fairy-tales, where childish stories could pacify Baloch people. Akhter Mengal could not oppose Ex-Dictator Musharraf and where trying to throw stones at fragile government, it meant he wanted to play a part of opposition party in Balochistan.

If he is very serious towards problems of Balochistan, he must expose real culprits whose hands are involved in bleeding of Baloch people.

So far, Akhter Mengal was beating drum of six points, those haven’t heard positive response from judiciary. And now Mr. Mengal is stepping in Election – 2013, even though Balochistan is bleeding and his Six Points are alone at the road of judiciary.

First Baloch people wanted to know about his Six Points result? Does he still have faith in solving the problem of Balochistan under the umbrella of fragile government setup? Moreover, if by chance he enters into government, will he release missing persons?

These are few questions; Baloch people are thinking and looking for answers. Mr. Akhter Mengal has right to choose any path, first he should be known that what Baloch people feel and think? Under such circumstances, Free and Fair Election is itself big task and Balochistan is not in mood to step in Elections.

State needs to search solution of Balochistan, then can start to talk on Elections. No Baloch is ready for election but Mr. Akhter Mengal wants to hoist-up the flag of Election.

Let’s see what comes next? While picture has been cleared, Mr. Akhter Mengal’s six points have neither discussed on state-table, nor received a token of sympathy.

Once again, he is coming-up with a point of election, will it get result? Because now point of election is in the court of Baloch people, so it is to see that what and how Baloch people will react? When anger movements are in mountains and which are rejecting any step of state and no remain faith in parliamentarian system.

It is history of our country that when people do not want to give their vote, then hidden hands as known “Farishtaas” come-up and cast votes; will it happen same in Balochistan?

Leading question is, is tea-bag of vote is in the cup of election? If Mr. Akhter Mengal sits in the chair of power, he has to solve problems of Balochistan and it is not easy task but he himself has chosen parliamentarian-path, problems are getting more long-winded. Meanwhile, his six points didn’t work like magical stick, at this time his one point of election would work as like magical stick?


Baloch Parliamentarian Parties and Baloch issue

Baloch leaders lifted voice for gaining support to nation’s stance on international forums but few parasitic entered in fold of international politics, greed to enjoy this piece of cake as they domestically are following clues of establishment. On this junctures it seems that objective circumstances are conducive for Baloch movement or controller of movement wisely scored by moving dices on chess board of politics.

Commence of fifth insurgency since 2002 ensued a lucid proactive politics by-prong, surface and underground struggle .The state de-facto rulers and their incorporated Baloch parties which are practicing fake democracy couldn’t perceive at all.

BNP especially and Baloch parties and leaders are being used to emanate perception that separatists don’t have support but ground realities are contradicted to this. The majority of Masses are disregarding election activities and parliaments because of these parties business enterprise styled politics and securing the interests of pocket of people.

State authorities have no way and they seem trapped in impasse because if these parties or simply BNP would be used internationally for disruption to separatists’ convention so it has to relinquish domestic parliamentarian politics vis-a-vis state has to manifest that Baloch are not fed-up with  Pakistan but participating in election. They are doing so for merely personal interests and gluttonous of wealth.

State media claimed 13 parties in Balochistan are participating in up-coming elections going to be held in May 2013. The mentioned parties are as: Jamiatulema-e-Islam (F), Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (Nazariati), Balochistan National Party (Mengal), Balochistan National Party (Awami), National Party, Pakistan Muslim League-N, Pakistan Muslim league-Q, Pakistan Peoples Party, Pashtoon Khuwa Mili Awami Party, Tehrik-e-Insaf, Jamat-e-Islami, Jamhoory Watan Party (Talal) and Jamhoory Watan Party (Aali) are including.

Above mentioned parties ever remained fail to provide right or serve common people and no one can deny this natural truth. Masses condition and province history is evident of this. Consequently, these discussed parties have lost mandate of province’s people.

These parties are unable to answer that how did they treat  masses in past, presently serving and in future will sooth to down trodden to those who are suffering from promulgated parliamentarian system.

The objective circumstances are favoring separatists to surpass in politics field on rival. If state uses parties on international level to pervert game of separatists, so domestically cannot be able to maintain image that parties are not participating in election and masses have distrusted from state. Otherwise, separatists have congenial environment without any nuance to lead their agenda on international forums.

At this time Baloch secessionist is  only need to develop consensus on single agenda of independence and relinquish tribal status and other minor egos which are not letting to leaded advance .They have to relinquish Sardari, Nawabi and tribal posts including class differences merely sake for the sake of Balochistan and  Baloch people. If nation is supporting them only with this expectation that they must be non-snob, otherwise between them and parliamentarian politicians or Saredars will not be any tiny difference. If they do not do as, then history’s accountability is very ruthless for them as opportunist politicians doing with Baloch Nation will face.

Baloch should avail political chunk

Presently, the international political scenario has molded to favoring Baloch to avail Pakistan and Iran signed Gas-pipeline project, through it both countries will shed gripped in financial and energy crises respectively.

Pakistan is suffering from energy rises worst due to state machinery and fair administrative failures. This state has much deposits of natural gas but domestic turmoil, dissents and nations disgruntle, aren’t letting to exploit these. Because here’s people has learnt from 65 years age of this country that all things are for an oligarchies instead of egalitarians, pocket of people are enactment to secure imperialist interests and have been marginalizing the majority of masses.

Pakistan people’s party is that party which got birth from abdomen of British royal family and was gifted feuds by loyalty and good slavery of British crown. The Bhutto ever remained under British and assisted to thriving capitalism and ugly feudalism. Now once again by same party small nationalities are being crushed while using as dice to establishment by China and Iran. Mentioned party has history of collusion with Iran for genocide of Balch Nation. And now it has signed the gas pipeline project by order of establishment to black-mail international world for continuance of sustenance, means aid.

In past, Pakistan deceptively manipulated aid from imperialist states coexisting various bogus agreement or strategies, but this time the gas pipeline project seems real. In 2010, Iran and Pakistan agreed that Tehran would supply between 750 million cubic feet (21 million cubic meters) and one billion cubic feet per day of natural gas by mid-2015. In this regard, Iran carried out its side work and almost pipeline construction has accomplished of 780 kilometers (490 miles) of the pipeline on its side, which is said to cost some $1.5 million.

Pakistani officials in mid-December said Iran had promised a sum of $500 million loan and that Islamabad would meet rest of the cost incurrence regarding pipeline.

Be remembered that in Balochistan, area of Bolan, at Sunni-Suraan in 80s decade companies explored oil and Gas channels which were floating to Iran probable to that she is exploiting. Anyhow Pakistan and Iran are enjoying Baloch resources without its consent.

According to experts this pipeline confinement in Pakistan isn’t viable, until it would not extend to India or China. India is ally state of United States but China, which is already gaining cheap oil from Iran while by passing United Nations sanctions imposition.

United States and Iran has legend rivalry, so sole supper power of age has strongly opposed pipeline project between Pakistan and Iran. The state department of US said that it was providing Pakistan with alternatives that would avoid any sanction violation.

“And so we have been assisting as a government to contribute to the alleviation of the energy crises in Pakistan” said deputy acting spokesmen Patrick Ventrell.

Other hand, Iranian theocratic leader Khamenei and Pakistani President Mr. Zardari in their meeting showed defiance to America. They will implement pipeline project on ground and will disregard American pressure on them.

In Balochistan, Baloch has been suppressing by both states, mean Pakistan and Iran. Disgruntles got shape of clashes and now movements have emerged as weaponry. The side of Pakistan several times by Pakistani leaders, intellectuals and upper houses admitted their existence righteous and declared demand true, too. But other hand in front of interest establishment is continuing prosecution or claimed by Baloch Nationalists it is committing genocide of Baloch.

The Iranian Baloch on daily basis has been gall owed and is not let re-lucidity of Baloch Nationalism. This way natural process or part of nature never can be cut-out from a nation.

Baloch Nationalist while apprehending requisition of time can turn situation in their favor and internationally can boost voice or issue of Baloch on global forums. Baloch has engaged in struggle but couldn’t get registration in international media and forums which can provide it many fold tall height. It depends on sagacity of Baloch Movement leaders that how they shape situations that these fall beneficial in sack of Baloch because this pipeline has to pass via Balochistan and then toward the Nawabshah and north of Karachi.

Currently, the US, apparently Middle-East countries and Arab Gulf States are silently opposing it. Similarly, entire European states are knotted with the US and the UN seems reluctant about this pipeline project. Baloch can attain all discussed states political support by scoring sagacious game on enactment of congenial time.


The Company of Extremism

We know well, how can state rules on the people through religion and trying to be imposed its undemocratic policies on people. From History to at present time, we have been seeing that common people have been victimizing and never get justice.

Because, culprits are used name of religion and on other hand state claims to be safe guard of religion that might reason; culprits get license in the name of religion. Pakistan has long timeline history of murders and its feet go to camp of extremism.

It’s horrible for us that people of this country are living and dying here.

Though, extremism has given benefits to undemocratic minds and they have ruled on people without check & balance. Pakistan is being treated like Market, instead a Country. Market always has products and goods, none can apply rules in the shadow of ethics, hence to impose rules which will be helped out to sell out its products, unfortunate; all things have tagged of extremism.

Pakistan had first martial law in Lahore on 6th March, 1953 against the Ahamdis. It was not only martial law but it was to put a stone in this land for ruling over the people in the name of religion.

Democracy and Justice are beautiful words but they all work when people are treated as Citizen, not like property or animal-cart.

Company of the extremism was introduced by establishment and General Zia ul Haq pasted name of Mujaahideen than he planted hatred seeds of extremisms in Punjab. Mujaahideen are sent from here. Then, what should we anticipate that these kinds of steps can be ensured democratic values.

In the name of religion, is the policy of establishment for suppressing citizen of own country and we can see what is happening in Balochistan?

No one is able to speak out for Baloch people because it could be counted into against religion and country.

Company of extremism benefited Dictator Zia ul Haq but also it has given more profits to Dictator Pervez Musharraf who adopted policy Kill-kidnap and rule and this company of extremism has provided shelter to undemocratic people and thugs. Pervez Musharraf did change only name of the company and written Taliban for soothing a west block though its policies as have worked as in era of Dictator Zia.

When religion becomes policy of state and state holders trying to be applied for their own interests after than disaster will come out. Nowadays in Pakistan people cannot get justice but are being killed in the name of religion. Pakistan’s first independent Judiciary is also failed to put culprits into jail.

Still, the company of extremism is producing extremists’ mind. Lashkar-e-Jhangi has strongholds in Punjab and everyone knows where they have safe houses but state cannot find out them. The company of extremism always plays its rule to encounter other things.

If hidden hands want to throw out the fragile democracy, they can bring new face with painted religious colour from existing company. Therefore, none asks them even a single question.

In Pakistan, recently blasts have increased and state is failed to capture militants. From January to February 99 blasts have been reported in 2013.

In Balochistan, Lashkar-e-Jhangi banned organization is freed to walk and kill anyone and agency is unable to arrest them but same agency can hold operation on villages of Balochistan.

Why lashkar-e-Jhangi is being moved to Balochistan? This militant group attacked twice at Hazara People, in January where 81 people were killed and 121 were injured in a Car Bomb Blast in Quetta in 2013 and second attack on February, 84 people were killed and over a hundred people wounded. Banned organizations are promoting sectarian violence and this might be happened that company of extremism is thinking that if they lead sectarian violence in whole country and especially in Balochistan to encounter there freedom movement, it would be more dangerous because case of Balochistan will not be lessened by Baloch common people, their people are disappeared around 14365 and over 700 hundred have been killed during recent years.

If the company of extremism, thinks that to send an elephant of sectarian violence can encounter its opponent or fragile democracy, they should think that one day elephant of sectarian violence can be ruined whole country and then company of extremism will be unable to safe even itself.

The company of extremism gives benefits its projects but how long will it work?

Real holders of the state must think that people of country are not goods, nor animal-cart, now should be stopped to apply policy of company of extremism.

Company of extremism cannot work any more and one day it has to be ended.

Take Money – No Justice II

Missing Persons of Balochistan

Balochistan is put into unrest situation since decades what should be solution? Still, Pakistan government and establishment are looking confused to giving any kind of key answer. Instead of solving problems they add on military operation in Balochistan.

Nowadays Baloch people have had learnt more from their injured-past and broken-present. Sadly, as Baloch people should have supported from citizen of Pakistan; they have received only SILENCE and IGNORENCE that makes them strange among citizens.

No doubt, few voices have arisen and picked pen up on issues of Balochistan but in larger amount Baloch people are being treated as alien.

In Balochistan, more than 25 journalists have been killed since Musharraf Era, have we heard strong voice for them? Even journalists communities haven’t talked on it although slogan of journalists without border always is chatted but in case of Baloch Journalists; lines of borders are being snatched.

Not only in case of journalists; Baloch citizens are getting dead bodies at daily bases.

Balochistan is bleeding and when they search missing persons whose are being missed from Dictator Musharraf’s period and numbers of missing persons are more than 14000.

Supreme Court of Pakistan is hearing case of Balochistan even though decision of Supreme Court has been changed Prime Minister of Pakistan but on Balochistan’s matter people cannot see any bold decision only Dates upon Dates, for time being people might happy to see that Supreme Court is doing something for Baloch but at ground realities things are very much changed.

 Common and victim families all are awaiting for decision and Baloch people have realized that Supreme Court can walk in Balochistan and be able to issue fire-statements those can be taken high place in Media. Victim families want justice, not paper statements.

Balochistan needs solution and system of state is unwilling to deliver to Baloch people.

Supreme Court hasn’t done any thing for families of missing person. Agencies of Pakistan take oath in Supreme Court and then said that they don’t have an idea about missing person even don’t know about death-bodies those are founded out on the streets of Balochistan.

If establishment of Pakistan is failed to recognize, who kidnapped and is killing so how will people get to know about their people?

It means agencies are incompetent, if it is not and they are very much capable then they know well about missing persons and dead-bodies but unable to accept Bitter-Truth that missing persons are under the umbrella of agencies.

Since many times, have been writing that Baloch people will never accept even one penny on their beloved’s dead bodies.

When establishment has been denied that they have no idea about missing person after than why Government is giving advertisements in newspapers and offering ransom to victim families.

Government had given around 30 names of Baloch people who have been murdered. Still, establishment of Pakistan can’t understand, Balochistan people will never give up and have been receiving bodies in blood and homes are empty.

If government is able to shake its sane approach, should see real solution of Balochistan.

 Is establishment proving that Pakistan’s courts are unable to give justice and give money to them? Then, why have built up large building of courts when justice is sleeping and money-bank runs on the streets and government and agencies are beating drums and chanting, Take Money – No Justice but common people are saying Give Justice – No Money.

 Baloch people are not in market for selling their beloved and all things can’t be settled on money-tables. If establishment or Dictator Musharraf accepted war against terror, not because they were willing to finish golden coin of extremism but they were known that peanuts will come as in era of Dictator Zia ul haq.

 Therefore, now stop imposing thinking of establishment on common people. People have refused to accept amount.

 We don’t know whether Pakistan government and establishment can stop to hurt people whose eyes are already filled out in tears.

At least, Supreme Court must take sue motu and see that how government is indirectly selling out justice. One thing has been cleared that missing persons and dead-bodies’ all roads lead to the establishment. Let’s see whether Supreme Court is going to take sue motu on it and will be able to pass orders or only fire-statements for newspapers and media.

 Pakistan government and establishment ought to decide, how to handle problem of Balochistan, because Balochistan is not a market where establishment comes and purchases people.


Supreme Court voids Reco Diq Project, why not Saindak Gold Project and Sui Gas field?

Reco Diq copper and gold project (detailed report published in previous edition of Bolan Voice Magazine) voided by Supreme Court of Pakistan due to non-beneficence of Balochistan. The Government of Balochistan filed a writ against Australian Company BHP (Broken Hill Holding Ltd) with objection that company extracting major benefits and doesn’t pay due rights to heirs, means Balochs.

The Australian company sublet the project to a Canadian company Barrack Gold Corporation and Chili’s Antofagasta respectively. These discussed companies in joint ventured group of Tethyan copper company. They made agreements with Balochistan government and implementation of project on ground as for production, like survey and feasibility spent $400 million and even afterward announced promotion in share of province till 45% from gross income which was showing their faith and sincerity into project.

The government of Balochistan and Supreme Court nullified all the agreements with Tethyan Company after 19 years. The first agreement was signed between Balochistan Development Authority (BDA) and BHP in 1993. Such acts dissuade foreign investor in area but entices to some others to plunge in region prominently China.

Other running projects in Balochistan, like Saindek situated in Chaghi district of Balochistan was discovered in 1970s preserving deposits of Gold and Copper. This project was set-up by Saindek Metals Ltd, a company fully owned by the Government of Pakistan with collaboration of Chinese Engineers and technicians by the end of 1995 at a cost of PKR 13.6 billion.

Subsequently, Pakistan and China signed a formal contract of $350 million for the development of Saindek Copper-Gold mine. The mine was leased for a 10 years period to Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd. As per lease agreement 50% of revenues from the mine of to MCC, 48% was given to the Government of Pakistan, while the 2% to the Government of Balochistan but real heir Baloch was seen anywhere to get share of wealth which is exploiting from his land’s core.

Trial production of Saindek started in 1995 with commitment of funding from the Government of Pakistan. The four months trial operation had a monthly production rate of 1700 tones of copper, 60000z of gold, 120000z of silver. These figures mentioned by project source and it is sound amount if would be given to here’s masses systematically. A small amount was given to some people as political bribe for facilitation in plundering process. For project infrastructure, machinery, hospital, residential colonies were eracted but all these were not for indigenous people but for out-siders, even labor was brought from foreign or other areas.

In 2002, the Government of Pakistan invited foreign investors to provide funding for project. The Pakistan government awarded the mining project to the Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC) Ltd under a 10 years lease due to expire in October 2012, the agreement addendumed for six years more. Under the terms of deal, MCC paid an annual rent of 500,000 for the mine to the Government of Pakistan. Under the re-negotiated terms, 50% of the proceeds from the mine were retained by MCC, while 48% of the proceeds went to the Pakistan Government and once again Baloch had been ignored. Although the mine is property of Baloch and the infrastructure was funded by the Balochistan Government, comically province got share only 2% of proceed. This amount also is being distributed to those whose are pocket politician or agent of establishment. The terms of the lease agreement caused major discontent among Balochistan’s population. And as per Aghaz-e-Balochistan some figure changes has been brought but on ground these has not effected, yet.

Another deficit project for Baloch is Sui, situated on juncture of Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab but this area falls in province Balochistan a property of Baloch but is enjoyed by and exploited others. Sui Gas deposits were discovered in 1952. At the time of discovery, Sui Gas field was considered among the largest natural gas field in the world with recoverable reserves of around 12 Tcf. Despite diminishing reserves over time, Sui Gas field still remains the highest natural gas producing fields in Pakistan, substantially to the country’s requirements with daily production of around 501 MMscf. Some years back it was written in third a class book that Sui Gas field meets 73% natural gas requirements of Pakistan but now officials are mentioning production of its only 22%.

Formally, in 1955 Sui Gas field started production to country-wide through Pakistan Petroleum Ltd (PPL) and the flagships of this gas field is a Karachi based company. The company showed 11,690 Bcf recoverable reserves, 501 MMscf gas daily average production from drilled 82 wells.

Preliminary, there was a great contract among rates of provinces produced gas but almost a year back these had been equalized. In the regard of Gas royalty or charges the center was owed to province, Rs. 600 billion during regime of Akbar Khan Bugti but now it is affirming only Rs.120 billion and consented to pay them in installments, mean Rs.2 billion yearly.


Fifth-Operation on Balochistan! Turns into Black Hole..!

Since 1948, Balochistan has been remained at the gun point of Operation. Our senior journalists/writers and by now we have been writing on Balochistan’s hard situations.

While writing question knocks at the door of thoughts that why do not they learn from history? Indeed, they have learnt that they have not learnt from History.

If anyone had learnt from past mistakes, would not have moved wheel of operation on Balochistan. Sadly, we are seeing the momentum of wheel of operation that is caused of violation of Human Rights.

If we turn the pages of 1973 constitution which tell us about good laws and human rights protection, after reading Pakistan Constitution when we peep into Balochistan; it gives us another worst scenario of Human Rights.

The military operations and their purposes are still questions. If establishment thinks, they want to ensure peace and to solve problem of Balochistan then why don’t they apply rule of table-talks?

Establishment of Pakistan is same that works with US at War against Terrorism at a same time military of Pakistan appreciates table-talks with Taliban. Taliban are non-state actors but for them, Table-Talks are acceptable.

When sane class demands from Establishment of Pakistan that must talk with Baloch, then its demand has been rejected and statesmen are telling us that Baloch nationalist groups have put guns against state. Baloch are not non-state actor, nor willing to impose their demands at gun point.

If they chose path of mountains, we should rub our memory that Baloch are forced to choose path of mountain by five Military Operations held on Balochistan. We should not forget when Baloch Leaders came down on mountains in 1960s. How state behaved with them?

Five Operations are not a Joke if anyone is feeling pain for Kashmir; they must realize that Balochistan is burning because of oil of war.

Dictator General Prevez Musharraf’s Bloody Policykill-Kidnap & rule” has added fuel to the fire in Balochistan. Since Era of Musharraf, people of Balochistan are missing more than 14000. According to report 600 missing persons’ dead bodies have been founded on the roads or streets of Balochistan, “360 Baloch killed in 2010 and 297 killed in 2011,” as reported.

Though, Supreme Court of Pakistan has heard Missing Person Case and Supreme Court just issued 160 Orders during its 68 hearings, even after Supreme Court, Balochistan has not received any positive result .As usual Empty Promises by weaker-governments and Now Empty Orders by Supreme Court.

Including Freedom of Expression is threatened at the war as result murder of 25 Journalists of Balochistan since Musharraf period to till now.

Despite the hard situation in Balochistan, state should have followed soft policy. Alas, State again repeats its mistake and has driven wheel of operation on Baloch in area of Mashkay on 25 December 2012.

25th December, A day of Christmas and birth day of Founder of Country Jinnah, when whole nation was celebrating joys and were passing to wishes with each other. On the same day Balochistan was facing fires of operation on 25th December, 2012, Baloch children were sitting on the roads instead of sleeping in warm beds.

Media and social activists have always ignored issues of Balochistan. They are as repeating mistakes as in 70s Era when whole Media was singing song “All is Well” in East Bengal. Time rang bad signal and said “All was Unwell”.

Balochistan is crossing operation and situations are making hard decision. This Operation on Balochistan is going to turn into Black Hole if this finally happens, no one would return them (Baloch) even on Table-Talks.

Real Power Makers of State must decide that where should stand on Table-Talks or weaponry-Tank? Fifth Operation on Balochistan is turns into Black Hole; can statesmen stop it to turning into Black Hole?


Bhutto (s) of Pakistan People’s Party is the best comprador of Imperialist!

In 21st century, in Pakistan the “Pakistan People’s Party” which was created with intention to assist establishment to counter Sindhi Nationalism and crushing the other nationalities and defuse looming socialism impacts in decades of 70s and 80s. Establishment’s other mean behind creating PPP was to crush oppressed Nationalists who revolt against imperialist or defiance front of the ally state’s establishment, but said party ever worked as comprador for imperialist and establishment even against the party basic manifesto. This party is secular but most loyal to establishment; hence its second but lifetime Chairperson Ms. Benazir Bhutto established extremist Taliban Organization on demand of her master establishment against essence of PPP.

In 1973, it was people’s party government and Mr. Zulfiqar Bhutto founder of party was ruler when a massive operation was launched against Baloch who are non-religious and socialist inclined, and Mr. Bhutto personally went to Iran and got Apatache Helicopters, modern war technology from Raza Shah Pehlvi (was puppet leader of Iran for capitalist bloc) to use against Baloch and appease Pakistani establishment and to tighten his ties with imperialist or capitalist block. Afterward a fostered baby by Bhutto hanged him, and in this way a Parouh of People’s Party vanished.

Mr. Bhutto didn’t respect majority decision and denied from Awami League of Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman to transfer power. He was not democratic by supporting establishment and opposing the Awami League Leader Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman, who won election in 1971 as landslide. But Mr. Bhutto didn’t give respect to peoples vote and said, “You are there, we are here”, “Tum wahan, hum yahan”. He supported establishment merely for getting rule which is tradition and identification of people of People’s Party, but ever denied from truth and this is killer of peoples’ desires.

In 2002, Mr. Pervez Musharraf launched fifth operation in Balochistan after formation of Pakistan. He was dictator and cruel, hence killed and disappeared Baloch. In 2007, the Democratic Party means Pakistan People’s Party came in power, then a new series “kill and dump” was launched. Baloch youth have been abducted and their mutilated bodies are being thrown. This is an exceptional gift of Democratic Party to oppressed nation Baloch. Here it seems, this party is much ahead than establishment, even the successor dictator.

Presently, in Mashkey in shape of operation people’s party government has given gift of New year to Baloch. Even this party claims, in Balochistan, nowhere operation isn’t conducted and they don’t believe in army operations but in reconciliation. In fresh operation civilian population are targeted.

People’s party like ancient hierarchic system running and Bhuttos are crown owner of this party. First Zulfiqar Bhutto, second Benazir Bhutto and now converted into Bhutto Bilawal got the position of chairperson of party. Out of Bhuttos family living beings in entire Pakistan are stupid, they don’t have wit, only Bhuttos can be chairperson, it is heavenly revelation!

Other Sardars, Syeds, Pirs, Waderas, and Nawabs are like mini Parouhs and are dealing their matters on terrain level. Common people are getting birth to facilitate and serve them and themselves don’t have any life requirements and human needs in 21st century.

People must learn post age of this which is pocket party of imperialist and time to time lift voice of secularism but give birth to Talban, raise voice of democracy but don’t respect majority mass or won party, produce voice for down-trodden peoples but orders or supports operations against weak nationalities. Most painful, basis on land that up-rooted where’s nationalism. The PPP is only performing as comprador for imperialist with slogan “Kal Bhi Bhutto Zinda Tha Aaj Bhi Bhutto Zinda Hey”, but fact is this, “Bhutto Zinda hi rahey, magar Awam mar gaya”, Bhuttos whether long-live but masses have dead.

People must understand lesson of history and indentify betraying role of People’s Party and make accountable to it for deceiving long and spoiling nationalistic and socialistic forums, and get unchained from imperialist and compradors.


Gaza: Your Brother is dead..!

Middle East problem is getting worst time to time instead of it should be solved but unfortunately we see war among Israel and Palestine.

On November 2012, week battle fought between them. What they have received in last? After killing each other people. According to report, “The recent fighting between Israel and Hamas and armed groups in Gaza took place from November 14 to 21, 2012. It involved unlawful attacks on civilians by both sides. At least 103 Palestinian civilians and 4 Israeli civilians died during the fighting, reported in Human Rights Watch organization.

This is not first time, fighting have started between both parties by claiming ownership on land of Gaza.

Why Gaza – West Bank is very important for Israel and Palestine? If you control main route that leads you to hold your feet on Palestine even can easily involve in politics of entire Middle East.

Hence, conflict between Israel and Palestine is being coloured by religious minds or capitalist class.

They know well that in the name of religion, this war can long be led and to be made people very crazy bye use of this tool and war becomes holy and emotion of people to be drove.

But crux matter is not like that as they are painting religious colour on the wall of Middle East.

One school of thought saying if Israel and Palestine conflict would be solved, then foreign power makers have no need to stay on land of Middle East countries. While sitting on conflict – boat of Israel and Palestine to float in Middle East.

All game mean is making business and its price has to be paid by innocent people of Israel and Palestine, though Palestinian people are suffering more than Israelis.

Israel’s common people are beautiful; sadly their government policy towards Gaza’s citizen of Palestine is.

Historical background is given proof that Israelis are real son of soil Jherulism but on the other hand we cannot hide our face that now Palestinian also owns this land.

For instance, if conflict did not solve, who will be more suffered? Can leaf of history forgive us that each decade we slaughter our children because the want of Gaza Land? Cannot we make peace between both nations?

Muslim Countries should let-off to colour of religion. This dispute religion doesn’t talk about conquer or offering sacrifices of innocent children. This chapter is must be closed and need to sit on table-talks for solving conflict: Israel and Palestine.

We are not in position to afford any weapon state, if this world becomes weapon world and everyone start putting gun at people after then we will be sent alive in the hell, don’t need to wait for Hell & Heaven after death. Such kinds of conflict are promoting numbers of weapon and nuclear arms.

Palestinian suffers in Gaza and this bitter truth knows everyone. World should not give excuse for anger, and then same anger can be exploited in the hands of power makers, who want to see their own agenda.

World have to listen sorrow of Palestinians, besides Muslim countries should also remove negative impact of Israelis among their people. On the row of hates, problems will be fallen. Do we need to solve problems or let them drop? Question needs an answer.

When, our ears hear voice that Your Brother is dead. What ought to reaction, know victim well when their houses have been dismantled and dead body of sibling is on the street?

Gaza problem, must be solved otherwise it would be gone in worst position and people of Israel and Palestine to be paid heavy price. Before we pay heavy price, should solve to this conflict that can be caused to kill smiles of innocent people.


Jobs and incentives offer to Baloch insurgents

Government of Pakistan has constituted a committee to settle impending matters with Baloch Insurgents. This committee dubbed (APEX) and its meeting held, Governor Balochistan Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Magsi headed the session. The ‘APEX’ members are elucidated as; Zulfiqar Ali Magsi Governor Balochistan, Mohammad Aslam Raisani Chief Minister Balochistan, Letuentent Mohammad Alim Khatak Southern Command, Babar Yaqoob Chief Secretary Balochistan, Ubaidullah Khatak Inspector General Frontier Corps, Tariq Umar Khatak Inspector General Police Balochistan.

The ‘APEX’ offered Baloch insurgents that come-down from mountains, hence they will be received with honor and will be given Jobs and incentives. The provincial government will establish a cell to fund these persons and work for their welfare.

Be remembered that Interior Minister Mr. Rehman Malik also had offered such packages or for negotiation but his all offers were disapproved by insurgents, and subsequently, Mr. Rehman Malik also altered his statement that he offered to those who capitulate and don’t challenge the writ of government. The recent offer and previous Rehman Malik’s offer have a tiny difference, he had offered Baloch Leaders who are living abroad, and ‘APEX’ offered to workers or common fighters who are on ground of war. Leaders rejected all offers and workers are also seemed to be not willing to this proposal; all the tactics of mending are going in vain.

In media, several times above mentioned authorities stated that these are handful people but majority is with them, as well as these personalities or their successors have used words that they crush them and Balochs’ Movement will be wiped-out at all face of earth, forever. One of them, a dictator absurdly said, “We have cut the stem of tree, by now leaves will be dried or demised spontaneously” but his statement has proved false, because after ten years the insurgency  is going on without any pause, even it got much power and innovation.

Mr. Raisani Chief Minister, in early days of his Ministry had gestured in local and International Media that he would  settle all contentions with Baloch Insurgents, otherwise he would  resign in order to failure and wouldn’t up-hold this honored portfolio. However, Mr. Raisani hasn’t remained honest with his words and ruling even than un-resolve of this dispute.

The attitude is of rulers mentioning that they don’t want to understand dispute or deliberately are offering such opts for what Baloch Insurgents never demanded. The offering Jobs and money is mock at them and implying your insurgency isn’t affecting us. It is bizarre that Baloch paid sacrifices of lives merely for money and Jobs!

Second reason of offering can be this that states authorities used their tactics to quell insurgency in Balochistan, now they want to buy Baloch Movement’s workers and splint from struggle. If situations reached on this position but couldn’t, hence it is very late, because founder of organizations and their structure have deepened roots in masses, and leadership of these isn’t awkward that demolishes their political erected heights merely against some amount or Jobs.

Government authorities’ insincerity can be assessed that on the one hand they are offering incentives and on the other hand they are busy in hatching conspiracies in various facets, like backing religious elements and thriving, hiring fake tribal and so on. Means state authorities want to camouflage by offering jobs and incentive, in core they are training combative elements to crush Baloch Resisting Movement. Hence, offers are eye-wash or misleading manipulations to media and hood-winking in eyes of world.

The offering Jobs to insurgents is a bitter experience or a solid fact in front of parliamentarian parties and politicians, who are claiming for provision of jobs, facilities to people, hence they are looking fail in their means. They ought to adopt the way of insurgents, where state will offer them these itself, because from assemblies they couldn’t get achievements, except personal benefit and equipment of luxuries.

The government authorities must recognize entity and stance of Baloch Insurgents and come to the point for resolve of long-standing issue and stop abuses of human rights. Because these people are sons and daughters of this land, hence they can never be faded-away from face of earth. If we assume, the drove-out by blind use of power, then this earth will give re-birth others, mean indigenous people can’t be defeated on their motherland. Only way is that they are to be given their demanded status but not Jobs or incentives.

Baloch insurgents are ripped ideologically and they never step-down from successors’ commenced struggle, and one of among them said, “State against Jobs and Incentives demands for withdrawal from National Heritages, Traditions, Political Affiliations and Ideology, but we can never compromise on nationalism and national heritages and will struggle till last breath”.

  1. Baloch want freedom , nothing els .

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