Counterfeit claim about banning on religious groups

(January, 2015)

The present government after school carnage incident in Pashawar have commenced an over posturing series against religious militancy. In same series, the National Action Plan has been carved-out including the approval of military courts setting up. In the follow-up of the mentioned measures, the government announced for banning on the all religious militant groups throughout country, the Jamat-ud-Dawat and Lashkar-e-Tayabba are also included in discussed catalogue. The said religious outfit’s bank accounts are also frozen.

The review of Pakistan’s history inkles that this state from the day of formation had fallen in the hands of Islamists, who ever used the religion as weapon to downfall the counterparts and get them renounced from ethical and legitimate rights. Islamic injunctions never bend to exploit someone or keeping it deprived of the due rights, but here religion’s spirit is tainted and it is an effective tool to manipulate the people and mold them in to favored frame.

At the time of Bengal separation, the slogan of religion was raised but as essence of Islam the rights of people were denied. And when they demanded for lawful rights were awarded with traitor label and were persecuted by Islamist elements, irrationally.

In India and Afghanistan is being infiltrated by elements that are infatuated with Islamic sentiments. In this regard, the organizations have been constituted and its members were trained by establishment and now they have confessed this explicitly in front of world media and on all forums.

In Afghanistan, the Soviet Union retreated, and then disintegrated. On the ground of Pakistan hysterics were trained and that were called jihadist, later on they had got fought against the Soviet, but after the use-off these are renamed as terrorist. And now the terrorists are also being eliminated, because these are showing disobedience to establishment. By now, the discussed Talban and yesterday’s Mujahidin got unleashed and they have got rife and became the part of global Jihad. Therefore, these are considered extremist and disadvantageous for the state of Pakistan and due to that these have been banned and also are being targeted by state forces.

Similar to Talban, the other organizations are also belonging to the same school of thoughts, but they are considered strategic asset, yet. These elements are being used against those people in state who are demanding for their lawful rights. The discussed Islamists are also being used against neighboring states. Domestically, those people who want to live prosper and enjoy the nature and want a systematic justice cycle, so they are being crushed by the radical elements or extremists. The states, which have gone ahead in trade, economy or have surpassed the ruling class in field of business, so they are being dealt by the fundaments exploiting the notions of Jihad.

The government in previous days proscribed the Lash-e-Tayyaba and Jamat-ud-Dawat, further has frozen the bank accounts of these organizations. It was only subterfuge, because accounts were got empty and then statement was realeased about freezing. The leadership of said organizations is moving, rooming and carrying on activities without any restriction.

In Balochistan, the nationalist organizations’ leaders blamed for existence of the religious militants’ camps, network and activities. The nationalists in local and international media also divulged about the mentioned fundamentalist’s camps location, too. But government neither applies National Action Plan on them nor constrains their movement. On 27th January, in Daily Dawn, the news appeared that Jamat-e-Dawat head is campaigning for charity in Karachi for his organization which unpeels the reality of proclamation the banning on the Jud and LeT.

The circumstances approved that announcement was made by government about proscribe of Jamat-e-Dawat and Lasher-e-Tayyaba is only counterfeit. In fact, the state authorities still consider them their strategic asset and they are using the religious extremism as weapon against the Baloch, Sindhi nationalist and minorities for gain of interests, internally. And for the gain of external interests, these are being used against the India and Afghanistan. But a day will come that petted snakes bite the foster. The presently claim of banning on religious groups is counterfeit and worldwide leadership also declared a hood-winking act by the rulers of Pakistan.


A simply media show; ‘Balochistan Development Forum’

(January, 2015)

In previous days, at Islamabad by Balochistan government a convention was conducted,  the Balochistan Development Forum (BDF), in the past sequence. In discussed meeting, the foreign ambassadors were invited and the central government was also collaborating in that. The Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif paid a twosome of hour to the massive progressive forum of the Balochistan province.

The Balochistan Development Forum [BDF] was established with means to obtain the attentions of international investors and lure them for investing in the province that is rich with minerals and occupied the key strategic position in the region.

The present National Party’s government exerted to inform the investors about scopes in Balochistan for investment and development of minerals which are the main production and possession of the province. The foreigners were also portrayed for lucrative business in fields of fishing, construction of infrastructure and likewise.

The critiques says, this form of meetings conduction mean to spend the income which have been gotten by 19th constitutional amendment and modification in National Financing Award [NFC], which caused increase in funds, and nothing else.

It is enunciated that without peace no investment can be made in any area. After Peshawer school carnage incident, the peace has totally vanished away in entire country, particularly in the provinces of Balochistan and KPK, somehow in Sindh too.

The Balochistan’s situations are totally inhospitable for businessmen and investors. Due to the vulnerability, the local businessmen have shifted their firms to other parts of country or abroad, the brain drain have flew to European and Gulf States, the journalists are imperiled and working in hazardous environment. The MPAs without bullet and bomb proof vehicles cannot makes movement in capital not talk about remote areas.

In the province of Balochistan, the bomb blast,, rocket fire, target killing, recovering of mutilated bodies and abduction for ransom are ubiquitous. The human has no dignity here, that this can be guessed from the statement of the Voice for Baloch Missing Person [VBMP] which appeared in media that the stiffs are lying on the floor at Civil Hospital Quetta in morgue unit due to lack of freezers. Further it is said that dead are being buried by humanitarian organizations without recognition.

The governance in province is also very poor that only MPAs or their close relatives are enjoying privileges. In provincial assembly session, a member of provincial assembly (MPA) Sardar Abdul Rehman Kethtran in a point of order informed that base of nepotism the CM and his cabinet members’ relatives were sent to China for recreation in the pretext of study tour. No common youth in entire province was sent anywhere for such activities, may they not eligible for going to abroad, because they do not have relative in assembly. At Balochistan University, a MPA’s daughter was appointed and promoted within minutes. On the other hand, millions of children are out of school and thousands schools are lacking basic infrastructure and reason is presented inadequate funds availability to the province.

The Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s directive to Balochistan government for improvement in governance is the solid evidence about the poor performance and mismanagements by the coalition government in the province. But in media, the provincial government is making tall claims about its achievements, and the premier directive has rebutted all.

In above discussed settings, no one will venture to visit the Balochistan province and the investment here is very farfetched. In this disorder, the session of Balochistan Development Forum [BDF] is simply media show and nothing else. The ministers, MPAs and bureaucrats have resort point the verdure Islamabad for recreation, which they have rejoiced in the pretext of Balochistan Development Forum.


The setting up of Military Courts

(December, 2014)

The profound scrutiny of Pakistani political history entails that this state never ever been tracked-on democracy since its formation. The democracy or assemblies were formed but these ever been influenced by establishment and presently the military courts story is an epitomized reason of the series.

The politician’s invitation to military in power or occupying power by military is ubiquitous in this country. The discussed parties and its politicians never demanded for any sort of especial tribunal on carnage of civilian, but now after army school children killing abruptly the civilian government has been drove for establishing military courts. Sure! The incident of attack on innocent children is condemnable but why discrimination in dispensation of justice to Pakistani citizens on ground of civilian and army?

It is tradition of Nawaz regime that it ever invited Army in civil departments to care take of those. May they consider military much candid or talented than civilians. If it is so, then why with Peoples Party they are playing game of ‘democracy, democracy’. They should confess their inept explicitly and handover entire state machinery to army. But like in past, the WAPDA and other departments were given to army; resultantly, the ramifications of those were uncovered to all. By now, on same pattern, the military courts are being setup without credentialing the parameters of human rights. The formation of these discussed courts also tell failure, defect or defunct of existing judiciary system, otherwise the culprits can be sentenced by these. The amendments and empowering further to the existing courts can be used for advancements.

Yesterday’s Mujahidin and today’s terrorists ought to be punished and constrained by those departments which are function for common masses. The double standard of justice provision for civilian and military will bring very ugly outcomes. The Pakistani society already is distressed because of dual qualitative attitudes; VIPs and ordinary.

The military courts experiment was tested in dictatorship eras of Ayub Khan and Zia, but society could not mold in to civilized frame or got corruption free. The intellectuals narrate that past military courts merely gave impunity the army-men to deal with civilians in desired way bypassing the etiquettes. Here already establishment is too strong and the approval of military courts seems an intruded act.

It is foreboded by everyone that military courts will not care human rights during the prompt process or excluding thorough investigation and probe. And these also award stern penalization to offenders and this will produce retributive or rebellious sentiments. Consequently, society further may not fell into a long-lasting mayhem. The backlash by the trained and religiously infatuated may not inflict the Pakistani tormented society in to a great loss and pull it to backwardness very long.

It is learnt that constitutional amendments and gained wealth including war machinery ever were used against nationalists in Balochistan by state authorities. And now in Sindh, the separatist movement also got permeated in Sindhies and mutilated bodies of Sindhi nationalist political workers are being found constantly. The state is blamed for human rights abuses in Balochistan and Sindh by civilized world. And to hushing up such perpetrations in its provinces, the state is striving to validate transgression against nationalists by overwhelming of the religious radicalization. Because the pro-establishment fundamentals which work in Kashmir and other areas favorably are not considered terrorist yet, such elements are believed Mujahidin. This double measurement has given a room to doubts in the minds of masses about setting up of military courts.


Iran fires rockets on Balochistan’s civilian areas!

(December, 2014)

Iranian forces on 29th December, 2014, had fired rockets and mortar shells on Balochistan’s areas of Maskel and Zamran. The fired rockets and mortar shells caused injured to 8 people and one house destruction totally. Media sources informed that 7 mortar shells in Mashkel area whilst more than 15 shells were fired in district Turbat adjacent to bordering towns, which hit populated zones and about 7 people were injured.

Before the broached incident, the Iranian forces several times violated bordering demarcations and entered in to Pakistani areas encroached way. Once upon they had attacked on Pakistani security force’s posts, and resultantly casualties were reported. At that time Pakistani government showed extreme anger and protested acutely on murdering and injuring the forces.

It has been observed that whenever the Indian forces violated the bordering limitations or committed any aggression along with working boundary in east of Pakistan, so the state forces ever retaliated immediately and got quieted the belligerent’s arsenals.

The Iran is also violating bordering constraints and its forces are penetrating into Pakistani areas, but about Balochistan or on western borders the state has not quid-pro-quo. The reasons are unknown regarding the concession with Iran; even the norm of offence is similar with India.

Balochistan’s people also need protection by the state forces and they are looking for strong retaliation to attackers on them whether that aggressor is India or Iran. The citizens close to borders all around have equal significance and rights. Therefore, Pakistan must take initiatives to deter the Iranian forces for violation of west border along with Balochistan and halt it’s forces fire rockets on Balochistan’s citizen. The state of Pakistan should tradeoff with Iran about the recent rocket and mortar shell attacks on the Mashkel, Zamran towns, and disburse the victims of the mentioned areas.


Baloch leaders are not ready for talks; CM grumbles

(November, 2014)

Chief Minister Balochistan eventually came to the point that they have failed to persuade the secessionist Balochs for negotiations to suspend the ongoing war in the Balochistan.

If the statement of the Chief Minister Balochistan is to be analyzed, so it rebuts all claims of provincial government regarding the maintenance of peace, and the dismissal of despicable  practices which were commenced in the previous governments era and were criticized harshly by the National Party, the opposition party in Balochistan Assembly at that time. Especially, Dr Malik Baloch would say that he never witnessed such corrupt and sluggish government in his life history.

Well! The past government was none-eligible, and consequently peace could not return in province in its epoch. The slowwitted was the reason for refusal of negotiation bids and escalation of rebellious activities but present one is also failed to exploit the abilities and competitiveness to bring back the lost peace of province, and get contended the Baloch mass with theirs leadership to abandon the revolt.

In Balochistan, the tranquility seems merely in statements, but not on ground. The chief minister more than two times has extended FC deployment tenure and its civil administrative authorities, normally that are vested to police. In the result of this, the federal forces are acquiring the incurred expenditures from the province’s exchequer. The province Balochistan is already facing financial crises and it is adding more in them. But the presence and deployment of federal force tells that situations are not normal, even cannot be managed by the local force, the police. In the elaborated scenario, the statements of Dr Malik Baloch regarding the improvement in situation of the province, evaporates into air.

The chief minister spoke that his government is deficient to provide bomb proof vehicles to all ministers while tending the advisor for education Sardar Raza Khan Barech, who escaped narrowly in a bomb attack on joint road, Quetta. The repeatedly attacks on ministers, totally negates the claims about restoration of peace. Besides this, it also indicates that government authorities are engaged in only elite class protection and they are spending a suffice portion of resources in this regard, but common citizens are left helpless and unprotected.

On the other hand, the chief minister including his party’s senior officials admit their failure about recovery or bringing on surface to Missing Persons of the province. And this might leak mystery about autonomy and power of parliament, specifically ruling cabinet and the chief minister’s status-quo which was being revamped by hallow claims and statements.

Another saddening incident of mass-graves was revealed in rule of National Party government. The discovered mass-graves in the area of Khuzdar, in those spitefully dozens of people were buried. The dead in the mass-graves were abducted and afterward were butchered in stonehearted way that is a heinous crime by state and human laws, but regrettably no person has been held responsible for this shocking offense. No one is sentenced for murdering and dumping people in to the mass-graves, extra-judicially. Similar to other departments, the provincial government and its politicians have zipped the lips about this nerve-penetrating incident.

Time is refuting all fake claims and statements of the chief minister and its government. The ground realities and objective circumstances are speaking louder than fake and magnified assertions by controlled media which are merely vociferation. In spite of all supportive measures, Dr Malik Baloch government could not build the conducive to environment for negotiation; hence the secessionist Baloch leaders are not paying any attention to the offers for dialogue by present chief minister of Balochistan.

The grumbling by the Chief Minister that separatist leaders are not ready for talks, also raze-away the claim of bringing back the self-exiled Baloch leaders and contacts with them. Those leaders are well aware of insignificance or meaningless negotiations with an unauthorized personality or parliament.


Cheif Minister Dr. Malik Baloch holds hot and cold in single hand

Chief Minister Balochistan, Dr Malik Baloch, in a statement at the National Defense Institute Islamabad affirmed that an ideology about freedom exists in Balochistan. In another statement he said that “The majority of Balochistan is consented to live with federation and they seek the resolve of their problems in democratic way.”

Mr Baloch during a meeting with American Counsel General Brine Heath said that though the situation of Quetta is conducive than Karachi and Peshawar for opening a consulate but they are not allowed to open the consulate even the province Balochistan people are confronting adversities due to inexistence of consulates of countries here.

In the same meeting, the Chief Minister Balochistan informed the American official that 2.3 million children in Balochistan are deprived of education which is a basic human right in order to overcome this appalling condition, the government would need to build or establish at least 12,000 schools of different levels. Dr. Malik in same breath requested for assistance because of scarcity of funds in province.

If the statements of Chief Minister Balochistan Dr. Malik Baloch are analyzed, one can clearly see a total lack of symmetry in them. On various occasions, he has spoken in complete contrast to the above discussed expressions. Such statements of Chief Minister are hereby recalled for the purpose of comparison.

In Awaran, Dr Malik Baloch in the presence of army-men said that he sees ubiquitous freedom in Balochistan. His provincial government is authorized and powerful in provincial affairs as well as the current parliaments are autonomous in making decisions and legislations. A simple question arises here that if it is freedom everywhere in Balochistan, so why are Americans not able to open a consulate in the province? Dr. Malik expresses his helplessness in front of Mr Brine Heath and rebutted his previous statement of freedom in Balochistan. He said that is not possible to open a consulate despite improved law and order in Quetta compared to Karachi and Peshawer. The Chief Minister is questioned, why he is not disclosing that power which is not letting for consulate establishing in Quetta? He said that his government is powerful and authorized in decision making and in all affairs of the province but prohibition for opening consulate refutes all previous claims of the Chief Minister!

On another occasion Dr. Malik Baloch said that federal departments have transferred or devolved power to provinces and in reviewed policy of National Financing Award their share has been enhanced substantially and by now they will be out of financial crises but he in his recent statement lamentably asked the American consular for funds for converting his province’s present and upcoming generation into human beings, because without education human does not come-up to level of humanity. Here, his claim of being self-reliant in field of finance has also evaporated in air and appealing for aid or assistance implies the provincial government’s r misery in economic terms.

Chief Minister of Balochistan said that people of Balochistan in majority agree to live with federation and that they are inclined to get exonerated from problems in democratic way. But prohibiting international observers and journalists from visiting or monitoring Baloch areas is not undemocratic or concealing the ground realities including judgment of Balochistanis whether they agree to live with federation of Pakistan or they have another demand the way British government accommodated the demand of Scottish people by allowing Scotland to hold a referendum. This statement of Dr Malik Baloch does not seem vibrant. The government ought to facilitate foreign countries to establish consulates as well as allowing observer to witness the gleaming democracy of National Party in province of Balochistan, besides which  they could also watch human rights improvement claims that the CM make on every forum. But contradictory to his sayings, Dr Malik Baloch also admits in his speech at National Defense University Islamabad that ideology for freedom exists in Balochistan. It is causing to unease that why freedom ideology exists even provincial government delivering the masses all in democratic way?

Recently, the leaders of the protesting political parties – Pakistan Awami Tehreek and Tehreek e Insaf alleged that in Balochistan people with undemocratic mindsets have been brought into power so they can be used in a desired way for particular objectives. They alleged that Dr Malik Baloch the Chief Minister Balochistan could not get votes and even Dr Malik’s constituency’s result was stopped to be announced officially. The Pakistan Awami Tehreek head Dr Tahir ul Qari made these allegations openly in front of national and international media.

In the light of Dr Malik Baloch’s statements, it is apparent that he is holding hot and cold in single hand that is often not possible and that he is being used because there is a great contrast with his previous comments, because reality and truth never can be hidden under the tongue. The pathetic situation of Balochistan and the ground realities there speak louder than Dr Malik’s unbalanced statements.


Acid attack: a rise of barbarism in Balochistan

Peeping into Stone Age era will enable us to know that women have an excellent role in human civilization. As archeologists mark role of women in invention of cultivation, domestication of animals and discovery of fire. Similarly, as the outcome of women efforts, human knew art of cultivation and forming of animal. In ancient, the human got inhabited on banks of rivers to access the water conveniently, and this ushered the human civilization. The researches mention that in early age of social societies the women had dominance on man.

The nature also proves women as equal to men. The introductory of feudal age brought patriarchal system; hence it is the crux that onward the women were considered as property of men. From there women started facing foist attitude of those ill-etiquettes men. The capitalist age exposed with very ugly face and in all aspects of life including barbarism against the women, but she is main ingredient of aesthetic. This system brought women as a trading commodity, eventually this has got like commercial piece among the capitalist. The capitalism caused demise of natural sentiments, like natural love and romance between both genders; male and female. Somehow the miss-interpretation of religions also is causing injustices with women in different parts of this globe. The barbarism against women was common before the centuries but in this scientific age it couldn’t be halted, wholly.

In the series of barbarities against women, in Balochistan, a series of splashing acid on faces of women has started. In Quetta, three women were attacked with acid on their faces, as result, their faces were burnt and incident occurred on the eve of Eid, an Islamic festival. The victim and area people informed media that a pamphlet was distributed by mischief that women mustn’t come-out from homes for Eid shopping. The next day of mentioned incident, in Mastung, a town of Balochistan, the same acid spraying on women’s faces another incident took place.

The Baloch society retains moderate temperament and customs. It allows females to travel short proximity in daily routine and attend bazar, markets for gain of stuff including ladies purchasing material for beauty and other means. Baloch females attend family parties and functions without any disagreeing of male.

Recently, Baloch females’ participation in politics has glossed-up their role in society, which is a menace to those mentalities who want supremacy on them by lean with obsolete means of tribalism and religion. Such irrational thoughts are supporting to occupant of Baloch society.

Some fascist elements also exist who want imposition of their ridiculous laws on Baloch moderate society to convert them foisted way and change this nation’s ways and get them accepted for perpetual slavery. They want people as submitted and get them orthodox where without questioning and demand of basic human rights and justice lead the enslaved lives.

Another incident of splashing acid on women occurred in Pishin but its nature is some different than the incidents took place in Baloch areas. The splashing incidents of Quetta and Mastung have political propulsions but Pishin’s incident was a family feud. The acid throwing incidents are implying that Baloch women’s participation in politics is not digestible to institutes and fundamental elements. They want revival of that age when people would bury their daughters alive. They would give sacrifice of girls to shun the scourge of divine. Same motives are behind the acid throwing on Baloch women, and in the pursuit of same malice panic and fear were spread.

In this 21st century human considers women as equal to men without gender dissimilarity. History also tells standing of women as right shoulder of men and she is not inferior to any one in any aspect of life.

This barbarism is happening in such time that a secular and progressive party means National Party is ruling in the province. The Balochistan government except the condemnation hasn’t taken any action against culprit of this heinous crime.

This rise of barbarity can be crushed by Baloch political conscious, splendid and moderate customs which base on great esteem, equal status in all fields of life as like women had in past.

The Baloch Movement should take this barbarity as a challenge and come ahead to protect their mother and sister. This has also credibility, but parliamentarian elements have experienced many times, they don’t have dare to do something else except looming around the assemblies.


The approval of ‘Pakistan Protection Ordinance’

On 3rd July 2014, the upper house of Pakistan the Senate approved the controversial bill the ‘Pakistan Protection Ordinance’. It was approved effortlessly because no party dares to oppose it.

From the creation day of Pakistan the controller of country couldn’t grasp the nature of human being or they are totally alien from course of human civilization. The species of this universe is called “Human” has sense, thinking power and observation characteristic to approve the substances of cosmos in different means in its life, and never this species adopts the universe’s particles in foist way. If someone does the fascist way to poke in anyone’s life, hence this point sparks contractions in human’s lives, but conveying or getting cognizant to others in loving way doesn’t come in realm of fascism.

In Pakistan, since 65 years the commanding authorities failed to realize the mentioned engrossment on wall and in opposite of nature they coerced here’s people and imposed their mentality in foisted ways. It is apparent that in a state people live with different dogmas and creeds and modern state’s set of laws totally deject to interference in people’s faith. State only deals some departments of routine life; suppose economic, foreign policy and so on. But state grants rights to citizens grow and edifice with evolution process and get connected with surrounding developments. These are principal ingredients of today’s state, but Pakistan is not catering to the said qualities; resultantly, its citizens have insolence and they are not assented for allegiance to its supremacy.

The discussed ruling elites or commanding group produced an ordinance “Pakistan Protection Ordinance”. This ordinance means giving free-hand to forces to shoot the suspect whether that is innocent or offender, so this way, in first step the justice is being denied to citizens. The courts are authorized to handover any person on remand for three months to security organizations.

Presently, the Balochistan, Sindh and KPK have sunk in chaos while Punjab seems exempted from PPO’s impacts. The PPO will impact on Balochistan particularly and to some extent, Sindh, too. In these days, Balochistan is in grip of strife and a separation movement emerged with swing of intense emotions. That is totally out of access to state machinery to root-out the Baloch insurgency. Though the state official committed human rights abuses to extinguish the sparks of secessionism, which are blamed by Baloch nationalist organizations’ statements appear in local and international media daily-wise. The deteriorated situations of Balochistan are inviting the concentrations of international world. By the use of power the state couldn’t wipe-out the Baloch insurgency for years, so state authorities need some legislative logics to carry-on the ongoing operations in Balochistan, even are intended to bring intensity in these.

The PPO provides some legitimization by state laws but not by human laws to forces wide and overt their actions in unrested Balochistan. In this province already finding of mutilated bodies of Baloch political workers is on, but recently the mass graves also have been discovered in Khuzdar area of Tutak.

In Sindh, the nationalistic notions also exist and violation of human rights also being perpetrated which obviously can be observed in Media and now-a-days social media bulldozed all barricades and showing all in shape of videos, clips and other ways.

Sindhi nationalist parties’ workers mutilated bodies are also being found without any respite. As same Balochistan, the PPO will be used in Sindh to conceal the misdeeds.

After 65 years the controllers of state are disable to perceive the characteristics of human beings that how they bend for allegiance by power or providing human status and dignity. They were using power against masses and they are also using even today and in future they will do unchanged actions and to grave more also covering misdeed and pursuing same intentions they brought the “Pakistan Protection Ordinance”.

In this modern age human is enjoying freedom and is on the journey to more freedom and seeking for convenience in life, but in Pakistan the coercive tools are being sharped to cut the citizen’s rights, make their lives embitter. The Pakistan Protection Ordinance may affect slightly the lives of Punjab’s people but it will constrain and create difficulties for Sindhis but especially for Balochistan’s People which has been promulgated, too. The first case has been lodged though PPO also in Balochistan and this elucidates that where it will be used.

The state controllers have not brought any positive modification in their attitudes; they believed in power and they are on same track today. This way they have won loath, certainly will reap plant of hatred. Human cannot be herd by stick but can be won by love or get tranquil through given due rights and justice.


The follow-up of previous series the ‘pillage of resources’

The previous People’s party government’s the chief minister Balochistan Mr Aslam Raisani would reside in Islamabad and occasionally come to his province. He for survival of his government would say, “I wear similar color cloths of Army”, means he is part of establishment, for proving his claim he implemented realities on ground, too. Suppose, handed over Gwader to China by order of establishment without any defy, but most prominent is this that he formed a board about RecoDick and appointed Dr Samar Mubarik its chairman. Perhaps Balochistan is barren to give birth to genius people, that’s why he imported an outsider but motive behind this act was to continue pillage of Balochistan’s wealth and save merely his government. Means, Mr Raisani used formula of self-serving gimmickry.

Dr Malik Baloch tracking on footsteps of Mr Raisani and totally put aside the Baloch even entire province people’s interests and bestowed the chairmanship Dr Arslan Choudary irresponsible shoulders. Mr Raisani was serving as same Mr Mubarik but Malik Baloch has chosen Mr Arslan, merely it is dissimilarity in faces but policies and intentions are totally the same. About Raisani government Dr Malik would say that he never ever saw such most corrupt government in his life. In fact policies are akin of his government to its preceding.

The BNP and PTI have blamed that now reasons behind selection of this present government has exposed. This National Party has been brought in government or it has been given the political bribe to support them in pillage of Balochistan’s resources which are being handed over to China. The apparently working on said projects and appointment of a scandalized person Mr Arslan Choudary as Board of Revenue is an organ of pillage of resources and nothing else. Here it seems Dr Malik Baloch is also using formula of self-serving gimmickry.


The naive of politics or travesty

‘Politics’ is the profession or the field that is the gist or combination of all subjects of life and a politician is the person who has expertise in all faculties of life means in a society. The most astute people pervade in this ocean of politics ina country or a society with aptitude of epitomize, debonair, veracious and logical basis.

In Pakistan, life circle is revolving in opposite direction that imprudent people have occupied the field of politics by support of establishment or a layer of aristocrats to make mounds of wealth by grinding the majority of masses in grinder of exploitation and barbarities.

Same circle is circulating in Balochistan, where anonymous or naive of politics or they don’t have political history are ministers and they have portfolios of key departments and one of discussed politicians is Sarfraz Bugti, he has been given the Home Department in Balochistan.

Mr Bugti doesn’t have any political back ground but in a wink he got MPA position including ministry.

In the month of April 2014 the Baloch Student Organization BSO-A chairmen Zahid Baloch was abducted in broad day light and in presence of a huge crowd in Quetta satellite town, where other workers of organization also resisted for halting their chairman abduction but their bids were foiled by power of weapons. The incident was witnessed by hundreds of people.

Local media ignored the abduction incident of Zahid Baloch as against the professional obligations, the reasons are multiple but financial interest is the prominent one. The international media, especially BBC boldly reported the abduction incident of Mr Baloch and this renowned news organization worker approached to Home Minister Mr Sarfraz Bugti, too.

When Mr Bugti was asked about missing Zahid Baloch, so all repugnancies sprung on surface and his exposure was totally irrelevant to political profession. He narrated some features, structure and performance including production of BSO-A, which a common person doesn’t know, and in next breathing he denied from the identification of abducted chairman of the same organization. Mr Bugti also trampled the fact of Zahid Baloch abduction incident which occurred in broad day light in presence of many citizens of Quetta. From these it seems he doesn’t have characteristics of a politician; like debonair, broad vision, veraciousness, candid and realistic.

After few weeks of Mr. Bugti statement, the chief minister Dr. Malik Baloch visited the protest camp of comrade Lateef Johar, he was on hunger strike till death. The Chief Minister Dr. Malik at the camp in the presence of Media-men affirmed that he knows Zahid Baloch very well; the chairmen Baloch Student Organization (Azad) and they also worked together in political field.

The Chief Minister also conceded that Zahid Baloch was abducted and he is in contact with federal and provincial security agencies for his release. Dr. Malik Baloch visited comrade Lateef Johar and appealed to end up his hunger strike till death.

Here it is proved that the Home Minister Balochistan Mr. Sarfraz Bugti spoke the untrue statement and dishonored the sacred profession of politics. The ideologies difference on its place but the truth never can be concealed and humans must not be denied from justice whether they have dissimilar ideology, because it is the natural right of everyone and a politician as well. Surprisingly, Mr Sarfraz Bugti’s interview with BBC implies he is naive of politics or adopted travesty which disgraced repute of Pakistani politicians on international level.

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