Letters to Editor

Balochistan and poor Baloch

Balochistan may have been the richest province of Pakistan in terms of natural resources but it is also the poorest when it comes to human development index. Almost eight months of the newly elected government had gone but yet we have not seen any development or changes in the province so we are going to just accept that the government has failed to remedy the situation in Balochistan. Approximately, 146, 00 people have gone missing in the last 10 years in the province, only their disfigured and bullet ridden bodies were found. Yet we don’t know who killed them and why? For how long will this massacre continue?

As a result, a large number of people in our own country are unaware of what is actually happening in Balochistan.

No doubt, majority of the people from other provinces don’t know even the name of the cities present in Balochistan, except perhaps Quetta and Gawadar. This however, is an issue of ignorance, which is another matter.

I myself believe that this is because of media that it is not paying any attention towards the issues of Balochistan.

So i just request the both resident and the government of Pakistan to become aware of the needs and demands of poor Baloch.

Bahram Sayad, Turbat


Balochistan needed education

Antephone says, first of all, ‘’i place education. Education plays a pivotal role in promoting a nation of its time’ ’It should be noted that after the Second World war mostly the countries had given priority to education, because they were well aware about the importance of education. Additionally, education is a builder of a nation. In fact, Balochistan, which is the largest province of Pakistan with less population, is on the great rank of backwardness especially in the sectors of education. The total population of educated people is less than 50% .This is what, the condition of the province is appalling alarmingly.

Education is the fundamental right of the people which is given by the law of state. But, the people of Balochistan are deprived of the basic rights, due to lack of schools, colleges and universities.

It is my request to the concerned authorities to take a healthier step towards education which may open the new doors of change in the province.

Shoaib Akram , Turbat


Youth should be given the authorities

I would like to say that which is good for country or nation. Likewise, I think youth should be given the authorities. As it is sure that youth are more energetic than old, and they are always ready to get fame by helping the nation or country. Moreover, youth are more attractive than old they can catch anyone easily in order to get goods or to help the nation.

 Furthermore, youth can think well than old as it is well known fact youth’s thinking power is better than old people. However, specially, in this decade everyone can judge youth are much interested in politics than old people as well they are proving themselves.

In conclusion, I would like to say that youth should be given all the authorities, as well then should be valued, if we want to get an optimum time for our future.

Ali Nawaz Dashti, Turbat


Importance of a pen

It is widely believed that pen is mightier than the sword. It should be in our mind that a pen is tend for the art of writing , press, literature, newspaper, books and other writings. The purpose of all writing is to connect one mind with another to persuade the readers to take up the views, which the writer holds on a particular subject. The reader has the right to hold his own view. It is a clear fact that a pen is that arm by which a person is persuaded to accept the view which the writer holds. No force is used to persuade the readers. Unfortunately, in this world there exists not only, sincere dishonest and highly responsible people but also those who are wicked, dishonest and highly unreasonable or argument can convince them no can convince them no eloquence can persuade them until they do not accept the pen which bring brighter ones from gloomy nights. It is a universal fact that pen is a powerful weapon by which a country can get progress.  By which someone can gain what he wants and especially a nation can get peace.

Azum lala, Turbat


Cheating in Turbat

It is wonderfully quoted that “When people cheat in any arena, they diminish themselves-they threaten their own self-esteem and their relationships with others by undermining the trust they have in their ability to succeed and in their ability to be true.” Cheating is the act which gives an individual a good degree but that person will be un-complete.While if we take a glance on Turbat, so the same act has done. However, Peoples have hefty amount of degrees but they can’t qualify a small test.  If I would be given a chance to cheat in exam, I would prefer even to fail with honor than to pass by cheating. Likewise, failure is the first step to success.

According to a report, there was no cheating in DELTA school in Matric examination center though there was cheating in other exam centers in Turbat.  Although this may be true that University of Turbat is another example that approximately from beginning till today cheating is not legitimize by the administrations of the institution.Of course, there might be a huge issue that student cheat in exam. This may not be wrong if I take the example of B.A/ B.SC exams in Balochistan. From time to time B.A/ B.SC examinations are conducted after two years. Question for the concerned authorities, is that way to conduct the examination before the completion of the course?  Of course, student will not remember all the text book and they will be compel to cheat in exam.Consequently, the concern authorities should take concrete measures regarding the issue and the one who give leeway others to commit this blunder should be accountable.

                                                                                                                                   Fida HussaTurbat


Infatuation of Mama Qadeer Baloch

Qadeer Baloch is going through worse phase of his life, for the aim of Baloch brothers who had got abducted ages ago. The infatuation of his Baloch brothers has made him compelled to raise the effective voice to oppose barbarism and inequity with Baloch in Pakistan. It is a harsh reality that the double-troubling long March from Quetta to Islamabad has veritably exposed the reality to people of Pakistan. Unfortunately, it has been made a conceal fact to vast majority of Pakistani that they   are not aware of barbarism in Balochistan.

 It is a true fact that the   media is not in touch with Balochistan. The electronic media play an enigmatic and convenient role oppose of alarming circumstances for resolvability. Unfortunately, the electronic media has never exposed itself behalf of Balochistan to other Pakistani that they might save the situation. Probably, Qadeer Baloch who has sacrificed his son in the route of humanity, but no response in return to him about the missing person’s cases. It is a threat to humanitarianism, which is quite common in Balochistan wherein abduction; assassination, inequity, plundering, pillaging are emblems and symptoms of inhumanity. Hence, Qadeer Baloch with his brave contingent has stepped forward antagonism of cruelty and injustice in Balochistan. The government should take a serious procedure for the emancipation of the innocent missing persons that it would be facilitate to save the situation of Balochistan.

Qasum Baloch Turbat



Attack on VBMP

It is estimated that around 2,000 to 2014, approximately more than 18,500 people of Baloch have been disappeared and thousands of the riddled-bulleted mutilated dead bodies were dumped on roadsides and desolated areas of Balochistan.  Furthermore, in order to highlight the crucial issue of missing Baloch persons, a long march from Quetta to Islamabad embarked upon. The long march for Baloch missing person has initiated to put on.  Under the supervision of Mama Abdul Qadeer Baloch this has gone through the barricades for safe release of the abducted ones and the grueling long march consisted of nine women, two children and five men. Anyhow, in a report; the Chairman of (VBMP) Mama Abdul Qadeer Baloch alleged that from the begging of the long march we have been continuously receiving threats by the armed men and several times they have utilized different tactics to halt the long march however, we have still continued the long march for the recovery of Baloch missing person.

Recently, in 9 February, 2014 a truck hit the marchers of the long march at Renala Khurd area between Radha and Okara and at least two participants were injured. The long march for the safe release of Baloch missing persons was on its way in Renala Khurd area of Punjab province when a trick hit the marchers of long march injuring at least two male participants Shahshan Baloch and Irfan Ali. Surely, it was an attempt to crush Mr. Qadeer and other participants. Moreover, a police officer guarding long march participants named the accident a truck brake failure while the long march leaders bonded the accident with death threats to (VBMP) marchers, who have been receiving ultimatum. Since, they started the long march from Quetta. According to the VBMP chairman Mr. Mama this was the third attempt to hit them but luckily they were saved.

Finally, request the both provincial and federal government to help the long marchers and must provide security to them.

Bahram Sayad, Turbat


Social Media and The students

Undoubtedly, Electronic Media, Print Media, Internet, Television, Radios, are the means of communication, worldly activities cannot be preceded without these, and to connect with people is momentous today. But it really staggers me to say that, the builders of the nation spend much time on social media. The precious time is being wasted and eyesight is being affected.

It is a Personal experience that the students cannot feel calm, even, a moment, without Facebook. It is a matter of fact that they remain online and waste their time. Furthermore,  The character of the learners are spoiled by uploading, posting, and downloading nude, naked, inadequate, dissolute, vicious, and immoral pictures and videos. To add, it must be mentioned here that the personal information, pictures, videos, and posts are accessible by changing privacy settings.

 As a matter of fact not only the relatives, family members and friends can see them but also a number of Facebook consumers, too. In Short, these are approachable. It is observed that the students are seen, using Facebook in the classroom, while lectures are being delivered by the teachers, it is painful to state that, students, assuredly, know who their friends are, but they do not know about their education activities. Moreover, it creates conflict and adds fuel to the fire, regarding, political differences and sects. In short, students should have keen interest to their studies and leave using Facebook a lot. They should use it on time as others do for a specific sort of purpose.

To conclude, Facebook is asocial utility, just to connect with people and share views. Not to spoil character, create conflicts and waste the time.

Mir Kifayat Ullah Baloch, Kharan


Corrupt officers in education

It is said nicely that “if you want to destroy a nation, destroy its education first “. Likewise, there abode many nations whose education proceedings are refutable and Erroneous like the educational system of baloch.

Specially, it is due to the corrupt officers who are fraudulent and running the education affairs. I just want to request the concerned authorities that must take prompt action against corrupt officers and try to make educational structures from good to better, because “the beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you”

Ali Nawaz Dashti, Turbat


The Problems of Sariab Town

We will make Quetta city Like the Parries a beautiful city of London Said by CM Dr. Malik Baloch, but this was just a speak at Assembly floor. Quetta is so called a capital city of Balochistan, a small area which is covered with Beautiful huge mountains. There are many towns in Quetta city as, Shahbaz town, Jinah town, satellite town Sariab town, and so on. In these towns where Pashtoon, Punjabi, and others community live majorities are settlers. Those places are called VIP because all wealthy people are living there and having all basic facility, Good School, hospitals, Parks, Shopping Malls, colleges, Education institutes etc. No Electricity loading, No Gas loading shading, having the water facility and many more. Being a Baloch I live in Sariab, my heart pinches me to the real picture of Sariab Town Where the Owner of a Gold Bird Balochistan masses passing their life miserably.

Here in 24 hours just 7 hours Gas comes, Electricity 8, hours loud shading. Roads which are completely broken place to place. Government schools are showing the picture of ruins where you can’t find good chairs, class rooms are without lights, fans, gas heaters. Students are sitting at floor and getting education.  Government Colleges are facing many major problems especially Lack of Buses and the buildings are broken.

Jamila Baloch, Quetta


Resources need exploitation not careless concerns

It is widely believed, the juniper trees are rare in Balochistan, But a God gifted area of Balochistan namely ‘’HARBOI’’ (Dist. Kalat), where the juniper trees are commonly grown in a great number naturally is one of the most attractive sites in Balochistan being given deep ear and consideration. The fascinating milieu of the landscapes made the ‘’Harboi ‘’ very dazzling and a Picnic Point too. It’s a saying of our forefather that a juniper’s Plant can be a tree which takes a minimum Century. Also the agricultural Research had declared this absolutely an accurate fact. Juniper trees are the resources of furniture but the trees are being cut and burnt without any consideration from Govt. or concerned authority. By indigent Population of the area they just earn their livelihood expansions by Panniers. The Patrons are compelling what to do? Because they need wood to burn as they don’t have any mean to do with it in their domestic life. It means Resource of ‘’HARBOI’’ are not in proper use being exploited in way which is off-putting.

Reason: – main reason is this, the (S.S.G.C) Sui southern Gas Company should supply gas to the villages and cities which are near to Harboi or to the entire region. It’s a plea to the concerned officers which are involved in (SSGC), should supply Gas to Dist. kalat in proper manner, that our Resources should not be burnt uselessly. We should utilize one Resource to save the other one. It should be our duty as being a faithful citizen. Our Government should think this, how to save the Resources which are being burnt painlessly which should not be at all.

By, Masood Ahemed Kalat


Never be hopeless

Hope is essential in any condition. The sorrows of poverty because lacking this human isn’t supportable. As human steps in this world he remains hope full, naturally time starts running they become hopeless when they see the situations of the surrounding.

So learn from yesterday, get from today and hope for tomorrow. Similarly, whatever you desired if that were not fulfilled so, forget that and kick on your life’s daily routine. Wish for best comes, and start your new journey with new hopes.

However, time is inconstant and varies; hence hopefulness is positive aspect of life instead of hopeless. It is time, give chance to everyone to touch its goal; resultantly ever human should be with great zeal.

Meraj Saleem, Turbat


An Ideal mother

It is obvious that uneducated mothers have no care for their children’s. My own mother is one of the uneducated mothers; being one of mothers she should also know her responsibilities. Furthermore, lucky are those whose mothers are well educated and have care for kids. Most importantly on 9th of October in 2013, report published that a mother who was sleeping and her child had gone outside of home and is missing till today. What hurts me is that uneducated mothers do not care about their kids. Most obviously, an educated mother plays a key role for the development of her family by creating an educational environment at home. As said by great Shakespeare, give me an educated mother and I’ll give you an educated nation, because an educated mother transfers her knowledge to her entire progeny, so it is necessary to educate our women for a better future.

Mujeeb murad Turbat


Female education in Balochistan

I would like to draw the attention of the authorities toward the female education in Balochistan, which is being devastated day by day. It is a fact that educated females play an important role in the development of any nation or society. It is apparent that having lack of institutes for female education is drastically decreasing female literacy in Balochistan.   Moreover, it is equally frustrating that Balochistan’s literacy rate is merely 48%. On the other hand, girl’s literacy rate is about 26%, which shows that government isn’t taking any sort of concrete steps in order to resolve this critical issue. I would like to request concern authorities to immediately sort out this vital issue, because an educated woman is a ray of light.

                                                                                     Sheela Khudada, Turbat


Entreaty for ‘’Facebook’’ users

It’s becoming a severe craze for   the users of ‘’Facebook’’ to spread such kind of posts which are causing considerable injury to our relationships as well as people always intended to be the members of certain groups in which they only comment on vicious and non-vital posts

for passing the time, so as to avoid boredom, but i think their fierce comments will have adverse effect at the end.Furthermore, it has left negative impacts on the minds of youth to be

in touch with non-important groups in order to get a sense of‘ enjoyment and entertainment rather than clicking those groups which are for the improvement of knowledge, especially for the students it can be an easy access to academic qualifications because there are plenty of groups which are quite informative for the students to get knowledge about each and very thing. It’s my request to the users of Facebook to use this social network for positive reasons.

                                                                                      Sarfraz Karim,Turbat


Happy New Year

As a scholar said that the first day of upcoming year will decide your all year whether your life remains gigantic or tragic, so every one of us need to be tension free on this special day with a gesture of smile on our face.  Before celebrating New Year I wish Bolan Voice a prosperous journey towards New Year.  As Bolan voice new shape is the evidence of its change. Before stepping into New Year’s joys i want to convey a beautiful message to Bolan Voice readers that positivity is liked in every nook and corner of this world and the BOLAN VOICE team wants this positive change in readers as well. From today, I am committed to devote much of my time to BOLAN VOICE than before. At last bring a change in your life and enjoy the sizzling New Year.

Sajjad Sahiyad Baloch, Turbat


High Examination Fees in Balochistan

SIR: schools and colleges are the temples of knowledge where one comes to know how to face the world with the power of knowledge. It is the place where one learns how to dive in ocean of knowledge, but unfortunately the students of Atta Shad Degree College, Turbat, Balochistan, are compelled to leave the temple of education and knowledge due to the high examination fees by the Balochistan Board by charging 1900/= for each students. One can find many siblings whose parents are put in the ocean of frustration and sadness.

In Addition, I would like to request to the government of Pakistan and the concerned authorities to look into this matter and decrease the fees of examination before it goes from bad to worse.

Faisal Rahim, Turbat


Long March of Baloch families

Respected Sir,

When I came to know about the long march held by the families of the missing person; it made me very frustrated. Our constitution says that” state is responsible to provide security to the life and property of the person of the nation”, but a clear violation of this article of the constitution is occurring.  Today nobody’s life and property is safe in the country. This time in case of missing persons in Baluchistan instead of the orders issued by the Supreme Court of Pakistan for the recovery of the missing persons, the authorities are not taking action. It seems that state is not serious with the issue which is a very frustrating. Apart from the government, media can play vital role about this issue. And I request that they should play their role in rising voice for the recovery of the missing persons. Today, they need our help; we have to stand up by our baloch mothers, sisters and brothers.


                                                                                                                         Ghulam Abbas,

Fast National University, Peshawar


Drone attacks

A single corner of the country does not seem safe from the drone attacks’ pain and intimidation. Rest and peace are merely words of dream for residents of the state. The life taking drone attacks in Pakistan from 2005 to 2013 killed 2567 people and injured 305. The people from the respective areas are suffering a lot.

The talks of PM Nawaz Sharif with Barak Obama have brought no colors yet.

It not only remains my voice but also everybody’s voice that drones attacks should be stopped. The biggest crime is that who remains silent in front of cruel. We have to voice for the truth.

Shahida Kannar, Turbat


Value of books

Book is the treasure of knowledge and the best agent of information that contains of overwhelming achievement. Books can play a remarkable role in building our lives, because we can gain a host of knowledge easily by the help of books.

Besides this, books are the best friends of a man which give us company in time of ups and downs. Books are known as the most honest friends of human beings that lead us towards proper path of life in difficult time. So, by the source of appreciable books, we can be able to obtain a peaceful milieu and globe. No doubt, student can be encouraged and gain confident in a reading culture. Student must build a strong friendship with books and knowledge because without it their future is entirely bleak. No one can deny the fact that without books no one can be enabling to achieve knowledge and maturity. It has vast advantages for the development of our thoughts and ideas.

Jalal waris, Turbat



The basic needs of every man are food, clothes and shelter. People can satisfy these needs only when they earn money. For that they are to adopt different professions. They work in fields, in factories, in offices, in banks and in other institutions.

Unfortunately, most of the people in our country cannot get jobs to earn their livelihood. On the contrary, unemployment has become a grave problem for the developing countries like Pakistan, especially of the educated youth.

After doing B.A or M.A., then they go in the search of jobs. According to Pakistan integrated household survey 2001-02, Balochistan has the highest number of poor people with 48%.

And it is also threat to the national progress and security. This gives birth to many other evils like crimes and bribery. The unemployment rate in Balochistan province is recorded at 33.4% means 9% of the people, whether educated or uneducated are jobless.

In conclusion, if we want to finish unemployment so to increase scientific methods such as Karachi, where factories are many by which number of Labor are working. And we should promote the dignity of labor that they get interest towards their jobs.

Sanam Qaboos, Turbat


Child Marriage and the Direct Maternal Death

Child marriage has immensely been causing direct maternal death in Balochistan, where after every 20 hours one loses her life during childbirth, the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) reported.

In other words, this is a tradition; particularly in rural areas of Balochistan, when teenagers, either males or females usually reach at the age of 15 or 16 are bound to marry. Additionally, the parents feel proud with the belief of ‘child marriage as a handed down custom of their ancestors’ and get married their children.

Ultimately, this is my appeal to the parents that they should come out from such worn out concepts and rescue their beloved ones’ lives from sufferings.

Haseeb Rasheed, Turbat


Long march

“I have been unsuccessful so for, I need time and space to work on the missing persons’ case. Dialogue and institutional reforms are necessary for the moment.” the chief minister of Balochistan, Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch, said these words. One the other hand, the struggle of vice for missing person (VBMP) is continuing for the missing person. After a long time hunger strike when they got nothing then it was decided to go for a Long March from Quetta to Karachi on Sunday in order to draw the attention of international community toward alarming issue of Missing Balochs.

Thus, if government wants to dialogue with Baloch separatists, then it should be first priority of the Malik’s government to bring the extra-judicial methods of countering Baloch political activists. So that there builds some sort of confidence among them.

Ikram Yousuf, Turbat


Makuran; needs a BPSC Test Center

Makuran division with three districts (Turbat, Gwadar, and Panjgor) expectedly needs a Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC) test center in accordance with its population, in general. Moreover, the competitive test of CSS, PCS and PMS conduct in the month of January in every year in Quetta, but unfortunately a big amount of commission followers are not able to take the test on exact day owing to financial problems, traveling delay, and the plight of the province.

 I would like to draw attention through Bolan voice to concern authorities for conduction of a BPSC test center in Makuran division.



UoT has not been recognized by HEC

After along time in Balochistan two universities have been granted namely Turbat and lorlai which were as a sub campus of university of Balochistan for more than 3 years.

The crises in which the UoB is indulged are most vulnerable but HEC as being an autonomous body can grant funds for processes to be carried on significantly. UoT very currently has started its educational procedure under the supremacy of two famous intellectual as vice chancellor and Pro vice chancellor. It is hopefully a great chance for local and suburb students to avail themselves. Secondly it seems regretful that it is not included in the list of recognized universities in Pakistan, HEC must concede it a prominent institute which is in an area where the educational necessities are not obvious. HEC should give it full consideration till the completion of whole project and recognized it in upcoming days as well.

NG Baloch, Quetta


Quake victims need help

Quake affected people are in miserable condition to rehabilitate in their respective villages as it is a tough task for victim people to rebuild their houses without any help. The massive earthquakes have hit district Awaran’s, Maskey, Tarteej, Nokjo, Malar and Kolwah which got completely destroyed since four weeks. Consequently, thousands have left homeless and about 300,000 people remained affected in remote parts of Balochistan. Quake victims are dire need of aid from people living in Pakistan and abroad. Unluckily, it is reported that more than 1000 people met the maker, thousands people became injured and about 350,000 houses have collapsed by the quakes shocks.

Furthermore, two quakes have left large-scale destruction. In some villages of District Awaran and Kech have flattened. Thousands of mud-built homes have been toppled as result people are living under the sun without shadow.

The matter of concern is that after the quake, a huge cry was made in media to provide food, medicines and tents to victims but so far melodious people are not receiving treatment and assistance properly. Victim people are working help by own after earthquake devastation. The provincial and federal governments need to provide relief to victimized people to rebuild their houses and live fine lives.



Importance of pen

It is widely believed that pen is mightier than the sword. It should be in our mind that pen is tend for the art of writing , press, literature, newspaper, books and other writings. The purpose of all writing is to connect one mind with another to persuade the readers to take up the views, which the writer holds on a particular subject. The reader has the right to hold his own view. It is a clear fact that pen is that arm by which a person is persuaded to accept the view which the writer holds. No force is used to persuade the readers. Unfortunately, in this world there exists not only. Sincere dishonest and highly responsible people but also those who are wicked, dishonest and highly unreasonable or argument can convince them no can convince them no eloquence can persuade them until they do not accept pen which bring brighter ones. To gloomy night. It the fail nail i just want to say that pen is that powerful weapon by which a country can get progress.  By which someone can gain what he wants and especially a nation he can get peace.

Baseer Cherag,Turbat


Drugs; spreading as a disease

It is a widely known fact that drugs increasingly spread in all over the world .Our youths’ lives are being destroyed by drugs and unfortunately several people are increasingly being killed by drugs. Surprisingly youths who are considered to be the bake bone of a nation are largely suffering from drugs.

It is reported that about 570000 people die annually due to drugs use that break down to about 440000 from disease related to tobacco 8500 due to alcohol, 20,000 due to prescription drug abuse. The first cause of drug especially among youth is simple curiosity. Many teens, hearing about drugs are curious to experience them for themselves that drugs can be a fun, or make a person feels and acts differently. On the other words, maybe, they have seen their friends or family members behaving differently while smoking drugs etc.. Many young people encounter them at schools, at homes or in their neighborhood too.  Thus, human rights concerning departments should take a profound measurement over this destructive dilemma.

Noreen Baloch,  Turbat


Awaran; plea for help

I would like to invite the attention of authorities concerned towards the alarming earthquake which affected thousands of people in Awaran. There is no doubt that, Awaran has been devastated on account of recent earthquake. Therefore, it is a wakeup call for Baloch nation to strive hard to help the people of Awaran in time of their need. Sadly, in Awaran our sisters as well brothers are in hot water and they are sitting under the open sky, they do not even possess food to eat, which is a matter of grave concerned .Unfortunately, today the people of Awaran are between life and death and searching high in a low or breaking their back either for their survival, however, to no avail. Moreover, the authorities concerned also Baloch people are requested to aid the earthquake victim as soon as possible.

Shojayath Mehrab, Chahsar, Turbat.


Education corner

It is astonishing to find just a single individual in every family concerned regarding education system and seem to be worried for strengthening their family educational base. Although most of the people are illiterate in this competitive world, but i guess they have sensed the world’s speed and found themselves at very corner of the world. That is a positive sense and due to this gift the nation should be thankful to God. Somewhat it is casual to hear it’s better late than never.

 To my point of view, education is the most expensive resource of any nation even a single school can be so much prolific in an educational scared area or society that they can combat their minor and huge hurdles. Education is not only the name of theories and idea of teachings but also an initiative to thought building and solution to world’s ups and downs. Even it provides folks with the sense of humanity, brotherhood, sacrifice, peace and many more, which could be the cause to eradicate all social evils and moral durations and result a friendliness society. By providing educational environment to any nation we certainly are giving them the most precious gift of this universe. This mindset will not be a change for this generation but also for the next generations. Further somewhere it is said that if you want to strengthen a nation, educate their youth, because youth are the backbone of any nation and are representative of nation. They can play the main role for building up any society.




Apprehensions about position holders

The Department of Political Science University of Karachi has declared the result of academic session 2010-2012 without pointing out the names of position holder’s .When it is inquired from the authorities concerned, they decline to mention the names of the position holders. Therefore; apprehensions for favoritism have grown in the minds of all those students who have toiled day and night for the sake of position. Allegations are raised about subterranean efforts being made by political forces to seek positions for their loyal.

However, I request the concerned authorities on behalf of all hard working students to take notice of the problem so that the deserving students are not deprived of their rights.

By Changiz Baloch

Department of Political Science University of Karachi


Needle work of Baloch female

 Words can’t express the sadness of Baloch women who are facing the greatest number of music in their lives. Under the harsh situation they have proved to show their talent of needle work which not only supports them financially, but also it gives Baloch different recognition. Traditionally a torrent of Baloch female is to do needle work to need the needs for their family. Actually the needle work of Baloch female has gained enough popularity due to its magnificent embroidery. Particularly, their prices are increasing rapidly. Additionally it is the duty of concern authorities to promote needle work for Baloch female.

Fatima Gafoor, Turbat Kech


Media’s silence over Balochistan issues

There is no room left to doubt that, media plays an outstanding role in bringing awareness among people worldwide. Similarly, media is a huge source for the development and prosperity of any society and nation. But unfortunately, in Balochistan the case seems different. If we turn the spotlight on media’s role on Balochistan issues, then we will disclose that it seems completely fail to highlight the worst or serious problems of Balochistan. Sadly, today Balochistan is going through a tough time and consequently, about more than 20 people in each day are either abducted or killed by different law-enforcement agencies in every corner of Balochistan. Yet, media is silent which a matter of shame is. It’s unfortunate that, the silence of media over Balochistan’s burning issues depicts how media is neglecting Balochistan’s major problems. Moreover, it is high time that media should be honest towards its duty by highlighting the worst or grim situations of Balochistan.

Shojayath Mehrab, Turbat


Child malnutrition in Pakistan

I would like to invite the attention of authorities concerned towards child malnutrition, one of the significant matter of Pakistan, has impacted on child to a large extent. It is equally frustrating that in each year 6 million children become victim of malnutrition and so far nearly 56pc of children have died owing required is that the Health Care Department of Pakistan must keep an eye on this hazardous issue that come to an end.

Shamima khudadad Turbat.

“Simi Khudadad”


Anti-smoking trend in society

In United States, first time to curb the smoking actions was taken by Surgeon General’s in 1964, by inscribing a warning on cigarette packet on behalf of federal trade commission. This warning impacted amazingly.

The Surgeon General had determined, “Cigarette smoking is dangerous for your health”. A stronger sequence of four alternative warning was developed in 1984. In 1971 all cigarette advertising banned at radio and television, the laws approved requiring nonsmoking section in public and work places.

In 2002, the president George W Bush approved a law for safe and drug free schools and communities act. The law bans smoking in any indoor space which is used for children education. By 2003, a number of states, including New York, Connecticut, Maina and California and cities including Boston, Massachusetts and Austin, Texas’s passed the laws about ban on smoking. Subsequently, several European countries also began to ban, on it, like Ireland, Italy, Netherland and Norway. The ban in the United Kingdom was scheduled to take effects in 2007, while in France in 2008.

Sammi Bohir, Turbat



In this world, human beings have several ways to achieve their goals and one of them is commitment. It means if someone has decided to do something, so he or she will do it at any cost and when somebody does the work with commitment means that he is firm and determine to do that work. It is a type of promise to yourself that you will do the thing with honesty and determination. It can make strong our belief and make fully ready to do something and without it we can do our work but not in a proper way. It is a fact that our youth, especially in education fields they are facing problems to real their dreams. For them it is my humble request to make first commitment, and then go for it.

Nadil Shah Noor, Turbat


Child labour in Pakistan

I would like to attract the attentions of authorities concerning the child labour in Pakistan. It is equally frustrating that child labour issue is being neglected by Government. Hence, the rate of child labour is increasing drastically. According to National child labour survey, nearly 3.3 billion children below than 5 to 4 years are working as a labour in all over Pakistan. The current scenario depicts that due to poverty the poor parents are compelled to work as a labour their children in order to earn money. Resultantly, majorities of children work the whole day merely for 30 to 50 rupees, which seems a matter of grave concern .Government should take solid step to solve this appalling issue.

Shamima khudadad


Development of social media

At first we know what is social and media. “Social” means society and of the relations of people or classes of people. “Media” means Medium to messaging, conversation, Newspapers, Radio, Information, Internet, Technology and etc. Anymore, let come to the point what social media is? Actually Social media tells us regarding online technology tools which enable people to communicate easily by the internet to share information news, and resources.

However , Now-a-days Social media is developing day by day in the entire world for progressing technologies on daily basis as a case Facebook, Twitter, Linkelin, Youtube and so on , By these our knowledge is increasing. These Technologies are easing our works.

Furthermore, it appears that the benefits of social media to connecting the people, Identifying expertise, to chatting with people, to pay of Facebook and etcetera. By which students are chockfull of information.

Finally, the social media is playing a great role for gaining knowledge. So, follow the social media, which helps you in future.

Junaid Naikbakht, Turbat


Inflation vs Balochistan

Currently, Inflation is one of the crying problems in Balochistan. It is an economic phenomenon of international dimension and formidable proportion. Hardly any country is immune to it, but Ramadan is that Holy month in which every Muslim country wishes to decrease the rates of routine commodities; however, the reality is reverse in Pakistan. Inflation has reached its highest level and the worst situation is in Balochistan.

Even in the month of Ramdan, you receive per KG of meat than 500 rupees which is not accessible to poor. The rate of common stuffs, like rice have reached to 130-180. Moreover, on per kg flour costs 40-60 rupees.

It is an unsolved question that how can to manage very well with just an income of 500 per day. Price control agencies have shown nonchalant attitude towards the respective issue. On the other hand, utility stores have got almost nonfunctional. So, the concerned authorities are requested to ponder over the problem.

Imrana Rasheed, Turbat


Increasing crimes

It is as clear that crimes are increasing day by day in Pakistan rather in all over the world rapidly, which is great threat for spoilage of development the country. Crimes have reached on a high level in Pakistan and are creating numerous problems for citizens. Without any reason, they are being killed not just only a province, complete Pakistan is facing problems; for example Karachi, Quetta, Lahore, Faisalabad and so on. It is my request to all political parties, especially the new elected government of Pakistan to take some stern initiatives regarding this alarming issue in order to bring peace in Pakistan.

Sudila Ghulam Mohammad, Turbat


Balochi as a compulsory subject in schools

It is unfortunate to know that Balochi is not taught in Balochistan due to systematic policies of the state. In 21st century, students don’t know how to read and write in their mother tongue, Balochi. However, in other provinces of Pakistan, students are reading in their mother tongue, and students in Punjab learn Punjabi, in Sindh, they learn Sindhi and in KP, they learn Pashtu as compulsory subject in schools. It is very much important and the basic right of every student to gain his/her mother tongue than other languages. Furthermore, it is disheartening to describe that students can speak, read and write in English and Urdu very well but if they are asked to write in Balochi, they can’t. Balochi is to be taught on college level, where they can’t gain well as in their early age. It is duty of the government to legitimize Balochi as a compulsory subject in schools.

Fida Hussain, Turbat


DHQ Hospital problems in Gwadar

District Hospital Quarter of Gwadar has been extremely facing serious problems owing to lack of the fundamental requirements, such as lack of chemicals, vaccine and which create awful problems for the DHQ Hospital of Gwadar staff. Moreover, on average, more than 300 patients visit to hospital for the treatment. However, they do not get soothe.

According to local sources, most of the patients of Gwadar travel to Turbat and Karachi for treatment, whereas rest of poor patients cannot afford go to such remote cities for treatment. Having one DHQ Hospital, Gwadar has a rampant population with five Tehsils; Gwadar, Jawani, Ormara, Pasni and Suntesar.

On one hand, one can see Government has been establishing mega projects, like Gwadar Port and Railway from Gwadar to Khunjerab-Kashgar rail network. On the other hand, the local people of Gwadar are deprived of health facility which is basic requirement of human being. As a result, local people are suffering from current deteriorated situations.

Hence, it is the time that health department official take utmost steps in this regard.



Gwadar Port

Gwadar has commercialized in world market that seems to bring a good benefit for the state, but worryingly, it is a clear the symbol of backwardness for the misfortune of Baloch whose homeland has been handed over to Chinese. Apart from this, the PM has visited China; the sole purpose behind the visit was to discuss the ongoing project of Gwadar.

It is estimated that Gwadar has moved toward change but the change isn’t for the inhabitance of native rather for the intruder and outsider. For this reason, Gwadar would be under the foreigners for 40 years, because they intended to flourish their business within and without country borders of Pakistan.

Saima Naseer, Turbat


Impact of jobless persons on a society

There is no denying the fact that jobless persons have bad impacts on a society. Jobless people perpetrate illegal acts, such as kidnapping, killing and etcetera. And another important factor is that they violate the rules of the society. Actually, our society is not already following rules and regulations appropriately. It is painful to say that due to joblessness the effected society members don’t think for their families. It is worth noticing that elite families are using puritans to do their work, so that they can’t afford to pay and they will be unable to meet their needs through work. And divorce rate often goes-up because people can’t meet their financial problems. It appears that it is responsibility of government to provide jobs without discrimination or any compromised.

Now the unemployment has become a big issue which must be put an end.

Mahnaz Attaullah, Turbat


Cheating in Exams

It is anticipated that the struggle of CM for Balochs, possibly will curb the cheating trend which is the one of the main reasons of backwardness of Baloch. It is gauged that 33% is the total literacy rate of Baloch, which is very low level and indicates backwardness of nation.

Moreover, it is deeply depressing that only cheating is not the radical cause rather all system is mumbo-jumbo with regards to selection of insincere teachers and especially package teachers, who are holding degree in some different subjects and teaching some other subjects. No doubt, in some cases, these are not worse only, but on account of their finance problems, they do so.

Therefore, I may not be wrong to say that the CM must reconstruct on the first priority base of education system then cheating environment will itself be over.

Rozgul, Turbat



It is a well-known fact that culture is the identification of a nation. Due to culture, we are recognized the people and the nation which belong to. Every nation got its own culture. They are different from one and another. Culture is made up of traditions, beliefs, and way of living which gives the meaning of leading the lives. Local culture plays a pivotal role which has a great deal of benefits, such as development relies on culture and by observing culture one can make their traditions prominent. We Baloch must celebrate our culture day on a specific day in a way that it must not get perished. Because celebrating the culture, never a nation vanishes rather it maintain nations identification in world.

Mawash M.Yaseen


Balochi Language

In my imagination language is the fundamental identification of the nation or culture to be known internationally. Every one can be identified by his/her language or culture not by face. Abdul Jabar Kakar in his interview with Bolan Voice, said that a human gets birth from abdomen of a mother and learns first word from her, so a mother tongue is its entity and conscious.

Furthermore, as a Baloch firstly we should talk about our own mother tongue Balochi, the Balochi is a language, like others six thousand (600) languages being spoken in all over the world mostly it is being spoken by Baloch folks which they’re concerned from Pakistan, Iran, India, the Arab golf state and indo-European language which includes Kurdish, Persian (Farsi), Pashto, Dari, Tragic, Ossetia closely Balochi is related to Kurdish and Persian.

 I consider that we Baloch folks are not giving value to our mother tongue Balochi therefore only the logic is this the Balochi language is not being thoughts in government schools and the lack of this, today we can’t talk unmistaken Balochi and we don’t know the back ground of this language. In the history of Baloch, we can see great personalities who devoted their lives to work for Balochi Language, like Sayed Zahoor Shah Hashmi he is the one complied a Balochi dictionary at the first time. And others many more.

Tahir Malangzai  Baloch, Panjgur



The media is a double edged sword; it can work positively as well as negatively. To have a glimpse over its positive role, the media is a vital source of information and news. Its role has also providing a chance to create social and political awareness among the masses. Moreover, Media has become a source of revenue. Today, both the print and electronic media collectively is earning around Rs. 20 billion every year, while the industry as a whole provides employment to over 15, 000 people. It must not stray from it essence to educate the truth, but presently is seeming that in Pakistan it totally is negating its entity, mean is working as controlled and hushing-up the truth.

Durdana Zamurani, Turbat 


Attack on Waja Mubarak Qazi

It is disheartening to say that the house of a local renowned Baloch poet, intellectual and writer Waja Mubarak Qazi was attacked with a hand grenade in Pasni district of Balochistan; luckily, he remained safe and his wife was injured. He is a Balochi revolutionary poet. The attack on such a personality is condemnable.

As Waja Mubarak Qazi says that “I am not fear of my death. I’m the owner of my pen. I will write against tyrannies till the day, I die. I will keep highlighting the agony of Baloch mothers, sisters, orphan and missing. I can’t be scared”.

Further, after killing of immortal personality Waja Saba Dashtiyari, now attacking on Waja Mubarak Qazi showed that Baloch intellectuals, writers and poets are targeted. His literary contribution for writing Balochi revolutionary poetries is attracting Baloch nation.

Consequently, attacking an everlasting intellectual is condemnable by Baloch nation; therefore, government concern officials are requested to give personal security to Waja Mubarak Qazi.

Fida Hussain, Turbat


The legend Mehdi Hassan

June 13th was commemorated the first death anniversary of Mehdi Hassan who actually was born on July, 18, 1927 in Jhunjhunu district in India. After the partition of India, 20 years old Mehdi Hassan with his family migrated to Pakistan. He is well known as the ‘’King of Gazals’’. In 1957, Mehdi Hassan was given the opportunity to sing in Radio Pakistan, where he earned an enormous fame.

In 1979, he was awarded K.L Saigal Sangeet Shahenshah Award by the Government of India. The highest civilian honor of Pakistan is conferred to him Nishan-e-Imtiaz. But, it is disheartening to say that, no program was conducted at the morning shows of Pakistani news channels with regard to the first death anniversary of legend Mehdi Hassan.

Shoaib Akram, Turbat


Student’s future in quandary

It is of much conscientious concerns that students are examples of candles toil for vanishing darkness of a period and their prestigious accomplishments play the utmost proceedings of development for a nation. It is well said, it is better to light a candle than to curse  the darkness but what system and policies be persuaded wrap up the thoughts and instigate those who can easily light the dumped candles.

If we see the ratio most of the students around us being saddened each passing day is owing to the flames of unemployment and absurd policies of the concerned authority. It is pertinent to mention how a country can develop with a very low literacy rate? We are living in fool’s paradise as being fooled by hearing the tall claims from the politicians being rehashed, undoubtedly need deep considerations but who can pore over it.

Over heartedly, the neglected chunk of students have been haunted are the poor, nepotism and favoritism are the huge bottlenecks creating much problem in our all spheres of life. Save the future of lives and save a nation.

By;  Ajmal Iqbal, Panjgoor


Balochistan energy rich but deprived

In honest introspection, Balochistan has six zones and thirty one districts. it has almost ten to fifteen mega projects. According to the federal government, the ongoing development projects in different districts of Balochistan will benefit the people of the province.

Moreover, I regret to mention that instead of having job opportunities, the people of Balochistan are suffering from a host of problems. Such as poverty, unemployment, child labor, corruption, terrorism and many more.

The first and foremost energy resources which fuels the economy of Pakistan, is natural gas which was has been discovered in 1952 at Sui, a tribal area of Balochistan. Sadly, the province has multiple issues related to politics, society, economics, education, health and infrastructure. We have targeted killings, cases of missing persons, while the number of suicides as a consequence of inflation is on the rise. Natural resources in Balochistan, particularly natural gas, must be provided to all districts of Balochistan and as well as the workers of mega projects should be hired from the province. In concluding remarks everyone should be united to play a positive role in solving the Balochistan issue.

BY Jangul Naik bakht,Turbat


Bolan voice

What a nice magazine. I really achieve lots of things from it. I got many different issues and good ideas from it. About the innocent Baloch and the poorly of education and about foreign countries which we have never heard or read about them. When I read it first time I was shocked that there is an English magazine which is about Balochistan issues. That time I was not well aware of wealth of Balochistan. When I start reading it I got many things from it.



Reformation needed

I want to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the inefficiency of PTCL in Kalat district, where the people are deprived of access to internet. The connections are limited in the urban areas of the city, even the vicinity of the city is suffering by this problem.

Internet, now a days, mean of getting data throughout the world which is possible by a PTCL connection in small cities. The wireless connections are not available in our city, so thing which is required is a “PTCL connection”.

The officers say that the wires of telephone have been cut-off in the suburb of the city and funds have not been allocated for this purpose.

Unfortunately, concerning officers have never surveyed to the area for a decade and the government has not financed for the repairing of defects.

It is hoped that the new government will allocate funds for reformation of the connections in this district, so that the approach to the internet be possible in the entire city.

Faheem Naseem, Kalat


Screening test another yoke

The aspirants appearing in the competitive examinations yearly, hold by federal public service commission has its strategy for the candidates to take the compulsory and optional papers which must be of 600 marks and 200 marks paper can be opted from each group given in the syllabus. This serves all the dynamics of a student prepare his/her self, however recently another policy has been implemented which seems to encumber the students is to take a screening test paper total of a 200 marks. That includes English 20%, general ability 20%, general knowledge 15%, current affairs 15%, Pakistan affairs 15% and Islamic 15%. The most oppressive and disheartening thing that seems to be a stumbling block is the fraction of general ability comprises of basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry (SSC level) local reasoning and analytical. Most of the aspirants want to appear for this prestigious examination carry their master’s degree with them and have not been in touch with math since declaring their matriculation will undoubtedly consider it something antagonistic and disappointing move as it creates firm bottlenecks in their ways of preparation. The concerned authority must take some prompt glimpse over it and light the burdens of aspirants.

By;  Fareed Shah, panjgoor


The Burning Balochistan

The black clouds of elections passed in Balochistan where the resident people were disturbed badly by the unfavorable situations. Before the elections the masses of Mashkay, Mastung, Panjoor and various areas were attacked by military operations, whereas, thousands of people were abducted and brutally killed by the Para-military forces. On the other hand, as usual, the central and provincial governments were silent. Due to these circumstances, the common Baloch is mentally disturbed. It is destructing our nation but the governors and the political leaders who pretend to take ghost oaths but seem to do nothing; the care taker government is as powerless as Riyasani’s government.

The role of media in Balochistan is not satisfactory, Pakistani media along with Vsh News are neglecting all what happening in Balochistan. This cruelty is a trend now; no one cares what is happening in Balochistan.

Pakistan being an Islamic state is ruining all the teachings of Islam, Para Military forces and the Security agencies have been given a free hand in Balochistan, No one dares to ask them about their brutal acts. Beside, fighting for their basic right, Balochs have no another option.

Balochs have raised their voice nationally and internationally, the hunger strike against the forcefully disappearances has completed its 1150 days. The silence of UN and other International institutes is a question mark, they have to pay attention on Balochistan’s issue, and they should accept that the Balochs are on the right track. Thousands of Bullet-riddled bodies have been discovered and more than ten thousand Balochs are missing but internationally there is no response against all these brutalities.

Internationally the Baloch leadership is highlighting the Baloch issue and now it must be clear for the world that Balochs have no other agenda other then freedom.

Yasmeen Sana, Panjgoor



Lullaby means a soothing song to send a child to sleep. It is true that every child first institute is mother’s lap. And first lesson is lullaby. There is no doubt about it that mother loves her child bits. She sings lullaby to make her child silent. Lullaby is part of Balochi classical poetry. In that time if child woke up at night so, mother used lullaby. Lullaby is a great song.



Gushtang School’s problems

Gushtang is a prepossessing town of Turbat district Kech. It has a primary school which has co-educational system. Gushtang is an overpopulated school but it lacks the fundamental resources such as inadequate classrooms, toilet, pure and hygienic drinking water, desks, chalk and teachers. Furthermore, students are facing troubles because there are insufficient facilities. In this modern era people are in touched with modern technology but it is pity to state that we are deprived of these basic things. Students are the backbone and opinion maker of a nation but their precious time is being squandered and they are facing severe hardships. They can’t approach to the city’s school to study due to appalling inflation. Representatives are failing to make workable solution to eliminate the woes of Gushtangi’s school. I request the concerned authorities to take prompt action to resolve the hurdles.

Nawaz Ellahi, Turbat


Ban on YouTube must be lifted

The entire nation is being deprived of a YouTube’s facilities that provides much amount of information to its viewers and users. If the government is unable to have an agreement with GOOGLE, in no way the punishment be awarded to the citizen. I request to the federal and provincial caretaker government to kindly lift the ban on YouTube.

Faheem Naseem 


Unethical practices of Media

Dear Editor,

I’d like to draw your attention towards some unethical practices of media. Different Pakistani channels have started launching dramas and some other unethical projects, including some useless dancing and singing shows, portraying the culture and tradition of other religions. Most importantly, what impacts most on societies is religion. The culture promoted by other religions would surely affect and damage our culture. Who to blame? Of course our own media. Our own media is promoting such culture, and religion of different nations. The dialogues, the script, even the theme of such lame serials are very much different from the society we belong to.

One if the biggest responsibility and ethical side of media is to show informative content, however takes a look at our morning shows. What do these programs show? If I talk about the material of these shows, they promote unnecessary stuff such as “Shadi week, summer fun” etc. they don’t promote informative content at all. Then why these programs are being broadcasted?

Even the talk shows sometimes broadcast nothing worthy. They give no information to audience; rather they show that our politicians can’t even talk in a polite and educated way. On the other hand the issues highlighted by news channels… no doubt the news channels do highlight some serious problems of our country, but they focus more on negative aspects of our country and don’t pay proper attention to the positive sides of our country. Media should promote positivity of Pakistan, so we’d create a positive image among other societies.

Last but not the least; print media also have some unethical practices going on. I admit that newspapers have information, but these days even the newspapers are so commercialized that even on the very first page, we confront more advertisements and mere news. Thus, Media should be a little more ethical in order to encounter the challenges mentioned above, and to provide audience with responsible and ethical journalism and highlighting more informative content.

Gul Afroz, SMI University Karachi


Gawadar and development of Balochistan

Pakistan has about 1100 km long coastal belt along the Arabian Sea. The portion of the coastal belt which starts from Hub in Balochistan and end at Jiwani is called Makuran coastal belt. Makuran coastal belt has a total length of nearly 771 km; unfortunately, Balochistan Sea has lost its brightness, it’s a warm Sea and an international business root. No wonder, it can be used 12 months in a year for business. At any rate Government needs to develop Balochistan Sea, as it’s equal to none. Pakistani Government has made a deep sea port in Gawadar but it is a misfortunate that Gawader port is not functional .As it is not linked with railway lines and roads. Though, it can be utilized for business till central Asia by the adorable and extreme advantages sea of Balochistan, Baloch are not getting benefits at all.

Government needs to have the guts to develop it. Government should build mini ports and fishing G.T nearby Gadani, Ormara, Pasini, Gawadwr, Pishkan and Jiwani Sea. The Chance should be given to business men to embody their ideas and invest their money in order to make industries and factories. Deep seaports should be build, which should be linked with railways and highways. This would be a path for export and import. This would rationally strengthened employments and it would be a golden chance for Baloch to get astronomical benefits and this also can help to drain the sense of deprivation in Balochistan.

Jangul Yousuf Gichki, Turbat

  1. i m a regular reader of monthly bolan voice and i am very happy that this monthly magazine is mentioning the real situations and ground realities of Baluchistan issue.currently i don’t see any newspaper or news Chanel which is exactly highlighting the crux of Baluchistan issues,,so i appreciate the bolan voice team for there services for the people of all countries and to know the real facts of Baluchistan.

    • Zafar Baloch

      besides abusing Punjabi we baluchs should be fair with ourselves. how our tribal leaders deprived us from getting education and made us slaves in hands of Pakistani establishment. I hate baluch feudal system. we should not blame Pakistan for our own misdeeds, and produced tolerance in our selves and refrain from killing Punjabi and other brothers by BLP or others

    • bolan voice is the best magazine which all students come to know about balochistan in this magazine students can write letters .This is the best magazine of improving students writing power.In bola voice students can catch a glimpes over the issues of balochistan .I appreciate bola voice team .Give me light, make me bright

  2. intelligent and young people reading and contributing here; I commend the observation by Zafar Baloch, and want to ask my Baloch brothers and friends a question in following terms.

    I am, like many other third generation settlers in Balochistan, we have nothing any where in Pakistan, but every thing in Balochistan, our love of land cannot be measures by our ethnicity. Do Baloch separatists target us? Do you see that we have contributed and sacrificed for Balochistan? Do you understand that we have no home but Balochistan, and that we are equally willing to contribute in prosperity of Balohcistan like you? How can we educate people in Balochistan, that the Balochistan effects all of us, not only those who are Baloch.
    I can be reached at Zulfiqarasyed@gmail.com

    • Thanks Bolan Voice

      It’s my first time I begin to reading of Bolan Voice Magazine.
      It’s very Noble Magazine for the assisting of Students, we
      students are getting a lot of things from it. I’m Thankful of all
      members of Bolan Voice Magazine, therefor they’re writing
      good Articles, from these we students are getting a lot of things
      we’re getting Information About Baluchistan. i muse Its very
      helpful for the students studying.

  3. Aslam Walaikum waja,

    First i would love to thank you from the core of my heart that you people are providing us and making us rich of Baluchistan’s information. and i would like to post the information of my city kharan.
    thanks. chairman KSD Foundation Abid Shaizad

  4. Sajjad Hameed Baloch, Turbat

    This is the reference of “Political workers are not terrorist” which was written by Bilal Yasin Bolani, Turbat. The writer nicely find out the difference between political workers and terrorists but i want to suggest the writer that those whom are fighting for they are not called political workers. There is a big differnce between a political person and a brave freedom fighter. Because a political is not a true person he always tells lies in order to get his 3 time food but a freedom fighter fights for his motherland and whatever he does for his nation. Even though he scrafies his life for the saftey of his motherland.

  5. Sajjad Hameed Baloch, Turbat

    The forgotten Baloch.

    Whatever major activities done by people or a nation, it becomes a history in upcoming time. Likewise I am proud to be a Baloch because Baloch nation is having a good image in past and as well as in present. We can easily find plethora of events of Baloch in past. Firstly, if we take a galance in romatic history of Baloch we can find stories like, Hani Shay Mureed, Sammu Mast and Sassi Punno. On the other hand if we take a galance regarding the bravery of Baloch in past we can find Hammal Jeehand, Baba Noroz Khan and many more. History is witness that Balochs have gotton their heads cut for their motherland. They were always ready for scrafies. Present time Balochs are also fighting a Gorella Wa against Pakistan for the freedom of their motherland. Many people have gotton martyardom, plenty are lost and many went towards mountain and still blood-shed is going on till the freedom of Balochistan according to Baloch political and harm organizations. But it is painful that some educated youths still do not know who is Noroz Kahn, Hammal Jeehand and where is Meeri fort and who made it. Beside that they know who was Tipo Sultan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. As well as they know where is Taj Mehal, Burj Kalif and who made it. In placd of others hero, history and historical place Baloch had to know about their own.

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  8. Yasmeen Baloch

    Burning Baluchistan but silence???WHY
    Baluchistan is a city in Pakistan that is enriched with natural resources and blessed with other various minerals.The recent/current situations in Baluchistan have disturbed the life styles of residents here.Baluchistan neither has good educational academies,technological centers nor literary institutions .
    Students in Baluchistan suffer from various problems that are called”obstacles”in their education.
    I as a student has observed that students during summer feel uneasy/uncomfortable while studying.due to lack of classes,they can’t pay attention to the lectures of teachers and due to the lack of facilities students need to face such problems in Schools.Due to Lack of management our students don’t take interest in studies.
    At other hand,the lack of colleges in Baluchistan!Mostly colleges in Baluchistan are of K.P.K,SINDH & PUNJAB.Hardly ever students can choose a good college for their education.
    Thirdly,Cheating system!First of all this should be cleared that it is not must that what others do we should follow them but instead i say cheating should be banned by teachers and Baluchistan Board strictly.Cheating has been such a weapon for students that without it they can’t fight.Cheating has weaken the students and BB(Baluchistan Board)has made it a right for us.
    Fourthly,political issues and Government!
    The current situations in Baluchistan are near to fire us.the throwing of bullet-riddled bodies,abduction,and increasing of missing persons have irritated us and destroyed our lives.
    Day by day,we get the news for the abduction of our baloch brothers and after one week or one month we get the news of their bullet- riddled,mutilated bodies of them.Is it called government?
    Pakistan is completely corrupt,no justice and no rules.Neither law nor humanity is remaining there,but why Balochs are silent????
    One thing i have observed in Panjgur that whoever talks about press-conference and rallies against F.C and cruelty so people with-draw form their mutual right that they should pay.They fair that what happened if one body was thrown?It as not someone in us,so what?
    If today it was someone’s cousin,someone’s brother so tomorrow it can easily be one from your family members,so will you sit silently and watch.No if silence was the key fro freedom so Alexander the great wouldn’t have struggled,Silence doesn’t take out ways,struggle decreases the hurdles.
    i am a student from panjgur and trying to raise my voice against wrong through internet and blogging,i hope those who have read this piece of writing will support me,I don’t appeal to Pakistan and it’s government because it has shown it’s character but i appeal to my baloch nation,to my baloch brothers and students,to the youth that please if you love your nation and your brothers so please come out from the life of cruelty.
    Break your silence
    struggle to finish Violence….

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    thus where can i do it please help.

  10. Yasmeen Baloch

    hello dear editors of M.B.V,i am very pleased to read bolan voice and i request you to publish my articles there,i will be thankful to you,Thanks

  11. I think that what you typed was actually very logical.
    But, consider this, suppose you added a little content?

    I am not suggesting your information isn’t good, but suppose you added something to maybe grab folk’s attention?

    I mean Letters to Editor | Monthly Bolan Voice is kinda plain.
    You might glance at Yahoo’s front page and watch how they create post headlines to get people to open the links. You might add a related video or a picture or two to grab people excited about what you’ve got to say.
    Just my opinion, it would bring your posts a little bit more interesting.

  12. correct .but next time mention the name to whom you r connecting,thanks

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  23. A poem for eid day:::
    Eid:the day of joy
    The day of excellent wows
    But how should i celebrate eid
    Where my all bros are in sorrows

    The brothers of mine are abducted
    The kings of my land are martyred
    How should i celebrate eid
    where every house is destroyed

    The tears of blood from my mothers eyes
    The pain in the heart of my sisters that lies
    How should i celebrate eid
    when it is too difficult to take sighs

    Everywhere all are crying
    All are grieved and dying
    How should i celebrate eid
    When no one is here smiling

    The flag of freedom or the gun of death
    But they are struggling with a depth
    How should i celebrate eid
    when the lamp of my house is in painful length

    The all memories of my bros
    who are not now in this cause
    How should i celebrate eid?
    When he is not with me in close

    The house of every baloch is jeopardized
    The soul of all mothers are now died
    Then how should i celebrate eid?
    With out those who once lived!!

    Awaran is eradicated
    Panjgur is pressurized
    How should i celebrate eid??
    When Baluchistan is targeted??

    Pray to Allah i do,with silence
    Grant the all baolchs patience
    But how should i celebrate eid??
    When all are here patients

    How should i celebrate eid??
    How should i cheer??
    When my land is in rain
    How should i celebrate eid??
    When the soil of Balochistan is in pain!!!!!!!

    **Black day=EID DAY**

    Written By:Yasmeen Baloch

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