Acid attack: a rise of barbarism in Balochistan

Peeping into Stone Age era will enable us to know that women have an excellent role in human civilization. As archeologists mark role of women in invention of cultivation, domestication of animals and discovery of fire. Similarly, as the outcome of women efforts, human knew art of cultivation and forming of animal. In ancient, the human got inhabited on banks of rivers to access the water conveniently, and this ushered the human civilization. The researches mention that in early age of social societies the women had dominance on man.

The nature also proves women as equal to men. The introductory of feudal age brought patriarchal system; hence it is the crux that onward the women were considered as property of men. From there women started facing foist attitude of those ill-etiquettes men. The capitalist age exposed with very ugly face and in all aspects of life including barbarism against the women, but she is main ingredient of aesthetic. This system brought women as a trading commodity, eventually this has got like commercial piece among the capitalist. The capitalism caused demise of natural sentiments, like natural love and romance between both genders; male and female. Somehow the miss-interpretation of religions also is causing injustices with women in different parts of this globe. The barbarism against women was common before the centuries but in this scientific age it couldn’t be halted, wholly.

In the series of barbarities against women, in Balochistan, a series of splashing acid on faces of women has started. In Quetta, three women were attacked with acid on their faces, as result, their faces were burnt and incident occurred on the eve of Eid, an Islamic festival. The victim and area people informed media that a pamphlet was distributed by mischief that women mustn’t come-out from homes for Eid shopping. The next day of mentioned incident, in Mastung, a town of Balochistan, the same acid spraying on women’s faces another incident took place.

The Baloch society retains moderate temperament and customs. It allows females to travel short proximity in daily routine and attend bazar, markets for gain of stuff including ladies purchasing material for beauty and other means. Baloch females attend family parties and functions without any disagreeing of male.

Recently, Baloch females’ participation in politics has glossed-up their role in society, which is a menace to those mentalities who want supremacy on them by lean with obsolete means of tribalism and religion. Such irrational thoughts are supporting to occupant of Baloch society.

Some fascist elements also exist who want imposition of their ridiculous laws on Baloch moderate society to convert them foisted way and change this nation’s ways and get them accepted for perpetual slavery. They want people as submitted and get them orthodox where without questioning and demand of basic human rights and justice lead the enslaved lives.

Another incident of splashing acid on women occurred in Pishin but its nature is some different than the incidents took place in Baloch areas. The splashing incidents of Quetta and Mastung have political propulsions but Pishin’s incident was a family feud. The acid throwing incidents are implying that Baloch women’s participation in politics is not digestible to institutes and fundamental elements. They want revival of that age when people would bury their daughters alive. They would give sacrifice of girls to shun the scourge of divine. Same motives are behind the acid throwing on Baloch women, and in the pursuit of same malice panic and fear were spread.

In this 21st century human considers women as equal to men without gender dissimilarity. History also tells standing of women as right shoulder of men and she is not inferior to any one in any aspect of life.

This barbarism is happening in such time that a secular and progressive party means National Party is ruling in the province. The Balochistan government except the condemnation hasn’t taken any action against culprit of this heinous crime.

This rise of barbarity can be crushed by Baloch political conscious, splendid and moderate customs which base on great esteem, equal status in all fields of life as like women had in past.

The Baloch Movement should take this barbarity as a challenge and come ahead to protect their mother and sister. This has also credibility, but parliamentarian elements have experienced many times, they don’t have dare to do something else except looming around the assemblies.


The approval of ‘Pakistan Protection Ordinance’

On 3rd July 2014, the upper house of Pakistan the Senate approved the controversial bill the ‘Pakistan Protection Ordinance’. It was approved effortlessly because no party dares to oppose it.

From the creation day of Pakistan the controller of country couldn’t grasp the nature of human being or they are totally alien from course of human civilization. The species of this universe is called “Human” has sense, thinking power and observation characteristic to approve the substances of cosmos in different means in its life, and never this species adopts the universe’s particles in foist way. If someone does the fascist way to poke in anyone’s life, hence this point sparks contractions in human’s lives, but conveying or getting cognizant to others in loving way doesn’t come in realm of fascism.

In Pakistan, since 65 years the commanding authorities failed to realize the mentioned engrossment on wall and in opposite of nature they coerced here’s people and imposed their mentality in foisted ways. It is apparent that in a state people live with different dogmas and creeds and modern state’s set of laws totally deject to interference in people’s faith. State only deals some departments of routine life; suppose economic, foreign policy and so on. But state grants rights to citizens grow and edifice with evolution process and get connected with surrounding developments. These are principal ingredients of today’s state, but Pakistan is not catering to the said qualities; resultantly, its citizens have insolence and they are not assented for allegiance to its supremacy.

The discussed ruling elites or commanding group produced an ordinance “Pakistan Protection Ordinance”. This ordinance means giving free-hand to forces to shoot the suspect whether that is innocent or offender, so this way, in first step the justice is being denied to citizens. The courts are authorized to handover any person on remand for three months to security organizations.

Presently, the Balochistan, Sindh and KPK have sunk in chaos while Punjab seems exempted from PPO’s impacts. The PPO will impact on Balochistan particularly and to some extent, Sindh, too. In these days, Balochistan is in grip of strife and a separation movement emerged with swing of intense emotions. That is totally out of access to state machinery to root-out the Baloch insurgency. Though the state official committed human rights abuses to extinguish the sparks of secessionism, which are blamed by Baloch nationalist organizations’ statements appear in local and international media daily-wise. The deteriorated situations of Balochistan are inviting the concentrations of international world. By the use of power the state couldn’t wipe-out the Baloch insurgency for years, so state authorities need some legislative logics to carry-on the ongoing operations in Balochistan, even are intended to bring intensity in these.

The PPO provides some legitimization by state laws but not by human laws to forces wide and overt their actions in unrested Balochistan. In this province already finding of mutilated bodies of Baloch political workers is on, but recently the mass graves also have been discovered in Khuzdar area of Tutak.

In Sindh, the nationalistic notions also exist and violation of human rights also being perpetrated which obviously can be observed in Media and now-a-days social media bulldozed all barricades and showing all in shape of videos, clips and other ways.

Sindhi nationalist parties’ workers mutilated bodies are also being found without any respite. As same Balochistan, the PPO will be used in Sindh to conceal the misdeeds.

After 65 years the controllers of state are disable to perceive the characteristics of human beings that how they bend for allegiance by power or providing human status and dignity. They were using power against masses and they are also using even today and in future they will do unchanged actions and to grave more also covering misdeed and pursuing same intentions they brought the “Pakistan Protection Ordinance”.

In this modern age human is enjoying freedom and is on the journey to more freedom and seeking for convenience in life, but in Pakistan the coercive tools are being sharped to cut the citizen’s rights, make their lives embitter. The Pakistan Protection Ordinance may affect slightly the lives of Punjab’s people but it will constrain and create difficulties for Sindhis but especially for Balochistan’s People which has been promulgated, too. The first case has been lodged though PPO also in Balochistan and this elucidates that where it will be used.

The state controllers have not brought any positive modification in their attitudes; they believed in power and they are on same track today. This way they have won loath, certainly will reap plant of hatred. Human cannot be herd by stick but can be won by love or get tranquil through given due rights and justice.


The follow-up of previous series the ‘pillage of resources’

The previous People’s party government’s the chief minister Balochistan Mr Aslam Raisani would reside in Islamabad and occasionally come to his province. He for survival of his government would say, “I wear similar color cloths of Army”, means he is part of establishment, for proving his claim he implemented realities on ground, too. Suppose, handed over Gwader to China by order of establishment without any defy, but most prominent is this that he formed a board about RecoDick and appointed Dr Samar Mubarik its chairman. Perhaps Balochistan is barren to give birth to genius people, that’s why he imported an outsider but motive behind this act was to continue pillage of Balochistan’s wealth and save merely his government. Means, Mr Raisani used formula of self-serving gimmickry.

Dr Malik Baloch tracking on footsteps of Mr Raisani and totally put aside the Baloch even entire province people’s interests and bestowed the chairmanship Dr Arslan Choudary irresponsible shoulders. Mr Raisani was serving as same Mr Mubarik but Malik Baloch has chosen Mr Arslan, merely it is dissimilarity in faces but policies and intentions are totally the same. About Raisani government Dr Malik would say that he never ever saw such most corrupt government in his life. In fact policies are akin of his government to its preceding.

The BNP and PTI have blamed that now reasons behind selection of this present government has exposed. This National Party has been brought in government or it has been given the political bribe to support them in pillage of Balochistan’s resources which are being handed over to China. The apparently working on said projects and appointment of a scandalized person Mr Arslan Choudary as Board of Revenue is an organ of pillage of resources and nothing else. Here it seems Dr Malik Baloch is also using formula of self-serving gimmickry.


The naive of politics or travesty

‘Politics’ is the profession or the field that is the gist or combination of all subjects of life and a politician is the person who has expertise in all faculties of life means in a society. The most astute people pervade in this ocean of politics ina country or a society with aptitude of epitomize, debonair, veracious and logical basis.

In Pakistan, life circle is revolving in opposite direction that imprudent people have occupied the field of politics by support of establishment or a layer of aristocrats to make mounds of wealth by grinding the majority of masses in grinder of exploitation and barbarities.

Same circle is circulating in Balochistan, where anonymous or naive of politics or they don’t have political history are ministers and they have portfolios of key departments and one of discussed politicians is Sarfraz Bugti, he has been given the Home Department in Balochistan.

Mr Bugti doesn’t have any political back ground but in a wink he got MPA position including ministry.

In the month of April 2014 the Baloch Student Organization BSO-A chairmen Zahid Baloch was abducted in broad day light and in presence of a huge crowd in Quetta satellite town, where other workers of organization also resisted for halting their chairman abduction but their bids were foiled by power of weapons. The incident was witnessed by hundreds of people.

Local media ignored the abduction incident of Zahid Baloch as against the professional obligations, the reasons are multiple but financial interest is the prominent one. The international media, especially BBC boldly reported the abduction incident of Mr Baloch and this renowned news organization worker approached to Home Minister Mr Sarfraz Bugti, too.

When Mr Bugti was asked about missing Zahid Baloch, so all repugnancies sprung on surface and his exposure was totally irrelevant to political profession. He narrated some features, structure and performance including production of BSO-A, which a common person doesn’t know, and in next breathing he denied from the identification of abducted chairman of the same organization. Mr Bugti also trampled the fact of Zahid Baloch abduction incident which occurred in broad day light in presence of many citizens of Quetta. From these it seems he doesn’t have characteristics of a politician; like debonair, broad vision, veraciousness, candid and realistic.

After few weeks of Mr. Bugti statement, the chief minister Dr. Malik Baloch visited the protest camp of comrade Lateef Johar, he was on hunger strike till death. The Chief Minister Dr. Malik at the camp in the presence of Media-men affirmed that he knows Zahid Baloch very well; the chairmen Baloch Student Organization (Azad) and they also worked together in political field.

The Chief Minister also conceded that Zahid Baloch was abducted and he is in contact with federal and provincial security agencies for his release. Dr. Malik Baloch visited comrade Lateef Johar and appealed to end up his hunger strike till death.

Here it is proved that the Home Minister Balochistan Mr. Sarfraz Bugti spoke the untrue statement and dishonored the sacred profession of politics. The ideologies difference on its place but the truth never can be concealed and humans must not be denied from justice whether they have dissimilar ideology, because it is the natural right of everyone and a politician as well. Surprisingly, Mr Sarfraz Bugti’s interview with BBC implies he is naive of politics or adopted travesty which disgraced repute of Pakistani politicians on international level.


Fatal attack on Hamid Mir: No one is allowed speak truth

If history of Pakistan be reviewed so everyone perceives this easily that here institutes have been erected but never permitted to work with its real spirit. These ever been dictated by establishment and consequently, truth or things with true essence couldn’t thrive. It is apparent on all that falsehood has short life. Due to suppression of the righteous voice the discontent took place but instead of getting mended the wrong doers that use of power unfair attitude towards people have been adopted, especially Baloch, this turned into unending conflictions in the region, where on ground fire flam are converting into ashes all but in surface by media it has been portraying that people are thrilled with system. Some realistic people are not agreed to take dictation of establishment whether they are doing for betterment of state but they are being eliminated.

Renewed journalist and anchor person Hamid Mir also has been targeted but fortunately he survived and disclosed all mysteries about his assassination attempt.

In Balochistan, thousands of people have been enforcedly disappeared. Their guilt is this they were resisting in political way, the pillage of their natural resources and gain of genuine rights. They were not given legally as their demands but were picked-up in an inhuman way and many of them brutally have been killed and thousands are enduring in torture cells. The relatives of missing Baloch political workers, had managed a Long-March from Quetta to Karachi and then to Islamabad with purpose to up voice for the safe release of their endear ones. The victim but truthful journalist Hamid Mir paid sufficient attention to this Long March of Missing Persons against the command of establishment.

Hamid Mir on several occasions spoke the truth about Balochistan and presented real image to world that goes totally averse of establishment. During a seminar in the presence of Dr Malik and other politicians, he unfolded real status of Balochistan that is being controlled directly by federal forces.

Hamid Mir showed mirror to state controllers which they couldn’t tolerate and in retaliation attempted to assassinate the truthful journalist instead of ameliorating their fallacious policies. The animals can be herded by use of whip but in human societies honest people resist transgressions and fight for justice. Hamid Mir also is one among the upright people; he took risk of his life but didn’t let voicing for persecuted people. Among the true journalists he has earned great esteem. He ushered a way for true journalism and encouraged practitioners of this profession to work sincerely rejecting the all kind of pressure and compromises.


“Self-praise is no recommendation”

Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Malik during an interview with BBC-Urdu was self-praising that “Balochistan government is a great democratic government and all affairs of life are being dealt in a democratic way in the province”.

Dr Malik Baloch also knows that self-praise is no recommendation. He totally negated truth and ground realities, if democracy is ruling in Balochistan, so why mass graves have been discovered in Khuzdar sharp ruling time of Dr Malik’s party in Balochistan. The crime level is on its peak that in province the mass graves are being discovered apart from common crimes. Question rises, in presence of democratic government what are reasons behind the slaying and burying human like animals, in Province. Moreover, Pakistan Human Rights commission Balochistan chapter head Mr Tahir Hussain told media that his organization is intended to study the site of mass graves in Khuzdar and find facts behind the grim incident. For the accomplishment of mentioned sketch the commission needs (NOC) Non-Objection Certificate or permission from the provincial government but the concerned authorities are reluctant to fulfill this formality.

Supposition be made that sub-ordinate staff didn’t put-up the discussed document at chief minister Dr Malik’s office but after broadcast of news bulletin of BBC in that Mr Tahir Hussain Human Rights activist claimed for submission of documents, then Cheif Minister should take measures for the issuance of N.O.C to the applied commission. The proclaimer of democracy is never done as but dilly-dally the issue that they have sent substance gotten from mass graves to Punjab for identification. The said task could be done within days but after lapse of months no result has been derived which seems to be delaying tact and nothing else.

It has been observed that chief minister Balochistan Dr Malik has erratic policy. In Supreme Court, he categorically spoke that FC is not in his control and he is powerless in front of security institutes but before the media he says the provincial government is authorized and he with his cabinet is powerful. Especially, when Dr Malik visits Baloch unregulated areas accompanied by the forces then he boasts that all is well in the province of Balochistan while squashing all realities and media also focuses on such events. It seems that CM has any accord with media to bluff the masses. Indeed, the provincial government of Dr Malik is totally powerless in province politics and has no authority in provincial affairs. The entire cabinet is enjoying privileges but their dispensation is zero about here’s people. The ruling NP head and CM Dr Malik claim of ruling a democratic government and everywhere sees him freedom in Balochistan, are self-praising nothing else and self-praising is no recommendation. Indeed, he cannot issue a NOC to Human Rights Organization.


Balochistan sports festival celebrated under shadow of fear

The reality speaks louder than fabricated stories, the rulers and here’s media presenting Balochistan like a peaceful, calm and prosperous region as against the realities. Rulers proclaimed nonfactual situations  and media reports have been emitting misperception that Balochistan is politically a serene province and here’s masses vividly are playing games and celebrating fairs fervently.

Balochistan’s chief minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch in an interview with a private TV channel stated that in Balochistan the throwing of mutilated bodies of Baloch political workers have been stopped. The robbery at national highways was common, has been completely abolished. The corruption in province also has been wiped-out. Now all is right in Balochistan.

Contrary to Dr Malik statements the nationalist parties are blaming that instead of mutilated throwing bodies of theirs workers the mass-graves are being discovered, where hundreds have been buried pitilessly. The said parties’ workers are being abducted and state forces are continuing operation in Baloch areas, too. They totally denied CM statement and declared those fallacious and totally against the ground realities.

A news report in national media, appeared that government of Pakistan has imported bomb proof vehicles, bomb disposable suits, night vision devices, jammers, bomb defusing drums and state authorities are intended to get robots for defusing bombs, soon. The equipment has been handed over to the Chief Ministers of the provinces by the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The Balochistan chief ministers Dr. Malik and the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif were the prominent personalities in discussed ceremony regarding imported most pricy warfare machinery. The equipment’s main use field also seems Balochistan.

In Balochistan, the sports festival was inaugurated on 24th March, 2014, by the chief minister Balochistan Dr Malik Baloch. Where he made a speech to short-sized crowed at Ayub Stadium, Quetta.  The event was over-advertised by media but the crowd participation implies that masses were reluctant to join such squandered function, due to abnormal situations, high inflation and bad socio-economy. Anyhow, addressing to the ceremony the chief Minister Dr Malik Baloch declared that everything is safe and sound in Balochistan, and manifested circumstances are suitable for jubilation.

The sensible citizens definitely grasp the situations of Balochistan and they profoundly are observing the circumstances which are happening around them. If all situations in province is normal, hence Dr Malik should decline the equipment’s given by prime minister to bring-off peace in Balochistan. Had better Dr Malik Baloch demand for funds to bring-about improvements in the education sector, but he didn’t act likely and received gladly the imported pricy warfare tools.

If the people of Balochistan are contended with present regime and they have no problem, so there is no reason that why they create rhyme in province and no need of security as similar developed countries of Europe; Holland, Denmark, Norway, and others don’t cater security departments or they spend very scanty amount in this regard, because there’s masses get rights effortlessly and they are not agreed to offend. The provincial government as opposite its allegations is promoting non-productive departments of armed forces, gradually. And for security of sport festival a large number of force was  deployed in entire city Quetta, specially laid siege of  the stadium where tournaments were conducted, even the shadow of fear was this much thick that mostly the matches of tournament were played in cantonment area.

On 26th March 2014, in media appeared some provoking photos that security-men were frisking the minor kids at the entrance of stadium, even the spectators had to pass the scanning machines. These photos have exposed all realities about situations that under the shadow of fear these luxurious games or festivals were observed! But media and rules are singing the song of peace and prosperity. They never can pretext to masses by this tricky way because the reality speaks louder than fabricated stories. Realty is this that Balochistan’s people need peaceful environment which has vanished-away due to rulers unfair polices. By these so called festival the messes cannot be amused, they know well these are merely for minting money of authorities and under the thick hovered could of fear sport and jubilation is impossible.


The gift of $1.5 billion to Pakistan

In Middle-East by the joint venture of the Saudi Arabia and America several Arabs leaders were toppled and subsequently they were slain; Saddam Hussain and the former president of Lebanon’s are the salient examples of this debate. Means the Saudi and America never touched to those Arab monarchs who are working for theirs interests whether they are tyrant towards those ­countries citizens. With the intentions to expand the same game, the Saudia stepped in Syria to rule on this state by adorning crown on the head of a Whabbi and rubber stamp ruler, but the situations wholly are not letting the blue print be applied on ground.

America because of international resistance partially has backed-off in Syria, but Saudi Arabia cannot afford to be defeatist in this war, vice-versa her rival the Iran will surpass in regional politics. The Saudi Arabia will never accept the dominance of Iran and she openly in media stated, “If Iran will architect the nuclear weapons, and then it will attain these within months”.

Another Arab state Bahrain ruled by minority Sunnis on majority Shia. The political turbulence is under-way in this country. The Saudi Arabia and Bahrain’s rulers want persistence of same regime, but the Iranian boosting influence has disquieted them. The Bahraini monarchs are also seeking assistance of Pakistan, especially its army to suppress the upheaval in their country by power.

Saudi Arabia is grudged with America due to abandonment in matter of president Bashar-ul-Asad, because the US has betrayed to Saudi rulers regarding Asad regime and resume of interactions with Iran. Before from now the Saudi-Arabia would pay grants to Pakistan indirectly through America, but the swelled anguish has propelled to her for defiance to its old ally state, resultantly she directly made transition with Pakistan. There is an organization “Friend of Pakistan” but this was by-passed by Saudi Arabia currently to deal with Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia already is funding to Madrassas and organizations, specifically in Balochistan as it is adjacent land with Iran and caters Sunni pre-dominating population. Meanwhile, Iran is also engaged in the area as opposition by her common sect followers. The recent funding to Pakistan will cause more hot the sectarian war on the ground of Balochistan.

Pakistani rulers belong to different schools of thoughts; PPP’s owners or Bhuttos have Shia philosophy whilst the PML-N leaders are inclined to Wahhabi or Sunni notions. The history tells that PP during its ruling period hooked-up close relations with Shia state Iran, and contrary to that PML-N leaders, the Sharif family has palaces in Saudi Arabia. So now Sharif family is ruling its turn and their relations, exchange of weapon and gain of wealth are not out of blue.

Saudi Arabia paid 1.5 billion Dollars to the Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif government ostensibly, it was first installment and the agreement is of 3.0 billion Dollars, the remaining amount will be paid, soon. The analysts are saying with confidence that this amount is paid by Saudi Arabia for gain of nuclear weapons; including a massage to America that we preserve this option if you divert your attentions and priorities. This transition is a caution to America, too. The misgivings also exist that Pakistan is brokering for Saudi to buy sophisticated weapons from China and further which will be supplied to Syrian rebel groups who are waging a war against Asad regime. The making fighters to muster with Syrian rebel by this state, a rumor are circulating in country, too.

Pakistan’s history entails that this state ever worked for its allies and got funds in return to persist because it has no production or production gets wasted due to failed political system and corruption. Before some months Pakistani authorities including Balochistan’s Chief Minister visited China, they dealt about Baloch resources for getting funds and which is contrary to Baloch nationalists manifesto, and now they from Saudi Arabia have got 1.5 million gift and also some from Bahrain, so this wealth may not be used in Balochistan. The experiences imply, whenever the state establishment has got supportive push from anywhere; thence, they did operation in Balochistan, subsequently. This time, for same practice the situations and political dissent are indicating but said policy couldn’t bring-about desired situations. In the perspective of mentioned conditions Pakistan has got gift of $ 1.5 million as temporarily to oxygenate the state machinery.


The discovery of mass graves in Khuzdar (Tutak)

After 2002, a series of enforced disappearance of Baloch was commenced, but in 2006, it was escalated and thousands Baloch son went missing. In Musharraf’s regime, the interior Minister Aftab Ahmed Sherpao on a visit to Balochistan, in Turbat during a press conference admitted that they have somehow 4000 Balochs captives in their security custodies. Subsequently, they visibly and invisibly stipulated various conditions for the release of these captives, but Baloch secessionist movement workers ever disregarded the state official’s barter proposals, and they are firmly struggling for enactment of a fair system and insurance of national identity including inheritances.

The government officials’ sporadically adopted dissimilar stands-off about Baloch Missing Persons issue, sometimes they postured mercy and coaxing tactics to get abnegated Balochs from demand of separation. For instance, in 2013, through an advertisement the relatives of slain Baloch were offered around 1 million rupees as blood-money. The dead bodies of Baloch political workers have been found were among the missing, and yet those whose corpses have not been recovered also are clued that they are in custody of state-institutes. Suppose, the missing Doctor Din Muhammad’s daughter Samee Baloch during a conversation with media personnel disclosed that secret institute officials presented her a cheque amounting 1.6 million Rupees. Further, she told that the agencies personnel said that in return of the offered amount she must give up the protest which they are uplifting on platform of Voice for Baloch Missing Person (VBMP).

The state official’s offer to aggrieved Baloch families implies theirs offends confession, but blatantly the denial means to avert any international repercussion. Because state is running by foreign aid, and the international powers are sweetening it against assistance in exploitation of small nations which are incorporated in it by power.

Recently, in an adjacent area of Kuzdar at Tutak, the massive numerous mass graves have been revealed. Media reports entails that by tip-off a shapherd to the authorities and common people brought in knowledge about existence of mass graves in the area. When local people rushed to the spot for inspection to carry-out rescue works, then the security officials already were present there and beleaguered that field and didn’t allow the civilians to approach the site where the dead bodies were dumped.

In subsequent days, quotient statements of government officials and nationalist organizations appeared in media. The government merely confirmed the number of buried cadavers 13 and in some reports they have shown the number 25, meanwhile the nationalist organizations; specifically, Baloch Student Organization (Azad) mentioned the exact number of buried bodies in mass graves 159.

On very first time of mass graves discovery, the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) expressed its worries that these slain and afterward dumped bodies are of abducted Baloch and this was confirmed later a day by identifying three bodies as Awaran’s locals; two brothers and another young man who were abducted earlier twosome months.

The fact finding team reached the spot in Tutak, escorted by security officials and district administrative officer had association, too later the couple of week. A report was published in daily Dawn by provided facts of team that there were massive 10 graves but probable more existence of the graves discover in future, but yet were not discovered. The people were killed there savagely and dumped in craters which were erected dunes by mixture of stones and earth. The remnant limestone’s in pieces were lying, which were indicating that limestone was smeared to bodies that catalysis the decomposition of human cadavers and by this also marred the identifications. The carnivorous animals like vulture and others were hovering the site of dumped bodies.

Provincial Health Minister Rehmat Saleh Baloch staying in Islamabad spoke with Media Persons and admitted that all buried bodies in mass graves discovered in (Tutak) Khuzdar are of missing Balochs. He expressed anguish about incident and without pointing out to agencies and their collaborators criticized. But he never declared guilty to anyone for the perpetration of this heinous crime, though his party is ruling in province. Mr. Baloch and his party’s no man took any dire step to resign against genocide of his nation ‘Baloch’ and province including theirs constituency people. He showed his helplessness in front of invisible hands; even they are unable to apply any legal order against the culprits, who have perpetrated crime against humanity. This shows their psychological ailment or blind following behind the interests.

If similar occurred incidents in world be retrospect, then a stunning difference looks in attitudes between human groups. During World War-II, the fascist and racist Adolf Hitler massacred and dumped Jews dead in mass graves’ so at that time, the entire world human right organizations and media took it to the sky, even till now the Holocaust of Jews by Nazis has been commemorating and civilized world considers it a dark page in human history and denounces it critically.

In Bosnia, the Serb committed carnage of Corot Muslims, then European countries took stern action against it, because they had conflictions with Soviet Russia and Yugoslavia which was the operating this was the ally state of Russia, means interests impelled to take notice of mass killing and mass graves. That same organizations and countries are looking like dormant about mass graves of Balochs which is a question mark on theirs entity and norms, too.

Pakistani society is suffering from Psychological disease and ignoring the shocking incident which is an apparent symptom of this. The Psychologists say, “Seeing the people suffered and don’t helping or deed for rescue, means that observing person or society is ailing psychologically”. Human has characteristics that cannot stand without helping to oppressed or distressed people, and this sense of sympathy distinguishes it to other livings and makes supreme creature.

The butchery of human in Balochistan and dumping in mass graves is being ignored by state institutes, civil society, human rights organizations, and media even entire society proves what, only their psychological ailment or abnormality, as well as indicates the dwindle of this unfair system. But international world silence about mass graves of Tutak (Khuzdar) is also astonishing, thus civilized world takes stern notice of this terrifying incident and refute all assumption of psychological ailments about them. Because the confession of health minister Rehmat Saleh Baloch, the offer of wealth and admit of ex-interior minister Sherpao have turned the prognostication into certainty of Voice for Baloch Missing Person organization that the buried in mass graves are missing Balochs who were abducted by secret institutes and their local collaborators, therefore, they must be bring in to book.

Otherwise, a series will be advent of mass graves in Balochistan, like other heart wrenching evil incidents of enforced disappearance, throwing mutilated bodies and other grass human rights violations.


Chinese delegation visit to Gawadar means launching work on “Economic Transition”

Baloch land is distributed in various countries and world is enjoying the benefits of this nation’s resources. In Iran, the Chah Bahar (is a free port ‘’Free Trade Zone’’ on the coast of the Gulf of Oman) where most of the inhabitants belong to Baloch race, which produces about 23% of oil requirements of entire world. The Bandar-Abbas, a port supporting magnificently the Iranian economy is as well the property of Baloch. By this port the European products are being imported in the entire region. The vessels duck at this port are getting unloaded and further goods are being dispatched to Afghanistan from where these  are being supplied to Pakistan, Central Asian states and even in Indian markets there’s forwarded products are available.

The India has invested a lot in Chah Bahar, in various fields and running a beneficial business in the region. The India also occupied an enormous portion of business in the Afghanistan. India has been supported by western countries in fulfillment of this task. On the other hand, Iran is earning in regard of transit fee and other commissions by the proceedings of goods through its country, indeed it is right of Baloch. Hence, she is keeping silence to poke in affairs of western countries and Afghanistan but is opposing silently the functioning of Gawadar port. In case of getting operated the port of Gwadar, the Iranian business will get slumped and Arab states also will be distressed, especially Dubai port will be affected badly, therefore, these states are against the mentioned project.

Pakistan ever relied on super power or remained in pocket of capitalists, in sake of her survival, and she couldn’t get independence in its state affairs. During soviet war, it was very close ally state of the America and other western states. In 1990, Soviet Union got disintegrated and world converted into unipolar. Pakistan’s importance in front of western countries got devalued and they suspended the giving aid to it. Consequently, this parasitic state sought western countries, like France, Germany and others to be ally in the sack of aid provision but got failed. The neighboring state China is a huge population harboring country and it needs raw materials to run the state industries for manufacturing cheap products, she required markets, as well. China required a suitable pad, from where she dispatches its products to world markets, too and Gwadar is situated on central point to access the entire world.

Pakistan is suffering from various crises, like energy, food and so on. Now this state has plunged in abysmal situations, due to mismanagement and failed political system and it has no option to come-out from crises or toward normalcy, so she is intended to sell the assets and get some for sustenance. The Balochistan is a province which has all resources on that state can continue her lifespan, for instance oil, gas, minerals, coastal area and sea port in shape of Gawadar.

The Balochistan’s people have been ever kept deprived of even fundamentals rights, which caused among Balochs the rebellion sentiments and now the succession movements, have emerged earnestly. On initial stage, the separatists have been neglected by state and were considered very minor threat; verily it was under estimation of authorities about rebels. The raw material was available to these separatists abundantly to thrive and expand. Because China with collaboration of Pakistani establishment has been looting Baloch resources but never paid a tiny amount to real heir, even didn’t hire the low scale labor in ongoing projects in Balochistan. These types of injustices paved way of separatist to forth the logic and convince to Baloch people, which energized to resisting organizations.

State adopted policy to exterminate righteous voice and without consent of genuine heir she is intended to give control of Gawadar including other projects in Balochistan to China and in return the state gets military and civil aid for its survival. In this way, she also wants to deter India to monopolize on regional business and politics.

China, like an imperialist by collusion of Pakistani establishment exploiting small nations, and Baloch is one of victimized among them. Now Chinese delegation visited to Gwadar with purpose to launch work on ground. The agreement was made in last days of PPP government. At that time federal government imposed governor rule in Balochistan as precautionary that someone might not object their deeds or voice-up against this pact. China through this project will construct road and railway links from Gwadar to her bordering town Kashgar. She is intended to transport her cheap products to Gwadar by rail and road links and returning to China take minerals from Balochistan, oil from Iran and other Middle East states.

By staying in Gwadar, China will keep eye on Hurmoz strait that is near from Gwadar and a key oil trading rout of the world. From this business China will give a Kitty to Pakistani establishment for supporting in the plunder and proceedings of Baloch resources.

The establishment in center and provincial level brought accorded politician to facilitate China in grabbing the Baloch resources. In center, Nawaz Sharif and in province Dr. Malik like people brought in power to use these like remote control device. The discussed politicians were sent to China few month back, where they made pacts, the gist of all those is Balochistan and its resources. They dubbed these agreements with “Economic Transition”. The essence of these agreements is to hand over the Balochistan to China.

Baloch Nation is politically conscious and will not let imperialist powers to loot its resources and coast, effortlessly. The Geo-politics and internationally fluctuating situations are also favoring Baloch due to procuring transparent ideology and valid stance. The world also should not let unjust with oppressed nation which always have been suffering, even owning rich land with minerals, coast and strategic position. If the Baloch moderate nation is given authorities, it will be guarantor of peace and stability in region, for this purpose world must back to Baloch.

  1. Baloch want freedom , nothing els .

  2. Yasir Hussain Ansari.
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  6. I saw a dream that our nation was independent and every person was as free as like birds to excite talking each other with the community of people.Similarly. one day unfortunately the enemies of our nation attached on people who were known innocent Baloch,all of them were killed by them and some of them were known the people in our nation but another side i was blissful to hearing about our friends and brothers who did victory during the fighting and the war which was started 60 years ago is free now suddenly i got up and opened my eyes and saw i was in prison which was a dark room and said myself i was the one who could not do something.

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