Letters to Editor

Lack of transport at girls school Absor

Government Girls High School Absor is considered the largest schools in Turbat with strength about 11, 00 to 1250, but lacks all basic necessities. The transport is conspicuous one and is crux issue at school which is disheartening the female students to continue their studies. Dr Abdul Malik the Chief Minister Balochistan recently provided buses to the other institutions, unfortunately he ignored the Girls High School Absor. So, the Chief Minister is requested to facilitate the school with perfect transport.

Sahira Wahid, Absor Turbat


To end pollution radiate by fish factory

The Ormada fish company is a threat to health of city’s residents. Because of this the entire city is wrapped by dirt which is disturbing the people to accomplish the duties properly, even the players can’t play joyfully because of stench ejected by discussed company. The innocent children are ailing in serious diseases due to pollution gave-out by mentioned factory. Hence, it is conveyed to higher authorities to take immediate notice of this critical problem and provide soothe to Ormada’s citizens.

Tilyan Rasheed, Turbat 


Career counseling

Career counseling plays an essential role for students to decide about their future. This is the only choice which can decrease the confusions of students for selecting the right way for moving towards their destination.

Additionally, we fail to do so in our area “Turbat” which is known as one of the biggest city in the province of Balochistan. In starting of every school year a number of students are seen in dark nights as if they are the students of foundation classes, nevertheless they belong to higher classes like F.A and FSc. Most of the students with plenty of queries in their minds regarding the selection of subjects are rushing towards their nearest members who themselves are unaware about career counseling.

At least from now on the authority concern should start working on a project about the career counseling so that students from this year must not be facing the same problem repeatedly.

Ismail Mushtaq, Turbat


Dangerous carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas without a proper color, tasteless and initially non irritating. It is the product produced from organic matter. In Pakistan a large amount of carbon monoxide is produced by faulty burners used in kitchens such as heating boilers and gas fires. In result, the ratio of the deaths in Pakistan is 200 in a year. The simple symptoms of this toxic gas include memory loss, confusion, headaches, vertigo, and flu like effects; larger exposures can lead to significant toxicity of the central nervous system and heart, and even death. Carbon monoxide cans also effects on the fetus of a pregnant woman.

Certainly; it can be lessen by using the devices which produce less amount of Carbon-Monoxide.

Atiya Moosa, Turbat


Health care in town of Jiweny

The raise of death and lack of adequate treatment demonstrate deprivation picture. The doctors who were engaged RHC in Jiweny had failed to serve their purpose making presence ensure in the hospital. Females are in miserable condition in case of lack of female medical practitioner and mortality rate is higher than other parts of the province.  People who are poor condition see no way to save their bloodline.

 The authority concerned need to take a strong measure to make sure the health condition and force to those doctors to perform their duties to save the lives of people.

Rehana M.Hassain, Kech


Taking breakfast

Taking breakfast is one of the most essential parts of routine in our lives. Moreover, to one’s face of this we can give an eye to our health. However, because of taking breakfast can make stronger physically and mentally, then the aptitude of strong organs can give over the harmful germs. On the other side, in Pakistan several people are not having what has many benefits due to different causes, are suffering from various diseases .Importantly, by taking it usually provide us sagacity mind to confront the competitive world. So, it is suggested all to make it as usual.

Liaqat Hasil, Kech


Revolution through Education

A light which made a shepherd the greatest personality of the world and due to whom the ignorance got vanished that was the light of education. The scientific invention and human civilization is advance through education and this main calculus in this present competitive world.

Today the human has step over the moon and discovered copious number of facts about solar system by power of education. It was a time that people think about moon and other planets but the development in education produced scientists who have collected facts and information about mentioned heaven bodies.

The Japan was attacked by America then Japanese experts did not think to take revenge, but they planned to create such a power which could replace the destruction. Instead of establishing army camps they constructed schools, colleges, universities and these changed days of Japanese.

Education has changed the complete method of living, before people were uncivilized and pass their lives like savage but gradually with a passage of time and getting educated they understood how to pass a civil life.

The reason behind the world revolution came in existence through education. As a great personality quoted “Education is a light wherever it goes it vanishes the darkness of ignorance ‘’.

Zahid Haider, Kech


Reason and understanding 

When reason speaks to you listen to what it says, and then you shall be saved. However, make good use of its words and you shall be armed. For reason is a clever minister, a loyal guide and a wise counselor and just as anger obscures the light reason is a light in the darkness. Do not forget; however, that even if reason illuminates you, it is not effective without understanding a roof over its head, and understanding without reason is like an unguarded house. Pursuing this further, reason and understanding are not like the merchandise that is sold in the market, whose value goes down with abundance, quite the contrary the more abundant they are more their value increases.

Durgul  Baloch,  Kech


Deforestation in Turbat

Forest is fundamental ingredient of environment through that the human beings survives. It not only keeps check on pollution, but also keeps atmosphere fresh for human beings to inhale oxygen, and in replacement exhale carbon dioxide which is required the plants and trees.

Therefore, the deforestation is detrimental for both; the environment and the human. Cutting the trees suspends filtration process of air and polluted air causes diseases for human lives.

So, the people are suggested do not cut trees in the consideration of their health and other livings in surrounding.

Ismail Mushtaq, Turbat


Internet in Turbat

The biggest problem right now the students are facing in Turbat is suspension of fine internet service. Because of it the studies are terribly disturbed and learners are facing troubles to do their assignment in a good way. However, they are paying 2000 monthly basis for it but still the authorities are failed to provide them the sufficient service of internet. When subscribers complain to concern authorities about confusing net service so in response they only excuses and present the motive that roads are being constructed which is effecting net connections in city.

The concerned authorities are requested for honest performance of duties, and the get corrected the net connections promptly because the students through it can get connected with the world to acquire knowledge for the studies.

Nazrana Umar, Turbat


Drugs abuse

Internationally, the Balochistan is known because of its backwardness, and it is facing many challenges compare to other provinces of the Pakistan. According to news report released by the United States based organization that o.28 million young Baloch are drugs addict and this shows the gloomy picture of the Balochistan.

Territoriality, Balochistan has connected with neighboring countries; Afghanistan and Iran which smuggle drugs in bulk to world, and the regional smugglers use this province as route of drugs trafficking.

Drugs are being sold and exported in huge amount to various countries openly via the province of Balochistan.

It is foreboding that upcoming generations get involved in drugs abuse. The attentions of the Government and concerned authorizes, especially Anti-Drug Forces are required to take stern initiatives against the drug abuses in Balochistan.

Waheed Haider, Kech



Exams are an essential part of the student’s life and it is necessary to judge student’s skills that how much she/he needs the concentrations.

Likewise, many students work hard because of the fear of exams. So, exams serve as driving forces that compel the students to diligent. These tests play an important role in building the career of anyone in school, college, university and other fields of life. Those who want to get admission in reputable institutions, they have to work hard to achieve good grade in exams and must be having command on their field.

Sana Mir, Turbat


Birds are amazing creature

In all over the world every nook and cranny there are various kinds of interesting birds. What is more, some of them are colorful wings and structure. Balanced against their beauty always attract the hurt and some of them seen like human. On the contrary, by watching the bird’s people learnt lofty of knowledge. While flying how beautifully they spread out their wings with sweet sound which make ones glad. More importantly, the birds are associates of human in this modern era and the beauty of earth. On the whole, there is need to treat them in a best way.

By: Durdana Sabzal, Turbat


Child labor

It won’t be wrong to envisage about the Pakistan which is a very poor country, where 11 million children, 5 to 14 years work in the factories in violent and squalid conditions. Owing to this among all four provinces including Balochistan, where we live is considered to be having greater literacy rate, about more than 40 million people are illiterate at present in discussed province. Above all, educational standard, and measurement are very much low in different parts of the country.

Recently, it was reported that 6.5 million children are deprived of education in Pakistan. A large number of parents force their children to work but not to read. What hurts more is that parents have no consciousness about the children’s study. Resultantly, few students obtain access to secondary level of education, and most of them end up at the primary stage.

Similarly, many children can’t complete their secondary education due to poverty. So the government ought to focus on the children education in all four provinces. Orphans and other deserving children should be supported financially and provided a chance to access the schools instead of laboring against a handful amount.

Mujeeb Murad, Kech



Natural resources account for a large share of Balochistan’s wealth. Since 1952, Pakistan has been extracting large quantities of gas from Dera Bugti, Sui Gas Field (flagship project of the commpany PPL) with daily production of over 450 mmcfsd Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) – systematically imposed a policy of ‘deliberate underdevelopment’ in Balochistan, particularly in the Dera Bugti area.  Today, out of Pakistan’s 100 districts, Dera Bugti tops the list on poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment at its peak and as opportunities of Jobs are provided to outside District and Province, and suffering of Local Graduates been for long time, as On Job Special Training opportunities are not being provided to the local graduates. As per commitment and agreement with Akber Bugti the company is liable to provide opportunities to local graduates. The company should insure the rights of peoples of Dera Bugti.

Engineer Saqib Ali Bugti, Dera Bugti


Failure is the first step to success

Success is one of the most heard quotes and is again and again told do we in every step of life. But how often do we realize its importance or live by its mantra? Honestly, we don’t, we just expect the fruit that come to us without working over its plant. Getting up requires falling. If a nine month old gave up trying to would never be able to walk again simply, because that gave up. We can relate this to anything, we do or anything we try to.

To succeed in something, we need to keep this in our mind that we are going to fall. The only way, we can learn to rise is when we have been through certain circumstances. Similarly, when we know what we did wrong in the first place, then we have tried every known method that’s exactly when it will dawn on us, and the right way to get up.

Success depends on you, if you have fallen time after time; so on this time to build a different strategy for getting up. You will succeed. Likewise, this is important to understand that any time we fail at something, whether it is large or small; we are one step closer to the success. Nothing ends in failure, if you don’t let it and your attitude is what will lead you into turning failure into success. By being failed we should not be dishearten or anything with the fall you get the first time, but instead of learning from it, how to handle the situation again in a much easier way and forget about the consequences of failure.

Pursuing this further, failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success. So go ahead and get up. Because it is not the falling part that is hard, it is the getting up.

Sammi, BF, Turbat 


Peace of mind

Peace of mind is a state of mental and emotional calmness with no worries fear of stress. In this state the mind is quite we need to experience as sense of happiness and such peaceful moment are not rare. In the same way keep yourself involved in some kind of an interesting activity which avoids us to think negatively. Such as watching movies or being the company of reading books, definitely takes the mind from the usual thought and worries and keeping the mind in peace. On the other hand, happiness is the main state of mind and cannot found outside the mind. The real source of happiness is inner peace of mind. If our mind is peaceful, we will feel relax and mental comfort twenty. The true peace of mind comes in happiness. If external conditions are good so it makes our minds peaceful.

Durdana Sabzal, Kech 


Media role

The role of media is praiseworthy in the world. The media gives justice equally and bring the evils in public eyes by research and explorations. Dishearteningly the electronic media is ignoring the educational and social issues in Balochistan due to these are piling instead of abating. Therefore, media institutes are suggested to highlight the problems of the Balochistan province in main stream. By this the world will get informed about region of Balochistan and its importance, especially the concern authorities will be conveyed about the complications in the province and will effort to resolve them.

M Asumi. Kech



A hereditary blood disease is mostly common in Pakistan. It usually affects the children inborn. Realizing the fact that 50,000 to 100,000 patients are suffering from Thalassemia in the Pakistan and every year 5,000 babies are inborn by the deadly disease. The symptoms are; enlargement of the spleen and abnormalities of the bone marrow. The disease can be detected by diagnosis. The World Health Organization should take action to remedy of Thalassemia disease or least to reduce the number of victims.

Aqil Baba, Turbat


Need of science SST teachers

Turbat schools have been lacking the SST science teachers for decades. In government schools, intermediate and higher classes’ students require the SST science teachers, especially for the subjects of chemistry and physics, which are next to impossible to be understood by self-study. Unfortunately, in Turbat, which is second largest city of the Balochistan province, students are being taught by those teachers who are not specialized in above discussed subjects. Because of the SST science teachers lacking the educational career of students are affected badly. I anticipate, the Chief minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch will solve out the issue as soon as possible.

Maria Abdul Sattar, Turbat


The victims of Awaran district

In district Awaran, a catastrophic earthquake brought devastations in 2013, and it caused all substances damage fully or partially. Unsurprisingly, at least 328 people lost their lives in the natural disaster. Also a large number of houses were razed totally on the surface of soil by massive quake. Unfortunately, the survived people of disaster are lying yet under the open sky in the winter season. Because of no shelter, the people are facing many challenges, especially children who are usually suffering from cough, malaria and other diseases. Thus, some serious and immediate steps are needed in the regard to soothe the victims of earthquake in the Awaran district.

Nagina Sheeran, Turbat 


Iran fires mortars shell in Balochistan

It is now common that Iranian forces fire mortar-shells in the Pakistani side Balochistan. Similarly, they did in recent days; the borders forces of Iran were attacked and two officers including nine soldiers were killed. Retaliatory, the Iranian forces fired approximately 40 shells of mortar in Balochistan’s areas of Zamuran and Mashkel that had resulted nine people wounded.

The Iranian authorities ought to investigate into the matter of attacks on them, and avoid reciprocating in shape of attacks or firing the mortar-shells on Balochistan’s cities which are causing hurt to common citizens who are totally innocent and impartial.

Lal Asumi, Kech


In the response of (Dr Abdul Malik Baloch:  a great leader)

This is the reference of the letter ‘Save Education in Balochistan’ written by Raza Shah Murad.

It gives me pleasure to state that Dr Abdul Malik has implemented emergency on education and raised education budget from 4 to 26, which is a revolutionary move. I disagree with the writer that DR Abdul Malik has zapped the educational system.

Furthermore, he has eliminated the formalities for the posts of education sector like PTC, CT, B.ed because destitute people can’t afford to read and obviously they can do these courses after getting jobs.

Moreover, Dr Abdul Malik is the only politician who has given the education posts to NTS in order to promote merit. He has established three medical colleges, Turbat University and upgraded numerous Primary schools into Middles, Middles into high to provide standard education at door steps. It is the vision of Dr Abdul Malik to literate Balochistan. He hasn’t only boosted the education system but also he has curbed the deteriorated situations of Balochistan. Balochistan’s roads are being constructed and people are satisfied with the govt. I request the writer to see the picture optimistically.

Nawaz Ellahi, Turbat


Costly hospitals

The health has brought big destructions in those families who cannot afford to cure them and their love ones in highly renowned hospital in Kech. Being a part of this district it pains everyone to narrate the conditions of discussed costly hospitals, where the doctors look more sincere than those in civil hospitals. As governmental servants they should pay more attentions towards the poor who need their help in critical time in state run hospitals. The provincial health minister is requested to work out at this acute trouble.

Sahira Wahid, Turbat


Smoking imperils for health globally

Smoking believed ever such spaciously layout virus, if ever there have been in the world. Basically, smokers have their own perception regarding utilizing it. Actuality, many of them used to smoke is to weed out depression and dozens of them take it is a fashion. So in this puzzled situation, people have got to forget to know how harmful it is for living things, as well human beings. Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals; comprehensive 43 other known cancer compounds and 400 toxins. Scientifically it was demonstrated these include nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide, ammonia hydrogen cyanide, arsenic and DDT. Definitely, the one who will take sniff the nicotine reaches in bloodstream or the brain as soon as possible. According to reports, in Pakistan every year 60,000 people die due to tobacco use, which works leisurely impacts, one’s organs.

In the perspective of mentioned aspects, I request the authority concern to bring into being such rigorous law and order to uproot this human threat forever in the country.

Rahana M. Hussain, Absor


Honor Killing

Sir: Honor killing is the act of killing somebody for the sack of someone’s honor. It is very common in Muslim countries where one side we pray for peace and good health of every individual on every Fridays and on the other side we kill our daughters and sisters in the name of honor without sorting out the problem or having negotiation with them in a calm way.

Moreover, according to the report of HRCP (Human Rights Commission of Pakistan) in the year of 2013 more than 500 hundred girls were murdered in the regard of honor killing. This example of cruelty is not only seen in Pakistan but in other Muslim countries like the Saudi Arabia.

Recently, In Turbat, Balochistan a father killed his daughter merely for honor without asking her wish and giving the right of reason to prove her sinless. The reason behind this was that she was afraid of asking her father about marriage with whom she loved. We can see such several incidents, where parents kill theirs daughters and no one even dare to raise his/her voice against those cannibals in shape of humans.

In addition, I would request to the concerned authorities to look into this matter before it goes from bad to worse and spread the message of love and peace to every Muslim parent.

Zohaib Nasir Bolani, Turbat


Polio disease

It is clear to human the diseases of polio is folding the world like wild fire, before other countries were to boot involved in the polio list, but they have controlled this disease. In 2013, only three countries; Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan remained polio economic down from than 123 in 1988. But now unfortunately, only the Pakistan is suffering from this disease, because the government had not paid required care towards the issue on primary stage.

However, the children need the drops of it and want to get free from this harmful disease.

Furthermore, polio mainly effects the children under the age of five years and “200” infections leads to irresistible paralysis. Unfortunately, among them 50% to 10% die when their breathing muscles immobilized. The polio vaccine dropped multiple times can protect a child for life time. More than 10 million people are today walking who would otherwise have been paralyzed. Estimated that more than 1.5 million childhood deaths have been prevented through preemptive measures and among them one is the polio dropping and vaccination.

Here the state authorities and theologies are obliged to convince masses for giving drops to their children and the World Health employees also should take serious steps for ending-up this disease and save the future of upcoming generation.

Zarjan Rauf, Turbat


Thar on the edge of great catastrophe

The precinct (an arid corner of Sindh) has been in the news of drought by virtue of its terrific climate and harsh geography what makes the region not to have rainfalls from 5 to 4 years and Nilofar’s arrival couldn’t boast it up. Subsequently, many dwellers getting trials and tribulations on account of malnutrition’s which causes 3 children death under five age, more than 100 deaths in 15 days and 20pc livestock’s met their maker this year are triggered.

Meanwhile, the less amount of water can be seen in forms of rivers, ponds and waterfalls so on. Though the Sindh government has declared to address wheat to the affected vicinities, what about fodder and water? The most lamentable is that it makes responsible the Mother Nature to be dammed up for the ongoing catastrophe. But it stresses minds and souls to query are these authorities alike NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority) manufactured for touristy and full-grown cities similar to Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad etc.

Additionally, the federal government as well as the provincial one is telecasting the Thar famine time and again to acquire international funds and advertisement to increase Thar financial statistic in foreign banks rather not to scruple for grievers.

Hence, I plead to the concerned authorities, please take critical steps tantamount as they do for touristy.

Iqrazullah, Turbat


1st Death anniversary of Mandela

There is no room left to doubt that, when one puts his or her steps in this world then has to leave it but history remembers those who scarify their lives in order to save their nations or promote their language, literature, culture, etc. However, on December 5 an exceptional leader of the world Nelson Mandela lift this world and who is known as the sign of peace, an icon of great wisdom, courage, struggle and determination in the fight against minority rule in South Africa. His leadership, charisma, audacity, empathy and tolerance for harsh treatment made him a revered political figure in Africa and around the world.

Furthermore, during his fight he spent 27 years in prison, steered the country from the apartheid to democracy. Similarly, on February 11, 1990, Mandela was released from prison and became the first black president of South Africa in 1994. Being a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, he is regarded as a symbol of reconciliation and all African people are proud of him.

Finally, the new leadership is inherited to maintain alive his vision, not only that he was one of the greatest and respected leaders, but because his ideals gave a new direction to human rights and lifted humanity to a new dignified phase.

Meraj Baloch, Turbat

  1. i m a regular reader of monthly bolan voice and i am very happy that this monthly magazine is mentioning the real situations and ground realities of Baluchistan issue.currently i don’t see any newspaper or news Chanel which is exactly highlighting the crux of Baluchistan issues,,so i appreciate the bolan voice team for there services for the people of all countries and to know the real facts of Baluchistan.

    • Zafar Baloch

      besides abusing Punjabi we baluchs should be fair with ourselves. how our tribal leaders deprived us from getting education and made us slaves in hands of Pakistani establishment. I hate baluch feudal system. we should not blame Pakistan for our own misdeeds, and produced tolerance in our selves and refrain from killing Punjabi and other brothers by BLP or others

    • bolan voice is the best magazine which all students come to know about balochistan in this magazine students can write letters .This is the best magazine of improving students writing power.In bola voice students can catch a glimpes over the issues of balochistan .I appreciate bola voice team .Give me light, make me bright

  2. intelligent and young people reading and contributing here; I commend the observation by Zafar Baloch, and want to ask my Baloch brothers and friends a question in following terms.

    I am, like many other third generation settlers in Balochistan, we have nothing any where in Pakistan, but every thing in Balochistan, our love of land cannot be measures by our ethnicity. Do Baloch separatists target us? Do you see that we have contributed and sacrificed for Balochistan? Do you understand that we have no home but Balochistan, and that we are equally willing to contribute in prosperity of Balohcistan like you? How can we educate people in Balochistan, that the Balochistan effects all of us, not only those who are Baloch.
    I can be reached at Zulfiqarasyed@gmail.com

    • Thanks Bolan Voice

      It’s my first time I begin to reading of Bolan Voice Magazine.
      It’s very Noble Magazine for the assisting of Students, we
      students are getting a lot of things from it. I’m Thankful of all
      members of Bolan Voice Magazine, therefor they’re writing
      good Articles, from these we students are getting a lot of things
      we’re getting Information About Baluchistan. i muse Its very
      helpful for the students studying.

  3. Aslam Walaikum waja,

    First i would love to thank you from the core of my heart that you people are providing us and making us rich of Baluchistan’s information. and i would like to post the information of my city kharan.
    thanks. chairman KSD Foundation Abid Shaizad

  4. Sajjad Hameed Baloch, Turbat

    This is the reference of “Political workers are not terrorist” which was written by Bilal Yasin Bolani, Turbat. The writer nicely find out the difference between political workers and terrorists but i want to suggest the writer that those whom are fighting for they are not called political workers. There is a big differnce between a political person and a brave freedom fighter. Because a political is not a true person he always tells lies in order to get his 3 time food but a freedom fighter fights for his motherland and whatever he does for his nation. Even though he scrafies his life for the saftey of his motherland.

  5. Sajjad Hameed Baloch, Turbat

    The forgotten Baloch.

    Whatever major activities done by people or a nation, it becomes a history in upcoming time. Likewise I am proud to be a Baloch because Baloch nation is having a good image in past and as well as in present. We can easily find plethora of events of Baloch in past. Firstly, if we take a galance in romatic history of Baloch we can find stories like, Hani Shay Mureed, Sammu Mast and Sassi Punno. On the other hand if we take a galance regarding the bravery of Baloch in past we can find Hammal Jeehand, Baba Noroz Khan and many more. History is witness that Balochs have gotton their heads cut for their motherland. They were always ready for scrafies. Present time Balochs are also fighting a Gorella Wa against Pakistan for the freedom of their motherland. Many people have gotton martyardom, plenty are lost and many went towards mountain and still blood-shed is going on till the freedom of Balochistan according to Baloch political and harm organizations. But it is painful that some educated youths still do not know who is Noroz Kahn, Hammal Jeehand and where is Meeri fort and who made it. Beside that they know who was Tipo Sultan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. As well as they know where is Taj Mehal, Burj Kalif and who made it. In placd of others hero, history and historical place Baloch had to know about their own.

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  8. Yasmeen Baloch

    Burning Baluchistan but silence???WHY
    Baluchistan is a city in Pakistan that is enriched with natural resources and blessed with other various minerals.The recent/current situations in Baluchistan have disturbed the life styles of residents here.Baluchistan neither has good educational academies,technological centers nor literary institutions .
    Students in Baluchistan suffer from various problems that are called”obstacles”in their education.
    I as a student has observed that students during summer feel uneasy/uncomfortable while studying.due to lack of classes,they can’t pay attention to the lectures of teachers and due to the lack of facilities students need to face such problems in Schools.Due to Lack of management our students don’t take interest in studies.
    At other hand,the lack of colleges in Baluchistan!Mostly colleges in Baluchistan are of K.P.K,SINDH & PUNJAB.Hardly ever students can choose a good college for their education.
    Thirdly,Cheating system!First of all this should be cleared that it is not must that what others do we should follow them but instead i say cheating should be banned by teachers and Baluchistan Board strictly.Cheating has been such a weapon for students that without it they can’t fight.Cheating has weaken the students and BB(Baluchistan Board)has made it a right for us.
    Fourthly,political issues and Government!
    The current situations in Baluchistan are near to fire us.the throwing of bullet-riddled bodies,abduction,and increasing of missing persons have irritated us and destroyed our lives.
    Day by day,we get the news for the abduction of our baloch brothers and after one week or one month we get the news of their bullet- riddled,mutilated bodies of them.Is it called government?
    Pakistan is completely corrupt,no justice and no rules.Neither law nor humanity is remaining there,but why Balochs are silent????
    One thing i have observed in Panjgur that whoever talks about press-conference and rallies against F.C and cruelty so people with-draw form their mutual right that they should pay.They fair that what happened if one body was thrown?It as not someone in us,so what?
    If today it was someone’s cousin,someone’s brother so tomorrow it can easily be one from your family members,so will you sit silently and watch.No if silence was the key fro freedom so Alexander the great wouldn’t have struggled,Silence doesn’t take out ways,struggle decreases the hurdles.
    i am a student from panjgur and trying to raise my voice against wrong through internet and blogging,i hope those who have read this piece of writing will support me,I don’t appeal to Pakistan and it’s government because it has shown it’s character but i appeal to my baloch nation,to my baloch brothers and students,to the youth that please if you love your nation and your brothers so please come out from the life of cruelty.
    Break your silence
    struggle to finish Violence….

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  10. Yasmeen Baloch

    hello dear editors of M.B.V,i am very pleased to read bolan voice and i request you to publish my articles there,i will be thankful to you,Thanks

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    The brothers of mine are abducted
    The kings of my land are martyred
    How should i celebrate eid
    where every house is destroyed

    The tears of blood from my mothers eyes
    The pain in the heart of my sisters that lies
    How should i celebrate eid
    when it is too difficult to take sighs

    Everywhere all are crying
    All are grieved and dying
    How should i celebrate eid
    When no one is here smiling

    The flag of freedom or the gun of death
    But they are struggling with a depth
    How should i celebrate eid
    when the lamp of my house is in painful length

    The all memories of my bros
    who are not now in this cause
    How should i celebrate eid?
    When he is not with me in close

    The house of every baloch is jeopardized
    The soul of all mothers are now died
    Then how should i celebrate eid?
    With out those who once lived!!

    Awaran is eradicated
    Panjgur is pressurized
    How should i celebrate eid??
    When Baluchistan is targeted??

    Pray to Allah i do,with silence
    Grant the all baolchs patience
    But how should i celebrate eid??
    When all are here patients

    How should i celebrate eid??
    How should i cheer??
    When my land is in rain
    How should i celebrate eid??
    When the soil of Balochistan is in pain!!!!!!!

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